Thursday, November 12, 2009

New White Trash Posts Three Songs Co-Written and Performed by Mike Ruppert in the band New White Trash

The New White Trash (NWT) has just posted three new, original songs co-written and performed by me. "Girl's Got", "Train to Paris", and "Take These" were all written and recorded in June and July. Co-writers include multi-Grammy winner Andy Kravitz and veteren writer, producer, performer Doug Lewis. Which voice am I? -- Baby I'm on my way! We have more than 30 songs now and will be posting maybe one a week from here on out. What do we want? We want to sing for all the people who have lost everything in the last two years. We're the exact opposite of the old white trash, and you certainly don't have to be white to be a member. But you needed to have had aspirations to it in your lifestyle (house, two cars, lots of toys, rampant consumption). No one in the arts seems to see the New White Trash yet, but we do; like Woodie Guthrie saw all those forgotten in the Great Depression. We're also looking for someone with a little loose change to help produce our first CD and maybe a couple of videos.

Special thanks to veteran bassist and composer Arthur Barrow (Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention) for a killer bass track in "Take These".

And what makes me happy beyond belief is that I don't have to argue or debate about these songs. They either sound good or they don't. Your ears will tell you and all we ask is that you listen.

See you at the Laemmle 5 on Sunset this weekend! Laughter and music are going to be indispensible as we face the challenges ahead. And I'll never be able to express my gratitude to Andy Kravitz and Doug Lewis who founded the band, and who believe I bring something strong to the mix... Judge for yourself.



agape wins said...

Most of what follows was written yesterday, guess it's synchrony, or mind conditioning from following this blog!
Top notch posts since; OregonSurvivor posted at 10:46, which was the last post I read yesterday, About 11:00pm I checked my mail, & wrote the small bit to/about Raymond

I have no connection to any of the Agape Webb sites!

O-my how RanD can go on and on!! swell!

The new "White Trash", Woodie Guthrie; a new age, more tragic times, I Survived the "Great One", I feel honored to be allowed to post with the new Survivors!


I leave the "Practical", easy part to those with the internet savvy, AND time to give that advice/knowledge, there is more to Farming than Soil, Sun, & water; RiceFarmer can tell you how much "Esoteric" stuff is involved, it's like painting, there is more involved than splashing some
color on a canvas. There are over 50 links attached to this thread, I can't possibly, read all of them, we each of us has a talent.
You must be sure you are at a place (Esoterically), to be the most benefit to yourself, & those around you, man can't live on Rice alone.
I am glad to see you, Gustav and Dalex posting, if 1000 more post, we are still a tittle, comprendi?
Balance to follow.

agape wins said...

Diversity/Difference, We as Humans thrive on it, we are not Ants or Bees to be clones, controlled, & regimented by TPTB (the Queen)!
I love what I find here; I agree/Disagree with all of you, I have never classified any of you!

There are many remarks I could respond to, BUT there is no need, I
detect consensus behind the apparent difference's! Wyo's.Gov. is in Iraq, part of his statement was "Some of our troops here are missing our Hunting Season.", just a small mind glitch!

Sebastian Ronin,

If you have been to his site, reflect that the Horse can choose to turn aside!

Somewhere between 1/100, & 1/1K, just a flicker in time/quantity, ether way "excluding" someone from "your" lifeboat becomes problematic; but then it is your "Lifeboat".


A good response on Framing, but more objective than the subjective I was thinking of, "Framing"; if it can be used in this case, with little detection. It can/will/has been used; We all/each of us who
use the internet are exposed-with the PTB's software any/all things are possible.

Any of you who still think I am judgmental; My intent is to insure that you are firm, have thought through what I think you are stating-&-all/any consequence's which may cause you to betray yourself.

F.Kamilov has stated in several ways his convictions; I am convinced that any difference I sense is my East/west Translation.

I avoid sites that get "Down & Dirty", where the Daggers are sharp, & used often!

The reason Transportation has changed; in my humble opinion, is Oil/WEATHER! The following is from stories told me by my Uncle, & others who were there (WWI & WWII)
I think the two are connected, CO2 be Damned, the Hundred's of Millions of dinosaurs (that gave us our Oil??) surly effected the weather, when they exceeded the earth's carrying capacity something had to give!
The same now, we are grossly over populated, directly related to
Oil-Something will give!
The PTB have chosen--LONG ago, the course they will follow. None of
which will benefit us, I am sure they have a plan "B" if "A" fails, again it is too little/toolate, the Mass/MOB will not yield, prepare yourself and the others in our smidgen, you are wasting energy, time, & money!

