Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Mike Ruppert Interview in the Wall Street Journal

I firmly believe that the Peak Oil/Sustainability Movement, and actual events, have backed Wall Street into a corner where it has no option but to let it out now. We did this; all of us together. I'm just the front man for a minute until I hand it off where it belongs. Truly, I never imagined that I would live to see this moment... several times.

Thank you all so much. This is what you kept me alive for. Now please go and see the movie. My job is almost done and I can get back to making music with the New White Trash. We'll have many songs up soon. Keep watching the site.




Jenna Orkin said...

Today these words were published in the Wall Street Journal:

"A narcotics investigator for the Los Angeles police department in the 1970s, Mr. Ruppert left the department and spent years trying to expose links between the CIA and drug smuggling"

stu said...

Thank you Mike for everything you've done. Human Civilization will owe you a huge debt of gratitude someday as being the guy who finally broke thru and opened everybody's eyes. The interview is outstanding... A true professional takes on these issues and sounds like the most polished of policy advisors... Only your policies aren't corrupt with the greed and petty politics that have brought our republic to the brink of destruction. No one can dismiss the evidence you have brought to light and the old paradigm just taken a huge blow. I'm so proud of you and always wondered whether your message of truth would ever make it to the mainstream. It has. Now all of us must come together as the grassroots and do everything possible to maximize Mike's breakthru into the light. People are ready for change.. look at the results from last night's elections. There could be no better spokesman than you, Mike, and I hope that music will take a back seat to the issues that have been your life's calling. There will be time for that soon, but now we must fight for the change we all belive in. Now lets all get to work!

Anyone with some sugesstions for how to start organizing the movement,pleaselet the board know
what your are thinking. I hope all of you are as eager as I am to advocate Mike's policies.

Again, Mike, I'm so proud of you. You never gave up,and in the end, the whole world is going to benefit from your relentless pursuit of the truth.

PeakedOut said...

If your attack is going too well, you're probably walking into an ambush.

I've followed the Adventures of MCR since 2001. I'm thrilled by these new developments. I've never doubted the accuracy of Mike's map or the thinking behind it. It is much too soon to sprint toward the finish line. Really, there isn't going to be a Victory parade or an immediate end to the crisis. It is also critical that Mike not be made THE voice of some movement. This would make him a perfect target for TPTB. Kill the head and the body follows.

We must all stand up and make ourselves heard. We must become the Hydra. Cut off a head and two more grow in its place.

This is how the message will win out and this will help keep Mike safe.

He certainly deserves some peace and time to play good music.

So march on!! Everyone!! True victory will be celebrated by our grandchildren.

Sorry if this post is laden with cliches. Sometimes "That's just how I roll". :-0

F.Kamilov said...

Good. This is certainly a milestone, not only for MCR personally, but giving him this attention is an acknowledgment of where things stand and points to where they are headed. As he says, his part is done. NEXT YEAR will be very turbulent - the beginning of the actual action. But remember breakdown is not instant, and it wont be "just" "pure breakdown" but a lot more. And it will be of a differing character in different areas. A dead fish, they say, starts to rot at the head - and conversely the more developed a society is, the more the pinch will be felt.

unrepentantcowboy said...

I hate the negative conotation associated with the words conspiracy theorist.

In other words, you can dismiss what this guy has to say.

Every good police detective is a conspiracy theorist. That's how crimes get solved.

$17,000 goes a long way toward paying the rent.

Screw the court case. Live well. Continue speaking the truth.

That'll piss off your enemies more than anything else you can do.

Jon said...

Just saw a 3 minute piece for Collapse on BBC World News. The word's out there in places I wouldn't have expected! Congrats, Mike!

gaelicgirl said...

The WSJ !!!!!!! Go Mike! And great picture of you and your dog.

eyeballs said...

A very sympathetic treatment by the Wall Street Journal, I thought.

Do you think the reporter and editor actually understand the message?

