Friday, October 31, 2008

MCR wrote:

'You know I'm disappointed that some on this blog don't have better discriminatory or analytical skills. Stop chasing these distractive pieces of disinfo. They are so very easy to spot. Here, all are expected to do a little background research on their sources. We do not endorse hate mongers on this blog. And decades of experience have taught us that Neo-Nazis never put out anything reliable."

JO wrote:

It's worth bearing in mind the dictum of the great JFK researcher Peter Dale Scott: "Disinformation, in order to be effective, must be 90% accurate."

To avoid muddying the treacherous waters in which we move, it's best, when posting warnings concerning the amero or any other putative danger, to do the research to come up with the best sources. This will avoid distracting misunderstandings.

When in doubt, is a good place to start as evidenced by the following comment:

"re: Amero comment at blog:

there may (or may not) be any truth to the Amero Conspiracy Theory, but an ultra right wing racist is not likely to be a place to learn any actual facts about the financial meltdown.

Disinformation about Katrina

Media coverage of violence in New Orleans after the storm was greatly exaggerated and was used as the excuse for decreasing outside assistance to the survivors at their most vulnerable point. A few websites with a history of hoaxes (unintentional or deliberate) claim the levees were demolished -- the first was a white supremacist (Hal Turner) with a track record of violent threats (not investigative reporting). While Louisiana has a history of levees being breached during floods (ruin your neighbor to save yourself), the levees broke at the height of the storm, as predicted by many media articles for many years. It is unlikely the levees were deliberately breached, but it is true that New Orleans, if rebuilt, will have been ethnically cleansed of its poorest citizens. It is true that the US Air Force has researched weather manipulation for decades and boasts of a desire to control the weather by 2025 (exactly how much success they have had with this research is not publicly known). However, weather modification claims about Katrina distract from the fact that these superhurricanes show that climate change is here.

Computer Hackers Allege That Notorious Neo-Nazi Radio Host Is on FBI Payroll"


businessman said...

Sorry about that!

To quote the great comedy actress Gilda Radner on the old Saturday Night Live episodes...."Never mind!"

djmagic said...

Regarding the Aid to Auto Industry article:

"Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm, told reporters that quick loans were needed for the industry to get through the next six to 12 months.

"The bottom line is that all three automakers need some liquidity, some assistance with cash and they need it right now," Granholm said.

"The alternative is worse," Granholm said. "The alternative is the industry doesn't have access to funds and we lose a company or two. We don't want to do that.""

Sounds like the Governor has looked through MCR's crystal ball. I shuddered reading that article. One can already drive any of the major freeways in and around Detroit, and see large swaths of industrial graveyards. Burned-out, boarded up, and abandoned factories, plants, warehouses, and the neighborhoods their employees used to inhabit. The merger of GM and Chrysler will hit hard. A collapse of Ford would be crippling.

aprilfool said...

You've got to be kidding me! Hurricane Katrina is now a result of man made "climate change"? That is absurd and just plain ignorant. As if this was the first time in history a Category 4 or 5 hurricane hit the Gulf states. Climatologists have been warning about this possibility for years. I suppose if San Francisco has another 7.0 quake or higher they/you will blame that on Global Warming too. Stop the insanity and stick to the facts!

You know I bought Mike's book, I have a lot of respect for him regarding his 9/11, Peak Oil, and drug trafficking insights, but now he is losing all credibility with me with his blind support of this man made Global Warming theory. I can give you plenty of research and facts from respected individuals in the scientific community who do not agree with the popular sentiment that global warming is man made and the cause of climate change. Throughout the history of the earth (and man) the climate has gone through cycles of hot and cold and this has more to do with the sun that it does greenhouse gases in our atmosphere.

To say that carbon or methane gases is what determines temperature on the earth, and man is the most recent cause of these gases increasing, is like saying the cart pulls the horse!

All life is based on carbon, and carbon is a very important ingredient to our survival and for our food source. More carbon is good, less carbon is bad. The carbon police and global elite are just using this theory as a way to to enact a global carbon tax which of course will be the first tax implemented by a world government body. It will open the floodgates to more global tax and give world government the source of funding it needs to eventually replace all regional governments.

It's no wonder that the man made Global Warming theory was the brainchild of UN IPCC scientists who then pushed it out through their fellow globalists like Al Gore. It's also not surprising the the Rockefellers and Rothschilds fund this cause. They are the biggest supporters of one world government.

David Mayer de Rothschild is the poster boy and spokesperson for the elite's global warming scam.

He even wrote a book about it "The Live Earth Global Warming Survival Handbook"

Rice Farmer said...

Gold parties

World's Scariest Stock: Citigroup

the Dirkster! said...

hey michael rupert!! Read your piece how your back in the game. Good to see you havent left, many of sickening to my stomach days listing to your many talks and reading rubicon. Listen...

I BEG YOU to please do an interview with project camelot. (You Tube). In the least, it is a testemant to your many achievements in waking us up and would also serve to wake up future generations without exposing you to live media outlets.

yours truly

Rice Farmer said...

