Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Recently someone posted a comment referring our readers to two known disinformation agents, both of whom have expressed deep anti-Semitic, bigoted and racist sentiments over many years -- leaving a deep and well-documented record. One claims no plane hit the Pentagon and the other claims that he can prove that Peak Oil is a lie. One was kicked out of almost every movement he has participated in over the last six years for intentionally disruptive behavior and outright lies. I can prove that. The other is an advocate of alien visitations and many things that smack of distractive and disruptive "journalism" for the sake of personal profit.

We are seeing that the American people are growing wise to such tactics in the presidential campaign. We are also seeing that people are rebelling against such tactics. I cannot stop people who wish to tarnish me/us by posting links to racist or hate propaganda on other sites. But this is my blog, with my name on it. The work that all of us from FTW and I have done will not be tarnished by this kind of bullshit.

I am giving fair warning: Any links posted as comments on this website to these kinds of messages will be removed. There is no room for hatred or bigotry anywhere on this blog. We assume that those who participate here are educated and smart enough to avoid such references. Those of us who "get" it will not be slowed down by ignorance, stupidity, hate, or those who continually ask"college-level" discourse to be slowed to third-grade babble for their pleasure.

Complain all you want to, but on this blog, my decisions are final. The evil and the danger we are facing as a species transcends all human descriptors. Going out and "eliminating" all "Zionist bankers"will not solve the world's problems. The evil and the test lies within each of us -- all humans as a species. The biggest battles we fight are in our own souls.

Take your hate and stupidity elsewhere. It has no place here.



ES355GIBSON said...

Mike - Nicely done and warranted for sure!

Truth puts these folks in denial.

Your Friend and 101% Supporter
Chris Ogle

Andrew_The_Fox said...

Mike, I was hoping you would address this issue. I've read Rubicon, started catching up on FTW stuff, and the people you are talking about have never produced anything equally as well researched, or meaningful.

As a matter of fact one of the people you are referring to I saw on an Episode of Penn and Teller's BullShit on Showtime, and he (one of the people in question)while claiming to be in the search of 9/11 truth, really helped to make followers of the movement out to look like tin-foil hat conspiracy nuts. And now that he's taking a stab at one of the most intelligent minds of our entire movement I've lost complete and total respect for him.

Your friend and also 101% Supporter
Andrew A. Fuchs

FTW admin said...

"A Peon" wrote in part:

It may be a good idea for newcomers to this blog to bone up on this page at www.oilempire.org: conspiracy gatekeepers promote"no plane" hoaxes:a mixture of sincere(but wrong)advocates and deliberate disinformers(whatever the motivations,it's not "truth"). -Chris

Andrew_The_Fox said...

"no planes" theorists makes me physically ill.

businessman said...

Jenna...I realize that I owe you a big "Thank You." After MCR and FTW stopped publishing articles on the Web site back in 2006, it was you who continued with posts to the Blog on your own. Because of this you kept so many of us checking in with the Blog to see what you still had to say to us. And because of your ongoing efforts you kept the foundation in place for MCR to return once again with his ongoing articles for us. So from the bottom of my heart I send you a big "Thank You," because it is so great to experience MCR back in action again on the Blog that you've kept active for us!

Rational said...

Great post! Thanks for doing that. There are some who will blame everything on some single enemy, when the greed and stupidity...and great compassion and intellect are inside us as people.

Simply being a Jew does not make you hell-bent on ruling the world. Fractional-reserve banking and such is something that many people of all stripes have benefited from, while building up a pyramid scheme to hurt subsequent generations.

trobador said...

Hi everyone, the key message to all of you. 1- Go and buy a piece of land with no banker around. 2- get friends and family to be involved so u can be protected at one point 3- go and get seeds 5- be in peace.

trobador said...

Editor, could you share that research paper with your readers. Thanks. It refers to peak debt....

Abstract: This paper looks at the history of money and its modern form from a scientific and mathematical point of view. The approach here is to emphasize simplicity. A straightforward model and algebraic formula for a large economy analogous to the ideal gas law of thermodynamics is proposed. It may be something like a new ``F=ma'' rule of the emerging econophysics field. Some implications of the equation are outlined, derived, and proved. The phenomena of counterfeiting, inflation and deflation are analyzed for interrelations. Analogies of the economy to an ecosystem or energy system are advanced. The fundamental legitimacy of ``expansion of the money supply'' in particular is re-examined and challenged. From the hypotheses a major (admittedly radical) conclusion is that the modern international ``fractional reserve banking system'' is actually equivalent to ``legalized economic parasitism by private bankers.'' This is the case because, contrary to conventional wisdom, the proceeds of inflation are not actually spendable by the state. Also possible are forms of ``economic warfare'' based on the principles. Alternative systems are proposed to remediate this catastrophic flaw.

jspofford said...

Mike -

I actually watched one of the videos.. It was like watching German propaganda from the 1930s. In some cases, the speaker had a thick German accent. It was quite surreal. I've only been woken up to the 'map' for a couple months now, so I am glad you presented the disassociation to us. Can I up the ante and support you 102%? :)

Portland Maine

captain said...

Thanks Mike. We depend on your word and name. They are loud but in the end a one trick pony (or dead horse).


FTW admin said...

in 'captain's' comment above, i believe 'they' refers not to mike's word and his name but to the disinfo agents. but it took several readings to reach this conclusion.

FTW admin said...

Thank you Businessman!! You all are the ones who keep this blog going. It's fun e-talking to you.

FTW admin said...

dj magic wrote:

djmagic has left a new comment on your post "MCR writes: WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON HERE? Oh, ...":

Threatening letters with white powder showing up at Chase branch offices? I'd have a hard time believing these are all from disgruntled debtors...

FTW admin said...

to the person who asked about their comment that didn't get posted:

i don't remember it. doesn't sound familiar.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for standing up for reason, truth, and fairness.

The puerile arguments of Joseph Goebbels have an amazing historical durability. Karl Rove admitted to admiring Goebbels and his way with fake-populist opinion-swaying. I'm sure Jim Carville thinks likewise, even if he never has discussed it. Carville is as nefarious as Rove.

Trobadorem said...


Remember, you need a B plan. I believe that some of you should move to Quebec to retreat.

About the martial law, before or just after the election. The 911 was a teaser just as was the burning of the Reishtag in Germany.


captain said...

Ms. Orkin,
You’re right. I'll not be unclear in my comments again. Does this help?

When the enemy is unknown, unseen, undefined, everywhere, and nowhere
truth becomes the enemy.
We are the enemy, of those whose god is power.
In truth they secretly don't want the power they covet and plunder the earth to gain;
for death is their seed and fear of life and the Holy their secret sin.