Friday, September 11, 2009


Michael C. Ruppert

Sept. 11, 2009; 12 Noon, PDT – In about 24 hours the feature documentary which we all have been waiting on for so long will screen in Toronto.

CoLLapse is a film about me, my life, and the message I have come to deliver after more than thirty years on a very long path. Many of you who will read this have walked some distance with me and with each other along that path. I do not have to remind you that at this moment in human history, this film may be the last, best shot our movement has to break through into the mainstream. This Fall and Winter look to be very trying times for our species. I am advised that the CoLLapsemovie website will go live within a week so keep checking there for more information on the film and when and where you'll be able to see it.

How do I feel? Well, I’m rolling coins to eat now. I’m behind on a credit-card payment. But I am happier and more at peace than I have been in ages. My work is done… at least this part of my work. I will never be able to offer any better advice than what I wrote into “A Presidential Energy Policy” and have given in this film. Now I can hopefully focus on bringing love and music into a world that desperately needs it. I know I do.

Otherwise, we are all at the brink of an uncertain, but certainly very exciting, immediate future. On the TIFF web site I have been paid the most wonderful compliment I have ever received. I have been called a “radical thinker”. Now it’s official.

Yes, I know what the date is today. What a long, strange trip it’s been. And I don’t have words to tell you all how much you have meant to me for all these years.

Rags the dog sends his love.


Jenna Orkin

Just as every day is your child's birthday for he's always somewhere in your thoughts, for some of us here at, every day is September 11. Yet the enormity of the memory is especially acute on this wet, gloomy anniversary.

The mainstream media do a deft job of ensuring that. While paying pious lip service to the dead and their survivors, they twist the knife in the wound left that day by prominently presenting Charlie Sheen: Bush ordered 9/11. We admire Sheen's courage and intentions but the road to Hell is paved with you-know-what. His allegations are of the all too familiar amateurish sort, mixing justifiable questions with misleading, unprovable or downright silly speculation.

At the same time, the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act remains in limbo, enthusiastically supported only by the local contingent even as dying Ground Zero workers soldier on protesting.

Same old, same old, in other words. But instead of outrage, we succumb to the inevitable, at least for now. The frog is being boiled slowly. It might seem odd that he doesn't jump out for in fact, he does understand what's happening. He stays anyway because Hell is where your friends are and where, for the time being, they are determined to remain.

But don't be fooled. His strength does not ebb. It merely waits.


businessman said...

I think it's great that Charlie Sheen is willing to go public with what he wrote in that 15-page dissertation. When celebrities go on record with opinions like that one, they risk ridicule and even worse for them, total banishment from the media. After all, the same people who control what's reported to us as the news can control what's reported on any celebrity...including whether a given celebrity is even reported on at all.

v said...


Good to hear from you. Good Luck with the film in Toronto and I hope many people will get a chance to see it.

Can't wait to see COLLAPSE, hope it will be released outside the USA.

Good luck, take care and stay safe and healthy!!


agape wins said...

Jenna wrote.
"We admire Sheen's courage and intentions but the road to Hell is paved with you-know-what. His allegations are of the all too familiar amateurish sort, mixing justifiable questions with misleading, unprovable or downright silly speculation."

Over the holiday, National Geographic TV had a show disproving everything about 9/11.
Apart from the TPTB.'s, Dog & Pony show.
I must agree with what Jenna said, her comments also apply to the N G "proof", some of which I found
childish. Jenna has my permission to remove the following 2 links.

A vary dark day in the history of the World, our elimination of the native population of "North America" was the "mold"/Pattern we as a nation are still following; SHAME on ME / I am the "USA"!
Jenna, quote.
"Same old, same old, in other words. But instead of outrage, we succumb to the inevitable, at least for now."

"But don't be fooled. His strength does not ebb. It merely waits.".

At least the "Frogs"on this Blog!! I pray our end is not the same as in "Lust,Caution"!