Oil-rich, remote and difficult

Another window on the Chinese strategy.

kiki said...

aprilfool, i must have missed something because i don't see the claim you refer to in the blog post you are commenting on - i did take the time to read it carefully three times and i still don't see it

A peon said...

AprilFool,some reccommended reading:


A Few Things Ill Considered:How to Talk to a Climate Sceptic

A peon said...

AprilFool,some reccommended reading:


A Few Things Ill Considered:How to Talk to a Climate Sceptic

agape wins said...

Heads up everyone,

It seems everyone has an area they want to fix, or one thing they expect to cure everything!
I own a Retail Store, including bulk foods & Grains, we stock 40,000 items.
Things are more dire than a quick simple fix, every order we place with our major supplier has a larger out of stock list, this week out of a total $6,000 order $2,000 worth was out of stock,
some of our Grains, & Seeds have been listed as "long term out"
The World's Reserves are being used up, suppliers are cutting back, producers are trimming items which do not move, & shipment is becoming more complicated.

Where do we go from here, thousands of acres of Farmland contaminated by Katrina, & now thousands more contaminated from the north by this years flooding? This is saying nothing about the Organic & Non GMO crop land that will take 10 years to be certified again!

In the Bible, Joseph stored up grain, we empty our store houses in preparation for another disaster!
Is this just happening, is it planned, or is no one in charge?

We are near the limit of usable Water, with Millions more having unsuitable water after the treatment plants fail.

DNA has proven that the begot (small b for their shortsightedness), is ranting about their
brother, while praising someone with the DNA of "That -----"!
FTW has always been open,respectful,informative yet Positive,&thought provoking (one
phrase!). Of late we have attracted some comments which are negative, distractive, &
hateful; all of which we need to avoid, if we are to survive the change we are going through.
The Captain of this Titanic (TPTB) seems determined to find an iceberg, while some Passengers,
want to drink the bar dry!

aprilfool, posts an accusatory twist to Mike's comment about Katrina, & Weather Change.
Nowhere does Mike say what the cause of the weather is, what is changing it, & even downplays
the possibility of interference as distractive!
Yes Carbon is important, so is CO2, & Alcohol; in balance, AND used properly they are GOOD,
but more of a good thing is not always positive!
Picking at one another is also not Constructive.

A peon said...

Aprilfool was refering I think to this comment,which was actually Jenna Orkin's: " However,weather modification claims about Katrina distract from the fact that these superhurricanes show that climate change is here."

I honestly don't know why it is so much of a shock though.If I remember correctly Rubicon mentions climate change at least briefly,and FTW has posted a lot of good articles on global climate change.Off of the top of my head a few good ones include this 3 part series by Dale Allen Pfeiffer: Global Climate Change and Peak Oil:The Sword of Damocles Has Two Edges

_climate_change_pt2.html">Global Climate Change & Peak Oil,Part II

Global Climate Change & Peak Oil Part III

And this article from Gristmill republished on FTW's worldwide news section: Global warming,in capsule form

Which is followed by a Washington Post article headlined "World Temperatures Keep Rising With a Hot 2005"

Like most other important issues(9/11,Peak Oil,Infinite War,Economic Collapse...etc),there is a lot of disinformation floating about.What I think happens is that lacking all of the available information some people are jumping to erroneus has a good page that breaks down the propaganda surrounding these issues,describing the Official Stories,the Limited Hangouts,the Best Evidence,and the Distracting Disinformation,and top of the list is Climate Change: Propaganda Patterns:a political map of collapse and possibilities

And,I just now remembered,on May 10 on this blog this LA Times article was posted:Outside report cites political interference at EPA:The Union of Concerned Scientists says nearly 900 EPA scientists reported experiencing political pressure in their work.

A key paragraph that caught my eye in that article:"Such allegations are not new: During much of the Bush administration,there have been reports of the White House watering down documents regarding climate change,industry language inserted into EPA power plant regulations and scientific advisory panels’ conclusions about toxic chemicals going unheeded."

FTW admin said...

" However,weather modification claims about Katrina distract from the fact that these superhurricanes show that climate change is here."

nope. wasn't me. i think it was the comment from that i posted.

FTW admin said...

article that deals with white house influence on the epa and on the climate change controversy.

FTW admin said...

article that deals with white house influence on the epa and on the climate change controversy.

A peon said...

Oh,sorry Jenna.You know I did think it seemed a bit familiar,though the comment I remember with greatest clarity from on weather modification and climate change is this one: "The weather is changed through technology every time a car is turned on or a light bulb is connected to the power grid. While corporations and governments bear the largest responsibility for the problem,billions of individual actions need to shift,too."

Anyways,sorry about the brain fart again.And thanks for the link to your essay at FTW.I never got around to reading that one yet.

Mark said...

Hey Michael, you are a hero, I am so glad to know that you have come out of hiding. Is there any chance I could have you say a few things
on my TV channel?

I have covered the Peak Oil convention ASPO Boston University and have a great film that begins with Peak oil and merges into
permaculture as a solution.