When I see China Daily run a respectful interview with the Dalai Lama, I will cease to be amazed about this one.

trobador said...


With all the sh...I hear about, f...this is great news.

Keep on Mike...looking forward to jam with you and your folks one day... the way, have a peak on this one...interesting color of deep america

From Quebec with peace...esteb

mczilla said...

Thank you, Michael Ruppert.

May your message spread faster than the flu.

MCR said...

For Stu and Unrepentant Cowboy --

I will never stop making music now. Music is something I have already put aside for 30 years or so and I can deny it no longer. I will write no more books and give no more lectures. Everything I want to say from here on out I will say through music or not at all. My work is done, that day is done. Through music I can offer a bit of comfort, love and acknowledgment that the forgotten and ignored need to hear. Through music and the New White Trash I can give strength from the unseen that manifests in the seen.

I have earned the right to spend the last chapter of my life with the one thing that kept me going. The rest of you now must pick up the mantle.

To Cowboy: Sorry but if I mix one penny of the Legal Defense Fund for personal use I could go to jail. That's neither legal nor ethical.

I'll be fine.

Thank you all. Now get out there and start teaching others. Point them to CoLlapse. They will listen. That was my job. It is accomplished. And I see no need to sacrifice more. I have a life I want again thanks to Doug Lewis and Andy Kravitz. (I sure wish the Phillies had won. I'm tired of watching the best teams that money can buy instead of hearts that can't be bought.)


DarkNetz said...

Been finding bits of videos from the movie Collapse:

Wall Street Journal - Scene from Collapse

Collapse Outtake - It's a Movie

Collapse Outtake - Interrogating Myself

and just for fun, an interesting trailer mashup of the movie 2012 with Collapse from some user on youtube:link

OregonSurvivor said...

Atta Boy, Mike! Way to hit the mainstream. I may be able to catch CoLLapse in LA later this month.

I believe that musicians will be increasingly popular as things deteriorate. An article that ran in the Eugene Register Guard from 2002 was titled:"Great Depression a gold mine for musicians."

See, there are positive things to look forward to!

Keep mining that gold, it is bound to increase in value.

David said...

Probably the appropriate response to the notion of "conspiracy theorist" is "keep your eye on the ball...someone is trying to distract you from something very important".

Getting mad at the WSJ for doing what it does is about like getting mad at an earthquake for being an earthquake.

MCR. Thanks dude. You aren't the only one by a long shot, but yer a good one.

businessman said...

Geez, Mike, The Wall Street Journal! Congratulations!

I just E-mailed that article to everyone I always send your information to, along with the subject line of "Hell Freezes Over!"

Anonymous said...

Sometimes the greatest admirers sit back on the side lines and read what goes on in this blog..

One of those admirers is me; I have one the more popular, unaffiliated, TRULY independent news sites on the net. How does one measure independence: BY BEING BROKE.. My site makes very little money. My site is also one of the main disseminators of the peak oil fact.

However, after the movie and the Wallstreet gig, I can say MCR exposed himself.. If you are reading this, you probably understand what I mean. The movie aside, the review on WSJ could not have appeared without the tacit approval of some people in the government.. MCR knows how intertwined the media and the services are. He "complained" about the very same thing many times before.

We all want to do something good for our country and the planet
But not at the cost of deceiving those who you may not know personally but are close to you..

It is a complicated World, where no one is who he/she really is.

Jay said...

Somehow Mike playing music from here on out, reminds me of the scene from Titanic where the band keeps playing while the ship sinks.

Thx for your work.

MCR said...

Shamuni -- consider the possibility that the turd in the punchbowl has grown so large and stinky that we have given them no choice but to finally acknowledge it.

The mainstream press admits reality only when it has to, and then embraces it as their own discovery. That's their last hope of trying to control it and maintain credibility.

Between the movie and the book the people can figure this out for themselves now; or not.

OK, show of hands please... How many people who know me actually think I'd let myself be co-opted?

