Monday, November 09, 2009

Mike Ruppert to Take Collapse Questions at LA Screenings Nov 13TH and 14TH

Nov. 9, 2009 -- Mike will be making his first public appearance since June 2006 to do Q&A with the audience at the first evening screening of CoLLapse this Friday and Saturday. Director Chris Smith will not be in attendance. Show times for the screenings at Laemmle's Sunset 5 theaters have not been announced but should be up today or tomorrow at the Collapse web site.

He will also take Q&As for the two evening screenings in San Francisco on December 4th.



F.Kamilov said...


The links below refer to two emergency situations now arising in Pakistan, to do with fuel. These are important news items:

1) A shortage of petroleum products in Pakistan looms in the weeks and months ahead, not because of any dwindling supply of crude - but because the treasury, which has been robbed clean, doesn't have the money to pay the refineries:

2) The Pakistani government has also just announced a 4 month schedule to ration Natural Gas during the winter season, because the country's reserves are under heavy strain. CNG filling stations are going to be mainly affected. Pakistan is said to be the third largest user of CNG for automobiles in the world, after Brazil and Argentina:\11\06\story_6-11-2009_pg7_40

Jenna Orkin said...

Sarah Sofia Ganborg has left a new comment on your post "MIKE RUPPERT TO TAKE COLLAPSE QUESTION AT LA SCREE...":

Interesting blog!

here is something which you might find interesting:

see you around!

Serry J said...

WHERE in LA is the screening?

agape wins said...

Good update F.Kamilov, Thanks.

Here is a little to be aware of could you be Framed?


I truly "don't know you", I am going over your Blog before commenting, but I will not "Judge" where you "stand"!
The context of our discussion "IS" of benefit here as can be seen by Sebastian Ronin's latest, & gamedog's just below it.
I admire Sebastian,& value his viewpoint, as I do yours, BUT we need to stop Naming/Branding those we disagree with.
All it does is divide us; We each of us thinks/ACTS in OUR OWN best interest--- which is another way of saying: Only I can say where I stand; some times I am liberal, sometimes, conservative; Green a little, mostly brown; as I said "Leave your Dagger at home".
I will ALWAYS do what Benefits me MOST/or what I think will, YOU will act in your best interest, sometimes betraying who you thought you were, Our life as we know it is ending, I will stand by you, although we may "differ/or not" on some issues.

I support "EVERYONE" who posts here even NB Patton (I wish he would post again); I can't sleep in your bed, ,or determine
if you have one.
In Grade School I did poorly on tests, none of the "smarter" kids would help me, but later when I was getting A's they were asking
Me for the answers, not how to solve the problem. You want me, and RanD, to write in plain simple words so you don't have to think
about what you THINK; you want me to say what I know,what I think you should think, Life doesn't work that way!
F.Kamilov, lives a different life than you or I, and I do not fault him for thinking differently than "Western", someday soon we all may be thinking
"Eastern", or more Primitively

Mike said as much as, "You don't know me, don't prejudge me or my actions, please."!

Sebastian, you may need the support of those "Greens", & "Cornucopian liberals" as you have negatively labeled them, don't turn your back on "THEM", what box have you hidden them in?
As to my level of importance, I am not any more important than any other Quantum bit, I don't expect to see the World You devise, make sure you know where you want to go, THINK! Don't end up like those brave Souls who started the French and Russian Revaluation's (ALL DEAD)!

To make it over the Rubicon will take more than "MY OWN SELF INTEREST", remember that when your friends leave you (or are Dead).

I asked before, why did Tanks do poorly in WWI, but well in WWII & since?
Why did Wagons, & early "Motor Cars" have tall, narrow wheels, & why were long legged Horses favored?

agape wins said...

I was pointing out the difference in
the posting of Sebastian Ronin and
gamedog; both to content and tone.
which one was most constructive?

businessman said...

I'll be driving to L.A. to see the movie Friday night...and I'm bringing some friends from L.A. along with me.

Dave Z said...

IEA Whistleblower

v said...

Key oil figures were distorted by US pressure, says whistleblower

Very, very interesting article!!!



Kate T said...

The shit has hit the fan:

Key oil figures were distorted by US pressure, says whistleblower

gamedog said...

