Monday, September 28, 2009

Trade of the Decade: Body Parts

From Jenna Orkin:

Crunch victims sell their kidneys to pay debts
FT’s Martin Wolf: We could be headed for a “worldwide inflation”
Is Pent-Up Inflation From Fed Printing Waiting On Deck?
Daniel Amerman vs. Mish: Reflections on the Great Inflation/Deflation Debate
Iran dumps US dollar for euro (from Rice Farmer)
Dollar slips broadly after G20 draft statement
Spain tips into depression
Bank of England Calls Crisis Meeting
Barack Obama rebuffs Gordon Brown as 'special relationship' sinks to new low
English asked to show passports in Scotland
Web Bot Project Predicts 2012 Apocalypse
Gulf Single Currency Should Be Phased
Exhaustion of Unemployment Benefits Hits New Record
A $4 Billion Bailout for the Post Office?
Refusal to Take Swine Flu Vaccine Reason To Be Detained in Hospital
Credit Card Defaults Set a New Record
Water main break floods Baltimore suburb (from Rice Farmer)
Two more L.A. water mains burst overnight, bringing more questions (from Rice Farmer)
"The blowouts underscore the fact that the city's aging water system, which has 7,200 miles of pipe and moves 600 million gallons of water a day, needs an upgrade, officials said."
Storm Sewer Dwellers of Las Vegas
Rare earths are vital, and China owns them all (from Rice Farmer)
The rise and rise of Brazil: Faster, stronger, higher

Norway to Seek Drilling at "Gates of Hell"
North Sea 'could store 100 years worth of CO2'
Crude World: The Violent Twilight of Oil (Book review)
FBI induces bombing suspect to plan and execute job (from Rice Farmer)
Complaint Documents Against Suspect Intending to Blow Up Trade Center, Federal Building in Texas
Turkmenistan to open China, Iran gas pipelines (from Rice Farmer)
Turkmenistan announces regular call up for military service (from Rice Farmer)
Crushed Prawn Shells on the Battlefield

Climate change 'accelerating'
Glaciers disappearing faster than ever
Wind farms cause decline in bird population
Autumn comes early and drought is to blame
Dust storms spread deadly diseases

Gaddafi at the UN
He tore up a copy of the UN charter in front of startled delegates, accused the security council of being an al-Qaida like terrorist body, called for George Bush and Tony Blair to be put on trial for the Iraq war, demanded $7.7tn in compensation for the ravages of colonialism on Africa, and wondered whether swine flu was a biological weapon created in a military laboratory. At one point, he even demanded to know who was behind the killing of JFK. All in all, a pretty ordinary 100 minutes in the life of the colonel.
The UN loves Barack Obama because he is weak


Paul said...

Richard Heinberg: Is the Global Oil Tank Half-full, Is It Half-Empty...Or Are We Running On Fumes?

A very measured and compelling response (as you’d expect from Richard) to a NYTime’s article which gives the impression that new oilfield discoveries and technologies will offset future declines in oil production.

Quote (from Richard’s article)

Several commentators (including analysts with financial services company Raymond James Associates and Macquarie, the Australian-headquartered investment bank) have concluded from recent petroleum statistics that global oil production peaked in 2008. Macquarie is saying that world production capacity is peaking this year, which is a nuanced way of saying the same thing, since currently production is constrained more by depressed demand than by immediate shortfalls in supply; in effect both organizations assert that the world will never see higher rates of extraction than the so-far record level of July 2008.

I see nothing in the recent discovery data that should call that conclusion into doubt.


agape wins said...

F.Kamilov, From your Blog:
Thanks for the rapid informative reply, I think your information is mostly correct, possibly phraseology or East/West conception about Human Nature.
I'll comment later about where we differ about the Nature we can not control, remember you live closer than I do!

6:02pm., &12:05am, also good posts, I am sure that you read the news Tongue in cheek. All news is managed, not just Pravda of the past.

You have done more than Nader (He was also maintaining the System, I question how much he helped the common man), or Mr. Buffett, who
has never put his life on the line-or his fortune.

No one has commented about the movie "Lust, Caution", Chia-Chia is the wei hu dzuo chung to Zee.
This is the last time I'll mention this movie! Promise.

I try to make people think, I could see so much of the present in this movie, Zhang Ailing was/is a prophet (in my eyes)!
I ask who are the Japanese/Occupiers, who is Ralph Nader? Who is Mr. Buffett? Can you find the "16 Enlightened rich" What roles do we play, each
one of us, the Family of FTW? Where do you see Michael; if you were filming, what would the ending be? Remember Life only loosely follows a script!

Gustav wrote a few posts back, that he didn't know if he had the Cojones to do what was required --Well?
None of us knows for sure; until we are face to face with the Dragon, having others that you/they Love is always a positive factor.
Heroes are not trained, or even born, except in the passion of the moment; WE are all Heroes inside the selfishness we call mine/ME!
You have a head start in that you are thinking about Failing/NOT!!


"Ralph Nader is one of America's most effective social critics. Named by The Atlantic as one of the 100 most influential figures in American history,

Because of Ralph Nader we drive safer cars, eat healthier food, breathe better air, drink cleaner water, and work in safer environments."