Along with that I have filmed Geoff Lawton of the Permaculture
research institutes's entire permaculture course and would love to show it to you and your fans somewhere in LA? Its 72 hours, so...I am willing to come over and show you personally if you want. All for free, no problem. It would be an honor.

I want to tell you more about what's happening. I have my own stories which have fallen into my lap being press at numerous renewable energy conventions.

Like Las Vegas is sinking,from over consumption.
Short selling and sabotaging new stocks on appropriate technology.
The SEC set the whole scam up. It involves Julia Roberts, Morgan =20
Freeman, Willie Nelson, and a bio diesel manufacturer. I have not pursued the story, but there is an ex CIA officer in hiding, a dead short selling whistle blower who is said to have killed himself with his entire family. There are so many incredible new designs of
sustainable living and new technology to aid us in food forestry. This is no time for suicide. Its a new frontier of building eco villages. The only way you can save yourself in this seedless world and a nation that's less than 2% local is to eco nest as fast as we can. I have networked huge amounts of land around Santa Barbara and the permaculture network around it. Come help me recruit for the eco village. Do you have visions of such an expedition?

I hope you enjoy my web site full of the latest green tech that will redistribute wealth by bringing in the new frontier of empowering
community designs.

I am from the entertainment industry, my father is Bert Berns.

I met Michael Kane at the ASPO convention he may remember me.

Russell Berns
Los Angeles Ca

evil said...

I was watching my local pbs station right after katrina and saw a documentary that clearly stated the previous destruction of levees in Orleans,so that the poor neighborhoods were flooded to save the rich neighborhoods.I would not discount this theory without hard evidence,as it has admittedly been performed successfully in the past.

Any person who publishes opinions, without using the scientific method, that is to say that it is not discounted without evidence of it's complete impossibility should have their own motives questioned.

You can't change the laws of science. Isn't that what brought us to the realization that 911 was a hoax, that buildings can not fall at the rate of gravity without explosive assistance?

Why now does anyone want to say that the levees were NOT broken, when clear evidence either way has not, as yet been determined.

When we think we are at our most clever, we must remember, real science and crime forensic analysis does not occur quickly.Those who rush to publish quick, unsubstantiated results should themselves be most suspect.

Disrespected information is that which HAS been proved wrong. I see nothing that has proved that Katrina levees were destroyed by nature or by man. Since there IS evidence that they were in the past destroyed by man, we should perhaps look into this a bit more?

Or does the word god of MR supersede the scientific method and forensic investigative scientific process?

FTW admin said...

"...Isn't that what brought us to the realization that 911 was a hoax, that buildings can not fall at the rate of gravity without explosive assistance?"

No, "evil," that is not the evidence relied upon by most readers of ftw and this blog.

Andrea Murrhteyn said...

Evil said: "...Isn't that what brought us to the realization that 911 was a hoax, that buildings can not fall at the rate of gravity without explosive assistance?"

FTW admin said: No, "evil," that is not the evidence relied upon by most readers of ftw and this blog.

FTW admin is correct, Mike/FTW
followed Mike's own trusted methods of evidence in exposing the lies of 9/11; he explains his methods very eloquently in Truth and Lies of 911; including how his methods as an investigator differ from those in teh 9-11 Truth movement; and his reasons.

It is also very plausible, that it was because of Mike's efficiency, coherence and effectiveness in use of his method, among others; in exposing the OFFICIAL GOVERMENT CONSPIRACY THEORY to be a lie; that FTW offices were targetted.


I don't dispute Mike's analysis in Rubicon, the only major difference I have is in terms of 'Putting myself in -- for example -- Cheney's shoes, knowing the mentality and in-fighting of the elite; the ignorance and addiction of the American people, world, Wall Street, etc. to 'economic growth' the realities of the power-play at that level: WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE DONE DIFFERENT? AND EVEN IF YOU DID WANT TO DO IT DIFFERENT, WOULD YOU HAVE THE SUPPORT TO DO IT DIFFERENT? How much support has Ron Paul had from 'the people' to implement integrity, honour, sound money, closing down the FED, abolishing the 16th amendment? How much support has Chuck Baldwin?

How many Americans are there who are willing to vote on principle? As Patrick Henry said:



NBPatton said...

Wow, a nice post? I'll be damned!
And I enthusiastically agree with voting on principle!
My favorite quote for that concept is;

"Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost."
-John Quincy Adams

I have no problems with talking about who I am voting for; Ron Paul, or Chuck Baldwin. In that order, if they are on the ballot. If they aren't, I'm doing a write in for some guy named Michael Craig Ruppert. Whether he likes it or not :)

NBPatton said...

I was crackin up at your SNL reference. :)
Don't feel bad, and don't stop commenting! You're okay by me! As if that means much of anything :)

trevbus said...

Just as an experiment I emailed with that Hal Turner link. It hasn't been published yet!!!

WRH comes very close to Holocaust denial. Perhaps outing a neo-Nazi as an FBI informant would be too close to the bone.

Thankfully we have had MCR all this time, there are so many disinfo shills out there.