Tks for the links eyeballs, it makes me wonder how far back to draw the line, maybe as far back as the invention of banksters!

Sebastian: "As Rubicon was being wound down there was a quick, off-hand statement to the effect of, "Forget about bringing 'the mass' onside; it is a write-off. What is called for is the creation of a dedicated cadre(s)." If someone can come up with the page number, that would be great."

That's twice you have accredited a similar quote to MCR/Rubicon

Since I gave my copies of mikes books away with the message "pass it on" scrawled in the inside cover, I keep a PDF copy of Rubicon. After miltiple word searches trying to find the quote you mention I could only come up with the following "message"...

"Given the hundreds of thousands of non-combatant deaths in the resource wars of Afghanistan, Iraq, and so many other places; given the deaths in Europe and
Asia from extreme weather conditions in both summer and winter months; given the murderous, smoldering conflict in Nigeria and other oil-rich countries where corporate power combines with the forces of local warlords; given all this, Peak Oil
is killing us now. That, and the argument that these are the merest hints of what Peak
Oil is going to bring, is the message of this book."

This is the closest quote...

"What Rudolph Giuliani said on May 19th is etched in stone. It cannot be denied. What
was also immensely hope-giving was watching how an entire new cadre of dedicated Americans had taught themselves to investigate, to make records, to protect evidence,
and to respond quickly. As a group we had come a long way since September 11th."

doesn't calling for "hypothetical cadre(s)" sound a little.... Cornucopian anyway, weather or not this cardre accepts your assertion the "masses can't be brought on side"?

If the Masses can't be brought on side, why are we bothering here, is it purely out of self interest as agape contends?

businessman said...

Serry J...Here's the link to all of the currently scheduled screenings of "Collapse"...both in the theaters and on pay-per-view TV at home. Click on the link for the November 13th Los Angeles showing, and you'll be taken to the Web page for the Laemmle Sunset 5 Theaters in Hollywood. That theater plans on announcing the upcoming showtimes for "Collapse" later today.

All of the theater screenings on this Web page are scheduled to run for one week:

Click Here for the Theater Screenings

F.Kamilov said...

Agape, apropos "Framing":

As the locals like to say in our area: "These are the End Times, any darn thing is possible!" Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha or :)))))))), whatever!

Certainly a useful tidbit.

eyeballs said...

We can ignore the question, whether humans (as a species) are basically good or evil. From empirical observation, it’s clear that first world humans - especially Americans, British and Japanese (IMHO) - have been deliberately and systematically infantilized by consumerism, to the aggrandizement and empowerment of a small "elite". This is most unfortunate, as it more or less disqualifies the masses from participating meaningfully in the creation of a better future

In good times, we might minister to their psychic ailments, help them along to understand the effects of their actions and to see how the world really works and their part in it. And even in the worst of times we can act with compassion in some ways, feeding the hungry and calming the hysterical. But bringing round the whole population to a sane, productive state of mind, in which they would be valuable partners in the creation of a new and wholesome future ... man that's just impossible.

Right now, I'd say less than two percent "get it" in any helpful sense. Being "against Bush" brought lots of confused people together, but most managed to avoid putting the pieces together and now think they are "saved" because the president is black and knows where all the countries are. If we could get even ten percent of the people to abandon their complicity with the behavior that is ruining us, and turn instead toward valuable alternatives, I believe the rest could be dragged along by some kind of Straussian myth, various drugs and the old bread and circus combo.

Am I talking like a neocon? No, because those apes want to fool the people in order to steal them blind and enslave them. I want to keep them calm enough, and moving gradually in the right direction, that they do not create major disruptions while the real work is going on.

"The rub" is that it takes control of the government and media (or at least it always has) to move the masses, and in order to get control of those, we would have to more or less become what THEM are. No government seems likely to actually provide the kind of leadership called for in Presidential Energy Policy. And we, the sighted two percent, must do the real work without those vital tools of control.

Since we're already engaged in the work, wouldn't it be prudent to allow the government, willing as it is, to deceive the masses a bit longer? Don't we have a common cause with those clowns, in that we do not want mass hysteria? (They for their reasons, we for ours?)

