Saturday, November 15, 2008


Thank goodness y'all have read Rubicon. I don't need to 'splain nuthin.


Consider the following two quotes from the attached story:

"So far this year, 23 major auto-related companies, most of them parts suppliers, have filed for bankruptcy, according to consulting firm Grant Thornton. They are struggling since car makers have cut back as sales have slowed and raw-material prices have risen."


"As supplier companies fail, that [a GM bankruptcy] would have a direct impact on Ford and Chrysler, since the three domestic automanufacturers share about 70% of their suppliers, Rodriguez estimated."

Now just think about those statements for a while. Let them rattle around. This is what happens when complex civilizations fail. I forget when I wrote it... Some of you wonderful, dedicated, FTW archivists will probably remember. But it's like walking into a room and turning on the light switch. Not only does the bulb burn out; but a leg falls off the coffee table and the cat dies -- all at the same time. The U.S. government should do NOTHING to help the Big Three. Let them go extinct. They ARE extinct. Dead men walking. But please do it quickly. Show mercy by at least making it decisive and quick. And it looks like that decision has been made and (yes, I'm actually writing this) it was the right one. No matter how steep the price, or how much pain is involved; GM, Ford and Chrysler can only become parasites that will soon outweigh the host and drag us all down deeper; before mankind is finally set free to swim for the surface and rebuild. None of the Big Three will ever see the new paradigm because they, like Robert Hirsch, are incapable of seeing it. To truly see it is to have some real hope for mankind and the evolution of our collective soul. (I love the band too.)

There is only one thing that is too big to fail. That is the United States of America. And it's time some real Americans grabbed a saddle and mounted up, not to fight for but just to express it.

I have not said much lately because there wasn't much to say. From what I see now, those who read this blog are some very sharp cookies. You make me feel so much less alone than I used to. Thank you.

Another thing I will comment on is Robert Hirsch's plea that Peak Oilists shut the fuck up because we might actually scare somebody. WTF???? We've been scared for years, haven't we? I met Hirsch in Sacramento at ASPO-USA. We talked. He ferdamnsure knew who I was and he asked twice for me to send him a draft of my book so that he could "look" at it. (Only about five people are going to see it outside of the publishing process. He's not going to be one of them. We're in some very "spicy" talks with several publishers. That's all I will say until there's something else to say.)

Robert Hirsch is a scientist, an engineer, and as rooted in his thinking as John McCain; no ability to see the inevitable -- to embrace it as we must. He must be near a breakdown and, frankly, I feel for him. I watched my father; a decorated Air Force aviator and former aerospace exec who dealt with USAF and CIA, come to understand that the CIA actually dealt and smuggled a lot of drugs -- and nearly killed his son. It only took him twenty-five years to "get" it. But what Robert Hirsch asked of us was absolute bullshit and we all know it. Pathos ad infinitum. It was as lame as the plea he made in Sacramento at the end of his speech that sounded like something out of a Ronald Reagan, WW II, rah-rah movie. It landed with a thud in the audience that might have registered on seismic scales and -- to be honest -- I felt for Hirsch then too. He knew that he was in a different movie from everyone else. He had seen... but he has not"seen".

Dontcha love the Saudis bragging about the IEA report somehow proving they aren't in decline? Sweet, Jesus, Mary and Joseph! We are so far through the looking glass that Alice just took a vicodin and a Valium, and the Mad Hatter leased a cardboard box on skid row.

BTW -- Don't get too sensitive about my comments about Christians (which I always categorize as Fundamentalist Right-Wing Christians). Those who know me well, know the extent of my spiritual studies. It is so amazing that real Christians have become so defensive; so demonstrative of the battered-wife syndrome. (I did a freelance piece for the L.A. Times on that in '85.) Jesus Christ was a prophet and a real-life demonstration of what can be unleashed of the God which lives in all men, women and children -- in everything. That is what Jesus taught. He taught how to find and release a kingdom that was within, all of us, in the here and now. That is also what Buddha taught. It is what the Tao teaches. It is what Mohammed taught and it can be found in the Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita. It is also richly in the books of Isaiah, Psalms and John. The evil that Fundamentalist Right Wing Christians represent is that they (in an unbroken continuum) have taken the truth and the teachings of some really cool souls and used it for political purposes; for selfish ends. I can trace the pattern back to the Council of Nicea in about 315 AD. (I may be off on the year). "Virtue, the minute it recognizes itself as a virtue, becomes a vice." (Thank you Chuck C.) What that is, is the biggest part of man's soul that needs to be shed for evolution to occur. Whether we want to or not, we -- as a species --must surrender to something bigger than ourselves. Whether one calls it God or Peak Oil is utterly irrelevant.

