Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Canary in the Coal Mine Just Died

I almost puked when I read this. This is so on the map we made. You see, Cuba started preparing for Peak, like every nation should have, in 1991. They got a taste of it when the Soviet Union collapsed. They decided they were not going back there again. The short version of what the linked story means is that the canary in the coal mine just died. We're a lot further down the road than I thought we were.

The Collapse screenings in LA this weekend are taking on a new significance.

From Jenna Orkin:

CoLLapse (Movie)
LA Times Review
Honor in the breach. Although the reviewer tries to be negative, the effort it takes is the greatest of backhanded compliments. - JO

Key Oil Figures Were Distorted by US Pressure, Says Whistle-Blower (from everyone and his uncle)
IEA "Downplaying" Oil Crisis
"U.S. Fossil Fuel Resources: Terminology, Reporting, and Summary,"
"U.S. proved reserves of oil total 21.3 billion barrels and reserves of natural gas are 237.7 trillioncubic feet... Whether the vast deposits of oil shale that are lower on the pyramid will be produced depends on the price of oil, the cost of production (including environmental cost), and the availability oftechnology to produce it. Although this example is for oil, similar relationships exist for naturalgas and coal..."

"...estimates of 271 to 503 billion barrels of oil attracted the attention of the oil industry.However, those estimates, while huge, represented “in place” oil. Subsequently, the USGS has conducted a more detailed and thorough estimate of the technicallyrecoverable resources using modern directional drilling techniques and estimate that the Bakken Formation contains 3.65 billion barrels of undiscovered technically recoverable oil..."

"...production of shale oil is not yet commercially viable."

" Wyoming, 47% of the in-place coal is technically recoverable, but the available, economically recoverable coal is only about 6% of the in-place coal."
'Oil and Gas Is Our Drug'
Interview with Medvedev.
Gazprom’s First Half Profit Falls 48%
Fast-track nuclear plan (from Rice Farmer)
Nuclear strategy threatens Kalahari
US 'wants to guard Pakistan's nuclear arsenal' (from Rice Farmer)
"Unconventional Gas Shales: Development, Technology, and Policy Issues,"
The Halliburton Loophole
Guess who's behind the 'trade secrets' of hydraulic fracking.
On Nord Stream Pipeline, 'Germany Must Take a Selfish Stand
Interview with Matt Simmons

The Dollar Meltdown: Book Review
Dollar Will be "Utterly Destroyed": Strategist (from Rice Farmer)
As investors race to stocks, dollar weakens
The dollar is a funding currency
Fannie Mae May Write Down $5.2 Billion in Tax Credits as U.S. Rejects Deal
Record Bonuses Return to Wall Street as Big Three May Award $29.7 Billion
Heckuva job, guys.
Emerging stocks may rally 25%, Morgan Stanley says
Note the key word, "emerging." That's not us. - JO
Recovery looks like “L” without jobs growth
Living Wages, Sheep, and Grocery Store Strikes
Financial Transaction Taxes Would Cause Stock Market Crash
Jobs Contract 22nd Straight Month; Unemployment Rate Hits 10.2%
A Canadian Says "Short Canada" (from Rice Farmer)
"Wells Fargo Madness" a Reader Reply to Fear and Shame Tactics
BofA Board in ‘Civil War’ Over Chief, Gasparino Says: CNBC Link
Conservative Property Index Predicts We Are Less Than Half Way Through Fall (from Rice Farmer)
N.J. Governor-Elect May Declare Financial Emergency
Inside the global gold frenzy
SEC Internal Whistleblowers Could Get $50,000 Rewards Under Dodd Proposal
Call to cap the euro
European industry blasts China over weak Yen as euro surges.

Quote of the day:
China will add more people in 15 years than the entire population of the United States. "There will be up to 50,000 new skyscrapers," the company notes, "the equivalent of building 10 New Yorks. There could be up to 170 new mass transit systems. There are only about 70 in Europe today."

Chavez tells troops to ready for war with Colombia (from Rice Farmer)
Texas Army Killer Linked to September 11 Terrorists
Brazil crime wars: Spiderman's story of drugs and Jesus in Rio's slums (from Vantage Point)
Bloodless President Barack Obama makes Americans wistful for George W Bush
Reality check for anyone who thought Americans were wising up. - JO
Scientific American's Path to Sustainability: Let's Think about the Details (from Rice Farmer)
Bloggers' Right to Free Speech and Use Anonymous Sources Questioned in New Hampshire Supreme Court

MIddle East/Africa/Asia
'Why Africa Welcomes the New Colonialism
There is a widespread perception that saintly Britain had adopted this poor little girl called Africa and was busy saving her from hunger, war, disease and poverty. Suddenly big, greedy China, flashing huge deals and cheap goods, has seduced the girl and is leading her astray, even raping her. And to make it worse for Britain, ungrateful Africa sometimes feels that although Chinese intentions may not be entirely honourable, China at least treats her like a grown up.

