Wednesday, October 22, 2008

MCR writes:


Oh, baby. This is far from over.


JO writes:

Re the recent exchange over a blog comment which asked about two pseudo-journalists whom FTW emphatically does not endorse:

While collecting articles and writing for the blog for the last two and a half years, as well as reviewing comments before they get posted, I've been aware that some comments contain mis- or disinformation. The disclaimer to the right was posted to distance ourselves from them.

I've tended to err on the side of inclusion because:

1. I believe that the majority of the writers are innocent and are asking for direction.

2. Even though the guilty ones are not seeking enlightenment, we're not afraid of them. They tend to get defeated in arguments from other commenters which is enlightening all 'round. Sometimes 'wrong' questions can elicit good responses; witness Mike's comment below.

Of course, there's a limit. I'm probably inviting a deluge of nonsense from people who want to test this policy to see how far it will go. You won't see the worst of these comments and I'm not saying "Bring 'em on." Just.... Sigh.


Isaac L said...

I must have missed the drama. I've been keeping my ears open to MCR since april of 2004.

Thanks Michael and Jenna for this blog. Your work is very much appreciated.

FTW admin said...

craig wrote:

Craig has left a new comment on your post "MCR writes: WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON HERE? Oh, ...":

Mike and Jenna,

This is my first post. I truly appreciate all the work you have done. You have opened the eyes of millions.

jenna responds:

The above comment then asks about another website that ftw does not support.

thank you craig for your appreciation but the website you mention contains a great deal of disinformation.

F.Kamilov said...

MCR, well done about your resolve to counter the rascist nonsense some people try to proffer in solving present problems. The very existence of Russia, which is the only nation that genuinely straddles the whole of Eurasia, is solid proof that such nonsense is null and void, to say the least. And I am sorry to see so many otherwise sensible Americans so easily falling prey to junky and childish conspiracy theories about "illuminati" and such like.

The engineered economic meltdown seems to be achieving one short term objective: the price of oil on NYMEX is now down to $65/barrel due to severe demand destruction (as you had said way back in "Rubicon").

Iconoclast421 said...

Question for Mike: I think we agree that Joe-the-Plumber and his buddy, J6P, will never know and will never be allowed to know and will never care to know what peak oil is and what it means.

Therefore it is logical to assume that there will be a 2nd Great Depression, to mask the effects of peak oil for at least another decade.

I am assuming that Helicopter Ben and Co will not be able to print enough fiat currency to prevent a deflationary collapse. And thus the next 10-15 years will see no net growth in the stock market, similar to 1929-1945 and 1969-1983. In other words, we're entering into the next phase of the ~40 year cycle of boom and bust. My question is, if this indeed happens and history repeats itself a THIRD time, then where do you see gold going?

All this talk about $2000-$5000 gold just doesnt make any sense to me. And I'm beginning to wonder if all these seemingly trustworthy people who have been right about everything else are part of an ugly conspiracy to sucker so-called informed people out of their cash. I guess I'll just call it the Tinfoil hatter's gold trap.

It makes sense to me. If I was an elite banker, why would I not go as far as to hire a bunch of goons to go speak truths about the coming crises, only to have them recommend throwing their money away on gold headign to $50 an ounce? I dont know if I want to go ahead and start shorting gold via DZZ, but I am really getting tired of all this talk about manipulation. The only manipulation I see is long term stuff.

agape wins said...

It was my expectation when I
started posting, that the blog
author had access to the source
of the postings, & I expected
to be contacted about any improper
We all know "plants" are used to
distort, cause division, & even
destroy good causes, because of
FTW's visibility, accuracy, & the
many clean, positive postings, it
is bound to attract the Wolves.
Mike has more than hinted that
several people, working within
his organization, pretending to
be loyal, & committed, almost
destroyed his life's work!

The type of postings mentioned
are to crude to be professional, unless they are decoys, there is
the possibility some were not
digested properly before posting.

If I posted something I did not
read completely I have to know
where I have failed!!

WE, each of us has to change how
money works, but how we think of
those around us.
The "Tribe" is no longer about
exclusion, & bigotry, but about
sharing, & Feeling!
DNA has proven race is meaningless!

Sharon in Mississippi said...

Hi Mike and Jenna:

Y'all just keep taking the BS you receive and shovelling it on the ole compost pile where it can do some good.

Meanwhile, I'll keep studying permaculture and talking nice to our backyard those fresh eggs!

Love More. Fear Less!

NBPatton said...

An angry citizen(s) modern day way of lighting torches and throwing rotten vegetation at the castle or gold smith's door? Or is there something else going on there?

NBPatton said...

MCR was right;
NY Times just got a letter with a "white granular substance.".

Check it out

juanito68 said...

First, let's just say a big "thank you" to you Mr . Ruppert for making your "map" available. My eyes were open but not that wide!I'm happy i stoped on your website somewhere in 2002...

Regarding the late world events, specialy the oil price...
I wonder. Since the cost for producing a barel of oil from the bituminous sand in Canada is around 70-75$ (changing probably dealy since the production is heavily dependent on natural gaz), i wonder how long the barel can stay under that braket of price before Canada stop sending the 3 millions barel a day it produce to the market (mostly interior a think)? Hope you have some relfexion for me on that issu.

NBPatton said...

Sorry for posting so many times but here is another one worth mentioning.

"As the financial crisis hits Main Street America, nearly one in six U.S. homeowners are finding themselves in the same position, threatening the U.S. economy with a new wave of foreclosures and bankruptcies."

Just when most think the housing bubble has burst,... I smell a new have of people walking away from upside mortgages.

I rent my and the owner is upside down something fierce, on BOTH of his houses. He is planning to just walk on both of them. Any body need a "guy on the couch"? :)

A peon said...

Ok,here goes my best guess at what the heck is going on here.Upon reading that Reuters report,I remembered reading back in August about one of McCain's campaign offices receiving a letter containing a harmless white powder:

A suspect was named in that case,a 39 year old inmate at the Arapahoe Detention Center,but the story is kid of vague about how it was determined he sent the letter.

For now I think its just some twisted ad campagin for the stockpiled anthrax vaccines Mike Kane wrote about in his two articles FTW published on the subject,"Total Health Tyranny",and the article concerning Jerome Hauer's new position at BioPort.

An October 1,2008 press release from
U.S. Government to Purchase Additional 14.5 Million Doses of BioThrax under New Contract Valued at up to $404 Million;New Contract Extends USG's Commitment to Purchase BioThrax Through 3Q 2011 and is a Follow-on to the Existing 2007,$448 Million Contract

As to why the hoax letters were sent to Chase specifically,the guesses only get wilder.

Anyone hear from Leonard Horowitz lately?

ES355GIBSON said...

I think Mike & Jenna can best explain / summarize what's going on here

My opinion –

This is a 'pre-emptive' strike by the government to start putting the scare in all of us or at least attempt us too.

The sheeeeeple will think back to Anthrax episodes and make a connection.

Remember in the Truth & Lies of 9/11 – WHY those select few received the envelopes

I really do not think this is a one-off episode, something else is coming down the pipe.

Politicians only have 1 leg to stand on – Fear

Anonymous said...

I agree with ES355GIBSON. This is a re-run of the bogus Anthrax scare. It's priming us for a deployment of the US Army brigade that has been tasked with domestic disturbance quelling, or whatever euphemism the fascists are offering for this police-state tactic.

FTW admin said...

Spindles wrote in part:

Spindles has left a new comment on your post "MCR writes: WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON HERE? Oh, ...":

Which "journalists" are we talkin' here?

Spindles then guessed accurately who we were talking about.