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February 15, 2009 -- Retirement is for people who are a). old, and b). who have a retirement income. I’m out on both counts. Forget lectures. Forget investigative journalism. That’s not what is needed now.

I need to eat and raise money to help more people quickly. I can’t give this away for free anymore. The shit is hitting the fan and it’s happening right now. China’s getting ready to revalue the Yuan. The China growth bubble is bursting. Latin America is arming to the teeth. The Obama Administration has begun beating the drums of war against Iran in a way that convinces me (finally and sadly) that it’s for real. Long hoped for revolts are taking place within the mainstream media as the truth of collapse becomes impossible to hide. And all who read this blog regularly are grasping the significance of the latest economic and political news.

Today I received a call from a great friend and brave investigative journalist who has moved on to other callings. He lives in New York City and he said that he was hearing reports all over town that CEO’s and CFO’s of corporations and non-profits were resigning in an apparently continuing stampede which began last week. (Jenna posted the original link here.) It is clear that the Greek debacle is breaking up the EU (as I predicted back in 2005) and that this has triggered the implosion of the derivatives bubble which I would still estimate at around $700 trillion. (A lot of new derivatives were created in 2009.) The dominoes are starting to fall. The rats are running for their solar-powered shelters.

War on an unimagined scale is only one of the certainties in front of us. Here is one possible scenario: Israel and the U.S. attack Iran. China immediately sides with Iran and begins short-selling dollars while unleashing a major cyber-attack that almost paralyzes the net and U.S. financial markets. (Not to mention cell phone service. Google was just a drill for China.) The first-ever war in space erupts as attacks are launched on communications and surveillance satellites by maybe six nations (including the EU) with those capabilities. Iran moves to shut the Straits of Hormuz. Venezuela sides with Iran. Oil spikes to $200 a barrel. A shooting war breaks out among all those navies fighting piracy near the Gulf of Aden. And the United States and Colombia launch an invasion of Venezuela. Somewhere, somehow nukes will be used.

"Two plus two equals four. Once that is granted, all else follows." -- H.G. Wells, "1984". All of this was on the map I made in “Crossing the Rubicon” and at FTW. I spelled all of this out over ten years. I was the voice crying in the wilderness, as were all who stood with me.

As of this minute I am available for speaking engagements or gatherings in homes to frankly discuss current events and scenarios. I’ll make my decisions based on schedule, who’s inviting, how close it is to my neighborhood, and how much they’re offering. L.A. and Southern California come first for me because I live here. I’ll speak frankly and clearly because there’s no time left for anything else.

A revolution is underway in every conceivable aspect of our lives. We need to help shape it. And we need to not get lost in the chaos that is waiting on our doorstep. Revolution is a quintessential act of self defense, inherent in all of nature.

Anyone interested can reach out to me either by contacting Jenna at the blog or by sending me a message on Facebook. Those of you who have my private contact information, feel free.

What the heck, as I’ve been told I’m only right about 80 percent of the time and have been for a decade. There's a record that proves it.



Margaret said...

Welcome back, Michael! We need you and your charismatic and powerful influence. I watched Collapse with several close friends and appreciated your no B.S. way of presenting the truth.

We here in Colorado are preparing - learning permaculture, paying off debt, simplifying, collaborating. What you describe in this blog entry is terrifying. I am not sure if all our preparations are going to be enough.

I feel uncertain about things and I am trying to function as best I can under the circumstances.

It's like we've done everything you've recommended, but it still doesn't feel like it's enough.

tyler said...

I just saw Collapse. Best documentary of the year! Never quit Michael. The world needs minds like your.

pstajk said...

Fuck yeah Mike, you're a warrior, and you KNOW that!

