Wednesday, September 09, 2009

And The Winner of This Week's Economic Superpower Award is.... Switzerland

From Jenna Orkin:

Swiss topple U.S. as most competitive economy: WEF
China is now a net SELLER of U.S. Treasury notes and bonds! (from Rice Farmer)
China Confirms Diversifying into Gold China Expands Foreign Investment
Job Creation Down 35%, Consumer Spending Down 33% From Year Ago
Wall Street Securitizing Life Insurance Policies. Seriously
UN currency plan is late
Did Lehman Brothers Fall or Was it Pushed?
Dick Fuld: the first interview since Lehman's collapse
Disgraced banker tells Reuters his mother still loves him.
The bomb plot to kill 10,000
Hacking for Dummies
Higher Interest Rates: Not a Question of 'If' but 'When'
Public Support of Unions Collapsing
Published on Labor Day.
Critically Underfunded Unemployment Insurance Plans
Pension liabilities of failed companies soar (UK)
Britain Heading Back to Dark Ages (from Rice Farmer)
Ruble Set to Weaken 10% by March on Russia's Budget Deficit, Shearing Says
Oliver Stone movie about Chavez
Arctic Sea Ghost Ship Carrying Weapons to Iran
Pirates of the Baltic.
Interview with Marshall Auerbach
"Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan Discusses Nuclear Program in TV Talk Show,"
Low-Power Radio’s Voice Rises
Determined Father Pursues 9/11 Lawsuit
Madoff Scam Reached Family of SEC Official Who Got Tip
Gold breaks $1,000 level
Precious metal is boosted by a weaker dollar.


DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES: OCTOBER 30, 2009 September 8, 2009,

NEW YORK CITY-The Buckminster Fuller Institute announces the call for entries to the 2010 Buckminster Fuller Challenge, an annual $100,000 prize program to support the development and implementation of a solution that has significant potential to solve humanity's most pressing problems.

We all understand in part or whole the magnitude of the complex challenges facing humanity today; from climate change, energy and resource management, to keeping the ever-increasing human population fed for generations to come. Challenges of this magnitude require bold, visionary strategies; they require what Buckminster Fuller called "a design revolution". Pieces of the complex puzzle to create an enduringly sustainable future for all are out there, but it will take more than an innovative gadget, isolated technological breakthrough, policy or process development to tackle the problems of our complex and interconnected world.

"We're looking for comprehensive anticipatory design solutions that address multiple problems without creating new ones down the road - integrated strategies dealing with key social, economic, environmental, policy and cultural issues. Our entry criteria is deeply inspired by what Fuller termed comprehensive anticipatory design science - a methodological approach to solving complex problems that we feel holds an important key to how innovators need to be thinking about the design of strategies if they are to have a transformative effect on the system as a whole." explains Elizabeth Thompson, Executive Director of the Buckminster Fuller Institute. After decades of tracking world resources, innovations in science and technology, and human needs, Fuller asserted that options exist to successfully surmount the crises of unprecedented scope and complexity facing all humanity - he issued an urgent call for a design science revolution to make the world work for all.


robmac58 said...

For anyone interested in the future trends in natural gas production in the U.S., here is a link to a good article.

Jeff said...

Interesting photos of KSM

Peter J. Nickitas said...


"Blowback" comes to Wall Street:

And why not? As MCR says, the fundamental theorem of American politics is "CIA = Wall Street".

Peter J. of Minneapolis

Dana said...

A step in the right direction!

Local Motors

Too bad it revolves around making more bloody cars. At least the format will lend itself more readily to making alternative vehicles as it seems that use no manner of assembly line. Its only a drop in the bucket, but at least its a touch of good, err, better news.

Gustav said...

A new developement in the Swine-Flu case:

The European Medicines Agency is set to give the green light to the use of Pandemrix, a GlaxoSmithKline vaccine containing the "bird flu" virus, allegedly to treat the "swine flu", according to a report from Reuters.

Bird flu "Pandemrix" vaccine set to be approved in Europe for "swine flu"

Please, check the Jane Burgermeister's web site "The Flu Case" often, as she posts new updates and warnings on daily basis.

Stay informed.