Thursday, February 25, 2010

C.I.A. and Pakistan Work Together Warily; Russia's Energy Hegemony Ends

From Jenna Orkin

C.I.A. and Pakistan Work Together, but Do So Warily
Newsweek: Russia's energy hegemony ends
Russia will respond to NATO expansion, U.S. missiles
Japan offers Iran access to nuclear power to enrich uranium
World trade contracted 12 percent in 2009: WTO's Lamy
Greek attack on 'Nazi' Germany puts rescue at risk
The Tories must save Britain from blackout
Slough: we can't take more foreigners
Saudi Arabia to export solar power soon, US says ‎ Just in time.
Gates Calls European Mood a Danger to Peace (Orwell Squared) - from Vantage Point
What the PBoC cannot do with its reserves
Google Italy ruling 'threat to internet freedom'

Bernanke: Don't Expect Unemployment to Drop
Jobless Claims in U.S. Unexpectedly Increased 22,000 Last Week to 496,000
Record US debt hampers fiscal, monetary policies
Armageddon: Never before in history has a world power like the U.S. been so utterly buried in debt! - from Rice Farmer
Bullish a Year Ago, Robert Prechter Now Sees "the Biggest Bubble in History" - from Rice Farmer
FDIC Insurance Fund Is Broke To The Tune Of Nearly $21 Billion - from Rice Farmer
Freddie Mac eyes more US taxpayer money
Goldman: Oil prices will soar to $95 per barrel
Why the consumer confidence drop was really scary
States tax collections fall again
Like Rome Before the Fall? Not Yet
Reassurance from Joe Biden
Guilty plea details conspiracy against N.O. hurricane victims
Resolution comes slowly to some victims of great horror. For people of New Orleans, in black communities, the shooting of innocents on a bridge saw judgment come slowly, with the admission of police crimes at the highest levels.
Jeb Bush: what is Palin's deal?
Patriot Act Elements Extended
Haste Leaves Anthrax Case Unconcluded
'Snow Hurricane' Headed for East Coast

Gold Collapse Coming?


Peddler on the Hoof said...

i don't know if i saw this link here at FTW but please post it!

may save lives.

NB Patton said...

In regards to the collapse of Greece; Anybody else get the feeling that we might be watching the most epic insurance scam of all time? Like certain banks not too long ago, that helped Lehman brothers over the edge, only to win big on credit default swaps, but this time on the scale of an entire country?

Especially with reports like this:

"As Greece’s financial condition has worsened, undermining the euro, the role of Goldman Sachs and other major banks in masking the true extent of the country’s problems has drawn criticism from European leaders. But even before that issue became apparent, JP Morgan Chase and about a dozen other banks had created an index that enabled market players to bet on whether Greece and other European nations would go bust."

Hmmm, same players that won from the Lehman collapse are being accused of helping Greece over the edge? I wonder how many Greek bonds Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan own, and I wonder how much credit default swap "insurance" they have bought against these bonds?

Corporations taking down a country for profit?!? How Globalcorpesque ;)

Source of quote:

businessman said...

I find it interesting that the analyst discussing why gold would collapse in that video discussed the upside potential of the U.S. dollar as one of the underlying reasons.

I needed a good laugh today.

armands said... Are we getting at least a tiny hope?

Raymond said...

nb patton - interesting post. who SELLS the credit default swap "insurance"?

Weaseldog said...

I enjoy reading satire like this, 'Jobless Claims in U.S. Unexpectedly Increased 22,000 Last Week to 496,000', on serious news sites.

'As if', it was unexpected. :)

Unexpected maybe, for people who don't follow the news.

ChuckP said...

Regarding the FDIC being nearly broke and needing 21 billion. I say they bailed out AIG to the tune of 215 billion and didn't bat an eye. Same goes for FANNIE AND FREDDIE MAC. More importantly I would like to know where to invest my money and no one on this site seems to offer any advice. If interested you can email me at You can't put all your money in "gold".

gamedog said...

US offered Rigi 'extensive aid' for Iran attacks

"The captured ringleader of the Jundallah terrorist group, Abdolmalek Rigi, has confessed that the US administration had assured him of unlimited military aid and funding for waging an insurgency against the Islamic Republic of Iran. "

'Global warming': time to get angry

"Corus’ steelworks at Redcar, near Middlesbrough, “Teesside Cast Products”, is to be closed (”mothballed” is the euphemism). It is Britain’s last great steelworks and an essential national resource. Without it, we are at the world’s mercy.

Corus is owned by Tata Steel of India. Recently, Tata received “EU-carbon-credits” worth up to £1bn, ostensibly so that steel-production at Redcar would not be crippled by the EU’s “carbon-emissions-trading-scheme”. By closing the plant at Redcar – and not making any “carbon-emissions” – Tata walks off with £1bn of taxpayers’ money, which it will invest in its steel-factories in India, where there is no “carbon-emissions-trading-scheme”.

There’s more..."

Sebastian Ernst Ronin said...

