Monday, February 08, 2010

The Oil Export Crisis Has Unofficially Arrived; UK-Argentina row over Falklands oil

From Jenna Orkin

The Oil Export Crisis Has Unofficially Arrived
Falklands Would Oppose Permits to Argentine Companies Looking for Oil
UK-Argentina row over Falklands oil
Richard Branson: An Oil Crunch Is Coming By 2015, And It Will Be Worse Than the Credit Crunch

Europe's Sovereign Disaster Makes U.S. Bonds Look Awesome
Europe risks another global depression
A European Crisis, Not A China Slow Down, Will Trigger A Global Collapse
Greek crisis escalates into global margin call
Jeff Saut: Don't Get Suckered By Friday, We're Just Halfway Through The Selling Stampede
No Job Growth for Small Business Inspires Doubts Over Sustainable Recovery
The NYT's Big David Paterson Bombshell Will Break Monday, Governor's Resignation To Follow
Reports of his resignation are greatly exaggerated, says his communications director.
BLS Seasonal Adjustments Gone Haywire; 11% Unemployment Coming by May?
Chart: Employment-Population Ratio: January 2010
(employment rate: 58.4%!: from Rice Farmer)
Majority of Americans reject Keynesian economics
China patents surge in 2009 as U.S. filings plunge
The Biggest Moochers: 10 States Making A Fortune From Obama's Budget
Nevada Could Lay Off Very Worker In State Government, And Still Its Budget Would Be In The Loss
Colton California Considers Disbanding Fire Department
Now See What Banks Are Really Doing With Your Tax Dollars
Secret summit of top bankers (from Rice Farmer)
This Just In: Goldman Sachs Killed AIG

FBI wants records kept of Web sites visited (from Rice Farmer)
Iran says arrests people hired by CIA
Haiti relief supplies stall in shipping limbo
Gee, too bad about all those f-ups getting supplies to Haiti, eh? They shouldn't have rioted but just waited patiently. Anyway, their infrastructure sucks.
BTA Bank of Kazakhstan Files for Bankruptcy in U.S. (from Rice Farmer)

U.S military to train in bloodless medicine
Most Adults Not Getting Necessary Vaccinations
To whit: Major mumps outbreak spreads in New York
From Rice Farmer: This article is one of the finest Japanese-language explanations of peak oil and net energy I have seen. Listers who have Japanese friends who hunger after such information should relay this link.
Arctic Climate Changing Faster Than Expected
Arctic ice melt is faster than thought, ecosystem in peril
Study: Arctic Ice Melt to Cost $2.4 Trillion
Everybody put on your quantitative easing hats.

Toronto restaurant bathroom sex. Will you have fries with that?
Too much Internet linked to de­pression
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Tokar said...

I think you forgot an "E" in the word "every" in this article title: Nevada Could Lay Off Very Worker In State Government, And Still Its Budget Would Be In The Loss

Leo Lee said...

Sarah Palin wants the U.S. President to declare war on Iran

wxdude714 said...

My observations today from Maryland,DC and Northern VA with the snow removal process. Plain and simple, wealthy communities were served first. The extremely rich people in Howard, Montgomery, and Frederick Counties in Maryland all had main secondary roads maintained by the State of Maryland plowed and snow removed from the shoulder,etc. While Major Interstates like I-95, I-495, I-270 looked like someone's unpaved side street with 6-12" of snow on them. One has to wonder, with the major interstates roads having massive amounts of snow on them , where did the State of Maryland obtain the resources to clean upscale regions to the point of dry pavement? The same was true with roads in Washington DC and Northern VA. I think what I'm witnessing today will demonstrate how Federal, State and Local Governments will allocate resources with the decline in peak oil. The public resources will goto the wealthy.
I'd look for the entire Philly-DC corridor to be entirely shut down severely after the next 10-20"+ of snow expected Tuesday Evening into Wednesday. We can learn a lot from what's going on in the Mid-Atlantic.

