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I personally have no doubt that the timing of this release from the state of Oregon is intended to influence what kind of distribution deal the movie "CoLLapse" gets. I have sent the affidavits mentioned below to a reporter at the Medford Mail Tribune. Let's see where this goes next. Does anyone remember what happend to Scott Ritter?


September 24, 2009

The decision rendered by BOLI in this case is only against an administratively dissolved corporation and not against me personally. The sexual harassment case is based on a deliberate attempt to entrap and discredit my journalism and that of my former newsletter “From The Wilderness” (FTW).

BOLI’s ruling in the sexual harassment case bears no resemblance to the hearing I attended over three days in June of 2009. I have always maintained my complete innocence in this matter and still do. The record shows that the sexual harassment charges are directly connected to a burglary and smashing of FTW’s computers in June 2006; to a grossly flawed and biased police report prepared by the Ashland Police Department regarding that crime by an officer who was later discharged; and the admittedly improper leaking of that same report to The Ashland Daily Tidings which was engaged in an open vendetta against me before these events took place.

Stories from the Tidings were admitted as evidence in the harassment case. The then editor of the Daily Tidings, Scot Bolsinger, is now in prison for unlawful sex with a minor and other charges related to an ongoing investigation of racketeering and defrauding several local businesses out of what has been reported as hundreds of thousands of dollars. His paper had unfairly attacked me and been forced to print my editorial reply on unrelated issues before any of these other events took place in order to avoid litigation.

When these events occurred, stories appeared in several places (including the Tidings) alleging or implying that I had smashed my own computers. The smashing of the computers directly pertains to the sexual harassment case in that the computers contained (among other things) electronic communications, records and chats between the complainant in the harassment case and other individuals who have sought to protect their reputations. I have affidavits from an attorney and a colleague who were present with me in the Ashland Police offices on two separate occasions in 2007 and 2008 when Detective Randy Snow and later Deputy Chief Rick Walsh stated without equivocation that I was not a suspect, I had been cleared, and that there was no evidence of any misconduct on my part. The Ashland police were abject and unequivocal in their apologies for these "mistakes".

Over the course of three years I have spent an estimated $45,000 proving my innocence in all of the events which took place in Ashland. However, by the time the harassment case went to hearing I was out of money and compelled to represent myself without counsel even though it had been clearly established that personally I was at no risk of losing a penny. During that hearing the complainant's testimony and story were impeached several times. I produced two material witnesses. She had none. I produced other physical evidence which severely damaged her credibility, as did testimony from her own mother. All of that was ignored or mischaracterized in the current ruling. In spite of that, elements of these other allegations were introduced in the harassment case and I was prevented from fully addressing them.

What happened in Ashland goes much deeper than this one case. There is a record spanning decades of unfounded attempts to discredit me personally when there was no other way to discredit my investigations and reporting.

BOLI engaged in a documented and malicious political prosecution against me and, in my opinion, found itself in a position where it had to support the actionable conduct of its case presenter in this case. Had the ALJ's ruling reflected the facts as presented in the hearing then BOLI itself, would have been exposed to possible legal action. The Administrative Law Judge is himself a BOLI employee. No discussion of the harassment case will be complete unless it goes into the burglary, the smashing of my computers and the documented misconduct of the Ashland Police Department and the Ashland Daily Tidings. I am in possession of two affidavits regarding the burglary which clearly support my position and which I will gladly make available (along with affiants themselves) to legitimate news entities

It is my intention to appeal this ruling to a higher court. However, at present I am totally without the estimated $25,000 necessary to pursue such an appeal. I will always maintain my complete innocence in this matter. Due to the possibility of an appeal I cannot discuss the merits of the case but rather encourage anyone interested to obtain a transcript of the hearing itself.

Michael C. Ruppert


ASDICandJane said...
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sunrnr said...

I think in the interest in justice, we as a community can come up with the legal fees and possibly a lawyer?


Jenna, where and how do I send my contribution?


RanD said...

