Sunday, November 08, 2009

We Only Have Months, Not Years, to Save Civilization from Climate Change

From Jenna Orkin:

CoLLapse (Movie)
New York Times Review
MovieMaker interview with director of "Collapse" (from Rice Farmer)

Collapse (Global)
We Only Have Months, Not Years, to Save Civilization from Climate Change
Frigid Antarctica is loaded with viruses
Amid shortage, big NYC firms get swine vaccine
Some of New York City's largest employers — including Wall Street firms Goldman Sachs and Citigroup — have started receiving some doses of swine flu vaccine.
Energy Returned of Water Invested (from Rice Farmer)
New Ocean Could Emerge in Ethiopia
A Sea Change (from NYC Peak Oil Meetup)
Film about a world without fish

Broader U-6 Unemployment Rate Hits 17.5%
Energy production adding $120 billion in hidden costs to the nation (from Rice Farmer)
This is a bear market rally
The Government Will Default on Its Debts (from Rice Farmer)
Commerical real estate yet to hit bottom
Chicago Metro Area Sales-Tax Receipts Plunge, Property Taxes Rise
Prichard Alabama Files Bankruptcy Over Pensions; Wildcat Strike In Philadelphia; Oregon's Financial Gamble
Fannie Mae Seeks Another $15 Billion in US Aid
Janet Tavakoli Is Kicking Ass (It's Good To See Someone Do It)
John Reed Says `I'm Sorry' for Glass-Steagall Repeal, Building Citigroup
JPMorgan paying $700M to settle SEC charges
Decline of the Empire — Now What? (from Rice Farmer)
What is Money and How Does One Measure It?
75% of Potential Recruits Too Fat, Too Sickly, Too Dumb to Serve

Rendition: We broke the law, admits CIA agent
Court says gov't may torture innocent people with impunity (from Rice Farmer)
JO Comment: Reminds one of the decision allowing the government to lie, thereby exposing countless thousands to deadly contamination. For if we did not allow them to lie, they might be too inhibited to say anything at all and we can't have that, can we?
U.S. agrees to settle lawsuit in which CIA officials are accused of misconduct, fraud (from Vantage Point)
CIA agents convicted of kidnapping
"National Manhunting Agency" To Go After Enemies of the State
A recent report from the U.S. military’s Joint Special Operations University argues that the CIA didn’t go far enough (.pdf). Instead, it suggests the American government should set up something like a “National Manhunting Agency” to go after jihadists, drug dealers, pirates and other enemies of the state.
Psychic Spies, Acid Guinea Pigs, New Age Soldiers: the True Men Who Stare at Goats
Psychic Computer Shows Your Thoughts On Screen
Cyber chaos: Commuters get a glimpse of the future (from Rice Farmer)
"The Strength of the Pack: The Personalities, Politics and Espionage Intrigues that Shaped the DEA"
DNA barcodes make their mark (from Rice Farmer)

Quantitative easing swells to £200bn
When bad banks sink good ones
‘Bad bank’ will trap thousands of borrowers
Northern Rock borrowers whose home loans will be transferred to the bad bank will be left unable to remortgage elsewhere
Pandora’s Box of New Taxes (and the Tale of Thidwick the Big Hearted Moose)
Wales: Health Minister Rejects Compulsory MMR Vaccine
Fury on the streets as axe hovers over German workers
Czech President Klaus says will not block Lisbon Treaty any more

Middle East/Asia
Fighting in Yemen spills over into Saudi Arabia
High-Tech Companies Face Shortages as China Hoards Metals
Iran looks to Argentina for nuclear fuel
U.S. House backs resolution to condemn Goldstone Gaza report (from Vantage point)
Former Israeli double agent shot dead near Putin's office
India on brink of Maoist offensive
'Keep us safe or we'll leave Afghanistan'
UN chief threatens complete pullout after removing 600 of 1,100 foreign staff following a guesthouse attack in October.
Canada preparing to pull out of Afghanistan
The Japanese Bond Market May Really Be Ready To Collapse (from Rice Farmer)

India’s $6.7 billion taste for gold sends gold price soaring
RBI may've sold US T-bills to buy gold (from Vantage Point)
How India's 200 Ton Purchase of IMF Gold Affects You (from Vantage Point)
Gold at $1350, Oil at $100 in Six Months, Kang Says

Giving up hope makes you happy
Shot Fired at Lou Dobbs' Home


Guy Fawkes said...