I learned of you and FTW through the likes of another web site which quickly went defunct, but had a very serious impact on my life ... It was a web site that was inspired by my old senior year English teacher, who I will leave unnamed here. He is your age, battier than you, but just as intelligent. When I first read the articles from FTW, I was hooked. I was hooked for one reason and one reason alone ... I was being told the truth. It's the most beautiful thing in the world when it happens - when someone is open and honest with you - when one says something or hears something and it is 100% genuine and pure. It's like gold. I've been able to hear it from the likes of 2 people and you are the second. He follows you as well; I just recently got back in contact with him, and he might be reading these words. Do I feel somewhat embarrassed if that is the case? Not anymore.

Mike do your thing; your the fuckin' man! You know that, right?

patrick said...

Two plus two equals four. Once that is granted, all else follows.

1984 was written by George Orwell not HG Wells.

MCR said...

Margaret, you and yours are not the slowest campers. This is the real deal now. You stay in front, keep your focus, and you'll be OK.


Mike S said...

We missed ya! Take it slow and easy though :)

Mike S said...

Welcome back Michael!

Paul said...

Mike - welcome back! Good to hear you're coming out of retirement!


ps note typo - George Orwell - not HG Wells

History of Industrial Gases said...

I hear what your saying michael, i've followed you for along time, but the un-fortunate truth that will be our downfall is that ~90% of a mass public just don't care about anything that lies ouside of thier little 'bubble' way of thinking. they don't want to consider the fact that they might be being lied to and find unconcious bliss from never questioning the truth.

We need to reach out to these people... but how do we that?

Paul Mineau said...

Mike, I know that I speak for many in the Transition Town movement up here in Seattle. Remember when you came up here to the University and 1500 people showed up? I'll bring this up at the next TT meeting and see if we can get something started. It would be great to have you back.

MCR said...

OOPS -- Wells didn't write 1984, Orwell did! Don't worry I don't have Alzheimer's, it's Sometimers.



Hef Lee said...

go mike! thank you

martypantsROK said...

I don't think anybody can be physically or financially ready for a future such as you have outlined countless times. I am, thanks to you, MCR, mentally prepared.

I hope it happens quickly. I'm tired of waiting and watching a slow death of the country I grew up in and still love although refuse to live in. Korea is a decent place to live and I've got a great support system in place should things get crappy.

I hope the rest of my family, who thinks I'm off the deep end, get a clue sooner rather than later.

gamedog said...

Welcome Back! Great news Mike (big grin & two thumbs up)

I've been keeping my beedy eye on the Sun. I've said before how the sun cycles drive our weather/climate, how the current cycle has been late, and very weak, seems NASA are now predicting another Dalton Minimum (40 years of colder than average temps -2 degrees C lower on average). I've looked over the temps experienced in the Dalton period (1790 to 1830)- crop yields were down, long hard winters with very late frosts made crops fail. London Thames frozen. in July and August, lake and river ice were observed as far south as Pennsylvania.

"In May 1816,(The Year Without a Summer) frost killed off most of the crops that had been planted, and in June two large snowstorms in eastern Canada and New England resulted in many human deaths. Nearly a foot (30 cm) of snow was observed in Quebec City in early June, with consequent additional loss of crops—most summer-growing plants have cell walls which rupture in a mild frost, let alone a snowstorm coating the soils. The result was regional malnutrition, starvation, epidemic, and increased mortality—in short, famine."

Adjust long term preps accordingly.

Plant frost tolerant species, late leaf/bud fruit/nut trees, and edible perennials.

This is nothing to do with the Gulf Stream or AGW. Sun watchers predicted this back in 2006. It's not 100% certain either, tho clearly something unusual is happening with the Sun.

NASA now saying that a Dalton Minimum repeat is possible

v said...

Good to see you're 'out of retirement' Mike!!

Aramco to inject CO2 into biggest oilfield by 2012Saudi to inject 40 mln scfd of CO2 into Ghawar oilfield

Spanish intelligence probing debt "attacks"-report

Germany rejects European fund for Greece...



ChuckP said...

I just went to your movie and have to say it "moved me" like never before. I have a nice sized Porfolio of stocks and bonds. I don't think it is logical to buy 100% gold coins. NEED HELP. Please email me at Thank You. Michael, Iam glad you are BACK!!!!!

cprstl said...