Before the massive use of Oil & Gas, there was plenty of good old MUD, Cold, & WINTER! More troops died from the weather, in WWI, than the fighting, blame transportation & poor medical care. HORSEpower still ruled in WW!, Horsepower from oil was limited, Tanks were continually being pulled from the mud, by Horses. High, narrow wheels, & tall Horses, were an advantage in deep mud & loose dry Snow.
By 1940 high performance Engines changed everything, including making our winters wetter; smaller "Flotation" tires were now an advantage.
Snow packed more, think Skiing, and the Ski troops used in WWII!
Without Oil, things would be more like 1900- there would be NO
overpopulation, which has brought us shortages of everything!!

This morning I found a card on the Sidewalk in front of our
store,--again too little, too late, promoting "Architects &
Engineers for 9/11 Truth". They have many valid points, which will
never be recognized by TPTB, who are in control; TOO bad.

Question? Is it possible TPTB are using Climate, Health care, The
FLU/death, & 9/11 as a multi front attack/distraction?
Amae, (I hope to anticipate your need, and be there for you.)

unrepentantcowboy said...

Keep the day job, Mike.

The music business is tough and cruel.

businessman said...

An article from the UK on the huge increase in the production of heroin in Afghanistan:

Britain is Protecting the Biggest Heroin Crop of All Time

pstajk said...

I know this is an entry for your new songs, and I'm definitely gonna check them out, but I have to write a response on the newest thread about the movie after just seeing it in NYC.

It's freakin' outstanding.

I think Chris asked some really poignant, fair, direct, and personal questions throughout, and its as if you couldn't have given better answers to each.

The transitions were really well done and all topics were explained with detail and preciseness.

At times, I could sense some of the people around me getting lost in some of the more difficult to understand information about money, alt. energies, etc. when they started to squirm around, but when the movie was over no one moved, nobody wanted to get up. I was actually the first out of 20 or so people to leave the theater, and everyone was either bug-eyed looking to the person on the right or left or their jaws were dropped. Everyone clearly wanted more at that very moment.

It was priceless.

What else can be said? The movie transcends all of the bullshit out there, and anyone who sees the movie and doesn't believe that fact is still in the denial stage and might as well leap off the port or starboard side right now - there's no hope for them. An enormous amount of work and preparation needs to be done, that's for sure.

I'm eating up Matthew Stein's survival guidebooks right now and studying John Jeavon's Biointensive Gardening manuals. I've got a nice store of organic seeds, and I'm looking into BioChar. I'm no permaculturalist, but I'm on my way.

I've bought some solar powered batteries and chargers. I'm looking into Tom Brown survival classes this summer. What, I'm like 10% ready. That leaves about 90% remaining. Can anyone truly be ready for what's about to drop?

So many questions to ponder. I mean, how many people live in NYC - 10 million? I live 50 miles from New York. Haha! For those who either live near or in a major metropolis, what are you gonna do? In the woods, you don't have to be faster than the bear, just faster than the slowest camper. But what happens when the campers transform into bears? Maybe I should stop reading Cormac McCarthy novels ...

Anyway, the movie truly kicked ass. You got everything off your chest and know in your heart that you can die happy because people have begun to listen. I can't say much about the LA Times columnist, but everyone else who can read between the lines, the lies, and the MSM bullshit.

I think I had pins and needles shoot through my body about a dozen times throughout the screening. It is a great work, and like Emerson once said in Self-Reliance, "To be great is to be misunderstood."

Smile, stay positive, build life boats and for those who refuse to follow - well, good luck. What else can be said?

Unfortunately, reluctant ex-girlfriends must go under that category. Hopefully, they listens before its too late.

To be a life boat builder or not to be, that is the question.

pstajk said...

Here's something to be positive about: WAVES A COMIN' WOO HOOOOO!!!


"LATEST: 11 / 12 / 2009

New Jersey and LI about to Light up with Nor'easter Swell...


The remnants of Ida continue to spin through the Carolinas and towards NJ. As of Thursday, a Coastal Flood Warning and a High Surf Advisory is in effect. Ida has a very good chance of becoming a Nor'easter and thus producing some mackin November surf for us. Okay, let's get down to the nitty gritty. Latest swell and weather models do indicate that we really won't see much in the way of rideability until Saturday. Even at that point, you'll have to find a shoreline which faces South for those NNE winds. For a good part of Central Jersey, you'll have to either head North or South. Look for dbl o sized surf on Saturday, with head high to 3 feet overhead size surf on Sunday(especially early).