African leaders do not necessarily love China, but its ambassadors do not lecture them about elections, corruption, transparency and human rights.
UAE, Saudi among US's top arms buyers in 2009 (from Rice Farmer)
UN chief to pass Goldstone report to Security Council (from Vantage Point)
Mass Arrests Reported Around Pakistani Capital (from Rice Farmer)
Matthew Hoh Letter of Resignation, DOS in Afghanistan (from Vantage Point)
What You Didn't Know About The War (from Vantage Point)

Big Brother
Every phone call, email and internet click stored by 'state spying' databases
'Big Brother' database cancelled
Military Personnel Banned From Viewing H1N1 Vaccine Websites (from Rice Farmer)

Who Said This Blog Was a Downer?
Engineered Rabbit Penises Raise Human Hopes


pstajk said...

I wrote to that LA prick

pstajk said...

Re: The Rabbit Penises ----

I just watched Eddie Murphy's "Delirious" on YouTube again, man my stomach hurts ... laughter is the best medicine right now.

Angelika theater tomorrow and then "Raw" afterwards, who needs to work

Newspaper English said...
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v said...

world gold supply runs out

Global gold production is in terminal decline despite record prices and Herculean efforts by mining companies to discover fresh sources of ore in remote spots, according to the world's top producer Barrick Gold.



Office of the Cultural Liaisons said...

I agree with you Jenna about the times review. I actually think it is positive , just taking an overly safe distance from it.

BB said...

loved the very much you spoke about having "changed your mind" might like this new thought congregation near you in Culver city. This one is leading the world in new thought movement.

St Timothy OK, but there are older texts citing natural laws, like the thermodynamics ones you cite. St Timothy already limited left-brain and the source texts for the culture we have today.

But, moral and ethical laws are bigger too. And knowing more about these would show how connected you are and give you solace.

St. Augustine said 'fear', not money, is the source of evil.

These ideas based on Zorastrianism from years serving in Persia which were sweeping Roman empire too at the time.

Unlike Zorastrianism who originated the idea of both good and evil in equal power, he says there is only one true force or power and that is the forward creative propulsion of nature which drives genetics, recombinant DNA, expansion of the universe, etc.

We, and you, are all part of that in the forward move of ideas in the human imagination. Evil comes from blocking the forward creative force, because of a repetitive practice of fear and paranoia in the mind! And of course propagation in the minds of a younger generation.

I hope you will consider Agape. The message there is light and part of the creative force at work in us now, despite failing powers holding onto their hegemony.

Dont' forget, even Hayek the Moses of conservatives says in the Postscript of his book "constitution of liberty"...conservative movements will never succeed in stopping progress. They will merely block and destroy along the way, but human creativity always wins in the end, and conservatives always lose!

The whole story since the Englightenment has been about failing powers losing their hold on power, and having to open up to the collective imagination. Now is no exception!

And the story of that imagination and creative force is much much older than Western "Civilization". It was suppressed for 2000 yrs, but now we see the consequences of suppressing collective wisdom. All the best to you. No Fear!

MCR said...

BB -- And as I write in the new book, to be coming out through Chelsea Green under the title Confonting Collapse: The Crisis of Energy and Money in a Post-Peak Oil World...

"Money was the first universal hedge against fear."


Hotspringswizard said...

Carolyn Baker has what I think is an excellent review of Mike's Collapse Documentary at her site:

wxdude714 said...

Hurricane Ike 2008:
I was on vacation in FL last September when hurricane Ike went to the south of Miami and slammed into Cuba. Ike was originally forecasted to come around the Bermuda high, up the east coast and back into the Atlantic. I watched the satellite photos and observed our Air Force modifying the weather through chemtrails to the north of Ike. They strengthened the Bermuda high pressure system which forced Ike southward into Cuba, versus affecting only shipping lanes in the Atlantic. What was the political motivation for re-directing Ike? I think this political motivation was quite clear.
"....Russia "has strategic ties to Cuba again, or at least, that's where they're going," a senior U.S. official said recently, speaking, like others, on condition of anonymity because of the sensitive implications of the assessments...."It is very Cold War retro," said a government official. "The topic could be reminiscent of the Cuban missile crisis, and that is a chapter that people don't want to revisit."

Russian/Cuban relations reopened just prior to the re-directing of Ike. I find these two events to be labeled only "coincidences" as the same as putting one's head into the sand. The message sent to the Cuban people and it's government is quite clear.