Another slant on the housing? market!

And then there is the stranger human, or not so humane, & their effect on our lives, and how we perceive the context of our surroundings.

And then back to sound/music/words, & the difference in each of us.
What do you accept / reject/detest, in the S/M/W and why?

To RanD, or anyone else; how do you differentiate between /, without spaces, and when / is used
with spaces? Is it like comparing time with spacetime?

I have more to write about Hearing /Vision/seeing, and how they make us who we are;
should we be just thinking, or Thinking constructively?


sunrnr said...


First of all, congratulations to you, Jenna and everyone else involved in bring "CoLLapse" forth in a truely scary time.

Any chance of getting it into the Sundance Film Festival or better yet, Cannes?

On a more somber note, cliff over at has been seeing things in the ALTA data and results that seem to point to Isreal trying to take out Iran's nuclear capabilities towards the end of October. The latest update to "Shape of Things to Come" will be out around mid-September for a modest fee.

Stories of Israel's PM Netanyahu secretly going to Russia are adding fuel to the fire.,7340,L-3775025,00.html

The purpose of the trip was ostenibly to discuss Russia's plans to send S-300 anti-aircraft missiles to Iran. More likely, he told the Kremlin of the attack plans and didn't want to have Soviet anti-aircraft missle batteries in the way.

Seems there is some credibility to Israel's Intelligence Service claim the Artic Sea was carrying those missles to Iran with it suddenly "disappeared" for a couple of weeks.

Should Israel attack Iran's nuclear facilities, the outcome may be totally different than expected and may mean death to millions if not billions of homo sapiens.

As the facilities are deep underground and heavily fortified, either America's newest huge Bunker Buster bombs will be used or small tactical nuclear bunker penetrating bombs will be used.

Either way, the potential result would be a radio active cloud which would end up enshrouding most of the earth with devastating consequences.

As you say Mike, "This Fall and Winter look to be very trying times for our species."

Let's hope we all live to see the movie and Spring.


Sebastian Ronin said...

Re "Let's hope we all live to see the movie and Spring."

The next breath is an assumption. Do what you can to-day, inside this very instant...or not. And if the action happens to be removed from the comfort of cyberland, all the better.

MCR, a lick back at both of ya.

Rice Farmer said...

I do hope "coLLapse" comes out on DVD, as that is the only way many of us will be able to see it.

Meanwhile, I see that "A Presidential Energy Policy" has finally appeared on Amazon's Japan site.

Anonymous said...

I have no admiration for Sheen whatsoever. He's poisoning the well.

Anonymous said...


You are a prime example that the so called "Law of Attraction" is bogus.

Selfless is a vast understatement when describing your life so far, yet what do you have to show for it?

Folks, Mike Ruppert has been walking the walk for THIRTY years, yet from what I have read from his latest blog, he cannot afford to make ends meet.

What does it say about the human race when the kindest, most honest people in public life, such as Mike, are given the LEAST amount of support????

The lack of support given to Mike aptly demonstrates that 99.9 percent of people DO NOT CARE enough to make our society one iota better.

Indeed, we are as democratic as we choose to be.

JFK once appealed for the best and the brightest to serve his administration. In my opinion, Mike Ruppert is one of the rare few who truly deserve to be called the best and the brightest.

Rubicon is a masterpiece, but guess what, Mike got screwed by his publisher. Fletcher Prouty told me in 1999 that his publisher did the same thing to him. So much for a "free" press...

I probably have less money than most people reading this blog, but I am going to contribute one hundred dollars toward Mike's welfare.

I challenge everyone who is a regular visitor to this blog to also contribute what they can.

With every good wish, Mike.

Sticomythia said...

Looking forward to seeing your film here in Vermont !

I have let go of a lot of this 9/11 stuff; indeed, collapse is a distinct possibility; with the US Empire following the Soviet model of a quick disintegration rather than the slow decline (following the example of the British Empire) that I had originally postulated.

