Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snake Has Own Tail By Balls; Rats Jump Ship

From Jenna Orkin

Meet The 15 Loan Sharks Who Have America By The Balls
"And see why they're tempted to squeeze."
Chinese leaders threaten to sell US debt as punishment for Taiwan arms sale
Bush's deficits will be dwarfed by what Obama has in mind
Okay, Here Is Our Exit Strategy
By Ben Bernanke
After Bernanke's Comments, The Bears Come Out To Play
One in Five US Mortgages 'Underwater' in Q4: Report
Cut My R&D Taxes And Let Me Hire Foreigners, Or Else Our Economy Is Doomed To Suck Forever Where's The Pork? 10 Politicians Who Can't Bring Home Squat For Their Districts
Nevada Goes Nuts, Cutting Spending On Education, Adult Care, Hearing Aids, Speech Therapy Nev. Medicaid cuts could bring diaper rationing
Stiglitz: The US And UK Should Keep Printing And Spending, As There's No Chance Of Default
Poll: Obama, Economy Doubts Boost GOP
Buffett Has Greater Appreciation for Bush From Crisis
George W. Bush billboard anonymously erected in Minnesota
Sly, jazzy picture of W accompanied by the words, "Miss me yet?" Hail to chief Sarah and the death of feminism (assuming we're around to mourn.) - JO
New Wind Farms in the U.S. Have Not Led to Jobs
PUNCH: Wall Street Bonuses Obama Once Called 'Obscene' Now He Doesn't Begrudge
Secret Summit of Top Bankers (from Rice Farmer)

Rats Jump Ship (from Lisa)
In addition to the UK's financial manager:
50 Unexpected CEO/CFO Resignations in Last Few Weeks
Scroll way down. I can't vouch for this website in general, not having studied it, but the following links are substantive:
Sants quits as chief executive of the FSA
Zain CEO Resigns Sun's CEO Tweets Haiku Good-bye
RBS Exodus: 1000 Bankers Quit
AIG CEO Plane Lending Unit resigns Housing development agency official resigns
Under Armor VP Resigns
VP of Center Bankcorp resigns
Cadbury CEO and CGO resign
Speedo president resigns
Head of Rhode Island Department of Administration and Revenue resigns
Mayor resigns Intermap CFO resigns
Faber Says U.S. Treasuries Are Junk
Small Businesses Owners' Association Slams Obama's Stimulus Efforts, Cites Weak Demand and Poor Sales

Who Says This Blog Is a Downer?
New Trend: It's OK To Have Sex With Your Co-Workers

Forget Greece, The Coming Surge Of Right-Wingers Will Pose The Real Threat To The Euro
Spanish Prime Minister: We're The Victim of A Free Market Conspiracy To Make The Socialist Euro System Look Like A Failure
Here's The REAL Reason Germany Is So Hesitant About Bailing Out Greece
TARP 2.0: German Parliament Trying To Stop The Greece Bailout
Moscow says U.S. missile shield aimed at Russia
EU President's secret bid for economic power

PIMCO Goes Short The Entire Developed World
Activists take down Australian government websites
"Attacks are believed to be in protest against Australia's impending Internet filtering legislation and the Classification Board's decision to ban the sale of porn films in Australia which shows small-breasted women."

The world is collapsing but first, a trip to the loony bin. - JO
Businesses could quit China
'War on Terror' to last as long as Cold War
Love the quotation marks.
Haiti PM: rebuilding could take 10 years
Haiti secure after quake, but escapees a concern: U.N.
Escapees not from Haiti but from prison. UN/US needed to take charge.
Chinese farms 'worse than factories'

Quote of the day:
"The First Amendment certainly protects the right to lie."

Priest Checks Fingerprints for Mass Attendance
Have always preferred bribery, myself.


Emissary said...

i found this pretty flipping terrifying from the WSJ

Anonymous said...

I just recommended MCR as a guest for The Daily Show. If you'd like to add support, please click on the link below, sign up (takes about 20 seconds)to leave a comment and some Kudos for Mike.

The Daily Show Guest Suggestion

This would be a really great way to get the word out about Peak Oil! Please take a moment if you can.

ecosutra said...

Lots of Synergy going on.

Coconut Revolution video is a tell tale sign the Mayans are correct, it is there time to speak.

A friend of mine runs the Green Island Project, an interfaced alternative energy system that transforms waste into Algae bio diesel, bio gas, and other butane transportation fuels, all the while, mining a land fill.

Its been 3 years since I met him. From Catalina Island to Tahiti, and onward, all over the globe, he has been trying to get implementation. waiting, straining his existence for this.

I wonder what other strained elements I can think of in a day? Seems at least one a day come to mind.

Yesterday, it was my brother's marriage and thinking how many other American princess wives are having temper tantrums because their expectations are not even close to becoming reality anymore. Her dreams of being a part of a new big fashion magazine driving around in her Escalade, has my brother's wife in a tantrum.

Her sister started up an online magazine called Coco Eco Magazine.

Richard Branson is on the cover this month. Guess who is submitting his Green Island Project to Richard Branson? My friend in Green energy.

His submission for the $25 million dollar Virgin Eco Challenge is the best, I am sure. I know from asking billionaire Venture Capitalist at the Renewable Energy Convention in Vegas in 2006."Do you know who Karen Betram is over at International Environmental Solutions?" And VC said they were the best thing going. So why is IES in capitulation? Easy, the VC are proprietary seekers, looking at the EROI, and they are spoiled with a hyped value from a past synthetic perception.

These people at IES are pioneers of the most important element of our society, engineers. We should be fighting for this. The appropriate technology in the green energy industry is a small world. Don't have to look to far for the answers.

The main reason green energy will never take over in today's model is that industry and the scale of inputs to maintain Industry are not sustainable.

We have to recreate society. That means people need to sort and herd into eco villages.

Come up with shared resources and get your own $25 million dollar budget going.

There is an IES unit that provides power to 5000 people minimum, at a cost way less than $25 million, but lets say the 2 mega watt demonstration was for your sorted herd and you could sell the power?

Pay off in 5 years and you can build another one and become power companies. 5000 people divided by 25 million= $5,000. You mean to tell me we cant rally 5000 people at 5 grand each to get in on this? Insane to me. Where is the entertainment industry? It doesnt seem possible that the math adds up, but it does, its called the power of community.

agape wins said...

In the video I watched there is a BIGG gap when the building
starts down, worse than no pictures at all, they were edited out for
what reason, BIG reason?

New aerial photos of 9/11 released

RanD said...

Decision. - #28

FTW's information is once again moving us to restate that synomonously mundane/ethereal message of all ages, which goes: "General ignorance of reality's nature is humankind's only genuine adversary."

For those who see this being the case: "Overcoming human societies' general ignorance of reality's nature is therefore required to fulfill contemporary humankind's long physiologically evolved/developed capacity to fully consciously possess and thereby benefit from such knowledge."


Human kinds' ultimate & final hope is that 'a sufficient/prerequisite number' of their/our members will -- in fact -- begin personally internalizing and thereby actualizing a basic comprehension of reality's construct. At the same time, bear in mind: "It is the duty of reality's contrarians to deride those who see humankind freeing itself from the otherwise inevitable cycle of rising & falling civilizations."

Decision: Rise to the occasion? Or let it slip away, again.

Brendan Carmody said...

Australia handicapped by 19th-century technology