Wednesday, November 11, 2009

FTW Files Petition For Judicial Review of BOLI Decision

Yesterday I filed the Petition For Judicial Review of the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries administrative order against FTW, Inc. This officially starts FTW’s (and by implication, Mike’s) appeal against the biased, wrong-headed and faulty BOLI decision that attempted to tarnish Mike Ruppert.

I’m only at the beginning of my research and preparation of this appeal, but I am already comfortable in saying that we will have a challenging time condensing all of the appellate issues. Make no mistake, however. This will be an uphill battle. And if we win, we can immediately expect a further appeal from BOLI to the State Supreme Court. Your donations have helped us make it this far, and I ask that you continue to help us see this through by donating to the FTW Legal Defense Fund.

All Mike Ruppert has ever asked for was a fair day in court; whether it be in the court of public opinion, or a court of law. We hope this appeal will get him that after three and a half years and more than $40,000.

Wesley T. Miller
Attorney for FTW, Inc.

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