Did Neil Young?


steve said...

todays latest scam brought to you by the media seems to be this fort hood shooter. It doesnt make sense to me that one man, especially a psychiatrist of middle eastern descent can kill 12 and wound another 31 people in our military with only two handguns.

B said...

Collapse banner ad from Gothamist.

Go Yankees!

agape wins said...


We are none of us is Who we are,
Think we are,wish we were.
We surprise, even shock ourselves every day, I am positive Mike is
rational, he has weighed his options,
the positives, & the Hazards of
putting his head in the Lions mouth!

You must see that everything right
now is a value judgment; we are not
in Mikes shoes, we can't think his
thoughts. None of us know how this
will work out, what the PTB are
planning, is any of what is happening planned, or are they just stumbling along?
I'll bet they are playing the Predictioneer's game--for keeps.
Hold tight.

Amen, you have not said anything I have not(double negative), only our expressions differ, God bless you.

Paul said...


we are definitely at a turning point. Things that TPTB wanted keep hidden are starting to come out. Almost certainly with their contrivance.

Do I think TPTB allowed the Wall St J article and CoLLapse to appear - almost certainly.

Do I trust you? Yes I do... Here's one hand being held up.


Anonymous said...

MCR -- I can write a long winded comment, but I won't. You need to take a brake. And infighting just looks bad to the outside world, and might even hamper everyone's collective effort on this blog.

However, I will say this, even my site has been "infiltrated" by writers posing as "independent" authors. I play dumb, and get free content, which attracts readers that I target with the Peak Oil message. Games.

I can guarantee one thing, and this goes to everyone on this blog, a huge chunk of the alternative media is not independent. A lot of people/sites have been bought and are controlled.

Mike, regardless of where you now stand, and what you do.. I want to thank you and your former crew for all the sacrifices that were made. I know it is not easy.

As for your music, in the end, it is always the fine things in life that we want to go back to.

v said...

North Sea oil collapse drags UK economy down with it



ljarvi said...

I get it now, Mike. Just read your interview in the WSJ. You threw the 9/11 Truth movement to the dogs in exchange for access to the MSM. That's your ticket in, right?

The 9/11 Truth movement is seriously screwed up. No argument from me there. People can, and have, come up with creative ways to bend the laws of physics and justify conclusions that make no sense. A court of law would likely embrace the new physics. No argument about that either.

But there's a reason why access to serious consideration from the MSM is contingent on disowning 9/11 Truth. There's a reason why you got an interview from the WSJ and Aaron Russo, the producer of America: Freedom to Fascism, was so thoroughly shut out that he didn't even rate an obit from the NYTimes when he died. They're afraid of what people will come to understand if they look into 9/11 and the Federal Reserve System. Why aren't they afraid of what people will come to understand when they listen to you?

Unfortunately, the world doesn't really need another cathartic lightening rod who makes profound observations about the world, Mike. But the PTB loves it when somebody plays the role. Olbermann, Jon Stewart, et al, are allowed to fill the TV screen with their mugs every week because they serve a purpose. They ground and disperse mass anxiety. They have the media keys to the kingdom because they know where the limits are, and those limits always fall short of questioning 9/11. Why is that?

Jenna Orkin said...


no. uh-uh. you still don't get it.

D said...

Simply awesome.

I cannot wait to see CoLLapse and show others.

businessman said...

"Collapse" opens in New York City today. And I see that Chris Smith, the director, will be taking questions from the audience on Friday and Saturday.

Let us know the audience's reaction to the movie as soon as you can.

I'm raising my hand. There's no way Mike would let himself become co-opted.

toner deeski said...

Anytime I see "Falls Church, VA" and "Walter Reed Army Medical Center" in the same story, I can't help but wonder....

A peon said...

