Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Iran Set to Devastate West; Decision Time on Long Term Unemployment Benefits

From Jenna Orkin

The contagion risk posed by the situation in Europe threatens $2 trillion in losses, waaaay worse than the subprime debacle.

European default-risk index at fresh highs
Traders make $8 billion bet against euro
Europe's Choice: Dismantle The Euro, Or Cede All National Sovereignty To Brussels
ECB chief flies to emergency meeting on rescuing Europe
How Goldman Sachs Helped Greece to Mask its True Debt
Goldman Caught Using European Loophole To Help Massively Understate Greek Deficit
Greek Minister: If We Ask For Help Then Markets Will Suddenly Realize We're Weak... Oh Wait Did I Just Say That On TV?
ECB Trichet departure sparks Greece rescue talk
Sterling weakens as eurozone’s problems unsettle the markets
UK's top financial regulator quits
Swiss bank secrecy faces renewed Germany assault

Decision Time on Long Term Unemployment Benefits
Will 80 Million Baby Boomers Bankrupt Social Security?
Bankers' Stew Disguising CDO Scraps as Tasty Morsels: Book Excerpt
Job seekers add to homeless problem in N.D.
This, in one of the most solvent states in the country.
It's Official: Fannie And Freddie Now Exist Merely To Lose Money, Bail Out Homeowners, And Prop Up House Prices
These Charts Prove That "Too Big To Fail" Is More Alive Than Ever
Wall Street owners angry with their purchase (from Vantage Point)
Shops had worst January for 15 years
John Murtha, defense appropriations chair, dies

Iran set to devastate the west
Iran to make 'advanced' attack drones
Sarah Palin wants the U.S. President to declare war on Iran
Russia displaces U.S. as Latin America's main arms supplier (from Rice Farmer)
Russian ire over U.S. missiles in Romania (from Rice Farmer)
China economy to grow 10 percent in 2010: think tank
China shuts down training website for hackers
China views Kashmir as a major dispute
US, Nato plan big offensive in Helmand
US and Nato forces are set to launch in southern Afghanistan this week a major offensive being described as the biggest assault of its kind since Vietnam four decades ago.
"Al Qaeda and Affiliates: Historical Perspective, Global Presence, and Implications for U.S. Policy," February 5, 2010.
The Expanding US War in Pakistan (from Vantage Point)
"The main thing to take away here is a recognition and acceptance of the paradigm shift that has occurred," says the former CENTCOM employee. "Everything is one echelon removed from before: where CIA was the darkest of the dark, now it is JSOC. Therefore, military forces have more leeway to do anything in support of future military objectives. The CIA used to have the ultimate freedom--now that freedom is in JSOC's hands, and the other elements of the military have been ordered to adapt."
US must be Haiti's watchdog

The 10 Ways Wall Street's Corporate Spies Steal Information From Your Company
Facebook Repeatedly Deleting Hong Kong Opposition Groups
Can battlefield robots take the place of soldiers? (from Rice Farmer)
How the Air Force biomorphic micro air vehicles will spy and kill unnoticed (from Rice Farmer)Olympic security doesn't stop at Canadian border (from Rice Farmer)

ADB approves $135 mln loan for China's green power plant
Brazil enters fray for African resources (from Rice Farmer)
"Brazil is positioning itself to be Africa’s prime partner in its vital quest for greater energy and food security."
Sugar Shortage May Turn Acute in Third Quarter on Demand From U.S., Mexico
Food intolerance: the new epidemic?
Freeze on HIV Spending in Africa (from Jon Noel)
Palm oil deal 'a threat to the rainforest'
India's aubergine war reaches climax
Environment minister to rule this week on commercial cultivation of country's first GM foodstuff


businessman said...

Wow! I see from the movie's Web site that Collapse will be premiering in Berlin, Germany later this month and in Istanbul, Turkey in April.


agape wins said...

2,08,10; 2:35pm
This will be broken up, but here goes!

NB Patton,

Part of this is being posted on FTW, & NB Corp, at;


the rest will be posted at NBC only!

You have a blog which is mostly blank, no guidelines, no links, not even an arrow pointing the way, just ridicule of another Blog;
which has all of the above; Jenna's latest, Feb.,10,10, has 40 links, how many sites did she read to come up with 40 she thought worthy of posting, that agreed with her "Mindset" (not yours), if you have a bone to pick, post countering links, opinions, conjecture, facts, as you see them; start a debate as to who has the most correct information, who has the better "MAP"

If you write a book, or make a Movie it will/must be Edited/changed.
Just try, see the resistance to your "Point of View" that you generate, YOUR BLOG is the perfect outlet for your point of view, you just need more objective content, state, where You think we are at, where we are headed, & mostly, what we should be doing to insure the result you desire

NB Patton said...

agape wins;
I have listened to you for a couple years now, and studied your words carefully. I find your "STOP Now" comment the worst thought on
this page. I may be speaking for myself here but suggesting that people shut up will instantly get you on my bad side.

