Friday, November 27, 2009

New Song at New White Trash Site Co-Written by and featuring MCR

"We Can't Escape From" -- This was the first song I shared co-writing credits on with Andy and Doug. This song somehow makes my last post easier to deal with... It comes from a place of acceptance which is the only place to start from if one hopes to "hold it together". It let's us all recognize what we so obviously share -- our humanity. I came up with the chorus and the Native American chant partly as a result of inspiration provided by Carolyn Baker in her great book "Sacred Demise". I also added a few of the words but most of the work was done by Doug. Collapse must be approached spiritually and emotionally if one expects to survive. My influence in this song was to make it a lament, connected to struggle and inexplicable loss. A lesson I have learned through many years is that we are never stronger than when we are most vulnerable. The female voice is the incredible Kristen Vigard. And don't miss the new NWT song "Don't Dig Too Deep" which Kris just smokes. She came up with the vocals in just three takes -- off the top of her head.

What's she saying? -- Don't dig too deep.

NWT now has 25 songs mastered and we're making selections for a CD. Check out the site and give a listen. More coming soon.



Jeff said...

Stage 2 commercial collapse,ready or not...
south of the border is definitally heating up
relocalization hits the main stream

Los said...

This is Hot.

Unrepentantcowboy said...

I'm glad you got your movie made and out the door. But when I type in to IMDB for the nearest place the movie is showing and it's Los Angeles (and I live in Texas) I'm none too happy about it.

I know you have nothing to do with this. But wtf? Best rated documentary film at the Toronto Film Festival, tons of positive reviews. And it's all but shut out of our theaters. I can watch some bs show called 2012 but nothing approaching the reality you're trying to help people see.

Corporate entities feeding us shit and making us like it. I am tired of it.

Then I learn that the 52 year old reporter from Bloomberg that blew the whistle on the Fed and their hidden activities conveniently dies...


We are so screwed.

MCR said...

Hey COWBOY -- That was beautiful. Thank you. You might want to send that to Hint. Hint.


F.Kamilov said...

MCR, the name of your rock group is so appropriate - to the context it is in! ;-)