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Confronting Collapse: The Crisis of Energy and Money in a Post-Peak Oil World -- by Michael C. Ruppert – I don’t have enough good words to say about Chelsea Green Publishing. I’m told we should have books at the San Francisco and Berkeley screenings coming up and I’m going to be only too happy to be there to autograph them. They should be in bookstores by December 15th.

It’s even up on Amazon already too. This will be a little fresher than the first version in many ways. If the movie moved you to look deeper, this is where you must go next – without delay. Please read on…


I know I said I was through with this but there must be exceptions. This story shows that our map was even better than we thought. Just before the attacks of 9-11 both I and others like Peter Dale Scott were looking hard at Colombia and Venezuela. We were calling it the next Vietnam. This British story tells us that what was "postponed" by 9-11 has picked up far ahead of where it left off. Somebody just turned the burner up a notch. I also read today that Chavez's government had seized 48,000 acres of farmland that was unused and neglected. He's putting people to work growing food.... Good for him. That's what we should be doing here -- right now.

The United States imports half of its oil from Latin America.

We made a map.



pstajk said...


agape wins said...

Great; welcome news about MCR's, book, & ours by way of our support!

Others may, surely will, disagree, but I find pstajk echoing, amplifying my thoughts, which I have been working around,
directing toward! Getting people to open up, share their insight, I find everyone more open, expressing what I could
feel/sense,but not read in the words, I can not think your thoughts, or write your words. I am just an old man, pointing
toward the future, if i(small) write ME(in my opinion) it will only restrict what you, Any/all of you are capable of.

This Blog in my humble opinion is the most Positive/Constructive, with the least profanity, Chest thumping, Credit making/Taking
of any I have found. The only way we will make it through this, is through sharing/cooperation, not selfishness which is founded in FEAR.
Did I read that or something hinting at that here?

Here is something to think about, we have in a mass "die off", however contrived, to come up with a way to save "Another" in order to save MY"self"; if you are the only surviver will the "Romans" allow you to LIVE-think again!!

The book, "Crowds And Power" tells the whole story, I must make the time to get things back on track,
for me, not that it effects anyone else.

Speaking of tracks, I don't know if this will work, but if anyone is willing, it explains (somewhat), Dreams, Time(or the lack of), what we think we know; what you receive may be 180 deg. from what I did, which is o.k.!





Here are the site links;


Isaac L said...

"The Book that inspired the Movie Collapse".

The movie came out before the book, no?

agape wins said...

I have not even seen the "trailer", (this Terminal has no sound card), what happened to Preview, did someone smear Slime all over it? But it seems like
a good follow up to CoLLapse, much better/more enlightening, than Capitalism, a love story!
Could be a double feature, Collapse to shock, as to where we are headed, followed by the Yes men, to show how we have arrived Here/now! The reality & the humor. Both sides of the coin.

I am not trying to steal MCR's Thunder, just add another piece to the puzzle, another mile marker on the map!


mskitty said...

A friend of mine's husband was pulled out of the reserves to serve the navy in Peru. I said, Peru? What the heck are we doing in Peru? Thanks for the update.

businessman said...

Isaac L...The book was originally released earlier in 2009 under the title "A Presidential Energy Policy", and now with the new publisher the book is being renamed to coincide with the title of the new movie.

businessman said...

It's interesting reading the news here in the USA telling us that the recession is now behind us. And we're also seeing information telling us that we may now see a "double dip" recession ahead of us.

LOL...I wonder how many people here feel that we've really pulled out of the recession that we've been experiencing.

Which got me to thinking...Any future terrorism acts that we experience here may be used to blame our deteriorating economic conditions on them.

"Clearly the recession was behind us and we were well on our way to solid prosperity once again. But these senseless acts of terror from people who resent us for our freedom have gotten in the way of our recovery."

agape wins said...