I'm raising my hand too.After all Mike has been through?Co-opted?Get a job dude.And in case you might wonder,that is just a figure of speech I and an old friend use as a refreshing subtitute for "get out of town","yeah right",or the more recently popular "whatever".It doesn't mean I think you don't have a job.

Moving right a music lover Mike,here is a song I think you may definitely appreciate: "No Suprises"

agape wins said...

My, things are moving right along, we can all be "super" cautious & still be blindsided, as Mike remembers, & is reliving NOW from Ashland, and almost his end
in Venezuela. Is this game Texas Hold-em?
If you were TPTB who would you trust(?) to "expose", MCR, Michel Moore, Ralph Nader, or someone trustworthy-but with no substantial following?
I choose MCR first, as the least likely to be a loose Cannon, if I were chosen I know they would have plenty of "Slime" as insurance.
F.Kamilov has hinted of knowledge about Intrigue, what would he do, whom would he choose?


My comment, " distancing himself, & all of us from any slime ". Your response, " suggest this same mindset.".
And then you add, "but there are lots of other caring and intelligent folks who are also fighting against the corruption, deceptions and lies of TPTB and I am equally inspired by their efforts too.". AMEN-but watch your step! MCR said, "And for all who cannot tell the difference between me and Alex Jones I heartily encourage you to stay with him and not associate yourself with me or my work in any way. That is where you belong."

"WE each of us, must make a stand", as Glen Bach says. I was raised a Republican, with liberation leanings, I supported a ball team, and joined a Church.
At about 20, I learned about the "Kissing Up" that went on within The Republicrat party's, My team was just a "farm club" for the Yankees, with players shifted
around to their (the Yankee's) advantage, My church was linked to the Church in South Africa which was actively involved in apartheid.
I could go on & on! I now support "Non joiners", those who reject the taint of a "power/MONEY" group-- (in order to spread their influence); there are many who like Mike, & Shamuni struggle along without the Voice/MONEY of a Club/Group/sponsor.

YOU & only you can value who you sleep with, or just "chum" around with! A rancher always has "slime" on his boots, except when he's a "Drugstore Cowboy"; but
soon everyone thinks he's the real thing, they even imagine the smell.

May your decisions always be the correct ones.

Mike has made the break extreme, he does not say YOU have to; just do not hint otherwise; about his choice or Yours.

I am sure everyone has read Shamuni's posts--all guesses like mine!!

RanD said...

'Tis indeed a remarkable thing to behold:
The commenters' page of FTW's front page Wednesday, November 04, 2009 "Mike Ruppert Interview in the Wall Street Journal" post:

Here one is given to see a truly radiant line of division between the two poles of the FTW family/team/forum. From this RanD cannot but conclude that we have arrived at a requisite phase of rapidly progressing ... indeed "cosmic level", in the truest most accurate sense ... discourse to work our way(s) through.

Let us think and state ourselves with utmost circumspection as we move ahead, coupled with utterly sincere desire to understand the other. Empathy is key; right along with honesty.

I wish us well, and minimal spilled blood.

ProGo said...

Can't believe it but it looks like Collapse is coming to D.C. on December 11th at the E St. Cimena. I can hardly wait.

Mike, you deserved a long break a long time ago. Rest. Get healthy. Make music. Live life.

Love you, brother.

Hotspringswizard said...

Agape, so I should " watch my step! ". I speak my mind as I see fit. I live a simple life so I may do so. Following the truth where it leads requires independence of thought, and not the need to belong too much to anything in particular ( nation, state, group, etc ). I did not hint in my feelings expressed about Mike and his position of removing himself from any dealings with the 9-11 truth movement. My message was clearly put. You strike me as one who has an overly elevated sense of his importance, its very much evident in the manner of what you write. Tell me Agape, is it wise and intelligent to make something simple, complex beyond need except to impress? More precisely, the way you put your thoughts to word? Perhaps you think your overly convoluted musings bring you greater stature, but from my experience, those that can offer you much in the way of truths, know that it is best put in simple language, if true communication is your goal. For me, I'm not worried about being deleted, rejected, or dis-allowed from participation in this or that because of the nature of the thoughts I would share. Being able to speak and express freely is more important than the saftey of compromising what I believe in as truth.