I say, let the masses believe that next year they'll be pouring algae in their tank, or solar rays or whatever. Let them wait for the green shoots to put them back to work. Let them continue to invest in cap and trade or whatever scam the Evil Wizards of Wall Street devise. Meanwhile, let our gardens bulge with organic veggies; let's learn to build bicycles and solar panels; let's prepare to feed far more people than we know, and bandage them if necessary; let's grow grain on disused public land, plant fruit trees, squat in abandoned buildings, give each other rides on the highway and pass round helpful herbs.

When the deluded masses meet their hour of crisis, at least some of us will be positioned to offer a better way, to which at least many will instantly convert. Those who do not may in fact be culled, or suffer till they make appropriate changes. The work we do now, in the short time that is given us, may make the difference for a lot of folks who cannot presently add much value to our efforts.

But f'cryinoutloud, DON'T wake the masses till you're ready to deal with them.

Tulsequa said...

9/11 was used to justify the attack on Afghanistan - and is the basis for the lie used by the Bush/Cheney/ Rumsfeld crime familyto justify the war against Iraq. The number of Iraqis slaughtered in the US war And occupation of Iraq "1,339,771"

"In John Farmer's book: "The Ground Truth: The Story Behind America's Defense on 9/11"-

The 9/11 Commission Rejects Own Report as Based on Government Lies"

Gordon Duff |

Has anybody read this book?
This IS the top censored story of
2009. The book has been out for one and a half months - since Sept/09 - and the media is dead silent.

Hotspringswizard said...

Agape, regarding your comment, " You want me, and RanD, to write in plain simple words so you don't have to think
about what you THINK; you want me to say what I know,what I think you should think, Life doesn't work that way! ". Are you related to Donald Rumsfeld? Ah if we could only understand the unknowns of what we think we know :-)

Anyway, what you have written above is a perfect example of what I was referring to. I do my best to put my thoughts to word in a form that all may understand what I wish to convey/communicate. Say a guy like Rice Farmer. His thoughts are put in a form that are easily understandable, with no esoteric qualities or intent to be seen. I appreciate greatly his humble manner and unpretentiouness.

None of this has anything to do with me not wanting to " think ".
And its not about me being incapable of understanding complex concepts either. What Mike shared in his book Crossing The Rubicon is material full of intracacies, and yet I understood Mikes thoughts, what he was conveying. Perhaps you feel your message is esoteric, only meant to be understood by a select few. But just because someones thoughts are nebulous, does not necessarily mean there is something of value to them.

I come here to consider others thoughts and ideas about the coming great transformations occuring now in our world. I go to many sources since important truths do not reside in just one place. I appreciate that people are differant, and have varied perspectives. If I share my ideas, I " really do " want others to understand what I'm trying to say. I have no need to dress my words in fancy garb to impress people. There are many great challenges before us, and perhaps through our " clear " communications we may find a better path for ourselves, and a greater understanding of what lies before us.

zeusij said...

If you have directv, please write to them requesting that they show collapse with directv on demand. =)

F.Kamilov said...

I had further thoughts triggered on the subject of "Framing" as reported by Agape above. As the posting was too large for this message board to accommodate, I have put it on my blog, and those who wish to see it may peruse it there, at:

Dean said...

I'm not having much luck finding tickets online for the LA show. Any word if they are doing presales on these showings?

Dean said...
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Paul said...

State to 'spy' on every phone call, email and web search

And so the 2% of us who are aware of what is happening will be identified and logged.... And what would TPTB do with this info? I dread to think....

By the way, excellent post Eyeballs - and obviously Jenna too - thank you!


LeoBro said...

Carolyn Baker's excellent review of CoLLapse.

dalex said...

(Regarding earlier blog post about WSJ review and its implications)
It seems unrealistic to believe that TPTB have omnipotent control over all media content. "They" may dictate policy and provide or exclude certain coverages -- but they cannot (and don't need to) review and approve day-to-day editorial choices. I think it's great that CoLLapse was mentioned in the WSJ; it's just amusing, satisfying, and ironic that the review appeared in such an unlikely place. I certainly wouldn't lose any sleep about Mike being co-opted.

dalex said...

