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Michael C. Ruppert

-- “I've skimmed through the BOLI decision but I have not begun any additional research yet. The Final Order reeks of bias against you, and I am completely stunned by the amount of the emotional damages award, particularly given the "facts" of the case and the short amount of time (the complainant) worked for you. The Order's "findings" regarding the credibility of witnesses is one of the most cherry-picked interpretations of testimony that I've ever seen. It reads like the "facts" in the Order were "found" (or rather, chosen) to provide the rationale for a pre-determined decision against you.” – Wesley Miller, Oregon Attorney; former Assistant District Attorney, Coos County Oregon.

Sept. 30, 2009 – Now that State Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian has admitted to personally issuing a grossly misleading and biased press release regarding the sexual harassment case in Medford, Oregon, the momentum is starting to shift. This, even as Oregon’s State Labor Commissioner is personally still releasing inaccurate, biased and malicious information about me. It is my personal opinion (and fairly obvious I think) that all of these actions by Oregon’s Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) are intended to hurt and weaken public response to – and interest in – the critically acclaimed documentary by Bluemark Films, “Collapse”. CoLLapse has just received widespread and overwhelming critical praise after screenings at the Toronto International Film Festival from media such as Variety and Entertainment Weekly.

A distribution deal for the film has not yet been announced by the film’s director Chris Smith. Any and all questions regarding the film’s status should be directed to Bluemark. I’m biting my nails over that like everyone else is.

My attorney in the case, Lee Werdell of Medford, is currently in Europe on vacation and incommunicado. He will not return until Oct 12th, just 4 days before the clock to file an appeal runs out. We don’t know if that will be enough time for him to prepare.

Oregon attorney Wesley Miller, a former Assistant D.A. in Coos County has offered his services pro bono to meet the appeals deadline until Werdell returns and can evaluate recent developments. Of course this will take money that I don’t have and the first task will likely be to obtain a transcript of the actual hearing which will give the lie to Mr. Avakian’s highly prejudicial, improper and continuing admittedly inaccurate and personal public pronouncements. And since when does a state’s top labor official take such a personal interest in one case?

This is going to cost money. I estimate a minimum of $4,000 will be needed to secure the transcripts and file with the Oregon State Court of Appeals before anything else can happen. The key issue right now is to meet the 30-day appeal window - which we will do - immediately followed by the ordering of the transcript - for which we are in need of help.

As all of you know, I’m personally on the edge financially because I have spent the last eight months fighting this case and doing my share for the film. I have been receiving some incredible aid from some of you who have been supporters of me and the work of all the great people at FTW for years. So, I think what is needed now is the establishment of a legal defense fund.

What is happening in Oregon is a horrible miscarriage of justice and the Oregon ruling is a house of cards that can and will be easily pulled down and exposed for the political persecution it is if we can fund it. I will repeat that this is not about me. It is about the message of Peak Oil and sustainability contained in the film “CoLLapse”. The reviews show that this film reaches people like we have never been able to reach people before. This is the Peak Oil/Sustainability movement’s last shot at breaking through into public consciousness and our movement taking its rightful and well-earned seat at the table of public opinion.

I would like to add that now is the time for Peak Oil/Sustainability groups to step up publicly and back both me and the message of CoLLapse. I have taken public lumps for the movement for years and have – thanks to Chris Smith’s skills – delivered a message that cannot be ignored. You have read the reviews and if you haven’t you need to. I tell you again that I did nothing wrong in Oregon, and – even if I had – listen to the advice of the film critic who said (paraphrasing) that it’s not important to debate the man. It is life-and-death important for all of us to hear and debate the message he so eloquently delivered in the film.

If you care about our movement, and grasp the urgency, then it’s time to step up and say so. Because there is no doubt that it is our ability to make people want to see the film that is on trial here and that means that our message is on trial. The deterioration of the economic situation and the reality of Peak Oil make it clear that we may never have another chance.

For the time being any donations for the legal defense fund can be mailed to:

Mike Ruppert
c/o Rubiconworks
10736 Jefferson Blvd., PMB 618
Culver City, CA 90230

Make checks payable to me because we haven’t set up a fund yet and need to be able to cash them right away.