At this point, I'd say our best bets are Sunday and even a smaller but very groomed swell for Monday. Both Sunday and Monday have the potential to be really good with perhaps a leftover for Tuesday too! Look for NW winds for Sunday and Monday to provide excellent rideability a a few gaping pits! Game on..Boo ya...

We ride,


Paul said...


congratulations on the opening of CoLLapse! And thank you pstajk for your early review. Outstanding! I can’t wait for it to arrive over the pond here in the UK (dates? DVD?).

We are likely to get an influx of “visitors” here as a result of the screenings - Welcome!

I wondered if now would be a good time to repeat the instructions on how to donate to your legal fund/living fund? I tried to find the instructions recently and failed. There is so much other stuff going on here (all excellent!) and things get buried.

Congratulations again, Mike! You are - quite literally - a star!


Ms. V. said...

Hi Mike,

I am a professor at a Community College in an urban area in Jersey. Most of my students are from struggling neighborhoods. I took 2 of my classes to see the film this week and wanted to say, THANK YOU. Thank you for your years of persistence, your humanity and your gifts.

The film covered topics that we have discussed in class, but obviously not with the stream of consciousness and depth present in your discussion. Truly, it is my hope that you are enjoying your life and find continued solace in art, friends and nature...and things settle down for you.

I was hoping you might be able to answer a question for you have a link or a particular vendor to purchase gold or silver from? I am clueless about that stuff and could use some advice. Also, do you have any specific advice for people like me and my students who live in urban areas and whose families struggle economically? What should we focus on most immediately?

I know you are busy but I hope to hear back from you, it would be an honor. There was a part in the film where you talked about Kubler Ross and I got goose bumps because I had used the same analogy in class to explain the pitfalls of not moving through grief smoothly.

You validated another outsider. I am eternally grateful.

By the way, I have a friend who owns a great studio here in Jersey. He is also a phenomenal producer and musician with some time and loose change...interested? Again, many blessings

Sebastian Ronin said...

pstajk, re "...when the movie was over no one moved, nobody wanted to get up."

The last, and only other, time I've experienced that was at the close of "Easy Rider."

Tony Sturtevant said...

I am a long time fan and supporter of Mike and From Wilderness. I am so glad to hear you are moving into the field of bliss. I am doing the same, only with illustration and drawing. check out my blog at bereketlearning.blogspot

Jenna Orkin said...

to mrs v:

try also seems reputable as does franklin saunders' 'the money-changer.'

MCR said...

Buying gold is as easy as going to your yellow pages and looking under coin dealers. The process doesn't vary much. Just make sure you buy coins or ingots for their bullion content and not their design or date.

Note to Unrepentant Cowboy. I don't have a day job and since when have I ever not done something because it was going to be hard? Sorry you didn't like the tunes, but others seem to. Best -- MCR

OregonSurvivor said...


Enjoyed the tunes, but even more the narrative of what is NWT. (I tend to be biased in favor of banjos and fiddles.)

See you tonight! I'm packin' a fiddle and a guitar -just in case. They are the paddles for my lifeboat.

Congratulations on the success of the movie and your books.

OregonSurvivor said...

On Buying Gold: I can vouch for California Numismatic Investments in Inglewood CA. I have done business with them for several years, ever since MCR put me on the gold trail.

California Numismatic

businessman said...

In reading that interview with Matt Simmons, he says,"The 2008 Recession had nothing to do with the 'spike in oil prices.' It was all about the near meltdown in our highly leveraged financial institutions."

Isn't that kind of like saying that the warmth we feel when we walk outside during the day has nothing to do with the sun...that it's all due to all of the radiating energy we're feeling instead?

Robert Paulsen said...

"Take These" -kickass fucking song! "Train to Paris" "Girls Got" -OK music, may grow on me. Killer lyrics. Musically my tastes range toward 60s psychedelic, 70s punk, 80s new wave & 90s grunge, but like OregonSurvivor I do enjoy banjos and fiddles; that Bruce Springsteen album covering Pete Seeger turned me on to that.

I can't wait to see the movie tonight! Just clockwatching at work until then.

brisa said...

Well Mike, I gave a quick listen to your vocal stylings and found the tunes interesting and that's good.

Not to be rude, but you don't seem to be much of a vocalist. Then again neither is Dylan.

Hope you can find a nitch.

Velobwoy said...

For buying gold, may I suggest - completely sidesteps the quandary of old coins vs. confiscation by keeping the gold in a secure location in Europe, and allows one to liquidate at will. Good rates and friendly service as well.