Welcome back. I hope to see you in Minneapolis Thursday for the screening of Collapse. In my search for the truth and reality I seemed to stubble upon you last. The truth is that I wouldn’t have been ready for what you have to say in the beginning. There are so many layers to what is happening that it takes time to take it all in. Peak Oil, credit collapse, CIA drug running, Wall Street manipulation and dark powers hidden from sight. You are one of the only people who seem to put all the layers together. I am glad you are back. (Do you still plan to make it up to Minneapolis this week?)

eeyores enigma said...

Sounds like you are feeling much invigorated after your little nap.

Welcome back.

Let's see what we can do.

mastabingus said...

Hellllllllllls Yeah!!!!
I knew you couldnt resist!


Dean said...

Mike are we looking near term here i.e 2010/11? What's your prognosis? I look forward to some insightful commentary from you. It's been missed.

Patrick: Good to see you focus on the important pieces of the article. :-)

davec53 said...

Hi Mike, Thanks for all that you do. I've been following you and your work since reading Rubicon in 2005. I'm a school teacher on LI w/ wife 2 teenage kids (one a year and a half from college). I've spent time in Costa Rica over the last 15 yrs, and we recently invested in a sustainable project there.( We hope to eventually build there, and spend more/most of our time there. I'm just wondering what your take is on CR, and if recent events in Latin America make this a more perilous path? Thanks, Dave

David said...

re "Dalton Minimum" and the prospect of +/- 40 years of colder than normal temps...don't forget to add a little nuclear winter to your calculations.

FineLinen said...

I'm really glad that you are coming out of retirement. I've been following you for years.

I just hope you still make information available to people like me who are unemployed. I hope you don't only make this available to people who can pay.

That would be so disappointing and would certainly rob your message of it's populist feel.

You'd be no different than all the other business-men who are making money off of this crisis.

FineLinen said...


You were the first person to tip me off that an economic crisis was coming. I began to prepare, against my husbands wishes, and he thought I was crazy!

Now, he doesn't think I'm so crazy.

Brian said...

Welcome back Michael. Your energy and insights are important. A friend sent me her thoughts on political change. I thought it was good enough to share.

“If there is no universal personal paradigm shift in awareness or consciousness then the people are destined for just another spin on the same old “Viva de Revolution” wheel. History shows revolutions upon revolutions but here we are again. The bankers and power brokers can always undermine and overtake the new spin or revolution.

Every few decades, the bankers and captains of industry appear to get too greedy and the people start reacting to the blatant lies and deceit. And yes, then comes a slap on the wrist and a little show of reform and maybe a little more reform but only temporary change. The Bush, Chaney, Clinton and others are not impeached or imprisoned. The bought media knows how to drop them from the news for newer spin, new personalities and new tales for the people to obsess about.

The American people are still mostly comfortable while being slowly inconvenienced down to the poorhouse and serfdom. Those that are steering this phony collapse know very well how the game is played and are raking in the money and power in the process.

If you can pull back far enough to see the bigger picture, you will laugh and cry at what is going on. “

I personally feel that real change would be too big a bite for the vast majority of the people. It would require a real reality check. And that may be the inconvenient truth.

MCR said...

Everybody needs to get this straight and hear it clearly. Collapse is not next year or next month. It is now.

Central America is less-dangerous than South America and Mexico. But it is sandwiched in between the two.

And for Finelinen -- Our message is one of sustainability. The work that I and my colleagues are about to embark upon will require money and food so that we can function, provide service, eat, and have roofs over our heads.

Until you acknowledge that we need to eat and pay rent too... the people who are trying to save you, you are a slower camper and you will not survive because you will ask that people starve for your sake while you provide nothing back. This is what drowning people do to would-be lifesavers. It is the first lesson a lifeguard learns.

Sustainability requires a fair exchange of energy.

We will give away what we can. But none of us will go hungry or homeless because you sought to impose a guilt-trip on us.

There are no free lunches in nature. Failure to recognize that is Darwinian deselection.


