Monday, February 22, 2010

Citigroup warns customers it may refuse to withdraw money

From Jenna Orkin

Euro's Worst to Come as Derivatives Show Greece Hammerlocking ECB on Rates
It's Not Just Greece, Now They're Going On Strike In "Rich" Europe
Forget Europe And China, All Eyes Are Turning To Crumbling Treasuries
Citigroup warns customers it may refuse to withdraw money
New Israeli giant drone ‘Eitan’ capable of reaching Iran

China's January Crude Oil Processing Volume Rises 29%
China Trade Surplus Shrinks 64% As Foreign Imports Soar
T. Boone Pickens Bets Cramer $100 He Can Make A Killing Manipulating Energy Regulations In His Favor
Increase oilfield yield
That's the rationale behind Schlumberger's deal to acquire Smith International via a stock-swap merger valued at more than $11 billion.
Total Unions Warn French Fuel Shortages Are Imminent

10 Countries On The Verge Of A Crippling Demographic Crisis
Lessons from Argentina's economic collapse from Eyeballs
"...could save a lot of pain for those who take the time to read all four parts. Riveting."

The Real Reason The Euro Failed: A Mistaken Belief In The Importance Of Deficits
EU exec says there is no euro zone aid plan for Greece
Euro's Future in Question Even if Greece Saved: Soros
Will AIG Force The US To Bail Out Greece?
Executives Oblivious As The U.K. Teeters Towards A Japanese Deflation Disaster
Persistent Unemployment, Without Lingering Pain
29% unemployment in Spain.
Iceland Government Will Meet Lawmakers on Icesave Loan Today
Obama unveils revised $1 trillion health plan
A job, but at the cost of a 1,000-mile commute

FBI Now Involved in School Webcam Spying Case
Newsweek: How your every move can be tracked

Methane levels may see 'runaway' rise, scientists warn
Yemen's water crisis eclipses al Qaeda threat
Indonesia aims to be world’s breadbasket
Rules on flying with TB too strict, report claims

Opinion: Was murdered Rockefeller a member of the Illuminate Elite?


Juan said...

I Live in Buenos Aires, and the blog that talks about Argentina is fairly paranoid and innacurate. Mostly "I´m a right-wing thinker, superior to the majority of the population of my country and the streets were more safe when the army ruled the country" kind of stuff. It´s a common type of person around here that tends to think that all the people in Argentina are stupid and that all people in the First World are superior.

toner deeski said...

Got an interesting letter from Home Depot telling me that they are no longer honoring their "No interest, no payments for (6 or 12) months" promotions.

Slowly but surely, everybody is becoming more and more desperate for that minimum monthly payment.

Good thing I paid off my fridge in December.

RanD said...

re Monday, February 22, 2010 Citigroup warns customers it may refuse to withdraw money:

What a wonderful read, especially "Persistent Unemployment, Without Lingering Pain - 29% unemployment in Spain."

eyeballs said...


Thank you for your response. I noticed that about the article, too. He also said "I like guns" which is bound to flavor his views.

But what was useful for me was his priorities concerning what is needed when everything goes down. Granted that he is a little stuck up and definitely in a high economic bracket, his take on dry food / fresh food, what to look out for on the street, what kind of flashlight to have ... impressed me and motivated me to prepare for America's demise.

Do you have any observations you'd like to share, along these lines?

Soggy Bottom said...


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