Raymond said...

great music - right up my alley - keep singing mike. who the hell wants a day job anyway.

agape "here is more to Farming than Soil, Sun, & water" - just as well as we have bugger all soil or water and too much sun. but with some biological farming, meditation, biodynamic preparations and using a moon planting chart its amazing what you can achieve on marginal land - pretty esoteric hey!

I dont come here for advice, knowledge or a path on how to live my life, I enjoy figuring that out myself - I come here to see that Mike, who we all care for, is doing well; and to get inspiration from like minded souls who give a much needed lift when you are surrounded by many daily reminders of a world that still just doesn't get it.

dalex said...

Several things -- first, gold and silver...
Our family has dealt mostly with CMI gold and silver (, Phoenix, AZ) for several years. Good prices, honest advice, a reputable dealer. (There are many others; see for a long list.)

For Gustav and others: Jenna is kind enough to let us post about a wide variety of subjects, but extensive discussion of gardening and other topics should perhaps occur elsewhere. For my part, I hope to do some vlogging (video blogging) soon. A little politics and social action, a bit of editorializing (of course), and maybe some homesteading tips and information, too -- who knows? I'll post here when things are ready to air.

As for helping neighbors (and ourselves), here are some things to consider:

1. Food and water get (and deserve) a lot of attention. Everyone ought to own a small piston-action "Camping" water filter. For about $80, it's cheap insurance that you'll be able to get ample potable water just about anywhere.

2. Storage food is a no-brainer. Prices will likely be (much?) higher later, so turn your decaying paper notes into edible realities. And don't feel guilty about "Hoarding." Stockpiling necessities while they are still abundant is not the same as hoarding during scarcity. Stockpiling can mitigate future shortages by increasing demand and production while resources are still available. Better to subsidize the food, shelter and energy industries than to waste those funds on entertainment, jewelry, resort vacations, and similar luxuries.

3. Cut your meat and dairy consumption! You don't need to become an absolute vegetarian (not that it would hurt), but meat production and consumption is completely at odds with the concept of sustainable agriculture. Although we might justify whatever range-fed beef or poultry could be produced in our country (moral questions aside), feeding 75% or more of our grain production to animals (as we presently do) is insanely stupid, if not suicidal. If sausage and steak pleasure your palette (I grew up with the stuff too), then savor them -- but MUCH LESS frequently! The simple fact of the matter is that less meat will mean better lives for more people, so do the best you can to moderate...

4. Modernize your home, and cut energy use -
a) Thermostat down in winter, up in summer
b) Add insulation and solar panels for heat, hot water, and electricity (if your climate permits)

5. Minimize debt and watch your assets. (Keep an eye on the banks, and turn some of your cash/savings into tangible goods. Excess supplies can always be bartered, but are a "Bird in the hand."

6. Discuss the economy, peak oil, etc. with your neighbors. Refer them here (FTW Blog), and to Chris Martenson's "Crash Course" site ( for education. For economic events, Karl Denninger kicks butt ( If friends and neighbors aren't receptive yet, just wait a few months, and plant a few more mental "Seeds."

That's a start; hope it helps...

unrepentantcowboy said...

You have a day job Mike.

And you do it well.

That job doesn't pay well either.

You sir, are a prophet.

Keep writing. Keep speaking. Keep caring. Write and sing music. But the music I heard won't pay the bills.

Don't think for a minute that it comes easy for me to write those words.

Last night I watched a very good friend and a superbly talented musician (Dustin Welch) play to a room of 30 people. The take at the door: $300. Two bands split 70% of that. One band had five members, the other three.

This economy (our better yet, the condition of our condition) is killing all the things we grew up with and accepted as the norm.

soggybottom said...

Eyeballs you asked what else we can do for our neighbours or our communities. Well I have tried. I started a garden club in my community but no one was terribly interested in having a kitchen garden. They were only interested in their flowers and shrubs. Veggies were things you bought very cheaply at the supermarket (not really worth the time and effort to grown your own).
Then I started up a stall at our local farmers market and invited all the locals to bring along their excess fruit and vegs and I would spend my day selling them for them. But again, barely a response. No one, it would seem, is that interested in providing food for themselves.
And in the spirit of the stated tenet of FTW - to share information I would like to urge all and sundry that if you have or are setting up a kitchen garden that you grow a good supply of Comfrey.
We have experimented with growing
a great many plants over the past 25-30 years and have found Comfrey to be the most useful plant to grow. It is an amazing feedstuff for all animals and poultry. It can be used as a first class fertilizer (we stuff a 20lt. plastic water container with leaves and leave it in the sun to rot down to a lquid) it beats any bought fertilizer for potatoes, beans, tomatoes and carrots.
It is reputed to give 30-50 tons to the acre if grown properly and in Kenya, Africa, I believe they have even managed 100 tons.
In the 1980s' TPTB managed to get Comfrey listed as a poison and even to-day everyone is still too frightened to suggest to people that they use it medicinally. We have personally found Comfrey to be a great healing plant for ourselves, and drink a cup of Comfrey tea morning and night to keep us healthy. No wonder TPTB wanted us all to be afraid of this plant.
Find out for yourselves through the internet and books just what a wonder plant this is. As a recommendaton I would suggest a book by Lawrence D. Hills called 'Comfrey Past, Present and Future' When manufactured fertilizers become too expensive to buy you will need a cheap and available alternative. Comfrey is the way to go