Gustav: You have great plans for your farmland; just do it! If others participate, that's wonderful, but don't wait for their involvement! You will probably surprise yourself with your own success. Learn what you can from your "Landlord" and other farmers in your area -- but don't be afraid to try new things. You can plan for spring, or just start now! If Eliot Coleman (The Winter Harvest Handbook) can grow salad crops in Maine in the middle of winter (using unheated hoop houses, and similar low-tech methods), then you can, too. Here in North Carolina (relatively mild winters) my cabbage, cauliflower, collards, and mustard are thriving with no protection at all. We both have much to learn (this is my first year of serious growing, too) - but the task is very rewarding. Here is how Thomas Jefferson felt about it:
"No occupation is so delightful to me as the culture of the earth, and no culture comparable to that of the garden."

Happy cultivating,
- Don

Raymond said...

Global oil supply 'far worse than admitted'

businessman said...

The showtimes for "Collapse" in L.A. this Friday and Saturday are:

1:00pm 3:10pm 5:20pm 7:30pm 9:55pm

Will MCR be answering questions at the 7:30 p.m. showings on both of these nights?

unrepentantcowboy said...

I just received a copy of the print on demand version of a presidential energy policy from Amazon.

While bookstores won't buy POD books (and it isn't really about the returns policy--just another way monopolistic publishers keep the competition down and screen subject matter), the profits on an individual copy of a book sold are usually quite a bit higher.

Most newspapers won't review POD books (see the above explanation), but the attention your movie is going to get may sell quite a few books, despite the book being a POD book. I'm not sure how well bookstores are doing in the current economic climate.

Be careful before entering an agreement with a publisher. You may be better off with what you have.

Spoken from personal experience.

Velobwoy said...

Divining the Next Crisis: All Eyes on the Dollar

agape wins said...

businessman, eyeballs, F.Kamilov, gamedog, Gustav, Hangdog, Hotspringswizard, OrwellianUK, Sebastian Ronin , sunrnr
& Tulsequa: All excellent posts

I am going out on a limb, I expect that you/We all, knew this all along!

It's not about me (no man is an island!), yet we can't worry about, let alone save everyone; that doesn't mean we have the right/responsibility
to shut out anyone who is interested-however misguided they seem, if there is an interest in the problem & it's solution, there is promise.
Remember in the "Paradise" we aim for we will need, Farmers,Lawyers,Teachers,Administrators, & Planers!
We will need people to entertain; would you enjoy a single form of Music, could you read Shakespeare, or Zane Gray forever?

I enjoy what/how Ricefarmer writes (wish there was more), But I enjoy Kamilov, & RanD more; I grew up with books and find non readers
"different", I enjoy complexity, it's enjoyable to reread a page to clarify, not only what was written, but how it related to my mind/ possibly changing what/how I "Know"?! I understand Here/There, Dead /Alive, YesANDno. I understood Quantum, and Ambiguity, Game Theory, & confusion/indecision
at an early age. For an understand why things are not as cut and dried as Hotspringswizard wishes, you will have to understand how "rationality" changes the meaning of our words.

Or you can read the first 3 chapters of "The Predictioneers Game" for examples of how we make decisions in real life!

I have only positive Thoughts/wishes for everyone here, Amae.

F.Kamilov, I absorb everything you write, Thanks

wez said...

and so it begins...L.A. Times, Calendar Section, 11-10-09, subtle (not so subtle to me!)smear job on MCR ... comparing him to a "Glen Beck" ... another fringe figure... full of paranoia and unsubstantiated claims...tho the movie reviewer does say Collapse is fascinating to watch, the hatchet job on Mike's cred woven tightly in his twisted little review...I'd like to twist his little balls off

Ghost Lead said...

Wondering if you could post the show times and location Mike will be speaking. I could figure 5:20 is evening when the later 7:30 pm show at the Laemmle on Fri. was the actual speaking time.Or is he at the at South Coast Village - Santa Ana/Costa Mesa at what time?

Perhaps this time Mike i'll have time to ask some questions.

Hi Rags

Hotspringswizard said...

Well I just purchased a ticket online for the showing of Collapse at the Laemmle Sunset 5 Theatre ( in LA ), at 7:30PM Saturday evening. The Collapse website says this evening that Mike will be there after the 7:30 showings both Friday and Saturday. Don't catch H1N1 between now and then Mike, because I hope to hear what you have to say. Pretty long drive for me coming from the high desert northeast of LA :-)

And Agape, I appreciate these sentiments of yours, " I have only positive Thoughts/wishes for everyone here, Amae."