I have prayed in churches, synagogues, mosques, ashrams, temples and also while going to the bathroom and making love. -- And do you know what? I found the same God, equally, in all places.

I need to ask the "loyalists" for an opinion. Lately, I have found myself writing as a means of dealing with all this crap. It's a departure from the two-million or so words I have written trying to be so factual and clear. It's helping me, but what I would like to know is, is it helping you too?

Why do I feel like an involuntary character in "Atlas Shrugged"?


The Robert Hirsch comment to which Mike is referring is here:

I suggest that the peak oil community minimize its efforts to awaken the world to the near-term dangers of world oil supply. The motivation is simple: By minimizing our efforts in the near term, we may not add fuel to the economic fires that are already burning so fiercely...

Businesses and the markets are in what might be called a free fall. If the realization of peak oil along with its disastrous financial implications was added to the existing mix of troubles, the added trauma could be unthinkable.

He's right. It is unthinkable. We should know. We've been thinking it for the last several years.

Hirsch is a really nice guy. We've had occasional e-contact (as well as meeting in Sacramento) since he answered a few questions after his first report in '05. Such was the suppression of peak oil back then that the article based on that e-interview used to show up in third place when you googled "Robert Hirsch" and "peak oil."

But the suggestion that we should tiptoe around the subject for fear of frightening the horses smacks of the same patronizing attitude we saw after 9/11 when TPTB lied about the record-breaking levels of toxics and carcinogens downtown for fear of creating panic. As a result, untold thousands are sick and some are dying, all unnecessarily.

Thus History is also repeating itself with respect to the sacrifice of human lives on the altar of the economy.

What is this panic that everyone so afraid of?

Fear is the underrated emotion, the nerd of human behavior that has its day of vindication in the end.

"We have nothing to fear but fear itself," ring out the statesmen as they lead us (deftly, without going themselves,) into war. Perhaps it is they who are afraid of our fear. Perhaps that is why they are depriving us of it, at all costs.

If there's a fire, shall we keep mum for fear of creating panic? Or shall we point out the exits?

Ah, there's the rub. In the case of peak oil, no one knows where the exits are. Also, there aren't enough; they're far away and too small for everyone.

Still, who are we to decide that The Public is not mature enough to handle the reality that we realized years ago?

Particularly if the bad news comes coupled with some solutions, however meager - the way a doctor would present a grim diagnosis - it will be more palatable.

And there is something bracing and reassuring about knowing the truth, even when it's dire. You have the sense of ground beneath you, as opposed to tremulous uncertainty which is what the gyrating markets are reflecting now.

Corroborating Mike's first point, about letting the auto companies die, The Daily Reckoning presents cogent arguments for letting the chips fall etc; for acting as though we really had a free market system. What we have now is a perverse, heads-I-win-tails-you-lose socialism in which the market is free as long as Wall Street profits; interventionist when it doesn't, and only on its behalf.

But oi, the symbolism of letting GM fail. As GM goes, so goes etc.....



gaelicgirl said...

Your recent writings...are they helping me? Absolutely! I check in every day to see if there's more from MCR. It provides a perspective on what's going on that's impossible to find elsewhere, and it's reassuring to know you're back in the saddle writing about it. There are plenty of places we can all find facts. But precious few where facts and passion meet and blend into such a nutritous stew.

Paula said...

I could not agree more. Yes, let GM go down, and let the "systemic risk" ripple throughout the "system" such that we are forced to reboot in safe mode. Detroit is possibly the biggest obstacle we face in evolution to a post-petroleum society. Removing it is a blessing.

Mike> your stream-of-consciousness writings are absolutely helpful as well as being just plain good blogging. Consciousness is what we all need to be practicing in our lives now.

Green2Go said...

Helping -- absolutely! I'm so happy to see that "MCR" at the end of each writing -- like an old friend even though we've never met.

Keep up the good work -- You too, Jenna! :)


laraeco said...

I really appreciate hearing your take on things MCR, you too Jenna. I agree that the corporate entities GM, Ford and Chrysler should be shed. I am for adaptive reuse. The land, buildings, tools and human beings could make other things and parts suppliers could convert with them.

Billy Pilgrim said...

"..It's helping me, but what I would like to know is, is it helping you too?..."

Well, honestly, I can't say your writing is helping me any, Mike. If help is to be defined in the classical sense, then no, I'm not making any progress here.