Sebastian Ronin said...

The age-old political Glass Bead Game: Who is blindly being played by whom and for whose benefit? How to break out of a Prisoners' Dilemma? Communicate about the communication.

Several months ago when the WSJ gave a favourable mention to the notion of Novacadia in a widely-read article on secession, hey, I took it. Why not? From the spark of political imagination to the pages of the WSJ within a year, why wouldn't I? Once the mainstream grabs hold of "it/anything" it is already time to move on to the next adventure.

Come the end of the day it is all a dream inside a dream anyway. What matters is having a guilt-free conscience knowing that one has done the courageous and right thing. The payback is a comfortable night's sleep inside one's skin...even if everything external to that skin is headed off to hell in a hand-cart. Co-dependency, from the individual to the civilizational, makes my skin crawl.

As for Neil Young, well he did jam out on his nationality to become an ex-pat chasing the pop music fantasy factory, did he not? =;-D Now if only that tattered old rag of "nationalism" actually meant something to me would that statement make more sense.

Communicate about the communication. Be conscious of consciousness...or not.

Go for the tunes if that's what turns your crank at this pulse of the game. My own tunes got shelved about 25 years ago. With rocker song titles like "Spiritual Nigger" I figured I was not about to go up anyone's charts too quickly.

Oh yeah, in the movie version of coLLapse there is no John Wayne to ride over the horizon to save the U.S. of A. Someone pinch me if need be, but coLLapse implies exactly that. Cultural and spiritual imperialism go down with the economic. It is the rag of a redundant nationalism. Let it go. Remove it...then burn it. (Burning it ensures that the lice go down also.)

Ending on a pop cult theme:

"This ain't no party, this ain't no disco, this ain't no fooling around. No time for dancing, or lovey dovey,
I ain't got time for that now."

River Otter said...

For those interested in sustainability, please check out It is a worldwide movement based on permaculture principles. By working together, we can find ways to navigate this energy descent.

Li said...

I saw Collapse yesterday and thought it really was great. He dispelled much of the "Green Hype" and gave the peak issues and alternatives a dose of reality as does James Howard Kunstler in "The Long Emergency"

Magical thinking will not get us out of this one and I fear that many clueless citizens the world over will be in disarray when the time comes where we can no longer live the way to which we have grown accustomed.

I was disappointed by the turn-out however, only five people in the theater Friday at the Angelika Theater in NYC. I truly hope that the theory of 100 monkeys turn out to be true in this case. I'm hoping word of mouth will get the message out. To be forewarned is to be forearmed and everyone has a right to know.

Best of luck to Mike and may you and your music survive for a very long time.

---- Li

gaelicgirl said...

Mike: Lots of people have supported your decision to just kick back and make music from here on.....but please let me respectively add a caveat. Remember what often happens when people retire, especially hard-working people such as yourself. Sometimes they go downhill rather fast, if they don't remain engaged in the wider world in some way. I add this because I just saw it happen with my brother-in-law, who once retired, thought he would just indulge his love of bicyclce racing. It didn't work out that way, and now he's gone at 60. My sister witnessed the depression and aimlessness that gradually set in. I'm not trying to discourage you from enjoying your loves in life, but just to remain aware of some other aspects of life you may need.

Jenna Orkin said...


the angelika had a full house for the 7:20 showing and sales have been good so far

mrs p said...

We should all go to the "comment section" attached to the WSJ article and comment. There's a few there already, attempting to dispute and discredit what's in the article. WSJ readers who haven't read anything from MCR and have no facts on Peak Oil commenting as a knee jerk reation, just because a "reality check" is uncomfortable to their WSJ wallyworld tastes. We should show support for MCR to the WSJ and their most regular readers, yes?

agape wins said...