We all will certainly have much more to share and consider as our precarious future unfolds.

gamedog said...

Here's the LA Times link.

'Collapse' is the strangest doomsday film yet,0,7256272.story

same story on the blog, but with a trailer...

Apocalypse now: 'Collapse' and the end of the world as we know it

... and a comments section.

Sebastian Ronin said...

gamedog, thank you for the efforts made to track down the creation of “cadres” in Rubicon. I could have sworn that was the source. I stand corrected. I would like everyone to take note that there was no intent to mislead nor to attach proposals to MCR’s name that were unwarranted. I am at a loss then in which Peak Oil book I stumbled across that notion. It is much too political and “edgy” for run-of-the-mill, Peak Oil pop literature, e.g. Heinlein, Kunstler.

agape wins, re “branding” and the so-called “negative labeling” of Greens, in your opinion. First of all, let us distinguish between lower-case “greens” and upper-case “Greens.” The latter are those who endorse a political worldview and are party members, with all that that implies.

The “branding” is a necessary political function undertaken to determine where one’s support lies and where it does not lie. Demographics, psychographics, support base, etc. are all related. It is a numbers game, yes? It is an effort to identify, objectively, where and how it is best and most safe to tread upon the map. I repeat a claim made in here before: the map is not the territory. That is a standard information theory principle. It is an entirely different game from the comfort of floating and fishing with subjective pronouncements and interpretations of social phenomena that do not exist beyond the mind that makes them.

As you know, I have just come out of a five-month encounter of letting my name stand for the Green Party of Nova Scotia. In time, I shall put up and/or direct readers of this blog to a post-campaign analysis and debrief. Suffice it to say that, as the Peak Oil candidate, I got smoked. On the upside, the defeat was so extreme as to paradoxically flip it into a victory. Not much has changed since my first encounter with Green politics 25 years ago.

As Peak Oilers advocating a true paradigm shift (and I really wish people would take the time to read Thomas Kuhn’s “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, published 1962, for it was he who coined the term), we transit from a strictly Copernican phase to the Keplerian. I maintain that until such time as “the movement” goes political, beyond the blinders and limitations of standard political institutions, it is all for naught. The political maxim of, “What must be done?” supersedes all wishful thinking of “What would we like to do?” I would imagine that Kalimov agrees. Within such latter context, Greens have not only become dangerous with their now co-opted globalist structure, mandate and naiveté, but more importantly for Peak Oilers, they are in the way! Should you wish, I would gladly expand on this hypothesis.

eyeballs, re “Right now, I'd say less than two percent ‘get it’ in any helpful sense.” This is a very long shot, don’t you think? It is in keeping with Rep. Roscoe Bartlett’s 1/100. Based on my experience, observation and analysis, I would put the number at 1/1000, especially if you are to qualify with “helpful sense.”

Re , “When the deluded masses meet their hour of crisis, at least some of us will be positioned to offer a better way, to which at least many will instantly convert.” I am not convinced. Fear and desperation usually result in more base human conduct. Just to put it out there for discussion and dialogue, has it ever crossed anyone’s mind that what is consciously being put into play is scorched earth?

Hotspringswizard, re “I still respect those that are trying change things on a larger scale, but IMHO their efforts will be overwhelmed by the realities of the collapsing conditions, and the vast dis-array and social disruptions from the masses.” I agree, however, should you be referring to my efforts they are not targeted at the situation as it currently sits; they are targeted at the situation as it will sit in several years time, i.e. as you call it, the “collapsing conditions.”

F.Kamilov said...

Severe Natural Gas depletion crisis looms ahead in Pakistan:

1) CNG prices to be raised by 25-50%

2) Pakistan's National CNG dealership association threatens indefinite strike (70% of Pakistan's vehicles are fitted for CNG)

3) Pakistani natural gas depletion vigorously apace

Sebastian Ronin said...

@ wez re "smear job on MCR ... comparing him to a 'Glen Beck'."

A la Ghandi, we are at the second stage of four: first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you...then you win!

