Thursday, September 17, 2009

You Can Run But You Can't Hide

Jenna Orkin

I know Mike and his message as thoroughly as the next guy but the reviews of CoLLapse have got me aching to see this movie. You can get disaster-fatigue in this business of chronicling mayhem but it's never possible to turn your back on reality. On the contrary, there's a mesmerizing quality to it. It's the monster we always knew was in the closet and now that it's coming out, we'd better make friends with it. No, not in the closet - in us.

Most of the reviewers seem to agree, however reluctantly. Much as they'd like to write Mike off as a crackpot, it's hard to ignore a guy whom the movie shows to have been disconcertingly correct about some important global events - events that supposedly took everyone else by surprise.

CoLLapse Movie
The Buzz Film CoLLapse, Showcases a Gripping Pundit of Economic Doom
Chris Smith's CoLLapse

Civil Liberties
Patriot Act Provisions Extended
The camel has now made himself at home in the tent. So inured are we to his presence that this nonchalant extension of key provisions of the Patriot Act, by the candidate who supposedly offered Change, didn't even merit a full article. According to one of said extended provisions, you don't have to be affiliated with Al Qaeda or any terrorist organization to have your constitutional rights waived; you can be a "lone wolf" (like a "lone gunman") and still be up for grabs. - JO (aka Lone Wolf.)
1.2 Billion Population of India to Get Biometric ID Cards

'It Is Dangerous to Think the Financial Crisis Is Already Behind Us'
Interview with IMF Head Dominique Strauss-Kahn
Bank of America, Citigroup, Credit Card Defaults Soar To New Highs
Stiglitz Says Banking Problems Are Now Bigger Than Pre-Lehman (from Rice Farmer)
Chrysler Executives Say U.S. Industry Sales Plunging After `Clunkers' Ends
Boeing, Airline Industry Face Huge Problems
Japan to the U.S.: 'We Don't Want to Exclude You, But...'
1100 Jobs Axed as Defense Giant Quits Site
Obama's Financial Reform - A Distraction from the Real Issues
Financial Reform: Keep Dreaming
Lehman collapse: Gulf gives glimpse of a new world order
This new world order is hardly the threatening bogeyman we've been led to believe; it is the wizard behind the curtain exposed as a vulnerable wretch, full of sound and fury, signifying a cry of "Help!" - JO
Surprise winner of Obama stimulus spending: gun industry (from Rice Farmer)
Peak Oil is not a theory; Peak Oil is the reality of past and future oil production
(The rebuttal that the NYT declined to publish) from Rice Farmer

From Secrecy News:
"Secretive spending on U.S. intelligence disclosed"

"This old distinction between military and non-military intelligence is no longer relevant," DNI Blair said yesterday. "The problems that we face in the world have strong military, diplomatic, economic and other aspects that all work together and need to be supported by an interlocked and interweaving set of intelligence activities."

However, the distinction between military and non-military intelligence remains significant in policy and budgetary terms, because while the DNI leads the National Intelligence Program, the Military Intelligence Program is directed by the Secretary of Defense.Among other things, the new budget disclosure reveals that military intelligence spending has kept pace with the dramatic increase in national intelligence spending since 9/11.

When the budget for tactical military intelligence was inadvertently disclosed in a congressional document in 1994, it was $10.4 billion, at a time when the national intelligence budget was $16.3 billion ("Congress Mistakenly Publishes Intelligence Budget," Secrecy & Government Bulletin, number 41, November 1994). Since that time, spending in both categories has remained roughly proportional, as both have nearly tripled in size.

Are Britain's Scrooges Slowing Recovery?
Do like the Americans and spend; it's your moral duty.
UK 'lurching back to the 1970s'
Treasury documents show major deterioration in nation's public finances, warns thinktank
One in five young people is out of work
UK Crisis in Farming
German workers 'trigger' earthquake
Geothermal setback
Moscow Real Estate Draws Chinese Interest

The Fallacy of Climate Activism
Obama Follows Bush on Salmon Policy
Sea Levels Rose Two Feet This Summer in U.S. East (from Rice Farmer)

Is platinum the new gold?
Rare Coins: Family Treasure or Ill-Gotten Goods?
Note that currency crimes are policed by the Secret Service.


businessman said...