ME: Good side, Bad side; shades of the same Brain.

MCR said your argument was a non issue, AND a distraction here at FTW. As written in the previous spool.




"Capitalism, Socialism, and Communism are terms that need to be thrown out. They do nothing to help the present discussion (i.e. survival). They are all dead, dying dinosaurs and all of them start with the assumption of infinite resources.

I think I said something like that in the movie.

I would hate to seee the wonderful energy of this blog focused on
arguments that -- if won -- would do nothing to solve the problem, or lives.

'Yea! I won the argument about what capitalism, socialism and corporatism really are. Now let's save some lives... Oops! Too late.'


8:29 AM" -- END of post:

ME, "Now lets save some lives... Oops! Too late." . Ooops but You are only interested in saving yourself, one Sterile Man left standing, in a Dead landscape, drinking polluted water!
We can fight like Dogs in the gutter about this and be run over by the 18 Wheeler bearing down on us, do something new/Think Constructively!



Furthermore I find your moral premise to be that of parasitic death.

ME; Thank You, THANK YOU; what did you just say? The best, Shortest explanation of EXISTENCE; all relationships are Symbionic!


On to NB Corp.


Vampiric Aphid said...

My wild opinion is that Iran is going to reveal something energy based, not launch some suicidal attack. Some new viable source of energy in their hands would be far more devastating than firing some nuke off, which would only be met in return with 10x that many and reduce Iran to a sea of glass. No, something else is up which may surprise everyone...

RanD said...

Borrowed from another newly found family member:

"Living where I do with the second highest murder rate in the world, death has become something we have had to face often.

"A year ago I heard a friend of mine in the village had just heard of her father[']s murder on his farm. I got on my bike and rode to her house and found her sitting with pain, with grief in her study. In front of her was a flower and two roses. She told me the one rose was for her father and the other his killer. She said this from a space of deepest peace[:]

"That singular experience did more to form me than anything else. Including having children. It shifted my perception about death and acceptance of violence.

"I am so with you on this platform, I am okay if this body dies, I am not this body. I am open to the infinite possibilities opening up right now.

"What a journey and what an amazing time -"

sunrnr said...

Our "enemies" don't have to threaten us with diabolical destruction. We seem to be doing that fine by our selves.

But, I have to wonder about the ramp up in rhetoric about February 11 and Iran's latest threats.

The only information I find on it is from Western sources and so called "experts". Is it being mentioned by serious journalists in the middle East? Is the threat real or an alphabet organization's creation?

Could it be misinformation intended to cause "panic" and to serve as the ramp up for a reason to use military force on Iran?

I've long given up trusting anything I see & hear anymore, no matter the source (including my own senses).

I'm kinda thinking "Just Do It" and get on with it. If we survive, we survive, if not then it is what it is.


robmac58 said...

Re: Palin,
"Speaking in an interview with Fox News recently, former Governor of Alaska and possible 2012 Republican Presidential candidate urged President Barack Obama to declare war on Iran in order to get re-elected in 2012."
Bloody hell...
The purpose of this message is to offer an apology to the citizens of the world and particularly the country of Iran.
On behalf of the of the people of thought and conscience in the United States I am deeply sorry.
Further, I am sorry that we have collectively allowed ourselves to devolve into something resembling a real life version of the Simpsons cartoon.
The fact that this individual is popular, much less paid attention to, much less not laughed at, much less not spat upon causes me great sadness. Please forgive us.

pstajk said...

Hey what did everybody think about Jon Stewart's interview on the "Factor" (lol) with Bill O'Reilly?

I hate to say it Mike, but if you and Stewart joined forces, you'd have 'em marching on Washington before Valentine's Day.

Stewart v. O'Reilly

armands said...

About the energy - http://articles.sfgate.com/2010-01-29/news/17840875_1_laser-beams-national-ignition-facility-deuterium-and-tritium - perhaps there is a tiny hope in the future? What are your opinions?

MCR said...

pstajk -- Well somebody ought tell Jon Stewart that... I'm available. Just let me bring the band and Rags.


v said...

Well, looks like shit is about to hit the fan BIGTIME over here:

Germany backs Greek bail-out as EU creates 'economic government'

How Brussels Is Trying to Prevent a Collapse of the Euro

The Next Greece? It's The US!

As spending cuts deepen, Greek unions challenge austerity measuresStrikes grounded flights and halted government services early Wednesday, as labor unions mounted their first major challenge to austerity measures in debt-plagued Greece.

I wonder what direction this is going, this doesn't look good at all!!!



v said...

Oh, I forgot this one:

Christmas day crotch bomber tied to Israel, FBI



Peter J. Nickitas said...

Another piece of the map?