This type of brush stroke is an obvious risk, one that I'm sure MCR was/is aware of. It comes with the turf. Let us not forget, there is no such thing as "bad" publicity.

We could pull a page from Col. Tom Parker, not just for MCR but for "the movement" as a whole. It is not widely known that "the Col." had been a carny prior to crossing paths with Elvis. He knew exactly how to market him within that given historical context, i.e. mid-1950's. The Col. consciously, with intent, marketed Elvis as a "freak." The rest is history, as they say.

sunrnr said...

MCR - Congratulations, your movie "CoLLapse" has popped up on George Ure's site ( this morning.

Quote "Coping: Bummer Movies
Getting on down the road toward 2012 seems to be concurrent with a rise in movies that could be a serious bummer for those folks that just want to get along with life. The NY Times site has a trailer for the new movie Collapse, for example.

then on Friday we get the answer to the question "Who will survive 2012" The answer - if you haven't already guessed - is not many. That is, if the 2012'ers are right.

The problem is that even if the 2012'ers are not right, there is still the whole problem which "Collapse" brings up - and it's a nasty one: All it takes is a major spike in oil prices/shortfall in supplies due to whatever and the 'civilized world' (whatever that is) could just simply begin to fall apart.

Seems like a fine time to be working on the fine art of detachment: Not getting too involved (if at all) in the left-right political game. Focusing instead on food, shelter, and being away from crowds. Pay the taxes, drive within the speed limit, and generally maintain a low profile. At some level there's a real threat that global system collapse will show up despite best efforts of a power & control structure to work it for their own ends, the simple strategy now in play is 'get through it.'" Enquote

The word is getting out. It will take on a life of its own that will be too far spread to discredit.


RanD said...

Hotspringswizard... I generally but not entirely endorse what you've been saying recently. From my perspective your contributions to this site are valuable & welcome; I'm very glad you're here sharing yourself. As for the ongoing back-&-forth between you and Agape, however, I've been inclined to go with where he's coming from.

Agape and RanD had their tussle too. That one developed because I wasn't being successful at comfortably tuning in on what Agape was saying as a consequence of what I considered to be his 'incoherent' writing style -- (perhaps produced of a directly correlated reasoning paradigm?). What's more, I came right out and told him so and outrageously 'advised' that he seek out a shrink to advise him of his need to perhaps reduce his excessive informational intake! HA! To shorten the story to my point, everything soon enough worked out fine between us and we now see ourselves as a couple of friendly old dogs who happily sniff and woof at each other's comments down here at FTW -- knowing we're feeding out of the same old bowl of self-sustenance. In fact, our only real differences are in the ways we choose to variously express ourselves and how we view the scenery.

Have a good day!

Gustav said...

dalex - thanx.

In these times any encouraging word is "gold plated" :)

And I am grateful for the info on the book - wil try to get it in Slovenia or will buy one on Amazon - however, my monthly "internet" budget is unfortunately limited to 15€ to 20€ tops.

In the teaser of CoLLapse, Mike says "You have to BELIVE, that you will survive" - and I am happy to say, that I do.

As scared and confused as I was cca 2 years ago, as I started to follow this blog, I really think I grew up in more ways than one.

Thanks again to you Dalex, and Namaste to all.


Robert Paulsen said...

Just bought my ticket for the 7:30 showing for November 13. Looking forward to your Q&A, Mike. Still trying to think of a question that you haven't heard a million times before in your college speaking engagements.

OregonSurvivor said...

Here is a great example of what we are up against. This is an RV and Campground industry publication, with an article under the heading Environmental News.

It begins, "Why has the federal government, especially Congress and the White House, not brought out into more open discussion, the fact that the known oil reserves within the borders and jurisdiction of the United States, shale and otherwise, exceeds 3 trillion barrels? If our nation were to use 1 billion barrels per month, it would take 240 years to use our known reserves."

See page 16 for this compelling article by Larry.


What a relief!

eyeballs said...

Oregon Survivor, that's GOOD news. It's not likely that the RV industry will seriously impact energy legislation. But it does indicate that a huge number of campsights and hookups are going begging, now that gas is expensive. I imagine that a number of small motels along the Oregon Coast are looking for new owners, too.