I can’t say thank you enough times or with enough feeling to get across how I feel about those of you who have rallied one more time to my (our) defense in support of the lives we hope to save.

If there are any lawyers or accountants out there with experience in legal defense funds, I need help. I don't know the first thing about this. I don't know if it needs to be set up in California, Oregon or what? I don't know what legal paperwork is required or how long it takes to set up accounts and get checks. If anyone with experience wants to get help out please email Jenna at and be sure to include your contact information.



zeusij said...

2010: The best year to die?

agape wins said...


I have your Blog marked, I have been waiting for Comments by RanD, OR?
I have no disagreement with what you have written.
I wrote in Quotes because where we live determines the context we think "in", in a few days I'll have more to say about Differences that are only apparent,& the mask of Political "Correctness".

Anyone have any comments about: "they sell tins of dog-food in their stores"?
How about: "street children to beat and to tie tin cans to the poor wretches' necks and feet. You would be appalled at this I think,"?

Could any of this relate to MCR, if you think a little?

Lawrence said...


The check coming to you is not for legal defense, nor for the rent. It is for you to spend on yourself -- anything except cigerettes. :-)


RanD said...

Dear friend Agape... I too "have been waiting for Comments by RanD [i.e., developing/discovering RanD's perspective re your recent posts]." Here are a few -- with utmost sincerety hoping they will be perceived as exclusively beneficent, emphasizing that they bear no intent whatsoever to disparage, offend, or harm anyone:

-Your 4:47 PM post to F.Kamilov, regarding [his] 2:08 AM post was/is superb. Also, F. Kamilov is an invaluable contributor to this FTW blogspot; we are very fortunate to have his insightful commentary -- and I very much look forward to investigating the Antipas Ministries to which he linked us.

-The CSMonitor article to which you linked us, by Merve Kavakci, re how/why "Muslim nations could learn a lot from the US", speaks to a crucially significant problematic which the "western" world, particularly the US of A (as per usual, in spite of & because of its myriad advantages and handful of virtues) is in critical need of properly addressing & interacting with the fact that ALL nations are peopled by human equals, NONE of which should ever be thought of or treated as if its people were of even a smidgeon less value than another's. At the same time, ALL nations' religious/philosophical/ideological foundations/establishments commonly suffer from great need of their respective new world renascents in conjunction witha corresponding lift in general consciousness of reality.

-Living beyond money? Yeah, I can definitely see completely past that one. And how far away is that? Your guess is as good as mine. What do you see? Not? Or far away?

-Abusing animals of any species is never cool.

-Finally. Does RanD think any of this relates to MCR? Yeah, I do... all of it; just like all of it relates to all the rest of us, too.

Love to ALL

(PS Thanks oodles, Lawrence:)

businessman said...

Mike...It seems that your focus around addressing this legal judgment falls into several different categories, including:

1) Having the judgment reversed on appeal

2) Minimizing the impact of the judgment on the distribution deal you get for your movie

3) Minimizing the impact of the judgment on lowering the overall total number of people who will see your movie, and feel that you are a credible person that they should be listening to

And items 2 and 3 above need to be addressed immediately in order to maximize the impact of your movie, because the wheels are turning right now in terms of what kind of distribution deal you're going to receive.

With this in mind, I think you need a public relations expert working for you to get out in front of the negative impact of this judgment on your movie, and minimize all of the downside.

Fortunately or unfortunately, I think that if the people behind this judgment are successful in having it deflate the success of your movie, once that's been accomplished they probably won't really care that much if the judgment is overturned on appeal.

And that judgment won't occur until after you've gotten your distribution deal, and after the movie has already been screened in the theaters.

MCR said...

I don't have the slightest say, nor am I participating in any way in negotiations for a dsitribution deal. Period. That's all with Chris Smith and Kate Noble and I have asked not to be notified until a deal is struck.

But Businessman certainly grasps the issues with clarity.


unrepentantcowboy said...

Save your money. You know what happened. She knows what happened. Justice is not found in our courts.

You're going to need that money for other things. Don't give one more dime to some scum bag lawyer.

Why submit to an authority that is corrupt and henceforth illegitimate?

Find instead the authority that comes from weilding the sword of truth, even when it cuts you the bearer.

Then you render any weapon they may have against you, useless.