Geez, Mike...

Congratulations on the reviews of your movie.

It's extremely impressive that a very well-known film critic like Owen Gleiberman reviewed your movie "Collapse" and said:

"I said in my first post from Toronto that you could feel the anxiety of the economic crisis in any number of the films here. Yet even as I wrote that, I could never have guessed I'd end up seeing a movie that would tap into those anxieties with the power and terror of 'Collapse'. It’s one of the few true buzz films of the festival..."

I look forward to seeing the movie when it comes to Southern California.

A peon said...

How does that Cree Indian prophecy go again?

AP IMPACT:Gov't stands by as mercury taints water

"In the 19th and 20th centuries, California produced up to 90 percent of the mercury in the U.S. and more than 220 million pounds of quicksilver were shipped around the world for gold mining, military munitions and thermometers. Much of the liquid mercury was sent to Sierra Nevada gold mines, where miners spilled tons of it into streams and soil to extract the precious ore.

There's probably a water body near everybody in the state that has significant mercury contamination," said Dr. Rick Kreutzer, chief of the state Department of Public Health's Division of Environmental and Occupational Disease Control."

*Spilling mercury into streams and soil?Must have sounded like a good idea at the time I guess.

Gustav said...

This thing with the WHO as a global health force (under the control of the Big Pharma Corporations) is picking up pace...

Can it be stopped at all? Is it allready too late?

WHO poised for global dictatorship


French Health Minister declares Start of "Pandemic"

Things are spinning out of (our) control. The problem is, we all know, that we need to do "something". The question is "what". And even more important question is "do I dare?"...

Honestly... I really do not know if I have the "cojones" to do it...

Having a family, the obvious question is: What if they put their croseyes over me. What then? Do I have the stamina and the will to keep opposing? How will this affect my life? Being (still) pretty much on my own in my community, regarding these events, what does one do?

Maybe I am just in a slump of my bravery, I don't know. But informing people on single basis just doesn't seem enough anymore...

Maybe I just need an encouraging word - god knows, there are not enough of those to go around...

Stay safe.


oc said...

Congratulations Mike!

zeusij said...

Does anyone else see a relation between the national health reform and the coming flu epidemic hype. Could it be that if TPTB are planning on using vaccines as a form of population control they would need to make sure the "useless eaters" will get the shot?

Sebastian Ronin said...

Gustav, re "But informing people on single basis just doesn't seem enough anymore."

Go and find yourself a shell of a political for make-over. Provincial and state Green parties seem to fit the bill. Then just go for it.

Sebastian Ronin, Green Party of Nova Scotia Leadership Candidate

Sebastian Ronin said...

Gustav, BTW, the media can be swung over, depending on tactics employed. Keep the media maxim in mind: "If it bleeds, it leads."

Provincial Green Party Leadership Candidate Proposes Boycott of Fielding GPC Federal Election Candidates

Must always keep in mind that the era of Post-Peak Oil and regional secession, i.e. CoLLapse, go hand-in-hand.

Sebastian Ronin said...

I guess the "Collapse comments" link on the page takes on a whole new meaning now. =:-D

F.Kamilov said...

Thanks for "welcoming" me back again, earlier, agape; but, as MCR says, most of what needed saying has been said, and is in front of all who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear - so I don't see the need of chattering endlessly or regurgitating things regarding the big picture. (It is the big picture I am involved with, not issues such as growing tomatoes, etc; I have a big house, and a sizeable vegetable patch in the rear lawn where my household employees grow and tend tomatoes, gourds and a variety of other vegetables. Natural manure from the many nearby rural rubbish dumps/middens is bought to fertilise it. You would consider it a Salmonella culture if you knew what went into those middens; Near the patch is a chicken coop, where 5 hens provide most of the eggs we need. On occasion, we have also kept water buffaloes and goats for milk, tied up in the same lawn, although you would need extra labour for those. It is the same all over Central and South Asian areas).