OregonSurvivor said...

MCR, great news! As to your need for funds, have you considered a new push to bring Rubicon to the attention of the masses? I suggest a re-release and a direct challenge: let someone else take the role of the defense, and write a book detailing why your prosecution on the basis of means, motive, and opportunity is flawed. I would find such a response very interesting, and book sales would no doubt increase. The political climate now is such that I think you might get some attention instead of the wall of silence that has thus far prevailed. And you would have plenty of fodder for another book.

BTW, do you have any idea about who in the current administration has read Collapse Revisited?

Anyhow welcome back!

Angelo said...

Good to see you coming back. I missed your style and input.

God Bless.

This time have fun.

We live in exciting times of great opportunity.

OregonSurvivor said...

Make that Confronting Collapse (lol)

FineLinen said...

Hey Mike,

Wow! I'm sorry about the misunderstanding. You put a lot of words into my mouth.

No guilt trip. Make money, eat, all that stuff but keep info available to everyone regardless of their ability to buy it.

I live on $800. per month but spend my time helping others who live on a whole lot less. I know that you know that there are people who really can't put food in theirs mouths right now.

Please, don't put words into my mouth and assume that I'm trying to hurt you. Maybe this work can make people paranoid and volatile (reactive). You took this some place that you didn't have too take it?


Anonymous said...

You need money and I need intelligent podcasts to listen to. Offer a once a week podcast that is an hour long with your spin on important topics plus the occasional guest expert. I am sure you have thousands of readers who would gladly fork over $25 for an annual podcast subscription. Put it up for a vote.

Michael Sloan said...

my last comment seems to have disappeared.

one more try:

I agree with the podcast idea, I personally would love that.

also let's get Mike on The Daily Show. Retweet my tweet to make this happen:

Anonymous said...

Mike: New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman can get $15,000 a pop for a speaking engagement. Can you get connected with a speakers' bureau that can get you big gigs? Maybe Kunstler can connect you with his agent. Maybe you should just contact Kunstler's agent. (Or Friedman's.)

Go for it, Mike! You have the knowledge. Why shouldn't you get compensated for it? Even if there's only a short time left for such compensation ...

thistlebud said...

HOORRRAAAYYY! I've missed you. Have frequently gone to your old site in hopes of news. Got this news from Carolyn Baker's newsletter today.

First met and heard you at a PQI event in Cancun many years ago. Have followed your adventures ever since. Have an autographed copy of CTR that is quite dogeared.

You say SA is dangerous. It seems that a few of the places might be safer than here at home!?!

I too am financially ruined from attempting to free myself from the mess. Still working on it and think I will be, particularly with access to your information and others of our ilk.

By the way I'm not too sure about Google's intentions after what I have learned about their tie ins.

I'm looking forward to more good information from your site.

Lucius said...

Hello Michael,

Didn't get to see "Collapse". Will it be released as a DVD? Thanks for all you do.

Nicolaj said...

Yes Michael, a revolution is under way.
I suggest you all to take a good look towards something i would like to see as a possible future.

"change is the essence of life. Be willing to sacrefice who you are, for what you can become"

Ali said...

Mike, if your predictions about the coming decades are true, people living in cities are losers. And people living in poor villages in Africa are the winners. They have never get used to oil and therefore they will not be affected by peak oil.

Nicolaj said...

You are so absolute right Michael, a revolution is coming.
But we have to keep in mind, we are the revolution.
We have to become the change we would like to see in the world.
I have bin working hard here in Denmark to spread information about a possible future that i find to be sane and not insane.

Would you take a few hours to look into this closer?

I would really like your response so feel free to use my e-mail

Best of luck Denmark

Margaret said...

I'd subscribe to a series of podcasts or even a teleseminar or series that you hosted. Go for it, Mike - and charge good money! I just paid $80 for 4- one hr teleclasses by Vicki Robin, so I would definitely pay the same amount to listen to you.

sosheyack said...

