Friday, September 25, 2009

From Mike

I am totally happy with the the film CoLLapse and how it turned out. The reviews were beyond my wildest hopes. Expect an announcement shortly as to when you'll be able to see it but don't get your hopes up too high as far as how soon or how easily. It is not firm yet but I expect that CoLLapse will be available to be seen in late November. As to how far and wide we'll know within a few days.

In the meantime I cannot pay the rent due on Oct. 1 and don't expect to see any money until maybe December or January from either film or book. I am evaluating options now and will send a more complete post soon. Thanks to all of you who have kept me going. I put everything into the film and the book and I have to say that I couldn't be happier with my work, or more grateful for the talent and vision of Chris Smith. I'm in good health, helping to write and sing some original songs which you may be able to hear after a professional mastering. They might even turn up on iTunes with some respected musicians, engineers, singers and composers in the mix.

I'm just kind of worn out right now, but nonetheless I am very peaceful. I'll never be able to say it better or more completely than I did in "A Presidential Energy Policy" and CoLLapse. I hope you all get to see the film soon.

I'm not trying to raise money for an appeal now. I just want to pay the rent. For those who would like to help me -- and I have no shame in asking -- please send your donations to:

Mike Ruppert
c/o Rubiconworks
10736 Jefferson Blvd. #618
Culver City, CA 90230



Lenny said...

Mike, I've followed you for years and your 9/11 work is the best of the lot. I live in Oregon and love it because the coast in Gold Beach is deserted. I also lived in Ashland and they are a spoiled bunch with their uncut forest, parks and ski resort living above the smog and mess of the Rogue Valley. I've sent $250 to the Cynthia McKinney campaigns over the years at your urging. I'll happily send a donation if you get rid of the Zionist who is currently running FTW.

RanD said...

Dear Michael,

We're so very grateful to receive this more complete picture of where your head & spirit is right now -- i.e., that you're 'pleased, peaceful, happy & healthy', too. Knowing this has an immensely positive effect on our otherwise poorly informed concerns about your well-being.



Paul said...


I am very sorry your court case did not turn out as hoped (by you and all us FTW readers too). I do not understand all the details of the case nor the ruling, but I have to say I trust you more than I trust the authorities - that is for sure!

If it is of any comfort to you, I can sympathise with your plight. Five years ago I was in a similar position. I had taken my employer (of 30 years; a leading FTSE 100 company) to court claiming discrimination. I felt I had a water-tight case. The ruling went against me. I felt there had been some behind the scenes deals. As a result I lost my job and became unemployable. The details are unimportant. However, I decided to let go of what I felt was an injustice, and get on with my life. My wife and I adopted an orphaned Chinese baby, and I devoted my time to nurturing her and helping her to recover from her trauma. It was the best decision I ever made....

I would not be so arrogant as to think I could advise you on what to do next - only you can make that call. What I have learnt is that sometimes justice does not come out of the courts, but life has a way of ensuring that justice does get done anyway. Call it Karma if you want.


Dave Crossland said...

If the film doesn't win screening opportunities, then please sell DVDs direct and give permission for Transition Town groups and similar to do small-time screenings :-)

Jenna Orkin said...

to the person who just had your comment rejected:

we appreciate your support but are also sure you understand why it was rejected. that particular battle is best left alone.

Paul said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
RanD said...

Jenna... I both fully respect and empathize with your wanting to leave "that particular battle...alone." I in fact also very much even agree with your wise decision to not go there. At the same time, those are significant -- the first even crucial -- points: the first raised and the next stimulated by a poster you chose to publish, as you are obviously keenly aware.

Bottom line: Felt we needed to let you know once again how much R & D appreciate your very classy work.

Lawrence said...


I'll send a donation of course, as soon as I get back home to my checkbook. You and Jenna, and now Rice Farmer, are the only reliable filter for the news of the world. Don't know what I could click on that would give the succinct snapshot if you weren't making the connections. And, remember you have a refuge in Northern Nevada whenever you want a break.


Jenna Orkin said...

your comment has been fwded to mcr

Freedom Slave said...

I posted the following at the LATOC forum:
"Mike, if you read this, feel free to contact me via PM. I don't have any experience directly with trying sexual harassment cases, but I have had plenty of trial experience as a former prosecutor and criminal defense attorney and I would be willing to take a look at your case and see if we can work something out. Seriously. I'm licensed to practice law in Oregon and California, I am a solo practitioner, and I have some spare time on my hands. I'm a fan - I bought and gave away ten copies of Rubicon to family and friends - and I am willing to help you if I can.",53466.0.html

I'm no shark circling for a case - more like an attorney at home who is interested in helping out someone I greatly respect and empathize with. If Mike is interested, please contact me.

F.Kamilov said...

Talking about the "web-bot" and 2012 link posted here (by Jenna, I presume)there are many historical and credible sources talking about the "end of the world", and those about which one has "gut feelings" - or with historical/scientific or philosophical weight - should not be discounted. The end of the world doesn't necessarily mean total annihilation of the world or of humanity - but a major transformation, and all will agree that such a phase is due shortly, infact long overdue. Even Muslim predictions have their endtimes leader, the "Mahdi", and I agree that like him there will come a global reformer who will stamp out wickedness and deliver justice to the world - though the modalities and other details which concern him are vast and certainly not doctrinaire just as they are about Messiahs or Maitreyas.

Although I am strictly a European style secular freethinker, I still have universal ("perrenial" or "ageless") spiritual views which I keep to myself, and believe in the veracity of the Biblical Book of Revelation as being a very accurate chronicle of the coming apocalyptic process, and find that it is best - 98% in my estimation - interpreted and rendered by this website:

Jenna Orkin said...

FREEDOM SLAVE: Mike is unable to contact you via PM and has no email address for you. The LATOC forum will not let him register. Please send your email address to and Mike will be in touch. He says "Thanks!"

agape wins said...


regarding your 2:08am post.

The more you post the more "Sane" you "appear", again these are just letters used to convey my thoughts.

I own A "Health Food" store; I will not use a Blog to "sell" "product", any more than we (You/I) preach where we stand on deeper issues; A major shift is coming, we can work toward what each of us sees as the most constructive outcome, but I imagine everyone will be disappointed/pleased; (those who make it through the Collapse), in what follows. We have "Evolved" to the point that it has to be better than what You/I, have
"Survived" under, The opposite ends of the spectrum, both "imperfectly" formed.

This is not meant as a criticism of RanD, Sebastian, or any other poster here, except for those who object to what they "visualize" as "Evangelizing", or restricting to, or from a point of view they object to; calling/posting "Slang" or "Name" calling is never constructive, There are many Blogs that get "down & dirty", this has never been one!
If you have something negative to say it can be "tactfully" written, we can any one of us "misunderstand" another's
"intent", "motivation", or "purpose", it has been a long time since I thought a post, or link was "intentionally" "divisive".
The sponsors, although sometimes restrictive, have never been "Racist", no matter how You/I "define" the "Term".

Amae, your existence may "Someday" "Depend" on someone you "misunderstood"!

Peter said...

As I live overseas please supply a paypal account we can pay into.