As motor travel falls off, these places can be put to new use. Well developed KAOs are natural refugee camps -- not the kind that the government would choose, of course, but possibly the final site for former "homeowners" who can still afford a used camper and a (more or less permanent) space in the campground. There are showers, sewers, connections to the electric grid and internet, and they're usually in beautiful areas -- often handy to small towns.

A cool thing about culture change is that the first to shed old cultural habits and embrace new ways will find huge resources to retrofit and use in this new, third worldish economy. The RV Association may moan about loss of a dinosaur industry, but their eco-niche can easily be filled by a hardier species. For those with capital and foresight, a disused RV park or motel could be just the prime investment for a powerdown future. Add some solar panels and community garden plots...

Raymond said...

Gustav and Dalex, please keep posting. I feel I'm listening to someone tell my story too. And I think sometimes this blog spends too much on esoteric and philosophical rather than practical, so its great to hear your real experiences in creating a new world for you and your families.

I'm not afraid to admit than when I discovered FTW and peak oil it scared the hell out me.

Six years later, sold house, business, moved from city to rural, to a town where "peak oil" is talked as freely as "rising house prices" and "wealth creation" were in the city.

Started an organic produce business to make connections in the community with gardeners and growers. And this year with 3 fellow peak oilers planted our first acre.

I have no fear anymore. I love this new life. I'm broke, but I have no debt. My kids laugh every day. They will grow up surrounded by people who get it and will lend a hand. And I'm done talking, campaigning, arguing with those that dont/ wont.

Live well.


soggybottom said...

For the past twentyfive years my partner and I have been setting ourselves up to be as self-sufficient as possible. Not because of peak oil, or the collapse of the world economy or even a possible flu pandemic. We saw what big business was doing to our food supply - artificial fertilizers, pesticides, growth hormones for dairy cows, inappropriate feedstuffs for animals, Genetically modified food, GM soya in all breads - the list is endless. We decided we wanted a healthy future and the only way to have that was to be as self-sufficient in food as possible not to mention our own water supply (Fluoride in municipal water).
We were considered a little eccentric by most people but now it would seem we have done ourselves quite a favour, as we could quite comfortably weather the coming collapse.
So I read FTW with a sense of dismay that the majority of people in the western world will find themselves without shelter (Mortgage failure) without food (no money to buy, even if there was food to purchase)and no medical backup.
But is it so surprising that most of the population don't want to hear this? All my life TPTB, in order to control the masses, have constantly kept people in a state of fear/agitation over something/anything, and when that fear does not materialise they move on to the next one. When the cold war with Russia came to an end we waited for the next calamity to occur. Lo and behold The millenium computer disaster,9/11, war with Iraq, possible nuclear war with Iran and on and on'
Now we have a genuine disaster looming in climate change and peak oil and the reaction is ho hum business as usual.
We lived through the 50s' & 60s' with the threat of a worldwide nuclear holocaust. Sorry but TPTB have cried wolf too often for us ordinary people to even hear the death knell of our own demise.
I don't blame anyone for not wanting to hear all about this collapse stuff when butter, the horror food of the arteries is now deemed 'good'(as it always was)
Sadly I believe collapse is coming but for most people they won't believe until its staring them in the face, when of course it will be too late.
Personally I am tired of trying to assist my fellow man by informing him of what is imminent. The blank looks the scathing comments of fear-mongering and the hints of paranoia.
All I can do is be on hand to assist where I can when the SHTF.

Hotspringswizard said...

Sebastian, I was making a " general " comment when I referred to respecting those who are trying to change things on the large scale. I do have some familiarity with your efforts having looked at your site:

in the past at a time when I even shared a couple of e-mails with you. Its been in my favorites collumn since then. When I e-mailed you was some time ago so you may not remember that. Anyway it seems that I may have seen the other site you put up the link for in your recent reply. I'll take a look through it to see if its content looks familiar.

RanD, thanks for sharing your thoughts and friendly sentiments. So you and Agape as you say it are like, " old dogs who happily sniff and woof at each other's comments ". Perhaps I'll woof back at you guys from time to time :-)There's a quite an array of differant perspectives here, each unique in its own way. I find the sharing of ideas with others on these pressing issues to be rewarding and helpful, increasing my knowledge of where I stand, and providing me also ideas on what things I could do to prepare, mentally and otherwise.

