Friday, November 20, 2009


One of the best things I ever did at FTW was to bring up good writers and thinkers. FTW was the first to publish Dmitry Orlov who has done so much to prepare us. He desribes what we can expect.

The Five Stages of Collapse

1. Stage one: Financial Collapse
2. Commercial Collapse
3. Political Collapse
4. Social Collapse
5. Cultural Collapse

I think everybody needs to break out their Dmitry Orlove reader right about now. We are just entering the second stage. We can expect to be able to function as something resembling normal until the end of Stage Three. That means there will be warning signs and time to prepare. We will not get caught flat-footed. How could we? We're the ones who made the map. Trust this. As to how long each stage lasts... that's anybody's guess right now.

Another rule of thumb is that with each new stage, things get less and less predictable/reliable.

What a horse race this is to get our message out as quickly as possible. The winds are now behind us.



PeakedOut said...

I went for a long bike ride today along one of northern California's rivers. Along both sides of the river massive construction efforts are underway to raise and improve the levies that provide flood control. The state has canceled many projects due to its budget crisis, but this multi-billion dollar effort continues unimpeded.

In recent years, I've become cynical and suspicious of all levels of government, so I was caught off guard today. I found myself wondering...

Hey, who went and did the right thing? Investing in infrastrucure improvements in the face of a $40+ billion budgetary shortfall? Amazing.

Of course my mind can conjure up numerous devious intentions behind this work, but I'll gladly allow my state government to spend money we can never repay on efforts that will reap real long term benefits. So today, I allow myself to be pleased and forgo the analysis. Must be the spirit of Thanksgiving. :-) Hope everyone else finds a bit of that in your daily life too.

liamnewman69 said...

"kingdom rise, kingdom fall"- an old rastafarian saying. One of my favorite concepts is that "the problems we face will not be solved by the minds that created them."- from a bumper sticker? And yet, they still think they are in charge, and will remain in charge, and are like "doing gods work"- Sachs of gold man. U Utah Phillips- "the people destroying the earth have names and addresses..." If it comes down to starvation times, and if WE are growing a lot of food, do we get to feed the children of the earth first? And let the bastards eat their money.

pstajk said...

im really excited to prepare to garden for the first time this coming spring ... really excited

agape wins said...


This is the only Vantage Point I can find, Jenna will have to clarify her source, if ever they post under something else.

I am confused, The Byline on the post is, Jenna Orkin, She/you have the "power of the Pen", you determine what appears in your post-AND also what is posted on this blog.
When/if I send you information I cede my power to you, if I expend the energy to compose a post, as we all do, I give you, or MCR the right, to edit/omit my input submitted under/over My name. I can include a source, BUT, I am the one that posted, sourcing can become endless-on, & on, & on.
I posted here, you posted here, & our readers read/should have read your quote of Vantage Point, which I did not find in the Casper Star Tribune.

The blog wouldn't accept Jenna's
quote/link because of the tag/link??!

Paul said...

15 Signs American Society Is Coming Apart at the Seams


thomas saranacas said...

Love your work mike. Have been a fan of Orlovs since his "Black Swan" post.

Another reource is "Zombie Squad". Substitute "starving, desperate people" for zombies, and you get their gist.

Never been a fan of lists. But I have started my very own survival guide. A compendium of how too's, and what nots. Anything I discover, I put in there. And also collect books. Not too many, just the useful ones.

Thanks mike. Your an asset to your country.

Unrepentantcowboy said...

Along those lines, there are also five stages of grief a dying person goes through.


Once you accept the premise we're phucked, any nice thing that comes along is a bonus and well worth savoring.

1_Crazy_Canuck said...

Good advice to brush up on Dmitry Orlov and the various stages of collapse. The only thing I am left to wonder is how much each stage of collapse will "bleed" into the other.

Being a crazy canuck, (from the amazing land of Canukistan) I have noticed an ignorance of grandiose porportion regarding the actual state of our country's finances.

While our country and the major banks have been touted as an "example" in how we weathered the meltdown over the last year, it's rather obvious that we (Canukistanians) have been deceived.

pstajk said...

Another great read for mental and emotional preparation:

Derrick Jensen: "What We Leave Behind"

Hef Lee said...