One thing's for certain... all empires fail. This one is very very overextended. What will it really matter, who did what? What we really want in Vermont is to be OUT of that terrible empire and to build our own society. Perhaps in partnership with other regions such as the Canadian maratimes.

Sheen is naive, expecting Obama to be any different from Bush. Barking up the wrong tree is a perfect way to expend a lot of otherwise creative energy better spent preparing for Collapse.

F.Kamilov said...

C'est excellent, M. Ruppert

Sean_Montgomery said...

I got to see 'CoLLapse' at the Toronto Festival tonight. Those who are familiar with Mike's writing won't be surprised by what's covered...Peak Oil, the role of oil in food production, alternative energy false hopes, how money works. But I think it was news to many people in the audience, who gave the film their applause. Director Chris Smith was on hand for a Q&A, and while he made a point of saying that he doesn't agree with all of Mike's ideas, one senses that he wouldn't have spent a year of his life making the film if he hadn't seen something of value in the message. Someone in the audience who said they had worked in the oil and chemical industries for 50 years said that Mike's statements about petroleum were bang on, and got applause for that. Smith indicated that Mike will see a cut of the profits should the film be picked up for distribution...which, hopefully, it will!

tinam462 said...

Thank you Mike and Jenna, I hope this hard work is going to pay off for you, at least so you can quit rolling change; it is so difficult sometimes, been there done that as well. Blessings to you both, take care.

Diaspora said...

I'm certain this comment won't see the light of day but I’ll chalk it up as a cathartic exercise.

Jenna wrote: “We admire Sheen's courage and intentions but the road to Hell is paved with you-know-what. His allegations are of the all too familiar amateurish sort, mixing justifiable questions with misleading, unprovable or downright silly speculation.”
His allegations? Every one of the 20 items Sheen raises in his “Twenty Minutes with the President” is either taken from the 9/11 Commission Report or Mainstream Media coverage: How is it misleading, unprovable or downright silly? Is it Speculation when the official version doesn’t hold ANY water? Amateurish; no one starts out a pro when trying to investigate a rouge government and since we no longer have a fourth estate in this Country the responsibility is picked up elsewhere. I am dismayed by the tone of this superior sounding dismissal of anyone’s efforts to find the truth. It’s been 8 years for God sakes. Forgive me but I must have gotten this blog mixed up with the one started by the author of the incredible book I read four years ago on the deeds leading up to and following the terrorists attacks of September 11th 2001, “Crossing the Rubicon”. Et tu, Brute?

Sean_Montgomery said...

I wanted to add a bit more about CoLLapse... Aside from the social and political issues being covered, it is also a film about Mike the human being. You get to see him where he lives, patting Rags, and smoking a lot. His remarks are more personal than they are in a formal lecture or essay; his tone of voice ranging from humourous to angry. At one point, he even gets emotional on camera. All intentional on the part of the film maker, who stated that he wanted to show the toll that Mike had paid for staying true to his convictions.

sandman said...

Looked up CoLLapse on the net, along with Toronto, and what came was your website, and this one. Can't wait to see the movie:

Paul said...

Interview with Jane Burgermeister

Describes her campaign against Baxter et al and their (alleged) attempt to trigger a bird flu pandemic earlier this year. Also describes the WHO’s plans to impose mandatory vaccinations against a swine flu pandemic.

Meanwhile - just as we had forgotten all about swine flu - here in the UK the BBC has scheduled an hour long swine flu Panorama special for next Wednesday peak time TV (Panorama = the BBC’s flagship serious documentary series). The programme listing is accompanied by a photo of a man - Big Ben in the background - wearing a medical mask and carrying a newspaper with the headline “Killer Flu”.

The programme is called “Swine Flu: Everything you need to know”. I wonder if Jane Burgermeister will appear or get a mention. Also, will there be any mention of the many reports of how dangerous the vaccine will be?