A lot of you are "Doubters"/"Critics", but is that in itself constructive?
Quantum theory applies to everything, "It" "is"And "it is not", likewise "here" & yet "There", you observe it & it changes, prove something, and someone will prove otherwise!
There IS a tipping point, be it 100, 1000, or 1,000,000-IT changes
all the time.
There is "Climate Change", yet there is a broader outlook, it depends where you look, what you measure, "Observed" "Warming" is linked directly to Population, AND/but/OR also with OIL/GAS!
Each of us looks out for #1, the Con's, as well as the Pro's, I will cheat, just as they will cheat, that is being Human.

Over all things are progressing toward another Ice Age. If you look at the USA, or Europe you see something different than The Third
World, just as F.Kamilov, writes, his is not ours.
The amount of energy you use/WASTE determines your "change", TRADING
Carbon, or eating "LOCAL" will not work; living like a "Third Worlder", or like WE did Pre OIL will; how many of your neighbors would/could do that!
TPTB will pull every string to avoid giving up "the GOOD LIFE".
Will you give up THE LIFE you have? Pro or Con Life change, it is coming Fast!!
Look after those you Love, plan for when the lights go out, when you cook your Turkey (if you have one) over a log! May God bless us all, Amae.

Peddler on the Hoof said...

will there be copies of the new book to buy at the sf/berkeley showings?

soggybottom said...

I am having trouble with this blog - it keeps telling me that I have the wrong password!! Is there hocus pocus going on?

soggybottom said...


OK my note to you seems to have gone through. Must be my old computer having a tantrum.

I wanted to blog:-

Thanks Raymond for the Gil Scrine web address. I have sent an e-mail requesting they stock 'Collapse'.

toner deeski said...

With regards to what US plans in South America may be....
The locations of the bases under negotiation raise further questions. None of the air bases are on the (Colombian) Pacific coast, from where aircraft on the Manta base patrolled for drug traffic — supposedly with great success, reflecting how traffic has increased in the Pacific. Two of the bases are clustered near each other on the Caribbean coast, not far from existing U.S. military sites in Aruba and Curaçao – and closer to Venezuela than to the Pacific Ocean. Why are U.S. negotiators apparently forgoing Pacific air sites, if the drug war remains part of the U.S. military mission? What missions "beyond Colombia's borders" are U.S. planners contemplating?

Guy Fawkes said...

Is there a way to block a poster's esoteric, vague pap? ... Ah well.

Apologies if I missed it, but will the re-release have new chapters and new subject material? While the original had a few distracting typos, I rather liked the presentation -- especially the cover.

As usual, Comcast is last in picking up the film onDemand. Woe is me.

RanD said...

Re all of the above, before, and in front of us: breathlessly beautiful.

juanito68 said...

Everyday, Mike's map is proven accurate- again tonight, on the news at Radio-Canada (CBC), Malalai Joya, an ex-elected member of the Wolesi Jirga from Farah province in Afghanistan, was telling "... the wrong policy of US and Nato, including Canada, they change Afghanistan into the center of drug...". Back somewhere around 2002, Mike was already talking about one of the mean reason our countrys are waging war there: opium.
I work on an radio station where most of the talk show hosts were pro Bush, pro war, against any action to minimize climate change (i could go on and on...) to make it short, they think that most of what is discuss here is BS, conspiracy theories... i have been trying to get them realize what's going on but with little result.
Back around 2002, after reading the FTW story about the opium surge in Afghanistan, i try to get them on that story without sucess. Since then, a lot of things have been prove on target.
Thanks again Mike for your bright analyses and your map. Hope the little i could send you help a bit. You sure did help my understanding of what's

Jon said...

I tried to find Collapse on Cox's On Demand service, and no luck. It was supposed to be available on 11/15. Maybe intentionally delayed?

MCR said...

The book has been updated and made fresher. Four new footnotes added. No new chapters and the 25 points remain unchanged. Plus, it's going to look like a real book. That's a long story I won't go into here.

Chelsea Green in the real thing and very much appreciated right now.


agape wins said...

Guy Fawkes said...Is there a way to block a poster's esoteric, vague pap? ... Ah well.