Anonymous said...

Looks like there might not be a complete die off...

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency budget was just released and includes a new research program named BioDesign.

"BioDesign eliminates the randomness of natural evolutionary advancement primarily by
advanced genetic engineering and molecular biology technologies to produce the intended biological
Demonstrate a robust understanding of the collective mechanisms that contribute to cell death...
Identify and initiate strategies that would enable a new generation of regenerative cells that could
ultimately be programmed to live indefinitely until needed for an injury repair or therapeutic application...
Develop genetically encoded locks to create "tamper proof" DNA and protect commercial

BioDesign, reference page 265 of 522.

eyeballs said...

RE: Excessive Internet use linked to depression

The depressing thing about internet porn is that the girls are not really there.

The depressing thing about chat rooms and "facebook friends" is that they say they are 17 and horny as hell, but they're actually overweight, neurotic housewives -- and if they ever do meet up with you, you'd better count your spoons when they leave.

The depressing thing about reading news online is that the news actually tends to be pretty depressing, if you look deep enough. And people feel that there's nothing they can do. But, unlike internet porn, there actually IS something real we can do.

Seems doubtful that I myself could influence monetary policy or the progress of the upcoming Helmand offensive or the aggressive practices of Goldman Sachs and Gasprom. But these blog links and some of the comments have tightened me up on several issues that will affect me, and which I can, myself affect. And, as it seems, just in time.

I now view growing food as more than a tedious hobby. I understand that keeping wealth in a bank is like pouring wine into a felt bag. I understand that the availability of water makes for a liveable community far more than the availability of jobs. My family did NOT get flu shots, unlike several people in Taiwan who died immediately after innoculation(including the son of a doctor, who went into the clinic screaming "NO! NO!") and others who lost control of limbs, or now shake uncontrolably.

These and many other things I have gained by association with FTW and this blog. It has often been depressing to view the burgeoning Mess, but to not-view it would have meant being much more thoroughly overcome by the Mess. Those who take the blue pill (possibly) experience less short-term depression, but are far more likely to crash in many ways, as the next few years rise up to meet us.

So thanks to MCR, Jenna, Rice Farmer, Mark Robinowitz and all who support our mutual learning and awareness.

(Actually, what depresses me about the internet is my slow connection, and the endless obstacles presented by Mike Roe Soft et al.)

v said...

Traders make $8bn bet against euro

UK sales fall prompts fears of 'double-dip' recession

Pimco: Forget Greece, California Bond Spreads Have Soared Back To Crisis Levels

France and Russia in warship deal

Iran anniversary 'punch' will stun West

Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Monday that Iran is set to deliver a "punch" that will stun world powers during this week's 31st anniversary of the Islamic revolution.



gamedog said...

Australia close to defaulting on debts: Joyce

Two Hedge Funds One Bank? Is There A Concerted Effort To "Destroy" Greece?

How Goldman Sachs Helped Greece to Mask its True Debt

A few more dominoes are lining up.

Eddie Willers said...

wxdude714, I'll take the bait and play devil's advocate. I'm in the thick of the snow in NoVa and have seen the same things as you.

Re: wealthy communities being plowed first. Why the surprise? Is it not true that wealthy communities not only pay more in taxes, but also produce greater wealth for the community? Granted, in this area the overwhelming majority of the wealthy are unproductive bureaucrats, but I think it's true in any community that those who pay more and produce more also receive more. As backward as government is, it does know where it's bread is buttered!

The solution I'd like to see implemented is for government to cease providing plow service altogether. Private companies are much more attuned to the needs of the consumer than government, and the almighty dollar is one hell of a motivator when there's 36" of white gold on the the ground in need of immediate removal. Waiting three days for basic plow service to come to the sidestreets and us 'po folk would be a thing of the past.

Extrapolating a Peak Oil lesson from your unplowed street is quite a stretch, maybe you should stop reading this blog and shovel your driveway instead? :)