I still awaken each day with a fury in my heart as to how WTP have allowed these sycophants to take control. All through the day I see in my minds' eye images of pain and suffering, of death and destruction, of good people and the bad things they encounter. When I read a news story of another wedding party that was bombed by our jets who mistakenly (?) took the celebrants to be terrorists, I see their faces, hear their voices, and weep inwardly for the loss of humanity.

At night, I come home to my family and do my best to banish such thoughts as we sit around the table and talk of the day that was.

And then, as I lay in bed, the images and sounds come again, and I want to scream, I want to get up and Do Something - something to stop these lying bastards. But I sleep. And dream.

I recall in years past sending off to friends long screeds railing against the injustices being committed in our name by those we had elected to various positions in government. How I would spend a god-awful amount of time on just one sentence, fishing for just the right word to express my feelings. The nights were long back then; sometimes they had no end. I was - this should go without saying - single.

Somewhere along the line, she came into my life and life changed. Completely.

There are no more 10-page letters to friends forthcoming. Yes, I miss sitting at my little table typing away as the lights went out across town.

The demons that drove me back then are no less present today. But what of them? She does not understand. And why should she? What good would it do her, honestly, for me to expect her to go there with me? Sometimes she catches that look on my face, or hears that tone in my voice, and thinks it is there because of something she did. I would rather gouge out my own eyes than hurt her.

She believes. She has faith. She works her ass off, to be sure, and she is tired and worries about the future no less than me. But she has taught me that there is always something to be thankful for, however small and seemingly insignificant. I have memorized her prayers and sometimes even find myself echoing her pleas silently to myself in the dark.

We do what we must to make it through the day, Mike. I have prepared best I can for what may come. And so, to return to our starting point, and your question as to your writings and if they are helping me, well the answer is no.

The demons that troubled me ever since I first came upon are still here, they have not left, nor do they appear less frequently.

But when I go online - which I do every day (as opposed to turning on the tv, which I do not), is the first place I turn for an explanation as to WTF is going on out there.

Mike, it appears that you have paid a damned heavy price in your pursuit of the truth and your attempt to enlighten us. I appreciate all you have done and hope that you will find the strength and determination to continue to provide that which keeps me (and others) coming back.

I was a subscriber at FTW and would gladly pay again to support your efforts. You may not eliminate the pain Mike, but you open my eyes and help me make sense of these senseless times.

And in that regard, yes - you do help.
3:35 PM
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gildone84 said...

>>>"I suggest that the peak oil community minimize its efforts to awaken the world to the near-term dangers of world oil supply. The motivation is simple: By minimizing our efforts in the near term, we may not add fuel to the economic fires that are already burning so fiercely...<<<

In other words, the fire is roiling, but we're not supposed to be concerned about how we're going to finish extinguishing the blaze once the water supply runs out?

If we know the limits of the water supply, then we can more prudently use it to make sure the blaze is extinguished, thus minimizing the damage. But, I suppose I'm using too much logic here...

martypantsROK said...

two things:

yes, your writing is tremendously helpful. Your insight is valuable.

Yes, GM (and Ford and Chrysler) should fail. Or not, if they can manage to stay in business. But the govt should NOT help them by throwing money at them. Just another AIG as far as I'm concerned - they'd take our taxdollars and spend it on salaries, etc but not on what would make them viable companies.

wxdude714 said...

Truth is in short supply,espically if you live near Washington like I do. Your writings help me to understand that there are people out there other than myself that see through the MSM and completely recognize the situation. America isn't dead. I think our passion for what we see is so great that we sometimes get consumed in the drama that surrounds it. It's always good to take a step back and to recollect and reorganize for a while.

Watch those wildfires in LA! Our "super talented" weather experts in the USAF strengthened that ridge of high pressure over the Western US the past 6 days. Illegal weather modification at it's best and brightest!

Aaron said...

Hey Mr. Rearden: Greetings from Galts Gultch. You are like family bro. and your words are like letters to home. I am happy for you when things are good and grieve with you when things are bad. We all have those days when we just gotta try and keep sane. Sometimes I write, sometimes I split wood. There you go, "Chop Wood, Carry Water". In your case "Write Book" and then get the hell out of there. You of all people are not homeless.

Nik said...

To My old friend Mike:

I doubt you will remember me , but I remember you. You saved my life about 1989.

The path I was on clearly was leading to Jail (Had been there), insanity (Yes I had a stay at the nut house) or the morgue ( phew glad I dodged that one…so far).

I remember the first day I met you, thru a fantastic lady that I need to thank. I guess she deserves some credit for saving my life as well.