You know who you object to, just page down to the next post, I find everything here informative!

Here is something Concrete, Do what you do best, some of us can farm, others not, some would be dangerous Feeding themselves, forget about the rest of us; remember the ones poisoning us now are "Professionals"!
Some are best at keeping equipment running, others moving products, resources, People, & knowledge around.
Some make instructors, others Writers, Painters, or Entertainers (of all shades). Go in any Bookstore, why do you find so many Books? If things were so cut and dried, only "your" type would be sold.

Can you tell me, if you were to dig a hole in the ground, then fill it back in, and have dirt left over, which phase of
the moon it is? Could something besides the calender tell you what/when to plant, which "Weeds" to pull, & which not, when to harvest without some fancy device? If you do not dream about these things, stay away from my Field!
When I was 12, I knew I had a "Brown Thumb", I could not grasp that "Esoteric, Vague PAP", but I sure could tell when a machine needed work, or could be improved, That E-V-PAP I could visualize!
If your "Work" is not your LOVER, if you can't stroke her "Esoteric", Sense HER needs; You are both losers!

If your were with Josephus in that sewer, & couldn't visualize what was happening, you deserved to die!

Did you read this or just page down?
When TSHTF it's to late to discover you should be doing something else, something where you "Sense" What/when
without being told.

RanD said...

soggybottom-- When having the problem you describe, i've had success overcoming it by first securing a copy of what i want to send, then close out FTW altogether, bring up a new page, paste, and try sending again.
Doing a PREVIEW before trying to PUBLISH also seems a good thing to do. You may need to go through this more than once or even twice! Good luck!

Guy Fawkes said...

In regards to the Independent story, the U.S. does not get "half its oil from Latin America." Less than a third, actually, and that's if you don't consider domestic production, which would make it closer to 20%.

Still, it's significant.

Scott said...

Page 15, entry "Ending Fun Balance".

The FDIC is broke. Batten down the hatches.

Jackie said...

DNA profiling technology out of control in Britain:

RanD said...

Michael-- It's great you and Chelsea Green have come together. This publishing outfit is, as you're no doubt finding, focused on bringing the human condition into an exclusively sustainable future.

Congratulations to all of us!

soggybottom said...

Since I left a post yesterday (with its password problems) I have been receiving an e-mail, from all later posters, that they have left a post on 'Book Announcement'
This has never happened before so I imagine that the works have gummed up somewhere. I have no idea who to contact to fix this. Does it come from your end?
On a different topic and along the lines of Agape wins
I share with you the constant guiding thought that runs through my life

You are what you think
All that you are arises from your thoughts
With your thoughts you make the world


Line that up with String/Multiverse Theories and you have some very interesting possibilities for the future

trevbus said...

Wikileaks has released pager messages from 9/11.

From the file

2001-09-11 16:44:39 Skytel [004406474] C ALPHA STOP! CONNIE RICE PULLED THE PLUG. CIA ADVICED. ASAP (74

That would be the then National Security Advisor telling the intelligence apparatus that the operation is complete?

Searching for the number in the square brackets, there is this entry in messages_2001_09_11-06_40_2001_09_11-06_44.txt

2001-09-11 06:41:53 Skytel [004406474] C ALPHA ... got a "blank" page this morning ...not sure what that meant ... or intended to mean. (64

There also many entries containing ""

Peddler on the Hoof said...

The book releases 12/15 so no advance copies on sale at Berkeley or SF showings? Please confirm :)

Peddler on the Hoof said...

here's funny-jello biafra strikes again

audacity of HYPE

reminds of a shirt i screenprinted "audacity of depression" back in early october 08~~

Jeff said...

This is not good.bye bye dubai
This looks even worse

MCR said...

For PEDDLER -- Apples and oranges. Chelsea Green has advised that they are doing a print-on-demand run for SF and Berkely ahead of their standard, nationwide release. I was told the book will be complete but possibly without an index at those venues. -- I have heard nothing different to indicate that this has changed.

That's all I know.