I consider this site and important resource. I think of the prospect of the internet ever becoming unavailable for what ever reasons, intentional or otherwise. The net offers un-parallelled access to vast information. We would be blinded badly without it. So in this time I feel I/we should be learning as much as possible about whats going on because if things degrade very badly and quickly, we may have to function without this critical window on the world.

eyeballs said...

soggybottom, what a great (and humbling) post.

You say:

All I can do is be on hand to assist where I can when the SHTF.

We know more or less what will need done, at that time. But do you or anyone have ideas about preparation to help others? I agree that right now most people just repay the activist's concern with scorn (or at best a shrug). Yet, although people will be anxious to receive help later, they will also be a crazy lot to deal with, having just woken to the surprise of losing most of their treasured assumptions (not to mention, possibly, their home, job, car, and health).

This is a very good time to discuss preparations for assisting our neighbors, whom we will be unable to ignore. My garden is not safe if you don't have one, for instance. Garden building, then.

What else?

businessman said...

Great fricking post, soggybottom!

RanD said...

Hey Wow Sebastian...! I see you again displaying some of that wonderful hotbed of shit-or-get-off-the-pot objectivity I began smelling when first reading you way back when. This recent exercise with politicized greenism has perhaps moved you to consider aiming beyond what I see as the interminably sucking black hole you've been waltzing with? If so, I then decorate your crown with feathers! and suggest you consider trying to operate beyond the box, including beyond Magister Ludi's, and see what happens when you let the dying bury the dying. If I'm wrong, then chalk these words up to just another outburst of RanD's insufferable mouthiness, while I nonetheless appreciate your having given me an excuse for sharing the following:

Our human species' currently collapsing operational paradigm has served its/our purpose(s) well; yet it's also ever been perched to meet its death, having always been approaching that inevitable and essential moment of absolute self-dissolution. Sure, there's much of timeless value that's been produced of it, just as planned; and we damn sure need to get ourselves fully consciously into the process of identifying and salvaging those timeless values. The rest of it, however, only the mentally blind would fail to see is turning into pure shit that is in ever-growing need of being sensibly dealt with.

From all knowing perspectives FTW is the cadre, the phalanx, the Universe's sanctum sanctorum of the moment. "We" are the blossoming factory out of which "we" are preparing ourselves to produce the next world of human kind's "mass(es)". It's right here and right now that we're being given to begin seeing & accepting ourselves as the full-blown, fully alive, and fully self-conscious integral components of existence that we are, and stop habitually functioning as if we were but mere half-conscious half-stupid half-minded mechanical instruments of a from-its-outset self-enslaving mere eventually & purposely disposable developmental paradigm. Here we are being set up to be reborn again, just as we've reborn ourselves numberless times before; only this time we're doing it from the most democratic foundation ever, thus more effectively aiming ourselves toward becoming the harmoniously functioning social species that we've been reaching toward since the birth of this current Universe.

We're fundamentally more than the semi-conscious physical animals that we've been conducting ourselves as up till now, and it's time to begin generally acknowledging that fact. We are foremost actually SPIRITS living systemically within/throughout the medium of physical criteria, all of which is produced out of a foundational essence which is the ultimate Source of literally everything that exists. And seeing ourselves as individualized pieces of that foundational essence is prerequisite to becoming fully what we are. Ignorance of via resistance to such facts also effectively keeps the living who just don't want to 'get it' from moving out of and effectively beyond what is destined to otherwise progressively become their eventual absolute literal right-here-on-Earth hell as well, of course; thus making the rate of attrition several thousand times skinnier than any convenient 1/1000.

There is yet much more to be brought into view. For the immediate time being, however, this is enough information to look at, perhaps work with, perhaps learn how to personally internalize; or not. Whether such assimilation happens or is rejected is an entirely personal matter: life is by definition a self-unfolding actuality.

Whichever way it personally goes for everyone is ultimately good. In the end, no one suffers from truth; the exclusive source of suffering is ignorance; and the FTW family has come into being only to help facilitate the ushering into place of exactly that which everyone personally needs, wants, and will have. And that is the essential truth, exclusively.