Friday, October 03, 2008

After Several Dark Years, Amtrak Does Well in Congress
Former Treasury Secretary Calls Bailout Plan 'Crazy'
JP Morgan Advanced $138 Billion to Lehman
Debbie Cook, Mayor of Huntington County, Candidate for Congress
One of the bright lights of the ASPO Conference last week - JO

New Ecuador Constitution Would Give Nature Inalienable Rights
Public Participation in Environmental Decision-Making
Report on pros and cons.

"Some participatory processes have functioned as a political tactic to divert the energy of the public away from engaging in dissent on important differences and into activities that are considered safer by an agency.... This use of public participation is counterproductive in the long run," the report said.

[Government] Secrecy Film
The Trade Secret Defense: Voter Tampering
Total Information Awareness in France
Bobcats Live in Foreclosed Home in LA
Where Have I Seen Sarah Palin Before?
Insights from an immigrant from Iran


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