marketTrader2 said...

Was the Rupert Q&A recorded from the L.A. theater? Will it be put on youtube?

OregonSurvivor said...

Fantastic showing and Q & A afterward at the Laemmle 5 last night. Pleased to meet several who monitor this blog and some of you posters. No time for details now. Just amazing that it is being screened and the nearly full house appears to really get it. Great to see MCR in person for the first time, glad to hear that the efforts are beginning to pay off money-wise as well. Don't know if they allow book sales at theaters, but it sure would be an opportunity to move copies of Rubicon and the PEP re-release. I forgot about in earlier post. Katherine Austin Fitts recommended it so I figured it had to be OK, I set up an account. Only issue I see is how do I get to Zurich to pick up my gold when TSHTF? Hopefully not everything goes at once, which MCR indicated is unlikely.

eyeballs said...

Soggybottom, thanks.

But... if I can get great nutrients out of comfrey, don't I have to put those nutrients INTO the soil they grow in?

If it's as good a fertilizer as you say, it would be slick to plant a mess of it on disused public land, or a relatively clean vacant lot, and harvest quietly, leaving a few around for the rest of nature. I suspect a lot of green fertilizer could be harvested from abandoned land and put to the service of cultivated land. Course, done to excess that would deplete the soil there, which is exactly what modern "forestry" does.

Food for thought, anyway. Thanks again.

businessman said...

It was great to see the L.A. premiere of "Collapse" last night along with a packed theater audience in Hollywood. It's a great movie that's now, in my mind, the definitive one on Peak Oil.

It took me 3 1/2 hours to make the 1 hour and 45 minute drive to L.A....because two of the freeway lanes were closed down during peak rush hour because of sinkholes. And I thought this was very interesting as one of the subjects discussed in the movie was our aging infrastructure!

Mike was beaming after the movie when answering the audience's questions, and he looked both very, very proud and happy.

This is a crowning achievement for you, Mike, and you've earned it. It's so great after all you've done for us to see you so very happy!

unrepentantcowboy said...

Come on people. Show the movie in Austin or San Antone. Please...

fuggybootnling said...

Good on you Mike - though if you want to hear music about the Collapse look no further than my fave album of the decade, Arcade Fire's "Funeral." I've never heard them asked about it in an interview, but if they are not singing about PetroCollapse I will eat my foot. It's that obvious. I feel like sending you a copy Mike as a thank you.

Hotspringswizard said...

I made it to the 7:30 showing of Collapse Saturday evening in LA. It was a 280 mile roundtrip for me. Like Businessman I got caught in the traffic and just got to the theatre as they began showing the previews, just in time :-)

Great job on the new documentary Mike and enjoyed the Q and A session both inside and outside the theatre. Got a chance to meet Mike personally and even got the opportunity to give him a small gift for my appreciation of all he has done. On the back of the gift Mike, the 8 triangular holes are a depiction of Orion :-)

Good luck on your music Mike and thanks for the advice about gold/silver.

soggybottom said...

I have often wondered about the expression 'Until you change the way that money works, nothing will change'. Recently I came across the working theory of Silvio Gisell and Margrit Kennedy and although I understand the overall concept (making money a perishable commodity as with goods) I'm damned if I can understand the maths involved.
Maths beyond the need for day to day living has always been a mystery to me so can anyone please suggest a website or book that explains the theory in common parlance.
I am sure that a great many people, myself included, (the many for whom stocks, shares bonds etc are outside of their experience)find the recent explanations for the economic meltdown, bewildering and unknowable. It is hard to protest and be angry when you have no idea what the rules are, or even what game is being played!!
I would like to learn more of an alternative system that everyone, myself included can understand.

RexDixon said...

Check out TurboWhiteTrash -