Dear Friend Michael...

Do not for one uncomfortable minute think the FTW family --- which you were indispensably instrumental at bringing together, then gave to Jenna Orkin to carry on in the direction which now belongs to all of us --- is not as best as possible conforming with the hopes, intentions, methods, perseverance, sincerity, labor and burdens that also belong to us all.

Do you want more money from us? If so, then ask for it. Certainly at least some if not all will send you what we can and will. Please do give us your mailing address again. All the while, also please do know and trust that our love for you is constant, undiminishable. And, also while you're at it, put an end to those fucking killing-your-ass cigarettes! Been there done that one myself --- big time, like you or worse!

We sincerely love you old buddy,

Ruthie & David

businessman said...

Mike...This is sad to hear about, but then again, this is what these people do to other people.

I greatly admire you having hung in there in doing what you believe in all these years, even though the cost to you has been very high.

99% of all others would have quit doing what you've been doing a long time ago.

If it's any consolation, the reviews I've been reading about "Collapse" make it sound like this is the definitive work, spoken by a true prophet, warning everyone that civilization is about to make the most monumental reversal in the history of mankind.

There are many of us, Mike, whose lives you have greatly impacted, and I am definitely one of them. As you move through this difficulty, know that you have already made a big difference in the world, and that you continue to do so.

We love you, man.

F.Kamilov said...

The following headlines, from yesterday’s and today’s edition of Pakistan’s main English newspaper “The News International” should reinforce the contentions I have made recently on my blog:

Transparency International indicts Pakistan at critical time

US Congress approves $2.376 billion aid for Pakistan

Obama considering strategy shift in Afghan war

Country may get $2 billion from “FoDP”: Foreign Office

Americans see change in the air in Pakistan

Sebastian Ronin said...

MCR, whatever consolation it may be to you during this very trying stage, please know that Peak Oil and related societal collapse are about to hit mainstream politics. Your work (and that of others) has been indispensible in bringing things to this current watershed. Until it goes political, any social movement remains caught within the Irish proverb: A hound is yet a pup until it learns how to hunt.

Political statement and bio have been submitted, as per GPNS intent-to-run guidelines. A brave running mate has stepped forward, ergo ensuring that the leadership bid will not collapse. The insider hen-house is all acluck because they know that the Post-Peak Oil wolf circles outside. The well-intentioned hand-wringing of reformists is passé; that ship has sailed. Manning its ropes and sails are the all-too-comfortable cyber revolutionaries.

Sebastian Ronin, Political Statement and Bio

As we trudge, yes? =;-D Hang tough, my friend. Keep pecker hard and powder dry, and live to fight another day.

Robert said...

I completely believe in your innocence in this matter. Keep fighting and you will win.


Robert Pike

eyeballs said...

Eh, Mike, buck up!

Receipts from CoLLapse should help. I want a couple DVDs when they're available. Y'knew they was gonna beat the soles of yer feet, so stay steady. The appeal, while exhausting and emotionally challenging, might actually provide a very interesting forum to get out a lot of these dark persecutions into the open and deal with them.


Thank you for your articles. Most disturbing is the one titled

Americans see a change in the air in Pakistan

Zardari is not half of his wife, and is no titanic strongman like Musharraf. But isn't he about the strongest lynchpin available to hold together the edifice of Pakistan as a nation state? If not Zardari, who do you see at the helm?

Is this not part of the plan by certain key American interests, to dismember Pakistan, seize the nukes, and relieve both India and Israel of their troublesome neighbor?

I wonder if you have some further comments on this situation.

Chris XVX said...

They're getting desperate:

Prophetic Intelligence Briefings
Massachusetts, U.S.: Swine Flu Vaccine Mandatory? · September 23, 2009

On August 28, 2009 reported that the Massachusetts Senate has passed a law called the “Pandemic Response Bill” (2028) and is now awaiting approval by the House of Representatives. This bill,” according the Naturalnews, “suspends virtually all Constitutional rights of Massachusetts citizens and forces anyone ‘suspected’ of being infected to submit to interrogations, decontamination and vaccines. It’s also sets fines up to $1,000 per day for anyone who refuses to submit to quarantines, vaccinations, decontamination efforts or to follow any other verbal order by virtually any state-licensed law enforcement or medical personnel.”...