A very interesting review by the NYT there, essentially calling Smith out for perceived directorial smarm -- whether intentional on his part of otherwise. The reviewer seemed to have more sympathy for MCR than for Smith.

There's not a single Point of your 25 that I disagree with. Unfortunately, I believe there's not a single one that our corporate rule will ever implement. They're too stupid and blinded by special interest, greed and denial.

Somewhere, the Romans are laughing at us.

Sebastian Ronin said...

Mobilizing to save civilization. Uh...okay. Where do I sign up? Oh, hang on. Do post-ecological tipping point, Olduvai-Revisited, IEA projections for 450 ppm CO2 levels, peak population, and Post-Peak Oil not get factored in to the equation...just to cite a few? No? Phew! What a relief! Cornucopian liberals are such joke. If that were only the worst of it. With each passing day the myopic and self-serving joke becomes a political liability and reactionary hindrance. The crisis festers like an unlanced boil yet there are voices for “saving” the world. I have just come off a several-month jag of having to deal with Greenies. Outside of the assets captured from the probe/raid, there is no return in the effort.

(Note: Greens currently find themselves having to field the horrid optics of Cem Ozdemir, Co-Leader of the German Greens, having attended Bilderberg ’09 last May. They don’t know how to deal with it, nor with the globalist implications of same. They are being played like old fiddles. This now very visible globalist connection has become the Green Achilles Heal. It literally screams: “Shot me here.” Someone may wish to inform Cynthia McKinney.)

As for the NYT interview, this may be as good a spot as any to pick up on last week's exchanges re the WSJ article. Tactics, tactics and some more tactics. When the mainstream media bandies about the notion of "Doomer" it is seldom mentioned that said notion is a creation of the mainstream media. That the tone of the article is smug and condescending should come as no surprise. Such is the risk with stepping onto the mainstream. The most important of several questions that remain re this "stepping out" is: Is this how it has been set up?

As Rubicon was being wound down there was a quick, off-hand statement to the effect of, "Forget about bringing 'the mass' onside; it is a write-off. What is called for is the creation of a dedicated cadre(s)." If someone can come up with the page number, that would be great.

The "mass" will not be brought on side because it can't be brought on side. The sooner we accept this (whoever the hell "we" are), the sooner does the work begin to cobble together the hypothetical cadre(s)...unless anyone is so delusional as to think that this cyber-gathering and oft times cluck-clucking of mostly anonymities is the cadre(s) that was being called for.

Until such time as a social “movement” goes political, it is fairly safe. There is no risk involved. Nothing, especially one’s own noogies, are on the line.

”I read the news to-day, oh boy.” - Lennon/McCartney

gamedog said...

Great interview Mike!

I've just finished reading your 25 points, excellent work, one thing really stuck me that I had not considered: "it may not be profitable to slow decline" I read that and lots of things started to make more sense!

Clearly TPTB have known all about peak oil at least since 1974 when Hubbert testified. Plenty of time to set up the most profitable play, with little regard to mitigation, besides the shenanigans in Eurasia laid out in the Brzezinski book and the PNAC document, essentially resource grabbing & corpgov profiteering. Looking back at the CIA/ISA/"militant" links in the middle of that context, setting up the current playing field, seems to place 911 squarely on the table, but I agree that road leads to a dead end, it now serves as a distraction, only a small part of the bigger "map".

There are so many distractions, so many areas of the web to become entangled, leading people into endless debates, so much so it is easy to miss the bigger picture. I think you managed to cut through it all very well, and deliver a very important message.

In the theme of the OP title scaremongering AGW, (was that sarcasm?) consider who started politicising the science, and how they've benefited, whilst getting a very good grounding on the science ;)

Cooler Heads with Dr Richard Lindzen on Cap and Trade pt 1 of 6

"Ask not what we can do for climate change, but what climate change can do for us"!

