Friday, February 26, 2010

Oil Shortage Spills Into Water: Simmons; Rogers: Pound Could Collapse in Weeks

From Jenna Orkin

Jim Rogers: British Pound could collapse within weeks
Whaddya suppose he's shorting?
West Not Recovering, Bond Crisis on the Way: Strategist
Clinton says U.S. deficit now a security issue
Double-Dip Recession Fears Creep Back
Biden to Unveil New Rules on US Retirement Savings
Iceland secretly pressured US to defend it against British 'bullying'
JPMorgan outlines plans to double income
Fifty Greeces
Biden: Health Care Summit 'Could Be Pure Theater'
Existing-Home Sales in U.S. Unexpectedly Decline 7.2% to 5.05 Million Pace
AIG Loss Is Bigger Than Estimated on U.S. Bailout Repayment; Shares Slide
When are those in charge going to feel twinges of embarrassment for their lack of foresight?Lloyds slumps to £6.3bn loss as bad debts balloon - Vantage Point
270,000 civil servants vote to strike - UK
Goldman faces Fed inquiry
Be very afraaaid...
Honeywell CEO to Be Named to Federal Deficit Panel
New York governor withdraws from race: reports
U.S. Economy Grinds To Halt As Nation Realizes Money Just A Symbolic, Mutually Shared Illusion
The Onion.

Energy Secretary Chu Says U.S. Must Decrease Energy Use
Oil to Hit $100 in US Driving Season
Germany and UK cut Russian gas demand
Matthew Simmons: Oil shortage spills into water
China rejects Tengzhong's Hummer bid

China postpones military exchanges with US
Fiji threatens to quit the Commonwealth
Fiji's military government has threatened to pull out of the Commonwealth because of ongoing pressure from the international organisation to hold democratic elections.
THAILAND'S top court
said Friday it would confiscate frozen assets worth 46 billion baht (S$1.97 billion) from deposed premier Thaksin Shinawatra, more than half his fortune.
Obama has betrayed Britain over the Falklands

Sarkozy admits France's role in Rwandan genocide
Military Monitored Planned Parenthood, White Supremacists
Whistleblower Site Back After Microsoft Withdraws Complaint
26 dead in Timbuktu mosque stampede
AP Source: New Full-Body Scanners for 2 Airports
Lebanon arrests six suspected of spying for Israel
Strasbourg, anti-Semitism during HaShoah Special

Giant iceberg breaks off from Antarctic glacier
Biodiversity Explained by Ignoring the Forest for the Trees
700,000 lose power as storm slams Northeast
...and it's still going strong. The police are warning people to stay out of the parks since a guy was killed by a snow-laden branch but no one's paying much attention.

Decoding Limbaugh - from Vantage Point
Marriage Vows: Till Debt Do Us Part?


RanD said...

Genius and Sincerity - #29

Ecosutra, We bow to your genius and sincerity. Our motive for earlier challenging your perspective was to try pinpointing your preeminent intentions. Any offense our words might cause are unintended: the regularly conflicted & conflicting objectives that are endemic to this world sometimes require implementing non-politically correct communication strategies to better determine/understand each other's actual mindsets. Also, we very much keep ourselves continuously linked to the celestine force(s) which guide all living organisms to do what we must, but of which most humans yet have generally poor to no understanding. As we see it, Earth's human condition -- still --typically operates within very archaic to even wrong parameters concerning the nature of existence.

With the above in mind:

Sustainable living, i.e. permaculture, is universally sought by all truly intelligent minds, and particularly so while we're watching how the numericalized profit-motive driven economic model to which we've all become intimately linked and all too dependent is in its throes of irremediable collapse -- AFTER, however, having first been instrumental in motivating our species to bring about global-wide ecosystemic disruption & destruction and the/our inherently non-sustainable American Dream way-of-life. And at the same time, as you point out: permaculture -- as a perfectly logical and worthy organizing/guiding principle for optimal human living & lifestyle(s) -- is still not being taken up by any "main stream populous", nor are "people [yet] rising for anything that will create empowering community change" -- and still no physical messiah on the scene to save us either!

So what's to be done about this/our decidedly uneasy situation?

It is also our perspective that significant progressive change from where the human condition is today to where it would better be is in fact taking place, however just not yet in any fully/clearly discernible way. Whether we yet see all of what we want to coming into place as we'd like it to, everything that's going on right now is indeed part of a uniquely celestine-mundane process which is gradually bringing a relatively minimal, yet ever sufficient while ever-growing, number of humans into requisite expanded & elevated understanding of the nature of existence. In other words, everything is going along like it's supposed to; the only seeming "problem" is our species', and thus our own, lingering ignorance of how it all works. But we're gradually getting there, step by step, day by day, word by word, here & now, everywhere.

So, as we ultimately see it for the time being:

Patience, open minds, love of life, and ongoing communications thereof are key.

RanD said...

And then comes Bernanke's paean to Bernanke's own finest moment: "It's just an illusion," as he pulled the bills from his pocket. "Just look at it: Meaningless pieces of paper with numbers printed on them. Worthless." And soon thereafter came Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) shouting out, "Oh my God, he's right. It's all a mirage. All of it—the money, our whole economy—it's all a lie!"

Now what'll be nice to see come out of the MSM's finally awakened mouth is the truth about "precious metals" as well; etc etc etc.

Guy Fawkes said...

Just for the record: Jim Rogers denies ever making the claim that the Pound's collapse is imminent, and the link to the alleged press release has gone away... :