I shall watch it - but my expectations that it will be Everything I need to know are suitably low.....

Jeff said...

And now for our post 9-11 message from the boogyman

B said...


excited for the launch of hopefully a clip or two.

is that a shot of MCR hitting a joint?

eyeballs said...

EricGetsIt said:

"Selfless is a vast understatement when describing your life so far, yet what do you have to show for it?"

Of course you're right, Eric, that we should all support Mike as best we can. But did you notice that he said he's fine, financial problems notwithstanding? Rewards for decency and perseverance in a path with heart do not generally come in the form of cash.

If ONLY we could be spared the karma of a thousand generations of deluded humans. If only we could answer only for our current state of consciousness, and not pay for the tomfoolery we embraced earlier in Life. I drove the Miracle Mile. I flew in more than my share of beautiful airplanes. I ate high on the hog and let the scene around me froth into a ridiculous display of conspicuous consumption with barely a murmer. The twentieth century was sweet, never mind the odd flavor of melted plastic. Now it's over.

We're gonna suffer, folks. Dreams of riches are not appropriate now, as they inevitably imply stealing from the mouths of others and ignoring the crying needs around us. Perhaps this has always been true, but certainly it will be now.

Mike is not rich, but he sounds happy. We may loose more than cash pretty soon, and will have to remain sane anyway. I was glad to see Mike say he's finished with "this phase" of his work. There's no escaping the work that needs to be done up ahead.

The rewards we inevitably receive for living a decent Life will be invisible to many, but are well worth the work they require.

As to the frogs in the pot, very few will jump out, and where would we jump TO? Ecovillages may shelter a few outside the system for a while, but when the tide of post-collapse humanity seeths across the land, where are the safe havens? We have desperate need for alternatives, and WE are the only ones to create these alternatives. Progress seems slow, even for the sighted minority.

Those who know, and who are able, must knit together some appropriate cooperative new society, at least on the local level, here and there. For the vast majority, I can only shake my head and wish them luck. Their despair will infuse our environment, and our response will constitute our very Life.

agape wins said...

Businessman, RiceFarmer, & RandD come to mind for fine posts of late; it's good to see F.Kamilov
again, I have missed the Far East prospective on things, your posts used to compete well here. I'm hoping for a detailed opinion from you Soooon!

The latest from eyeballs is outstanding, there is more value in his latest post than in any I have written, thanks for being here!!

agape wins said...
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Don said...


I'm excited about your movie. You know what they say about prophets...


Don Henry Ford Jr.
author of Ruminations from the garden

Jeff said...

Congratulations Mike,you did it,you hit the main stream media,
I hope the movie is seen all over the world.

Paul said...

If this isn’t a clear sign of collapse, I’m not sure what is...


Here, on a sleepy stretch of shoreline at the far end of Asia, is surely the biggest and most secretive gathering of ships in maritime history. Their numbers are equivalent to the entire British and American navies combined; their tonnage is far greater. Container ships, bulk carriers, oil tankers - all should be steaming fully laden between China, Britain, Europe and the US, stocking camera shops, PC Worlds and Argos depots ahead of the retail pandemonium of 2009.


A similar - although much smaller - scene is visible here. Dozens of merchant ships anchored in Lyme Bay (SW England) with nowhere to go. But the recession is over our leaders tell us. Well the evidence seems to show the opposite.


Rice Farmer said...

Of course Charlie Sheen is putting his career on the line by speaking out. One must admire his courage, if nothing else. But just one reference to "the towers" or any other physical-evidence argument "poisons the well," in the apt words of Shorebreak. Unfortunately this has irreparably damaged the 9/11 truth movement. Mainstream media from Popular Mechanics to National Geographic have gleefully pounced on this. They will gladly talk about the towers, but they are careful not to challenge "Rubicon." That should be enough to show the 9/11 truth community the proper approach, but after all these years truthers have learned nothing.