On the other hand, returning to the big picture, its description is complete and it is only the enactment that remains. That is mostly "classified", as it will be shocking and unacceptable to the ordinary folks we usually come across, especially those on the North American continent and their followers around the world. You can get a clue as to what I'm implying by reading the second paragraph on Page 23 of MCR's celebrated "Rubicon" book, although Mike and I might differ sharply on the dynamics of who will (and should) be involved and in what role(s) in this scenario. This too will depend upon who knows and does what. All I can say is that that is what will be needed, and that is what will transpire in the end...

As for MCR's book "A Presidential Energy Policy", I have yet to read it, but soon will. He says he has repeated the same contentions there, that I have referred to above.

Furthermore I concur with Jenna's gushing enthusiasm here about the overall accuracy of Mike's predictions and, as you Americans say - his "output"...they have come true one by one...of all those involved with the subject of Peak Oil and its implications, this man alone stands out in his overall work and logical summation not just with regard to Peak Oil in itself, but of its significance in the coming world events and the human history that will follow. Consider, for example, what he says at the very end of "Rubicon", on Page 568 about how the US Federal Reserve suddenly raised the Money Supply (M-3) by crisis proportions - up by $46.8 billion during a single week in 2004... He quotes CBS News' MarketWatch bulletin as saying: "What awful calamity do they [the Fed] see? Something is up... There must be a crisis of historical proportions coming... they are aware of a terrible, horrific imminent event. What could it be?"
Then he says below that: "We have to pay for $100 (or higher) a-barrel oil somehow. Why don't we just print the money?"

That awful calamity turned out to be the Global Crash of Capitalism that began last year...

Anonymous said...


Why not start writing to the media with factual information pertaining to your concerns suggesting an article or feature presentation? Or, you could write an editorial comment and send it in asking that your name no be posted with it. If they present articles to the public, then perhaps we will have more clout. The pen is mightier than the sword.

Chris XVX said...

looking forward to seeing the movie...

URGENT! Sign the Petition to the FDA
to Defeat Mandatory Swine Flu Vaccinations !!!

A peon said...

Anyone been wondering what Dr. Leonard Horowitz has been up to lately?Awhile back I listened to a radio debate with him on the man made origins of AIDS.It was just another example of ambush journalism.It pretty much seemed like it was 3 against Dr. Horowitz,one of the three being the radio dj/debate moderator.Most of it was personal attacks against Dr. Horowitz in an effort to get him frazzled,and little of it addressed the information in his book "Emerging Viruses".

Here is what he has been up to more recently: WARNING:Rockefeller/Rothschild Drug Cartel Exposed Creating,Releasing,Injecting,Infecting and Depopulating Planet with Pandemic H1N1/H5N1 Viruses and Vaccines

eyeballs said...

This was a surprise. Does anyone have light to shed on this?

IMF to sell gold to finance lending

“The IMF said its executive board on Friday endorsed the sale of 403 tonnes of gold, worth an estimated US$13 billion, to boost lending capacity to poor countries.

“…A prime candidate could be China, which is sitting on the world’s largest foreign exchange reserves, topping US$2 trillion, and has been seeking to diversify away from the dollar.”

How does this support the idea of IMF Special Drawing Rights becoming the world’s reserve currency? Looks like the Yuan is poised to take it.

Gustav said...

Sebastoan Ronin:
- Thank you for the encouraging words - and what an Idea!

Honestly, I never even considered "going green" (i.e. the party), so your suggestion actually hit me like a ton of bricks!

It was exactly what I needed. A slap on the back of my head to stirr me out of reverie and got me thinking.

I don't know if going the party line is my thing, but never say never, I guess...

CJ - many thanks to you too! The pen is mightier then the sword indeed!!!

Love you guys!

See ya all!