Thursday, October 23, 2008

MCR wrote:


For years now he has demonstrated the clearest grasp and most articulate voice on understanding what Peak means and how it plays out. He makes me feel like I'm playing in the best infield in baseball.

This is what I wrote about today. He wrote about it too because we can feel how many just haven't gotten it yet and we both knew what your laments would be. I think I can speak for Tom when I say that our biggest fears are that not enough people will get it in time.

Inside joke for Tom: I love ya babe! [Spoken like a true case officer,which makes me worry that I may have met one too many in the last thirty years.]

The CIA is Wall Street. And we know from declassified documents that the CIA understood and was following Peak Oil way back in the 1970s.

So, here's my team: Whipple at third, Ruppert at short stop, Heinberg at second, Simmons at first, and Campbell at the plate. Robinowitz is in left field (no pun), Darley in center, and Quinn-Bachman in right. Kane is third base coach. Rice Farmer is first base coach.

Stan Goff is the umpire.

Jenna sweetheart, you're the one sitting in the dugout spitting all the time. (Oh, am I going to hear about that. Pray for me fans.)

Now everyone go read Whipple before I get cranky.

JO wrote:

You forgot Kunstler as pitcher, sweetheart.


Peter J. Nickitas said...


Jerome Corsi reprises Darren McGavin's role in "The Natural" in this field of dreams as the scheming gambler. Roscoe Bartlett reprises Robert Duvall's role in the same film as the eager reporter.

There are openings to be filled. A major league roster has twenty-five places.

MCR said...

Good idea!

I really forgot Jim Kunstler. He's the play-by-play announcer.


Paul Davis said...

Can we have a football (soccer) analogy for us numpties outside the US! ;-)

FTW admin said...

the pitcher is the linchpin. fielders are less busy than everyone else. hence the expression that someone is 'way out in left field.' don't sweat the rest, unless mike wants to elaborate but he's probably too busy shortstopping. i'm sitting on the bench spitting. those who can't, teach.

agape wins said...

Money, & how it Works!
Not Gold, but Labor, Love, & sharing.
Just one of Many options,THINK!

Not what I want, but what do WE need
to remake our world?

The emotion of feeling.

sunrnr said...

With the continuing collapse of world markets today, huge amounts of money have to be leaving. Question is, where is it going? Swiss banks seem to be in trouble also. Off-shore to Cayman? China?

Eli Elliott said...

How about Savinar as the Catcher!?!

businessman said...

Is Bud Selig still the Commissioner?

Guy Fawkes said...


Why not get your message out to the masses by getting yourself invited on TV? I'm sure shows like Real Time with Bill Maher, or DemocracyNow!'s daily news broadcast would hear what you had to say. How about PBS Frontline?

You are a mesmerizing speaker, with the most informed and honest book about 9/11 out there on your resume. These shows embrace book authors with your kind of insight. Unfortunately, it seems your message isn't reaching enough people (sheep). HBO would be the absolutely ideal medium, if you ask me. Their documentaries have helped expose Bush League crimes profoundly, but no one is touching the coming energy crisis.

Get on Maher's show! I believe it can be done.

Just a thought. Keep up the advocacy!


businessman said...

And on a different note:

Washington - Al-Qaida supporters suggested in a website message this week they would welcome a pre-election terror attack on the US as a way to usher in a McCain presidency.,,2-10-2339_2413894,00.html

NBPatton said...

I am a huge fan of Kunstler, good LORD can that man write. Such a way with words.
Plus he is a really friendly guy, that actually takes the time to write you back if you email him.

I think Kunstler being the play-by-play announcer is RIGHT ON. His mastery of verbage could lull a rabid flaming badger into a peaceful slumber.

And try as I might, my wild imagination just cannot conjure up a visual of Jenna spitting. :)

winstonsmith said...

Hi Mike
thanks so much for all the hard work you've done over the years.
I was wondering what you thought of Tarplay's theory that Obama is Brzezinski's man?
Are we just looking at 'Bush light' here? In other words, does this election really matter? If Obama is just another face of the NWO, why should we care who wins?

FTW admin said...

in case mike doesn't respond to this:

brzezinski and his son are both advising obama but like old age, he's still better than the alternative.


NBPatton said...

You're right, so vote for someone who appeals to you.

A wasted vote is a vote for someone who does not represent your own beliefs and principles.

"Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost."
-John Quincy Adams.

A peon said...

Yeah,Kunstler is pretty good.I was lucky enough to be flipping through the channels on the boob tube one day to catch him being interviewed by Stephen Cobert for his book "World Made By Hand"

One thing I have been confused about though is Stan Goff's statement(reminicent of Richard Clarke's)in a 2006 lecture,in response to a question about the attacks of 9/11/01.Stan gives as the primary reason that he doesn't believe that the U.S. government provided technical assistance to the hijackers,that having been involved in covert opperations himself,he is aware that an opperation of that scale would involve too many people,and someone would talk.

That statement especially confuses me when terms such as compartmentalization come to mind,the two examples given by Mike Ruppert:the Manhaten Project and the Stealth Bomber project,and names of those who have come forward:Sibel Edmonds,Colleen Rowley,Robert Wright,Kenneth Williams,Steve Butler...

Maybe it was before he had a chance to read Rubicon?The question is posed by an audience member at around 1:20:00:
Stan Goff Lecture In Grand Rapids

But now,as I give it a lttle more thought,maybe I'd be careful what I would admit publically if my son were in the U.S. military's clutches.

I already imagine you won't,but maybe you shouldn't publish this on the blog.I just needed to express those thoughts that had been lingering in my mind.

businessman said...

Mike is too truthful, honest, and direct to ever be a guest on Bill Maher's HBO show. I enjoy watching Bill's show, and even he knows where his bread is buttered. His previous show was canceled from ABC simply because he disagreed with President Bush after 9/11 occurred, and emphatically said that the terrorists weren't cowards.

Bill has had overwhelming requests from the viewers of his HBO show to talk about what really happened on 9/11 on the program and he refuses, calling anyone who believes that there's more to the story than what we're being told a total idiot. So either he's not as bright as he seems to be, or he simply knows the parameters he needs to keep his show within in order to keep it on the air this time.

As an example of this, 1-2 years ago director Spike Lee and political news correspondent Tucker Carlson were guests on Bill's show. Spike Lee was discussing his film documentary on Hurricane Katrina, and he was inferring that there was government involvement in the disaster designed to make it much larger than it otherwise would have been. Tucker Carlson got angry at this and asked Spike Lee how he could ever accuse the government of doing something like this. So Spike Lee responded to him with, "What about 9/11?"

That question by Spike Lee appeared only in the live version of the show, and it was edited out of all subsequent rebroadcasts of the program.

So it appears there are parameters that Bill Maher must stay within in order to have his show remain on HBO.