Dear President Obama, Esteemed Former Presidents, Senators, Congressmen, Republicans and Democrats,

I want to personally thank you for all you have done to bind the hands of freedom, and to violate our personal liberties, in the name of security. To protect us from the faceless terrorist enemy that we created, through failed US foreign policy. The Patriot Act was a masterful piece of legislation meant to cut the heart out of the United States Constitution and the protections it offers. You have been very successful.

I want to thank you for the enormous national debt that we will be unable to pay and that will leave our children destitute due to decades of poor policy and raging government entitlements, all because you folks wanted to be elected over and over again and never learned how to say no or tell us the truth.

I want to thank you for appointing men like Tim Geithner, Ben Bernanke, Larry Summers and Henry Paulson to positions of power, when it is clear that they do not and have never understood the depth of the nation's economic problem and actually participated in creating the problem and making it worse.

I want to thank you for trying to scare us all with global warming and then creating a scheme to make easy money off the sale of carbon credits. An ingenious plan worthy of the most corrupt fascist empire. (You have made Boris from Bullwinkle proud.)

I want to thank you for your attempts to bury the 911 Truth Movement, even though a large majority of Americans now believe that there is more to the story than what has previously been told. You are true patriots to ignore the continued and multiplying requests for an independent investigation.

I want to thank you for allowing a corporate fascist state to govern America. We are so much better off for it. We recognize now that you folks are merely puppets. You can stop trying to hide the strings. We've seen them.

I want to thank you for destroying the United States Constitution. Your understanding that it is merely a piece of paper has helped to usher in a new era of government that we can all be proud of - or scared of.

I want to thank you for sending nearly all of America's industrial base overseas. After all, who needs jobs anyway?

I want to thank you for all you have done for Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Chase Bank and all the other banks that have sacrificed so much for all of America. They are all selfless organizations that have had the best interests of the American people buried somewhere deep within their mission statement. They are so misunderstood. Thank you for caring about them.

I want to thank you for allowing multiple private defense contractors to play such a major role in America's wars. Your understanding that they have no conflict of interest in maintaining a state of war to increase revenue is truly enlightening.

And lastly, a special shout out of thanks goes to the American press, for failing to do any investigative journalism whatsoever and protecting their corporate owners. You have made Pravda and the Tass News Agency proud.

FlannelFactory said...

Welcome back.

Peggy said...

Mike - It's great that you're back. I've been following your map for years, but lately we are being hit from every side so I have been laying low, just watching and waiting. It's great to see you re-emerge. Put me down for a podcast or subscription. You're take on the world has given me direction and it's reassuring that I'll be able to tap into that wisdom again. Welcome back.

Anonymous said...

I second History Teachers proposal.

businessman said...

MCR...In follow-up to what others have could do weekly or monthly teleconferences or podcasts...and have people's credit cards automatically billed monthly for this. I've been thinking for some time now this would be a massive opportunity for you to have regular money coming in. But up until now, I didn't think you'd be interested.

I've been doing this for years now in my own business.

There are a lot of people who would pay you at least $40.00 to $60.00 a month to subscribe to something like this.

businessman said...

MCR...Here's another idea for generating revenue...

I believe you could charge people at least $100.00 to $250.00 an hour to consult with you on the telephone about how to best prepare and position themselves for what's coming.

toner deeski said...

Mike Ruppert Therapy.
I like that idea.

MCR said...

History Teacher -- Great minds... Watch for Collapsenet soon. That's exactly what I'm going to do.

Benji said...

+1 for a podcast

Peddler on the Hoof said...

wb mike.

fitts offers paid podcasts, phone-ins.

i've bought one of her dvds b4, and also your gold iview on cd once. (plus books)

unemployed but value your work so will find funds somewhere.

amy said...

