Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Greek Disease Spreads to Italy, Spain and by 2012, US

From Jenna Orkin

Eurozone contagion fears spread to Spain
Italy Now Suspected Of Using Derivatives To Hide Their Debt Problem, Just Like Greece
Soros Betting Hard Against Fiat Currencies And Pouring Into 'The Ultimate Bubble'
Economist Calls For The IMF To Come In And Save The UK
Millions of Britons losing money on savings
UK Unemployment Unexpectedly Surges
Someone with nothing better to do could collect all the headlines about this economic collapse with the word "unexpected" in them. - JO

The credit markets are flashing a hot red warning light
It's official – stagflation is back albeit not yet a la 1970s
Krugman Says Inflation Is The Answer
China Will Keep Dumping Treasurys: Jim Rogers
David Walker: The Greece Crisis Is Coming To America In 2012 - from Rice Farmer
NYT: Party gridlock in D.C. feeds fear of debt crisis
"Three Paths Forward" - Kansas City Fed on Current U.S. Fiscal Imbalance, Hyperinflation, Printing
Desperate Casinos Ask For Permission To Tilt Blackjack Odds Even Further Towards The House!
What Citigroup knows that you don't - From Rice Farmer
Five Million Workers to Exhaust Unemployment Benefits by June
- from Rice Farmer
Study says 5 million foreclosures imminent - from Rice Farmer
Obama Says Expanding Nuclear Power Will Add Jobs
Newseum - from Lisa

Pregnant woman jailed for having thought about abortion
Minot AFB prepares for biological and chemical attacks - From Rice Farmer

From Secrecy News:

A front-page story in the Washington Post on January 27 included the remarkable statement that "Both the CIA and the JSOC [Joint Special Operations Command of the Department of Defense] maintain lists of individuals... whom they seek to kill or capture. The JSOC list includes three Americans, including [Islamist cleric Anwar al-] Aulaqi, whose name was added late last year. As of several months ago, the CIA list included three U.S. citizens, and an intelligence official said that Aulaqi's name has now been added."

But at least the part about the CIA list turns out to be unfounded."The article referred incorrectly to the presence of U.S. citizens on a CIA list of people the agency seeks to kill or capture," the Washington Post said in a correction published in the February 12 edition. "After The Post's report was published, a source said that a statement the source made about the CIA list was misunderstood. Additional reporting produced no independent confirmation of the original report, and a CIA spokesman said that The Post's account of the list was incorrect. The military's Joint Special Operations Command maintains a target list that includes several Americans. In recent weeks, U.S. officials have said that the government is prepared to kill U.S. citizens who are believed to be involved in terrorist activities that threaten Americans."The correction has been appended to the online version of the article.

Leap toward quantum computing reported
Physicists say they have passed a major hurdle in aquest to create a new kind of super-fast computer.
EU biofuels significantly harming food production in developing countries
Ethanol´s toll
Greenland's glaciers disappearing from the bottom up


FGD said...

Some interesting bits

Governments ADMIT That They Carry Out False Flag Terror

ecosutra said...

I am having a really hard time with Barak Obama. Giving Nuclear to those stupid red necks at Southern Company. What a huge company of rapture evangelicals. Don't believe me? Call them and have them come over and do an energy audit in your home. What you get is their children who look like Mormons from Big Love. This company is so nepotistic. Through its subsidiaries it owns and operates more than 42,000 megawatts of generation capacity and serves 4.3 million customers in Alabama, Georgia, Florida and Mississippi.

They will not build next generation of plants without taxpayers underwriting liability.

Barack Obama has plunged into the atomic abyss.

Stephen Chu admitted he was unaware of the CBO report when he signed Georgia guarantees.

I am ready to invade the south.

Anwiya said...

Someone with nothing better to do could collect all the headlines about this economic collapse with the word "unexpected" in them. - JO

-Haha so witty :)

Publius said...
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Publius said...
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vera said...

Hello, I´m from portugal and i have being in visit Washington for the first time and the USA as well. My ideia of the american life compariting with europe its that american people have a great history, a story that made me cry. The figth for freedom, for the people, above all things... But now i seen your sociaty a way diferent!
I find nice people, terrifyce people, but i have cry ider wend i seen a homeless fill is cup on macdonalds over and over, for kill is hanger, i lock for the well fee of some residents and the lack of means of mexicans, indians and "Black" people that work every day. Your Food are very pricy especily the vegetables and fruit way in the mean will, bacterys, oil, elestricity, are cheap. I try a lot of time the coffee in StarBucks, one thing that amaze my is that in 10 persons walking on the street 9 have a cup of coffee.
The real problem is this: each cup, plus the cartoon for not burn your finghers, the spoons, etc. are a treamdous atackt to the planet, not to say the oil that are need to produce one coffee.
In My country and across europe, we take coffee in a glass or pottery cup, the spoon is from metal so that coold be wash in machines and used again.
Loock, i m not say that you are evil, i m saying that the COLAPSE are comming and theres only GOD that can take care of us.
But I belive that especily your country will soffer harder, I see a nation that today are not fridley of the commutty.
But of course maybe i just get to know the capitol and doseen´t have the real persepcion of your great country but i feel sorry that for you and all the outher that try to follow you, like mine.
See the AGE OF STUPIDY to realize how the colapse is close...

Eddie Willers said...


You're kidding about invading the south......right?


FineLinen said...


British warships sent to Argentina as Falklands row escalates (over oil drilling)

ecosutra said...

I wish i was kidding regarding occupation of southern states. But seriously. Lets take a look at the future shall we?

California is leading the world in Green Energy production but still not enough production to go around during the transition. Nuclear plants in Georgia are still under construction. Southern Company and their Mega Churches network a God war, and Chaos ensues. Nuclear proliferation in the south, with Sarah Palin at the helm. I say it is inevitable that the south will be occupied.

Tim said...

This is several months old and may have already been posted here, but I'm relatively new to this blog.

I think it may be a worthy addition to the map, especially with Americans being armed to the teeth, and the rise of the Tea party and related liberty groups.