You were a skinny dude on a bicycle at a place called Radford. (Boy were you in shape then…LOL…LOL)

You said “Ok I will help this guy” and gave me your phone number, and told me to call so we could meet and get started.

I remember thinking “Ok…so…maybe…all these people are not full of shit”

You somehow found the good man in me and firmly placed the footwork for Truth, at all costs, Honor, in the face of criticism and Courage, to stand in the face of adversity.

You also taught me courage strength and hope…You taught me how to live life on life’s terms…I see that you also have lived a little.

You heard my 4th..and walked me thru 12.

You taught me that I wasn’t always going to know why, and that it is ok not to know everything all the time.

You taught me to always be steadfast in my convictions, in so long as they did not cause harm to others.

You taught me about fear and how to use it, and how it puts all your senses on high alert. Not to let it control me, or rule my life.

You taught me thru your diligence and writings that I was not out of my mind, and that when I thought I smelled a rat sure enough there it was.

You will never know how comforting this has been over the years, As I thought the most insane and impossible thoughts.

Telling myself to put those thoughts in a drawer and lock them away…That there is no way people could do those types of things.

How do they sleep. How do they sleep when they have systematically destroyed the greatest nation on earth.

How can anyone or group there of, destroy so many and just live on as if it is nothing.

To cause financial ruin, loss of property, life, trust and live on just like nothing happened.

To simply lie or spin it.. in such a fashion as to set up the next big grab.

It’s just business…nothing personal…just business as usual.

It seems the ones saying that are never on the loosing end of the business…or getting the business (sort to speak).

Laughing all the way to the Bank…????...which one these days these days I wonder.

I had a Boss and a friend that gave me that line once…he is no longer either.

I find it unconscionable that the “BAIL OUT” Now termed “RESCUE” Plan was even thought of let alone passed.

The great thinkers…great thinkers…of time…the financial giants…finally hit the wall, and they get a parachute…from the other great thinkers…You can have them all. They disgust me.

They all should have to live with there mistakes. Only they are not mistakes, they were / are lies, Malice of forethought with just enough plausible deniability.

And when that does not work, re write the law, and when that fails write a new law of find a greater scandal so maybe the first one will be less dramatic. Get something juicer into the media.

They should have to live like me and so many others, daily grind…Get up at 4:00 am and come home tired from a days work for less than a days pay. ( Honestly I am just grateful as hell to have a job!)

Even worse yet they should have to get that pink slip / lay off after 20, 30, 40 years and see their pension, 401K etc house going going gone. Tell it to their wives and families.

That blank look.. the doughnut hole in the mind that occurs when the bottom falls out of your world.

When you can think of nothing a huge blank, a zero, and there is a cavern in your gut knowing that those who depend on you are screwed.

Not because you got caught with your hand in a cookie jar, or in someone other than your wife’s panties, or were reading a children’s book upside down when your country is being attacked…

But when you have been working you’re A$$ off to make ends meet and without provocation the rug is snatched out from under your feet. Recession, I think not, Depression is more appropriate.

I mean…and this is sad… I dream of the lottery win so I can pay bills…How sick is that?

Do any of them even have a concept of what it is like to be us??? Do they even care??? I can answer that one on my own.

Politicians are by definition Leaders. Leadership is the most sacred and honorable gift any human can have. To have the trust of people to follow you, believe in you. Be it in battle, on the job, in a family, add infinity.

As a leader it is your RESPONSIBILITY to take charge and be there to defend and insure the success of your people.

To have that honor, to have that responsibility is lost these days, Leadership has become synonymous with greed. How much can I bilk out of that the system and people that have put me here.

I have lost any and all respect for those placed in a position of political leadership…Leadership is not about self, it is about service, I know they understand this.

I just hope one day one of them has the guts to follow it.

If you can’t do that then get out of the way so someone who understands true leadership can get in the game.

I did learn a big lesson thru this…The only difference between me and them is that they a better liars and schemers.

I can live with that. Karma hit me back real hard…real hard, once upon a time…I can only imagine what is in store for these people.

Mike: You taught me many lessons, that I use daily, at times when I knew nothing of what was going on in your world.

I think you shielded me from it, I just remember you having to go.

I don’t know what I could have done to help then but I would have died trying.

I will leave you with this one, it has gotten me thru some of my darkest hours.

Coincidence is just another word for God, and nothing happens in God’s world by mistake, unfortunately we do not always know why. And that’s OK.

And yes I am a very spiritual person…because when the rug has been pulled from under me, I always find God standing right there holding my sorry butt up.

So I guess if you don’t believe in God, Believe in something, because it may be the only thing between you and insanity…It was and is for me.

and that’s ok too.