Mr. Ruppert - thank you. Collapse was excellent but the reality in front of us - is, well, overwhelming to say the least. The writing has been on the wall for awhile. We will see who is standing when it is all over - if any of us make it to that point. Do you have suggested fees for speaking engagements or live podcasts etc.? I would be willing to pay a subscription fee for your blog, etc. And, for all you unemployed people etc. - I am in foreclosure - can't pay my credit cards - have no health insurance. But, to date (but for the grace of whatever) - I still got a roof over my head, eat meals everyday (not perfect but not Haiti either). Regular debtors did not get us in this mess at all. That I know. The roof and the food is a daily struggle but so far so good. I would collect pennies on the street in front of the store down the road to pay for the subscription - if that is what needs to happen right now. Anyone who says I should pay Bank of America or Citi before a subscription to this blog is not truly understanding what survival tactics need to be employed. BOA and Citi can't do anything for any of us. This time is extremely serious and must be taken as so by all. It is time for each of us to protect our own Lives. Where there is a will - there is a way. Again, welcome back.

RanD said...

Collapsenet? Excellent.

Soggy Bottom said...

Hell I go away for a couple of days and the best news ever happens.
Knew you were keeping an eye on us all Mike but great news that you are out of retirement and actively participating again.
The trouble with being so far away (but then again maybe for the future thats' a good thing)in Australia,we cannot get to see the Collapse movie or indeed have the chance to hear you speak in person. A CD or DVD that is playable in Australia (R4 I believe) would be most welcome.
Any other Australians reading this blog - are there any Australian web sites you think worth following for our neck of the woods? Our media gives no mention of the drama happening in the Northern Hemisphere. Used to be said that 'America sneezes and the rest of the world catches a cold' I think the USA isn't just sneezing right now, seems to be haemmoraging.

RanD said...

Amy. Classy.

Raymond said...

Soggy Bottom - fellow Aussie here. Not much worthy media here, apart from Crikey,, and (from David Holmgren). But given that we are pretty much a US state anyway, just take Jenna's headlines, substitute "US" for "Australia", add 18 months, and theres your up to date news.

Elmo said...

You're right Mike; you can't retire from fate. I don't think money is going to do you much good in the future, though.

History of Industrial Gases said...

Paid for podcasts

i'm totally up for that, i would like to help you out, because you have helped so many other people out in opening our minds. i think you need to start a money bomb.

myself and my close friends would definately pay to listen to some inspiring podcasts...


Elmo said...

Gosh! Don't you just LOVE how we Americans are so quick to point the finger at someone else?

Obviously it was the bankers who got us into the housing crisis; and the drooling, greedy masses of under-educated borrowers who couldn't wait to grab up those ultra-low; buy now, default later interest rates!

And, of course, we all know that it's Haliburton who is diligently surrounding Iran with military bases, hoping to gain control of the world's largest untapped oil reserves for it's own evil purposes; and not because we first-worlders require it to fuel our affluent lifestyle!

What will it take for us to realize that if we want them to stop mining it, then we need to stop buying it?!

We are the preferred customers!
We are why they wage wars; strip-mine mountain ranges; pollute oceans; oppress third-world countries! US, with all of our noble causes of feeding the hungry, housing the homeless, curing diseases, etc, etc, ad-nauseum! WE are the ones to blame, not THEM! Get that through your F@&#*^G heads, already!

And, for the record... When we start to run out of oil --and it will happen sooner than you think-- it won't be a "change in paradigm"; it will be absolute pandemonium on a scale you've never thought possible!

Call me a pessimist; a doomsayer; a liar; I don't care! But don't say you weren't warned!

Weyland said...

Hello. I would like to offer a few words to Mr Ruppert if I may.

I am a guy in his fifties and live in the UK. Unfortunately in the suburbs of a large city.

I first became aware of the Peak Oil situation whilst watching the documentary "Crude Awakening". You don't have to be researching Peak Oil on the internet too long before the name of Michael Ruppert rises to prominence.

I found Collapse to be a very powerful documentary. It clearly exposes the insanity of our global oil-based economy and rams home the frightening implications of Peak Oil for the current population levels.