Shamuni said...

My site makes very little money. My site is also one of the main disseminators of the peak oil fact

Where do we find your Site, spread the word, Network, but do not join a "Party".
If you are so open and honest let us know, we will prove & support you.

Hotspringswizard said...

I found this over at the site this morning:

" None of the we’re-totally-screwed documentaries we’ve seen over the past few years could've prepared us for the terrors unleashed on our minds in Chris Smith’s riveting new documentary Collapse (out today). Basically a monologue by writer and thinker Michael Ruppert about the state of the planet and the problem of peak oil (the theory that once our oil resources reach their peak and begin to dwindle, industrial society will crumble along with it), Collapse at first seems miles away from previous films by Smith, which include such hits as American Movie and The Yes Men. And yet, despite its grim, intense atmosphere, Collapse subtly, almost imperceptibly, begins to show some of Ruppert’s very human vulnerabilities. Slowly, we become aware that the man is not a prophet, but just another human trying to come to terms with the decay he sees all around him. And, of course, that's when it becomes even more frightening. Director Smith sat down with Vulture this week to talk about the scary experience of discovering Michael Ruppert and the even scarier experience of making a movie about him. "

I'm looking forward to seeing this documentary. I'm sure I will find it excellent. I share Mikes feelings that Peak Oil ( peak resources in general too ) will be pivitol in this grave time of massive world societal transformation we are now experiencing.

Mike has put forth enormous efforts to try and get the message out. From his many years of work at FTW, Crossing the Rubicon, A Presidential Energy Policy, Collapse, etc Mike has clearly shown his deep caring for our collective future, as evidenced too in his goal of trying to help us all understand better the various landscapes of what we are facing. He has put forth in many ways his assesment of what we might or could do to try and address these very serious challenges. I can completely say in truth I appreciate greatly his efforts in this regard.

With that said, I do not agree with everything Mike says or does, but I still see him as a viable and important source of information regarding the troubled times we are entering into.

So Mike has expressed he now wishes to enjoy his music, a thing that clearly brings him great satisfaction. In my opinion he fully deserves this time of seeking some peace. He has been in the line of fire longer that most of us could ever endure.

Good luck Mike :-) You know there's so many that hope you don't disappear into the sunset for good, and that you continue to share your thoughts from time to time.

And Jenna, thanks for all of your efforts of providing the continueing regular list of relevant and important articles about the negative developments of general societal collapse worldwide. Also appreciate the efforts of others who contribute ( Rice Farmer, etc ) to that list of articles.

Paul said...

Is it the plague? A mutated virus? Or is the plague the cover for introducing a mutated virus? More on the Ukrainian puzzle

There is a lack of info about what is going on in the Ukraine. I searched and found absolutely nothing. The MSM is totally ignoring this. I do not know how much of this report is mere rumour and speculation. However, there are some very worrying rumours coming out.

My suspicion is that this may be the next major play by TPTB.


David said...

saw COLLAPSE friday night. fantastic summation
of Michael's work to date. audience response great.
available in lobby? people want more info after the

Gustav said...

Hi guys,

sorry for not posting anything here for a while, but I was rather busy with my job, my family and now also with my education. I decided that rather than stocking on money (€), I wil grab any education I can get - I just hope I will be able to finish it in two years...

I do have a question for Jenna:
- is there any possibility for the CoLLapse to come accros the pond to SE Europe? I jus HAVE to see it. I have been trying to brake the ice about Peak Oil in Slovenia, but people just think me crazy. Someone even brushed me off once, saying that oil is replenishable resource anyway... (!!!)

I thin we need to.... no. I woild like to get through to as many people as I can, and I think the movie CoLLapse would help a lot.

On a personal note, I do not own any land yet, but I have an agreement with a farmer, who was kind enough to lend me 400 sq. meters of arable land - so next year comming spring I am turning part-farmer :)

Asakid of concrete and asphalt, I am excited with the idea of making a salad from my own crop!!!

