Monday, September 14, 2009

The CoLLapse Movie Website Goes Live!

As of September 14th the web site for CoLLapse has gone live. Please spread the word. We've had four out of four great reviews and one review gave us the only A. Jenna's going to be be posting these for us. Another reviewer said it was the best film of the festival. I'd try to describe the emotional roller coaster I'm on but you'd need a barf bag.

And everyone please note who got a link in the links section. No one I know deserves that more. I am proud to be in your company in public, Rice Farmer.

Did someone just blow boots and saddles?

From Jenna Orkin:

CoLLapse Movie
Row Three: Review for CoLLapse
Toronto Film Festival '09: Day 4
Reuters Review

Collapse Reality
Insiders Dump
US Poverty Surges
U.S. poverty rate hits 11-year high as recession bites
Queen of Coupons Feeds Family for $10 a Week;
Americans Lacking Health Insurance Rise to 46.3 Million, Census Data Show
[T]he number forced to work part- time because they cannot find full-time work has risen more than 50 per cent in the past year to a record 8.8m.
New Record Deficit
Consumers Slash Borrowing by Record Amount
Consumer Credit Contracts Record $21.6 Billion
Dress Rehearsal for Debt Peonage (from Rice Farmer)
Foreclosure Filings Top 300,000 for Sixth Straight Month
Sovereign Wealth Gone Haywire
Recovery for U.S. Slowest Since World War II
Trade Deficit in U.S. Widens Most Since 1999 as Imports Post Record Surge
Junk Bond Defaults Worst Since Great Depression. So Why Is The Market Rallying?
But lest you think the worst is over... Greenspan: "Market Crisis Will Happen Again"
Obama Risks Global Trade War With Misguided Tariffs
US Fires Opening Salvo In Trade Wars With China
Survey Shows Huge Leap in European Support for US Foreign Policy
"Conventional Arms Transfers to Developing Nations, 2001-2008," September 4, 2009 (first reported by the New York Times on September 7).
Natural Gas Spiked 60% Since Labor Day
Miller Puts Oil at $100 in ’10
Martial Law Alert Over Swine Flu (from Rice Farmer)
Obama's banking overhaul
President to call for sweeping rule changes to prevent 'another Lehman'
How the Federal Reserve Bought the Economics Profession (Huffington Post)
Utah's Record Bond Sale Is Set to Push State's Debt Above National Average
New York Faces Dramatic Consequences of Crisis
'Where Men Win Glory: The Odyssey of Pat Tillman'
The life of Pat Tillman: his N.F.L. career, his military service and the Army’s false story about his death
FBI Informant Says Agents Missed Chance to Stop 9/11 Ringleader (from Rice Farmer)
9/11 Education to be Introduced in Schools (from Rice Farmer)
JO comment: Anthony Gardner, whose brother died at the WTC, is the spokesperson for the victims families who are involved in this project with Rudy Giuliani. In 2004, Gardner and I (acting as spokesperson for the World Trade Center Environmental Organization) organized a demonstration at the groundbreaking ceremony at Ground Zero which Governor Pataki was trumpeting as a triumph.

If memory serves, Gardner and other family members were concerned about preserving the footprints of the towers as well as other issues related to memorializing the dead. WTCEO was interested in highlighting the populations that were being overlooked in the celebratory "moving forward," particularly those who were sick or dying as a result of the EPA's lies.

It was a classic politics-makes-strange-bedfellows collaboration, born of the classic cause: a common enemy.

Chance of a Negative Interest Rate (UK)
SFO looks at Iceland banks
Team to 'get to the bottom' of whether there were criminal intentions.
GDP Fell 10.9% in 2nd Quarter (Russia)
"Right Wing Extremism Took Over My Life"
20 percent of the students at the vocational schools you studied in the eastern German state of Saxony espoused extreme right-wing views.

Pesticides killing bees
Book Review - 'Green Metropolis - Why Living Smaller, Living ...
This book argues that city dwellers are ahead of the green curve.
Human colony on Mars 'will make the world a better place'
Learning from Fish Could Prevent Crowd Panic


Jeff said...