When you get the MESSAGE, when you really get the MESSAGE doing nothing is not an option. If we wait for guidance from those who make our lives a misery, if it comes at all, it will be too late. Change has to come from anywhere and anyway it can. My choice is to try to be an example to others.

The first thing to do is spread the word. Sadly most folks won't believe you and just want to rejoin the party on the ballroom deck. I have all the time in the world for anyone who will listen but I don't waste time on those who clearly won't.

I have spent the last four years educating myself in a wide variety of practical crafts and trades. The garden has been turned over to growing food. I only have a small yard but am still able to produce a surplus of vegetables in the summer months. Some of which I have given away to neighbours. One one has ever turned free food away.

I have learned to sew, I will never make a tailor but I can do passable alterations, replace zips etc. I have collected a dozen or so old hand-crank and treadle operated sewing machines whilst the getting is still good. I have even learned how to bake bread!

I burn wood for heat, hot water and occasional cooking. Gas is still so much more convenient.

The car had to go. Its tough weaning yourself off hydrocarbon powered transportation. I still have the car but it has been standing unused for nearly two years now. Instead I use a bicycle on a daily basis. When I need more load capacity I use a trailer.

I am hoping as things start to fall apart people might just remember seeing me and think to themselves maybe I have part of the solution. At least I am eating healthier and getting fitter!

Weyland said...

A wonderful thing happened last year. One of the families who had previously received surplus produce returned the favour and brought me a large bag of Broad Beans. It transpired that the taste of fresh home grown produce was so enjoyable they had decided to start growing their own too!

Another neighbour observed my car had not moved for quite some time and inquired as to why. I explained about Peak Oil and how I felt I needed to do something to save resources and indicated to him that he might like to do some research of his own. Just after Christmas he proudly told me he had purchased a bicycle and resolved to use his car less.

We have lost our sense of community. We live isolated little lives in air conditioned boxes, traveling to and fro in mobile air conditioned boxes. We generally have very little interaction outside our own peer group. I don't know too many people in my neighbourhood. We are mostly all strangers. Eventually harsher circumstances will force people to work together for their mutual benefit. Perhaps even a local barter economy of goods and services can be made to work. I hope we can start getting a sense of community back again. Lord knows we certainly need it. In this respect Peak Oil may have something positive to offer.

As the bow sinks lower and it gets harder to party in the ballroom it is to be hoped that more folks will see the example of the lifeboat builders and come and join us.

I don't know how the future will pan out but thanks to you and the other Peak Oil activists, I am aware of the situation and better able to face the huge challenges ahead.

Be of good cheer Mr Ruppert Sir! Your voice may have been calling from the wilderness but it has had incredible range. You have been heard all around the world and we get THE MESSAGE.

--mf said...

Stay healthy, fed and funded, Mike. The rest will take care of itself.

I live in an area that will never run "Collapse," and I have been "cable-free since 2003." I am DYING to send you money for a stack of "Collapse" DVDs. When, oh, when will I be able to do that, fella?

I'd be happy to pay you to be able to stream it at iTunes, but, I would rather be able to show it to concerned people in my cinema-starved area.


Raymond said...

GOOD FOR U MIKE...i bought 2 buffalo gold coins back in 2004... 590.00 each.. now im glad i did.. thanks to ur work... "..Rubicon"... im gettin ready... saving my money.. getting a rifle for protection.. First time i hear u speak was on KPFK.. I'll never forget the analysis.. connecting the dots Pakistan.. Afganistan.. OIL.. Now it makes sense...

Tony said...

I recently watched "collapse" it was very informative.

Anyways, I am wondering what you think the time frame is before things start to get really bad?

Besides being prepared with seeds should I be preparing longterm food and water storage?


EasyMoneyPage said...

I'm very glad to see that you have changed your mind and decided to stay in the fight. It was your words and devotion that made me change the way I looked at things, and started preparing for a horrible future. It was shortly after seeing a video you made of a lecture on 911, that I found The Zeitgeist Movement. I don't know if you have actually checked into what the movement is really about, but I have a feeling that if you did, you would love it and get right on board. Here is what a member in the Wa chapter said you said when he went to your book signing, here in Seattle. I asked about the Venus project and he says that there won't be enough time to build cities in the sea.