Can you honestly say Ralph is responsible for any of the above; can he be blamed for the negative aspects we write about here at FTW?

"The next scene is early January 2006. Buffett and 16 enlightened super-rich elders gather at a mountaintop hotel in Maui, and devise
an elaborate strategy to take on the corporate goliaths and their Washington allies, and to redirect the country toward long overdue

Could what we are going through now, be the fruition, intended/or not of that meeting? On my laptop I have a link to an interview
with him, shortly after the meltdown started, all upbeat about a bright future, but his tone changed by Jan, 09, & as his investments turned Sour!

"alkalye1 September 24th, 2009 2:01 am

why buy the book when we can just watch the movie;

its called pretty women!

is not it every prostitutes dream

to have some wealthy individual rescue them!

we be hookers."

Alkalye says it's "Pretty Woman", WE can make it "Lust, Caution", with a much better ending!

agape wins said...

Michael often talks about about the need to change how money works, here is a thought.
I know it will not be painless to make a positive change, involving some false starts, it will never get done if we stand around with a finger in our nose, or elsewhere, "Move e'm out,Winters coming" as the Wagon Master said!

dalex said...

Some succinct and meaty thoughts about SDRs, gold, and a declining dollar from James Rickards, courtesy of (believe it or not) CNBC:

Ivan said...

I found that piece on the Web Bot Project to be a smear article, in contrary to the article they have nothing on 2012, and the guys running it have at most rampant speculation about anything occurring then, their method works out to about late 2011, after which their data becomes quite vague. I mean in the sense that on a shorter term, they have more data to work with, and from the latest data collection run, this abundance in data peters out late 2011.

Keith Johnson said...

Your link to Richard Heinberg takes me to, a site in Chinese (?) about STDs. The correct link is

Paul said...

Catherine Austine Fitts - Swine Flu, Vaccination & The Economy

I came across this fascinating interview with Catherine (I would say unmissable - but your mileage may differ!) Very wide ranging in scope as you can see from the introductory blurb....

We have Catherine Austin Fitts with us to discuss Swine Flu, Vaccination, the current Economic Situation, Future Outlook, Globalisation, Weather Engineering Technology and much more. She is a former Commissioner at the US Department of Housing and Urban Development in the first Bush Administration. She is currently the president of that primarily focusing on Economic and investment issues. Topics Discussed: Wall Street, Catherine's Background, Stock Market, Mortgage Fraud, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Depopulation Agenda, The Vaccine is the Danger not the "Swine Flu", One World Currency, Major Pharmaceutical Companies, LBO, Oil, Seeds, Global Seed Vault, Trillions to Bail out the Banks, Co Intel Pro, Corruption, Why are people so Numb? Where is the Anger? "Enemy of the State", De-centralization, Alternative Visions, Alternative Actions, "Mr. Global" and the "Tapeworm", Conspiracy, Inside Trading, foreknowledge of the Tsunami in Sumatra on boxing day back in 2004, "Syriana", Exotic Technology. We end the program to talk about what you can do.

Paul said...


The correct link to Richard Heinberg article is

I am intrigued that my link sent you elsewhere - it works fine for me here in the UK. We take for granted that the internet works the same wherever you are based. Hopefully this is just some random bug/error and not something more sinister.

I enjoyed reading your blog


RanD said...

Paul... the "correct link to [the] Richard Heinberg article" that you sent to Keith et al still doesn't get me where it 'should' this side of the Atlantic... whereas clicking on Keith's link -- ( (after having reduced font size to 75%, then following Heinberg's instructions once getting there) -- takes me spot on to Heinberg's "Is the Global Oil Tank Half-full, Is It Half-Empty...Or Are We Running On Fumes?" Don't ask me why it does, tho... I've scarcely a clue how these cumbersome prosthetic techno-gadgets work, other than to try following the instructions on what buttons to push, that is! Cheers!

F.Kamilov said...


Nothing is "tongue-in-cheek", not where I live - at least; rather I will say it is mostly Americans who are laid back and not really sure or able as to how to prioritise the real needs and affairs of the world (of which they are the masters!) Pakistani newspapers mean what they say...moreover verification is not at all difficult.

And as far as your comment on my "East/West" classification of human nature is concerned, I thank you for giving me the opportunity to reiterate most emphatically, that as far as our Middle Eastern milieu and "your" postmodern West are concerned - very different ground rules - very different sets of rules - operate for the human beings concerned. Even their feelings are different, although the imperialists and your liberal humanists go to great politically correct lengths, each for his own purpose, to show how "alike" we all are... I am not driving any wedges, but propounding a truth - which is even now being highlighted by those who as Mike (and the Bible) says - have the eyes to see and the ears to hear.
Civilised people make hospitals to treat dogs and look upon this as normal; they sell tins of dog-food in their stores, whereas I can show you societies and areas where even acknowledging a stray puppy or throwing a piece of unwanted food at it, are laughed at and ridiculed; where it is normal for street children to beat and to tie tin cans to the poor wretches' necks and feet. You would be appalled at this I think, and yet if you expressed that emotion before an ordinary Afghan hillman or peasant for instance - it would seem strange and comical to him for you to show such concern for such a creature... What I say is as measured as I can ensure, and is not without cause.