Robert Paulsen said...

Thanks pstajk. I'm sure if someone showed Patrick Goldstein the dead canary, he's shout, "But that's Cuba! We're different! That can't happen here! Party on!"

Dean said...

If anyone is headed to the screening in LA this weekend, can you take notes and post them? :) i would love to hear snippets of the QA as work will prohibit me from being at the 7:30 showings!

OrwellianUK said...

Fort Hood Shooting another False Flag?

tim said...

That Shedlock article about grocery strikes is some ignorant tripe. Most meat cutters, deli counter etc people started as baggers. Hence solidarity. Shedlock continues to worship at the altar of free market fundamentalism. Godot isn't coming.

Little Woolf said...

In 2006 I warned friends of mine of the impending real estate & greater economic collapse. I called it a collapse and not a recession or depression; i said it was worse - wholesale meltdown, (and entirely preventable, that's another comment). I said exactly what Mike said: get liquid, payoff debts, etc; the cover up of the CDS, $64 trillion credit default swap fraud has confirmed what i have said for many years to whomever would listen: Global capitalism has sold out America. Multinational corporations are now the new oligarchy. Former IMF chief economist, Simon Johnson, has been vocal about the "banking oligarchy" and what i call the "OILigarchy"; Now i am telling the same people who did not listen then that a train is coming down the track and it is headed straight for humanity. They did not listen then and cannot grasp what is about to happen. It is not just about oil, it is about water.

I believe moving away from cities is a good strategy as more constraints will be felt in places of dense population. Already here in San Diego water is being restricted and further restrictions will be imposed in December, gas is 40 cents higher than the national average, and the power grid is held in monopoly by Sempra Energy. There is no sign of relief for those of us living here.

Newspapers, the watchdogs of our democracy, are failing and news distribution is dramatically consolidating impacting the quality, veracity and integrity of what we read and are being told. As reliance on the Internet increases and is used as the major pipeline for distribution of information, we are setting ourselves up for "blackout".

The fact is, perpetual wars are being waged as part of powerful war profiteering interests who work hand in hand with the government to maximize profits while underfunding decent health care, housing and support for troops and veterans. The Federal government works with Arab interests, Chinese interests and other so called soft-enemies to keep regions destabilized so wars can be waged for profit.

The $34 billion "loan" to GM helped them to get a new light truck plant started in China ( FAW Group) where the majority of GM profits have been made during the Bush years. This was announced September 1, 2009. Why not invest the same money ($293 million) in American plants?

What caught my eye this morning Mike was your comment posted in the LA Times referring to the US economy as a pyramid scheme. I have said this for many years. I too have been scoffed at and ignored. Too many Americans still believe in a way of life that is quickly falling away, not through some generational evolution, but through concentrated and focused effort by the new oligarchy. The rest who have an inkling of what is happening have no power to change it as they are trapped in economic strait jackets. And those of us who understand and can fit the pieces of the puzzle together are left trying to figure out a way to let others know and change our own situation so we can survive what's developing.

I recommend everyone to read Alexis de Tocqueville two books, Democracy in America and the Old Regime and the French Revolution. The first tells us about the weakness in Democracy -- power falling into the wrong hands; the second illustrates the underpinnings of the French revolution -- the removal of the oligarchy. History teaches us that the powerful exploit the masses to their own narcissistic ends. Exploitation is lined with deceit -- half lies and manipulation. We find ourselves in the grip of such persons in the halls of power here in the United States. I do not think we are entirely corrupt as a nation and think revolution is a poor choice to implement change, but we must seize our freedoms and demand that those elected to serve the public interest must do so or be turned out. The greatest failure in America is our intellectual laziness -- the powerful are counting on it to continue their nefarious dealings.

NB Patton said...

Holy shit!
MCR finally posting something worth a damn again? Kudos! Thanks for sharing! I hope to see more of this stuff and less of the shameless mendicancy and patriarch maintenance you've reduced yourself to as of late. Hell if you keep this up in earnest I'd be inclined to interpret the "donations" in a different manner. As these people might actually see some sort of return on their investment.

Office of the Cultural Liaisons said...

Gold hasn't run out. It is just fake what is around
now you know why Rothchild international got out of the market. So how did they know?

RanD said...

I cannot imagine a more moving, meaningful, revealing, and sobering body of information to see & weigh than the one provided on FTW's November 11, 2009 post under the title "The Canary in the Coal Mine Just Died".

We thank you Jenna, Rice Farmer, and Vantage Point. No matter how bitter, how mind-wrenching & how heart-wrenching, the truth of how it is is the sweetest gift we can ever receive.



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