Global Warming Predictions Invalidated by Doug L. Hoffman

"A new study in the journal Science has just shown that all of the climate modeling results of the past are erroneous. The IPCC's modeling cronies have just been told that the figures used for greenhouse gas forcings are incorrect, meaning none of the model results from prior IPCC reports can be considered valid. What has caused climate scientists' assumptions to go awry? Short lived aerosol particles in the atmosphere changing how greenhouse gases react in previously unsuspected ways. The result is another devastating blow to the climate catastrophists' computer generated apocalyptic fantasies."

AGW is being used as a political tool to centralise money/power as per the Copenhagen document. The PTB are peak aware, they know man made C02 will drop with energy resource decline anyway, along with the decline of their income.

Carbon tax is a replacement income, a replacement conduit for black gold.

Everyone in Britain could be given a personal 'carbon allowance'

RanD said...
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Gryphon said...


Please add

to your next update.


Gustav said...

Hi all.

Another good article by GEAB (GlobalEurope Anticipation Bulletin)
rogrammed failure of US and Chinese economic stimulus plans: The 'absorption capacity barrier'

Be safe

Gustav said...


please, I am still waiting on any information regarding the movie CoLLapse appearing in European theaters...

Thank you in advance.

P.S.: The oddest thing happened today. There was a microbiologist on mainstream (Slovenian) TV station, trashing the doctors and health officials regarding the squalene, aluminum and mercury in the vaccine "Pandemrix", that my government bought from GSK (Glaxo-Smith-Kline) for the general public. A small victory! It is my belief, that "the awakening" has already become a chain reaction and is gaining momentum - I LOVE IT!!!

Be safe

Hangdog said...

You might be interested in this...

sunrnr said...

There appears to be a full blown plague spreading rapidly in the Ukraine, but the MSM is being totally silent.

and from

"Situation Update No. 32
On 09.11.2009 at 09:13 GMT+2

As of November 9, a total of 155 people have died of flu and acute respiratory infections, including 11 people on November 8, the Health Ministry reported. Since the start of the epidemic, 969,247 have had flu and respiratory diseases. A total of 48,972 have been hospitalized, 446 people are currently in intensive care department. A total of 11 people died on November 8 alone, including three fatalities in Chernivtsi region, two in Lviv region, two in Ivano-Frankivsk region, two in Rivne region, one in Vinnytsia and one in Khmelnytsky region. The epidemic threshold for influenza and acute respiratory infections has been exceeded in 13 regions and in Kyiv.
There seems to be very conflicting information as to what's going on, how many have been infected, what it is and how many have died."

Various sources say it's pneumonic plague. The government is saying it's A/H1N1, however the reported number of deaths attributed to A/H1N1 is a very small fraction of the total death toll (over 200?)

A microbiologist named Joseph Moshe tried to warn us, but he was arrested and deported back to Israel.

Yikes!!! Where are we headed with all this?


eyeballs said...

Gamedog posted this:

"Clearly TPTB have known all about peak oil at least since 1974 when Hubbert testified."

Clearly, some big players knew two decades earlier than that.

From a reference on
Chris Martenson’s excellent site
I’d like to share this

1957 speech by Admiral Hyman Rickover

which came about a year after
this seminal talk by M. King Hubbert
before the American Petroleum Institute. Hubbert even discusses Alberta’s tar sands in this 1956 exposition. Both he and Rickover annoyingly embrace nuclear power (relatively new at the time) as the solution to a looming energy crisis.

The Powers That Be knew. They knew all along. They prepared. The “peak oil movement” allows as many as will do so to also prepare, albeit several decades after TPTB began moving their pieces around. Never mind the masses, who will not (and possibly should not) be awakened. What to do is up to those who know and care.

Good night, and good luck.

eyeballs said...

Hangdog, good eyes.

But I'll say it again. The opinions of the masses are not our concern. Is that too cold? Giving a comfy answer to those who instinctively choose that option is NOT a bad thing.

You really don't want "the masses" "waking up" and blindly knocking into each other like so many lemmings looking for their cliff.

Gradually, awareness is reaching those who can handle. The rest are left to play out their foolish games for a while longer. Of course it would be nice if everyone were fact-oriented and dedicated to discovering and acting on the truth in a cooperative and reasonable way. HA!