He says the venus project/Zeitgeist is too far fetched. He might be right. The collapse is coming so fast there might not be enough time to get a Venus project off the ground.

We need people like you if we are going to survive.

There is no other way!

I hope to see you around. The Zeitgeist Movement


Samuel A. Falvo II said...


Your website is broken; when I click on the "Collapse" poster under "Movies - Collapse", I get an HTML page displayed as plain-text. I can send you a screenshot of what I see, if you wish.

You need to contact your webmaster and get this fixed, or else folks won't be able to rapidly purchase your DVD from your website.

Jenna Orkin said...


we're looking into it thx

tahoevalleylines said...

Mike is railway challenged.

Many countries, Chinese and OPEC bunch notably, resolutely expand railway lines. Mike, please research railway sources like "ELECTRIC WATER", US Rail Map Atlas Volume source for maps of extant & dormant rail corridor. We expect Mike's able prose on the railway tool.

Christopher C. Swan's "Electric Water" (New Society Press, 2007), compiles an encyclopedia of sustainable energy/mobility tech. Details at: "Suntrain Transportation Corporation" on www.
All hands Research nearby dormant railway branchline, mainline spur/loading platform now gone. These former lines and platforms are candidates for rehab and replacement.

Whether change comes slowly with rationing, or via some sort of grand slam, knowing nearest railway link past & present is useful information when rubber tires can't carry the load.

See books on Southern CA Pacific Electric railway for descriptive detail of day passenger, night victuals and freight distribution & downtown warehousing practice. America can retool for rail based transport. Shame to give up when you are walking distance to a dormant rail service corridor that can be on list for rehab. American Rail Transport model pre-freeway is doable, with upgrades: containers & renewable energy.

US Army/Guard RR Operating & Maintenance Battalions are organizational units to prioritize dormant rail corridor, rebuild and turn over to private operator. As segment comes to ops condition, RR Battalion moves to next. RR Units include clinic and emergency medical assets, added benefit of National RR rehab program.

GCOR, General Code Of Railroad Rules can be copied for all wishing to be savvy in the railroad operating lexicon. US Army Guard office adjutants should have copy at hand to prepare.

Military descriptive of the railway mode is: "Second Dimension Service Transport Logistics Platform". Stand alone operating infrastructure capable of running and maintaining on 100% domestic energy and personnel. Do it. Mr. Ruppert & Co. can show GCOR and Swan's "ELECTRIC WATER" on his homepage.

The business of survival paraphernalia sales is lucrative, but incomplete Oil Interregnum Solution Set. Let's avoid uncomfortable "survival of the fittest" disintegration period! Roving bands can have pickings at the fringes, -survival of the Union of States should be uppermost on serious defenders of the Constitution.

Defending the Constitution means emphasizing linkage, not promoting independent & vulnerable "enclaves", to be picked off one by one. HELLO TEA PARTY...

Michael Ruppert is a man I admire, but that gives me some room for critique; Mike is railway challenged, like most of the post Depression generations. We became too proud to maintain the railways when "Happy Motoring beckoned. Worse, we demolished about 3/4 of the mileage. We have come perilously close to National suicide on that single action of ignorance and vanity.

911DAY began the Oil Interregnum, more than any "Peak Oil date. Snap out of the idea you and your women are going to hold out against hungry & desperate wayfarers. They learned sniper skills and survival techniques from the same US Armed Forces you did. Find ways to stay united, not divided! Involve the National Guard Commandant in your region; be sure they have the railway technical details to ensure rapid reforming of RR Logistics Units. Ft. Eustis, VA is the official US Railroad Transport training center, FYI.

In 1838, US Congress voted "Post Roads Act", declared ALL RAILROADS "Post Roads", "Guarantors of Societal & Commercial Cohesion". USA was 125 years a lending not a borrowing nation, Energy Independent. Make it so.