That will be a first step, the rest (I AM CONVINCED) will follow. The thing is getting as much natural seed as possible - still working on that.

I am also trying to recruit some people for my little "farm project", but most people think I have gone a little "coo-coo". My conviction is, that when the food-business wil collapse, people will go hungry - nad I will NOT stand by and just let them starve. I would like to make enough crops for at least 10 families, all I would ask as payment is their help working the land.

As someone said, the future is not a monetary based economy, but resources based economy.

However, for me, to explain the comming situation to as many people in my community as I can, I would need the movie CoLLapse.

So I ask you again Jenna - is there any hope for this movie to come in SE Europe IN TIME?

Namaste (I now understand the term)

agape wins said...


Your 9:12 post is all wrong, you are new? here, I am looking at your Blog for where you are coming from.
I have been posting since 6,08- much you have missed, please stop trying to put everything in a box, all/each of us are unique!

When I was 7 yr. old, I and my 5 yr. old brother were crossing the Grand River in Michigan, in December; the ice was 8 to 10 "
thick. About mid way I stepped onto an "Eddy" soft spot or hole. from all appearances the ice was uniform, & safe, every year
Ice fishermen drive their transportation onto "Safe" ice, every year a few lose to the unseen "Currents", some even while retracing
their wheel tracks back to shore. While troubleshooting a Magnetron (55KV output), I detected an unseen flaw in insulation, AND a weakness in my Safety gloves simultaneously! The Shock set me on the floor, without the glove my Heart would have stopped!

Quote AMEN-but watch your step! unquote. I was not arguing with you, just reminding you that there are "unknowns" everywhere.
I am living on extended time, should be dead twice, how many unknown times have all of missed that fate?
I in my 74 years have been blindsided many times, made a fool more and cheated over & over, follow what ever path but "take Care"!
I'll comment on your other discriminatory remarks later. Amae.

RanD said...



Rice Farmer said...

A friend of mine in Australia recently drilled for water on his property and found oil! However, the oil was just a bit mixed in with water in a layer of shale. It just goes to show that there's oil all over the planet, but whether it's commercially exploitable or not is another question entirely.

Office of the Cultural Liaisons said...

Enjoyed see the clip the WSJ provided. Along with your comments James Hillman paralleled about growth that at certain age the only thing that grows in an organism is cancer.

eyeballs said...

Of all of us, Gustav is doing the right thing. Bravo!

Jeff said...

Just when you thought you seen it all,the most rediculous statement ever,read for yourself...

businessman said...

A lot of people in here I believe have already seen this but I thought I'd pass it along just in case for those who haven't seen it.

This is a table published by the U.S. Department of Energy showing the oil production for 15 major oil producing countries for every single year going all the way back to 1960. In addition, the table shows the total global oil production for each of these years also:

Click Here for the Table

unrepentantcowboy said...


What happened to the idea of simultaneous release to pay-per-view?

I see no mention of anything to do with pay-per-view at the movie site now.

Hotspringswizard said...

Agape, regarding your comment, " you are new ", I would assume you are refering to my few postings here. I have been following Mike's work through his FTW days, his time in Ashland, Venezuala, back to the states, and was here from the beginnings of FTW2, following all of the postings, including yours.

Your expression, " Your 9:12 post is all wrong " is surely an overstatement on your part. You may feel I have assessed you wrongly, but most of the content of that 9:12 post was about me, and you don't know me. So is your reference discriminatory, a prejudicial apraisel of me? I've read your many postings here at FTW2, your thoughts in them, but you have very little to refer to in judging me.

The way I see it, for the benifit of this blog and its purpose, there's no point in airing our perceived differances at any further length here. You can find my e-mail at my blog, and greater understanding of eachother could be found through the sharing of ideas with that means. Its not that I could not engage you more here, but I think what I suggested would be more benificial for the interest of FTW2.