To me, ecological collapse should be on that list. a man who taught me speaks of diseases that wipe out the livestock and crops of man. that can sneak in anywhere on that list, and can be caused by man or nature.

great brain said...

pstajk, very nice to finally see reference to Derrick Jensen after reading this blog for a coupla years. For those who post here that haven't heard of Derrick please check out his webpage and read some of his material, it is unique and essential insight about 'civilization'.

Gustav said...

GEAB 39 is out:

Global systemic crisis – States faced with three brutal options in 2010: inflation, high taxation or default - here...

Man, things are picking up pace...

Be safe,

Sebastian Ronin said...

I would slot Social Collapse prior to Political Collapse. The collapse of the former creates the vacuum that sucks down the latter. Or does anyone really expect the junta and political elite to toss in the hat just because a few apartment and office buildings go tits up?

I'll offer my usual: the first to go will be the physical infrastructure (an energy no-brainer), followed by the institutional infrastructure, the institution of the large industrial nation-state inclusive.

Moral bankruptcy is the kiss of death for a state. Right now things are barely at a smooch. Tea Baggers, Constitutionalists, Three Percenters, etc. still think it possible to avert the ice berg. This is the demographic that stands to be the anvil, seeing as it is about to be economically gutted. The middle class, i.e. the center, literally will not hold.

Now all we need are a few hammers.

A peon said...

RanD said...

Although it invites ridicule, even censorship & condemnation -- to point out that global-wide "collapse" is but a sign of a far greater phenomenon than is so far being generally recognized -- it would be remiss of this writer to not, in service to the spirit of all that lives, state the following:

FDR has long been saluted for his ingenious yet entirely specious adage which goes: "There is nothing to fear but fear itself!" However, the truth is that ignorance, alone, is the exclusive source of all fears. And the greatest of those is threatened loss of what is considered of greatest value to oneself, i.e., one's personally deemed treasure(s). But life, itself, by self-evincing definition, never dies or is ever lost; whereas all else is inherently in a constant state of motion from one form to another, in unexpungeable response to the singular Source of existence which has mastery over it all, which Source is intrinsically unexpungeable life, itself.

As for those who have no useful sense of this, they have nothing more to expect than the loss of everything they might hold dear & valuable to themselves. And this is what the true essence of this so-called global-wide "collapse", of which all human kind are this dying world's intimately involved observers, is all about.

Quite frankly, RanD cannot imagine a greater more wonderful place to be.

agape wins said...

So glad to to be able to hear from all of you, outstanding posts by everyone on the last two threads, I feel at a loss, because I can't match what I see/read!

Just a little to think about, first about how we sometimes don't do what we have been trained for, and should KNOW/DO as second nature, and then how/why we
should reach out--but also must not block out help from someone "unworthy"/unknown.

"Before Kyah was born, Burrer was a certified nurse's assistant at Poplar Living Center. She cared for others, calmed them through their fears, comforted them. But, on that afternoon, with panic setting in, she remembered none of her training.".

These last two, a Dr. who has to decide if a Iraqi girl has as much value as an American soldier, and then; is the enemy,
even a suicide bomber worth saving?
The last another look at climate change on the same link.

And here is one more, I tried to get fired for almost 20 years, trained (Brought up to speed) 4 trainees.
All became good Technicians, all were smart enough to see what the future held, & found better employment in
the same field; I had too much "Customer commitment" (both ways) to quit; poor fool!
See your fired, under "Mash ups.


PeakedOut said...

Back in 1986, the band Talking Heads made a movie called True Stories. The above link is a song/video from the movie. The movie is all over the place, but this song was apparently a wake up call I missed. Some 15 years later, 9/11 and Mike ruppert would tear me from my slumber. I think I'll watch the movie again to see what else I missed.

Waking up has been painful and left me permanently in need of sleep. I often find myself longing for my days of ignorance and bliss.

eyeballs said...

Peon, interesting post.

The Unraveling of US Society has been going on for some time, however. Few realize that Homeland Security was dreamed up early in the Clinton Administration, and that ideas in PNAC and USAPatriot were being discussed in that administration. The Glass–Steagall Act was repealed in 1999, as well. Clearcutting was massively encouraged by the matrix system, a Clinton-era policy. Obama was obviously hired to cover for the immense crimes set in motion under Clinton and Bush.