The IMF is in the white house now.

pstajk said...

The poster is bad ass Mike, love it. Can't wait to see the film. Lemme buy you lunch or dinner some time since you've been rollin coins lately :) I'm back from New Jersey livin in Hermosa and working in Palos Verdes for the moment. Cant bring myself to read the articles any more Jenna - just the headlines, but thanks so much. Give a holler anytime for a bite Mike 732-233-8908

Lawrence said...

Please fix the broken link on the site. Under books and DVDs the first photo shows as not there. The link works but the photo of the book has been moved. It has been that was a long time and I just kept quiet, figuring it would get repaired on its own.

Been traveling and this site is my link to what is really going on. You are the BEST!!!

Rice Farmer said...

It is a sterling honor to be linked at the Collapse site, especially since, in my own estimation at least, so many others deserve the honor more. Be it known that the inspiration for that humble blog is MCR's work and sacrifice. I am but one of many who must help carry the torch: Inform the public, save lives, and build a better world out of the wreckage piling up before our eyes.

And we need a DVD of Collapse!

Andrew_The_Fox said...


bostx said...

The Oil Endgame:

eyeballs said...

Bostx gave us

Winning the Oil Endgame

Its simplistic solutions, such as cash-for-clunkers (including airplanes!) and a new generation of super-light cars, might or might not mitigate the sharp decline we can expect in oil availability, but I fail to see how anybody wins anything in even the medium term.

The report says we can use half the natural gas (by increasing efficiency), then use the half we saved to replace the depletion in oil. This ignores the fact that both are depleting, no matter how slowly we use them. What will replace petroleum?

The expectation that "Recent advances in biotechnology and cellulose-to-ethanol conversion can double previous techniques' yield" ignores the miniscule yield that these technologies currently produce. Perhaps we can slow somewhat the decline of industrial civilization, by increasing efficiency and developing new technologies. But the combination of magic bullet technology and government subsidy seems farfetched in an age that cannot keep its teachers paid, its roads maintained and a roof over everyone.

I would change the title to "Games at the End of Cheap Oil".

Andrew The Fox gave us

...a think-tank recommendation that the U.S. should threaten military action against Iran.

Very disturbing. Two of Bipartisan Policy Center's four founders (in 2007) were Tom Daschle and George Mitchell -- both of them Obama familiars. This could be "talkin' tough" to keep the Iranians guessing, but it shifts the dialog to a serious consideration of predictable tragedy. Meanwhile, the American "Peace Movement" seems to be ignoring the Democrats' "Af-Pak" war, even while the British public is overwhelmingly rejecting it. And of course, "we" are still in Iraq, after all this time.

William J. Lynn III, Deputy Secretary of Defense, was most recently senior vice president of Government Operations and Strategy at Raytheon Company (and a registered lobbyist for Raytheon). He had been Comptroller of the Pentagon during the time that trillions "went missing". Robert Hale, the current Pentagon Comptroller, was Comptroller of the Air Force at that time. Catherine Austin Fitts aptly quipped:

"I guess the guys who got the last $3.3 trillion were pretty happy with Mr. Lynn and Mr. Hale and decided to bring them back!!"

Frank Kendall III, Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Technology, was another Raytheon vice president. His immediate subordinant, Shay Assad, Acting Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition, was also a VP for Raytheon. James Jones, the National Security Advisor, has served on the boards of both Boeing and Chevron. Etc., etc.... People who think that we live in a peace-loving democracy almost deserve what they get.

"Our business is war... and business is good."

eyeballs said...

“Extra heavy crude”
. to be exploited by China in the Orinoco Basin. That’s like, tar sands, right? What will they have to do to this remote jungle, in order to keep China in automobiles?

“In addition, there will be a flood of technology into the country, with China going to build drilling platforms, oil rigs, railroads, houses,” Chavez said.

Oh, boy.