That was a fairly brave link to post re calling off immigrants to Slough. Next thing we'll see in here are links supporting the BNP. Baby steps in the right direction. Few Peak Oil liberals have looked deeply and seriously enough at the globalist mandate as it affects The Occident. If and when they do, they will first have to overcome their liberal guilt to gain a clear perspective on the globalist built-in agenda of White genocide.

The Gathering coalesces...slowly, but it does.

MCR said...

Regarding Greece. This is exactly what I have been warning of for years. "It may not be profitable to slow decline." -- It's what I wrote in Globalcorp in 2005. None of tis is any surprise to me. I've been outting it on the map since 2003.

We should not be surprised by this at all.


MCR said...

Someone please take a second to teach Armands why that false hope is false hope.

Weaseldog said...

Sebastion said... "Few Peak Oil liberals have looked deeply and seriously enough at the globalist mandate as it affects The Occident."

That seems like a small point to worry over when many of us are expecting the collapse to end up being a near extinction event for Homo Sapiens...

Or let me rephrase that... We expect it to be a bottle neck event that will drive human evolution into new directions. This is the same as extinction, as our current species will fade as new species of sapient apes will take our place.

In light of this, I'm not overly worried about save light skinned peoples as an endangered subspecies. As a middle aged balding white guy, I don't expect to have much say in how this all turns out anyway.

But you do provide an interesting perspective Sebastion.

If we white folks as a group want to see some of our DNA pass the bottleneck, our descendants will have to prove themselves to the forces of nature, just like every other creature. Mother Nature really doesn't care about our agendas, she has her own.

Weaseldog said...

MCR said... "Someone please take a second to teach Armands why that false hope is false hope."

A simple argument comes from the fact that nuclear power plants really do not produce a lot of energy in relation to their size, cost and lack of portability.

It takes 10,000 nuclear power plants to produce the same energy as we consume in oil.

To offset our 9% incoming oil decline and get us back to 3% growth, we to complete and put online 1,200 nuclear power plants every year, at a 3% growth rate.

We don't have the resources to accomplish this. Nor do we have the fuel reserves to power all of them. It is for all practical purposes impossible.

Weaseldog said...

From Saudi Arabia to export solar power soon, US says
"Speaking to reporters with regard to oil supply, Chu said the market would adjust even if supplies were to decline. "I don't see any peak in oil," Chu said, dismissing the idea that global oil production was at or near a peak and is expected to slide because depletion was outrunning new discoveries. "I see a transition to more expensive forms of oil like that produced from harder-to-access fields and secondary recovery schemes."

So he doesn't believe there will be a year of maximum production? He thinks production will rise forever until the mass of oil we take out the ground each year exceeds the mass and volume of the universe itself?

Probably not. Still the misunderstanding about what a 'Peak' or 'Maximum' is, continues to confuse people.

Weaseldog said...

My apologies, I was mixing US and world numbers up.

The 100 nukes per 1% is for the world.

For the US it's closer to 50 nukes for 1%.

This still leaves us in the land of unsustainable figures.

Sebastian Ernst Ronin said...

@ armands:

1. Second Law of Thermodynamics
2. Otherwise known as The Entropy Law

Nutshell: We can't get there from here.

@ Weaseldog:

Well, yes, racial preservation can be a "small point" if one's only investment towards survival is to kick back and be an armchair quarterback. In the mean time, NAmerican cities are death traps. Once the meltdown kicks into full gear, people will resort to their tribes. It will not be pretty. Furthermore, I fail to see how the planned genocide of likely the only race (with its inherent intellect, imagination, ethics, etc.) that can realistically counter the globalists is small potatoes. For such reason is the planned genocide what it is, no?

Yes, re the "bottleneck" but to fully appreciate that, one need to take into consideration what that implies. To my mind, it implies a cold-edged fight or flight, brought to levels of utter reality that our current touchy-feely, pop culture is not even capable of imagining, let along applying. We are talking survival. As too many other participants in this community err likewise, there is no grandiose human race. That in itself is a globalist construct. There is a human species, comprised of several races. To each its own. As MCR piped up in here last year, the challenges before us have absolutely nothing to do with being a "social Darwinist." They have to do with being a Darwinist, period. Adapt or perish.

Agreed, Gaia is neutral. We, however, are acting subjects upon our objective environment, in our case, the recognition of a Post-Peak Oil world. What that world stands to be will be a sum of instinct, intellect, imagination and...WILL.

The three major players, i.e. demographics, are yet three ships bypassing each other in the night. These three floundering ships are the Post-Peak Oil movement; the NAmerican Secessionist movement; the Occidental Nationalist movement. The moaners and hand wringers are left to do exactly that. A few others perceive...and act accordingly.

One of the first actions is to construct a beacon to guide our three lost ships onto common waters, to signal that these three diverse mandates are not diverse at all, that the mandates are inter-dependent and equal. As long as we keep ourselves divided, we keep ourselves conquered.

Renaissance Party of North America

Simon said...

Thanks Peddler, I had already got most of it from MCR's work over the years, plus a fair bit of common sense and logical deduction of my own, but it is a usefull place to send those who are having trouble imagining what is coming. Real examples are always useful tools