What annoys me about the article is its outrage, as though the author had just awakened to find out that politicians lie and steal. The whole idea -- "We can take back this country" -- is so corny and useless. If you keep the institutions by which these jokers got into their privilaged positions, someone will climb into those positions pretty quickly after any "house cleaning".

Those who praise the US Constitution, as though it were doing just fine up till Bush got in, seriously need to do their history homework. The Constitution is based on the government of Venice, which fell to Napoleon in 1797 and never recovered its independence. It is a document looking backward to the eighteenth century enlightenment, to John Locke and the gentry revolution against absolute kingship. It did not anticipate the industrial revolution, which is odd because many of the founding fathers were well-versed in scientific discoveries and new theories, such as the 1776 publication of Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations (and Jeremy Bentham's Fragment on Government - google up the text, it's short and worth a read). The delegates at the Constitutional Congress watched an amusing demonstration of the first steamboat on a break from their deliberations, then went back in and designed a Constitution ideally suited for yeomen/gentry cooperation in 18th century England.

The United States was gutted by big industrialists as soon as there were big industrialists. In Hartmann's Unequal Protection, he notes that Lincoln had very lucrative contracts with the railroads. And it's often said that the railroads of the north won the Civil War. At any rate, they had taken over America by the time of Wounded Knee, if not way before. Those were the days known as The Gilded Age. Google that to find out what our precious constitution was doing to protect Americans then.

Leland Stanford, railroad tycoon, founded Stanford University in 1885, and a century later Condoleezza Rice was teaching political science there. I could go on and on. This is NOT a populist democracy, and has not been one in anyone's lifetime. Get used to it, and figure out something else to do, in order to save us, besides electing some other guy to the same silly ruse of a government.

gamedog said...

Soylent Anti wrinkle cream?

Gang 'killed victims to extract their fat'

Peruvian police arrest suspects who allegedly drained their victims and sold liquid as an anti-wrinkle treatment

We could light a candle for a few banksters, and render them useful!

getonid said...

Now that reports are out that emails have been hacked at the University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit (CRU), how does Michael Ruppert explain the fact that it appears to be that global warming (or global climate change) was a fraud all along?

Paul said...

Hold Off On Calling This Pandemic
Overblown or "A Dud" Just Yet


In the last few weeks, the mainstream media has really started to jump on the alternative media's bandwagon. They've highlighted wasted government investments in pandemic planning, mass vaccinations and even questioned a flu hype that never materialized. Something is going on, and it likely has to do with a strategy for what is coming in the next few weeks or months.


This maybe?

Panic over hundreds of flu deaths exploited by Ukraine's politicians

quote (The Guardian)

A flu pandemic in Ukraine that has triggered a nationwide panic is worsening this weekend with up to 400 deaths already reported.
The arrival of the virus, suspected by the World Health Organisation to be swine flu but possibly a combination of the H1N1 strain and a respiratory illness, has paralysed the country's fragile health system and could even lead to the postponement of the general election which is scheduled for 17 January.
Seven people died and 35,000 new cases were reported on Friday, said the health minister, bringing the total number of people infected to 1.6 million out of a population of 46 million.


Or this perhaps?



Doctors in the Ukraine have accused the President, Viktor Yushchenko, and his agents of committing genocide in a letter published on the Ukrainian website Rupor Info, sparking fears that the reports of the deaths of thousands of people from artificially created pandemics and vaccinations are true.
The doctors accused the Yuschchenko of deliberately creating "epidemics" in specific regions for political reasons. 

By the ploy of pandemics, the doctors say Yushchenko was able to postpone elections he would have almost certainly lost, declare martial law and remain in power as president.


Stay safe. Namaste.

sunrnr said...

"The Dollar Bubble" -

Another opportunity for MCR & Jenna to say "I told you so!" and the rest of us to go "Ohhhh, $!@#%%! (substitute cuss word of your choide).


daytripper said...

I just watched collapse. I am not a student of higher education however the things Michael spoke of have seemned obvious to me for a long time.For some odd reason I welcome the collapse and am looking forward to the anger stage especially. I guess I'm in need of therapy.