Sunday, September 06, 2009

Pipe Dreams Fix Global Warming

From Jenna Orkin:

Sweet Dreams Are Made of Geoengineering
Main article in the Telegraph: "These are not silver bullet solutions, but things that might take the edge off," he told Reuters. "What is the risk of doing nothing? We think it's so extraordinary it's apocalyptic...
Jobs Contract 20th Straight Month; Unemployment Rate Hits 9.7%
U.S. Increases Its Share of Worldwide Arms Market
States Shut Down to Save Cash (from Rice Farmer)
Double-dip recession risk on the rise
Of course, "dip" still sounds like a euphemism for Purgatory. It also implies there's a return to 'the norm' afterwards. - JO
Blog: Some good news and bad news
Blog: The weight of unemployment
China to Buy Up to $50 Billion in IMF SDRs
Prescott: Cutting Emissions by 80% Will Not Be Enough
Patients 'sentenced to death' on the NHS
British financial sector hit by 9m complaints
Previously secret data reveals that complaints about banks reached the equivalent of 8,000 a day
Gordon Brown Suffers Shock Gvt Resignation Over Afghanistan
Series of Errors Allowed Madoff to Keep Trading
CIA in human experimentation row
Watchdog says US interrogation doctors may have committed unlawful experimentation.
Pfizer Whistle-Blower Wins
Stimulus Funds Go to Company Under Cloud
The company, Bovis Lend Lease LMB, avoided manslaughter charges late last year in the deaths of two firefighters at the former Deutsche Bank building in 2007, admitting failures and agreeing to safety reforms in an agreement with prosecutors.
Florida Exodus
Eliot Spitzer to Teach at City College

The US service sector contracted for the 11th month in a row, the ISM said today. After Monday's ISM manufacturing gauge, which showed surprise growth, traders had their fingers crossed for a score above 50 in today's ISM service sector reader.
Not so, said the group. Their index stood at 48. In other words, 70% of our economy was still shrinking in August. Retail sales fell 2.9% in August, the 12th straight month of decline. Despite of the "back to school" rush, only low cost brands showed signs of life last month... Costco, BJ's, Gap, Aeropostale, Target and TJ Max all outperformed.
Jobless claims from last week came in at 570,000, worse than the Street expected. Coupled with yesterday's worse-than-expected ADP jobs report, the outlook is none too rosy for tomorrow's government employment data. Personal bankruptcies shot up 24% in August, year over year, putting the US on track for over 1.4 million filings this year."
And here's the one statistic that troubled us the most this morning: Student debt grew 25% in the 2008-2009 school year, says the latest from the Department of Education.
So much for 'the great deleveraging.'"Total student loans outstanding exceeded $75 billion during the period, up from roughly $60 billion the year before. An estimated 66% of US college students borrow money for school, with the average individual debt load of $23,186 by graduation."
So let's get this straight...the next generation is borrowing more than ever, at a faster rate then ever, during extremely worrisome credit conditions, heading into the worst employment environment in recent history, while on the verge of inheriting the biggest federal debt burden the world has ever known?"

Russia/Eastern Europe
Security Services Step Up Snooping
Moldova’s President Abruptly Announces His Resignation

Mobile phone towers a threat to honey bees (from Rice Farmer)
Fall Colors Fade in West as Aspen Trees Die

Alberto Gonzales Cantata


eyeballs said...

RE: Microwaves and bees

The link from Rice Farmer seemed to confirm what is intuitively obvious: bathing in microwaves harms bees (and maybe people). But the report just briefly refered to a vague study by one Indian scientist.

Why don't we have serious, peer-reviewed studies to determine the effect of microwaves on living beings? "The Economy" seems heavily dependent on telecom, and maybe it's like trying to be a communist in 1950s America, to suggest that we study the effects of this industry.

But can we afford not to?

Gustav said...

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businessman said...

How this "healthcare reform" debate here in the USA is proceeding is a perfect example of how propaganda and the media are utilized to arrive at the "solution" that's always been guaranteed from the very beginning to protect the interests of the healthcare industry. The way that the media is framing this is designed to make it look like a lot of Americans are against healthcare reform, but if you were to put it to a vote of all Americans, the country would vote overwhelmingly in favor of the government providing and paying for a plan that would insure and provide healthcare for everyone. So just notice how democracy is being bypassed here in favor of delivering what the special interest groups all want for themselves. All that's really been necessary has been for the media to create the feeling that a ton of Americans don't want healthcare reform, while Americans are never, ever allowed to vote on the matter themselves.

Rice Farmer said...

Microwaves and bees -- An electrosensitive friend of mine who follows the cellphone issue told me that research on the effects of cellphone radiation on honeybees has also been performed in Germany.

Here in my village, we used to have lots of honeybees, and people were putting out hives everywhere, but a few years ago -- after the appearance of cellphone towers here -- the population has declined dramatically. Of course that does not prove a link, but it begs for independent research.

RanD said...

Dear FTW family - #15

eyeballs' question, produced of having linked to Rice Farmer's info re Microwaves and bees: "Why don't we have serious, peer-reviewed studies to determine the effect of microwaves on living beings?", goes on to correlate the ramifications of this unhealthy bees situation to the fact that "'The Economy' seems heavily dependent on telecom[munications]". Moreover, what eyeballs says dovetails perfectly with RanD's perspective concerning the exact same paradigm of problematic considerations MCR as well as eyeballs and Rice Farmer are also concerned about when MCR says: "Nothing changes until you change the way money works." And then comes businessman's integrally in-principle connected comments in respect to "the media's" routine entirely undemocratic big money shenanigans & propaganda to thwart ye good ol' US of A's citizenry's attempts to effect much needed so-called "healthcare reform". Then:

To benefit from MCR's statement re the use of money, and eyeballs' & RanD's & businessman's virtually identical in-principle concerns thereof, we all need also begin generally recognizing & acknowledging that humankind's now predominant --- globally-implemented --- operational paradigm is the product of an entirely short-term goal-oriented developmental instrument whose reason for having come into existence has been to fulfill a one-time, manifold, fully Universal / existential objective; and then we must identify the particular "entirely short-term goal-oriented developmental instrument" alluded to above as being specifically our now virtually human species-wide numerically value-determined / profit-oriented economic system, itself.


The gist of ALL that we're being moved to recognize & acknowledge here at FTW --- and eveywhere else, as well --- can be summed up by asking ourselves: "Why should we ever have been willing to routinely subordinate the health and general well-being of ourselves and our self-sustaining environment to a mere "numerically value-determined / profit-oriented economic system"? and then answer that question for ourselves. From RanD's perspective: "It's simply because the Universe / reality / existence knew we were not yet ready to fully understand and live in accord with the truth of such things; and NO, we cannot any longer afford to live in ignorance of --- and thus expect to be able to correspondingly live interminably in conflict with --- the truth."


Forthcoming: the "comprehensive anticipatory design" strategy that all along always has been and always will be having "a transformative effect on the system as a whole".

A peon said...

You guys might find these interesting:

Germany:Doctors speaking out about microwave radiation

Bioinitiative Report on Health effects of EMF,ELF,radio frequency

Electromagnetic Sensitivity- Millions Affected by the Mysterious Symptoms of a Silent Epidemic

Human DNA and chromosome breakage:Implications for cancer and neural damage

Brendan Carmody said...

Unleashed - Starving for gas

Australian mainstream media with their finger on the pulse of the major issues that will plague us in the not to distant future...