Jenna Orkin said...


please send me your email address which doesn't come thru on blogger

San Leandro Rifle & Pistol said...


Honestly, I'm sure this was a deeply personal and painful situation. But, as with slander against Scott Ridder, I could care less. I value the information and opinions here and I could care less if some troglodyte is out there slinging poo. Ignore the bastards!

Scott Ridder is awesome. FTW was a great site and MCR is always thought provoking, insightful, entertaining and informative.

bobobmw said...

Mike... just finished "Crossing the Rubicon"... couldn't put it down!! I'm gettin a late start, but am working thru all the books referenced by you, D.R.Griffen, and Barrie Zwicker. (quite a daunting list to start with). Just wanted to say thanks for all the work and sacrifice you've done for all americans, myself included. I wish you success and good luck in your current and future projects. thanks Bruce

RanD said...

businessman -- from these quarters your comment "civilization is about to make the most monumental reversal in the history of mankind" belies a critical mis-perception of "collapse" ... which genuinely historic collapse, as we all are seeing and experiencing take place across our planet these days, is, again from theses quarters, actually/ultimately/merely another routine punctuated in-flux stage/phase of the overall human condition's continuously evolving experiential transition from markedly/relatively/significantly more primitive states of experience to ones which are fundamentally/progressivelyremoved/advanced from where we have been.

To perceive LIFE, it-SELF, as something which ever 'reverses' itself is to wrongly perceive the nature of LIFE.

And: Thank you so very much for your consistently excellent comments. Such work is indispensible to humankind's evolutionary continuum.

F.Kamilov said...


I don't think it is at all in US or NATO interests to see Pakistan dismembered. It is their key pet dog here, and has been for 60 years, albeit now diseased and corrupted. Still, no one will serve Anglo-US interests in the region better than the Pakistani neocolonial state. As far as harming its nukes are concerned, that is the hype and clatter that Pakistani publicists themselves generate to try and appear important, and is a ploy to divert attention from their slavish and shameful bondage to the US. There are about 40-50 tinny and rusty kiloton-yield class Chinese toy bombs with Pakistan that would threaten nobody except India. Even if Al-Qaeda managed to get hold of some, it would have to find a way of "delivering" them to Europe and beyond - impossible, more so after 9/11. The US is on the ground here precisely to ensure that this does not happen , and that Pakistan remains intact as its drunken and dissolute leadership gives way.

Talking of failing leadership, and Mr. Zardari, I see no one fit on the horizon; that is why things are so hopeless here. Zardari and his "famous" wife were thieves, "kleptocratic" rulers who introduced this art to Pakistani society; in their previous terms of government, Zardari's nickname was "Mr. 10%", because of the mandatory kickbacks he used to take to approve foreign contracts and purchases, etc. Now he is called Mr. 1000%, as he and his henchmen are raking in all they can lay hands on, and quite rapaciously. Their latest caper is Pakistan's "electric crisis". Pakistan has severe power cuts nowadays, as its generating capacity is supposedly strained; that is far from the truth. This is all a ruse, staged to force public approval for inviting foreign power generating companies, who will generate electricity at rates many times that of Pakistan's normal utility prices - but who will pay handsome kickbacks to Zardari & Co. in the form of millions of $$.

To see how the US distrusts its cronies here, just peruse these headlines from today's edition of The News:

US to ensure aid spent on Pakistani people: Holbrooke

Aid management to eat up $175 million

A US team is shortly landing here to “manage modalities”.

Anonymous said...

Very thoughtfull post on leadership. It should be very much helpfull.

Karim - Mind Power

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RanD said...

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but your link is a dead end, here.

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