The result of everyone being forced to accept The Truth in all of its inconvenient complexity would NOT be an orderly dismantling of the unfair and destructive system responsible. It would be mass psychosis unleashed in a useless orgy of violence and mutual self-destruction. There are tons of multi-millenium toxic waste stored in drums and pools and concrete bunkers. There are fearsome WMDs out there (no, really), and at least in America everyone is armed with these pea shooters which actually can do a lot of ignorant damage in a short time. There are dams to maintain (until they can be carefully decommissioned), there are sewer systems to be managed, electric grids to maintain and so forth.

I sometimes call myself an anarchist, but please understand that the anarchy of worldwide mass hysteria is not at all desirable. Be glad that you know what you know, and that gradually more intelligent people are accepting and understanding important parts of The Truth. It is with these people, not the ignorant masses, that you must unite to do whatever good you hope to accomplish.

Sebastian Ronin said...

Eyeballs, I concur, as I have several times in the past, re Chris Martenson’s Crash Course
. It is simple, concise and to the point. The only thing I disagree with is his ordering of the Three E’s. Everything begins with energy, yes? As such, the more logical and dependent ordering of the Three E’s, IMO, should be: Energy, Environment, Economy. Oft times I resort to the metaphor of a Babushka Doll to highlight “meta” relations of systemic dependency. The latter re-ordering of the Three E’s is a case in point.

Agreed, that the “peak oil movement” is playing catch-up. On the upside, the speed of approaching some kind of a critical mass has picked up tremendously. We’ve come a long way, baby, since the ’74 release of the first Club of Rome Report to the burning of der Reichstag on September 11, 2001. Relative to the resources available to TPTB (gawd, I loathe using that expression), Club of Rome inclusive, how could it be otherwise, i.e. catch-up? So I’ll take this opening to harp some more on my recurring meme: until the “movement” goes political, it is relegated to the harmless posturing of “protest.” As per the Irish proverb: Every hound is a pup until it hunts.

So obviously that now touches on the role of “the mass.” We are agreed that the mass will not awaken. I find it to be a very interesting comment (one that I am not wholly in disagreement with) that they “possibly should not be awakened.” I have my own take on this. Seeing as you introduced it, can you lead and expand on this notion. I and others can jump in at will.

To “awaken” re the mass would imply a certain degree of consciousness. With consciousness, an individual and/or social entity at least has the choice, be it conscious or not, to respond over reacting. As is, the mass is left in the position of reacting to the lovely cauldron of consequences just around the corner. We have banged this around before. If it is not possible to “steer” (in the truest sense of humanistic and political cybernetics) the reaction of the mass to a Post-Peak Oil world, then what options are left open? Merely to kick back, let the horror burn itself out, and hope to God that it doesn’t show up on one’s carefully prepared doorstep hungry, frightened and desperate?

OrwellianUK said...

Check this out Jenna - the slow leakage of the facts:

International Energy Agency Figures distorted by US Pressure Say Whistleblowers

1_Crazy_Canuck said...

Perhaps this gentleman saw the article in the WSJ on MCR the other day?

I never thought to see an IEA "whistleblower" in main stream media.

I'ts about time!

Looming oil shortage worse than IEA says: whistleblower

International Energy Agency responding to U.S. pressure to downplay problem

Hotspringswizard said...

Regarding this from SB, " let the horror burn itself out, and hope to God that it doesn’t show up on one’s carefully prepared doorstep hungry, frightened and desperate? ", unfortunately, I think for all of us in the general population, thats the way it looks like its going to go.

Prepare as best you can. The house of cards we created is just way to tall and precarious for any kind of a soft landing as the many supports of world societies begin to founder badly.

We have some land in a fairly remote area and have made some preps but I still have reservations that being remote will offer any more saftey than being in a small community like where we are now.

I think local and personel preperations are the best you can do to sensibly use your resources and efforts. I still respect those that are trying change things on a larger scale, but IMHO their efforts will be overwhelmed by the realities of the collapsing conditions, and the vast dis-array and social disruptions from the masses.

What a humongous mess it all is!

Robert said...

Why Don't People Engage Climate Change?