Sunday, November 01, 2009


This is the scandal that FTW broke. This came from the 2006 seven-part Tillman series written by the great Stan Goff (Special Forces, ret.). I put everything on the line to edit and publish this story. This was when our computers were smashed and people started making allegations about sexual harassment. Congressman Henry Waxman who chaired the Tillman hearings will confirm that FTW broke the story. Mary Tillman will tell you the same thing. Every handout given to congress was from the FTW series. Stan Goff walked with the Tillman family throughout the whole fight... while I hid in Venezuela to stay alive so that the series couldn't be stopped. -- And yet no one in the mainstream ever mentions FTW's name. They could cut and paste our story under bylines like the AP and Washington Post though.

These dots are so close together and yet the mainstream still refuses to connect them. -- But CoLLapse does! This is Meet The Press from today. GO TO 44:50. General McCrystal's chickens are coming home to roost in spades. He fell on his sword to save Rumsfeld... and that didn't work either, did it? And how well is the war in Afghanistan going?


[I just put this up on Facebook CoLLapse. I've made a couple of other nice comments and links there today. Many things are converging and I don't believe that to be entirely coincidental.]


MCR said...

Factions and individuals are choosing sides. As Stephen Stills might say, "There's battle lines being drawn."

Or,as Cynthia McKinney might say, "There's something moving under the carpet."

Or, as Doc Holiday (Val Kilmer) might say, "There is going to be a reckoning."

That was my Halloween costue last night... Doc Holiday. -- "I'm your huckleberry."


gamedog said...

"And how well is the war in Afghanistan going?"

"Occupiers involved in drug trade: Afghan minister"