So if you are wondering if you have helped anyone…Well…you saved my life once upon a time, I only hope I can repay the favor.

While I can not speak for others, I know you have helped me tremendously thru my life, most of the time without your knowing it.

I will see you again my old friend…I don’t know when or why…I just know it, and look forward to that day.

It will probably be a coincidence.

Van said...

You're helping, Mike. Still, and as always.

There's no way to really prepare, materially, against a catastrophe as big as what's likely coming. Not without building a self-sufficient pseudo-military "compound" (gotta love that word!) with stores of food, medicine, energy, and weaponry - and then you'll get attacked by the Blue Mafia and scattered to the 4 penal winds. Predators fear the strength of others.

But yes, Mike. You're helping. As we huddle around this virtual campfire and watch the lights flicker and dim, and wait to hear the screams and the boots and sirens and mabye even the gunfire, this blog is our community center now.

We come here, daily I bet, just so we can look around and remember that we are not alone in our realization.

Ive tried to wake my friends up. They wont listen. One more week, one more Christmas season, one more piece of sugar-coated propaganda or news-as-entertainment distraction, that's all they want. Im sure everyone knows this same frustration by now. Here in California, they're all falling for the Prop 8 diversion, fighting over the "right" to beg for one more worthless piece of paper from the political priesthood.

I saw a anti-post-Prop-8 girl collecting signatures in front of the market today. I started to walk towards her, hoping I could redirect her noble but misdirected activist effort. I wanted to ask her about Peak Oil, about national debt, about the collapsing economy.

I stopped walking after just a few steps. I have no voice left. And as you've wisely observed, the time is past for converting lost souls. It's too late in the game.

Im no fan of guns, but I bought my first firearm recently. Mossberg 590A1 combat shotgun (used, of course). Ordered a few cases of various types and weights of ammo off the interwebs, from paper-target-killer to steel slugs that wont stop for traffic lights.

She sits by the bedroom door now, safety on but loaded. It's not much, but it's better than nothing - which is probably what most of my neighbors have.

Got 3-6 months of canned food in the pantry. Including cat food - the furry children will eat along with dad. Bought a used rice cooker for $3 at the thrift store (and I make decent money!) - rice is amazingly cheap, so long as I've got some butter and at least a few mins of electricity a day Im good. Solar and some deep-cycle gel cell batteries are next. Used 4kw generator sits in back - $50 on Craigslist, gotta love it.

Starting the next round of spring vegetables in the living room plant nursery shortly. 3 years in, vegetable gardening is a new hobby.

I live on the edge of a small mountain town. The worst of it wont happen here.

And Im taking my first hand-to-hand knife combat class in 2 weeks. Cuz outside of Hollywood, ammo does run out. Besides, the enforcer caste hates us peasants being armed and the shotgun isnt exactly discrete.

I probably sound psychotic. Paranoid survivalist, all buzz-cut and wannabe military right?

Nope. Silicon Valley videogame and web programmer. 170lbs of ordinary computer geek, out of shape, rather just spend my time gardening and wrenching on the car and bike, and building stuff.

But Ive been following your work for over a decade Mike - even attended your lecture in San Francisco before Rubicon came out. Shook your hand, called you Mr. Revere, thanked you for all your hard work, indeed for your sacrifice. And that was back then.

Since then, you've only worked harder and sacrificed even more. (Let's be honest - you gave em hell boy!)

Thank you again, Mr Revere. Like you, I dont expect to survive this realistically. But surrender just aint American, y'know?

Keep the campfire lit. I think it not overly dramatic to say many of us, though our souls be weary and our hearts not optimistic, eek out a little sustenance from daily visits to the campfire in Mike's web cave.

Generation X - and I fear the last American generation that will truly be able to say we lived well. I pity today's kids. Even we arent prepared - I doubt they will even understand.

Michael Pinilla said...


This piece is archetypal Mike Ruppert. When I read this type of post from you, I can feel you’re pumped about what you’re writing. It’s like the headgear and gloves come off. Writer and reader engage, bare fisted and with no rules. Nice head-butt and elbow combo along with the message. The slight taste of blood in my mouth ensures the nuts and bolts sink in and not just the words.

You’re one of the no-holds-barred peak oil warriors, Mike. Probably the least understood because you’re so battle hardened. Anyway, I don’t want to blow too much smoke up your ass, you just might get a big head. Keep doing what you know you’re best at mate. If you’re ever coming over to Australia, you’ve got a roof, a bed, some food and a beer or two.

See you around the traps.

Michael Pinilla

streetsoflove said...

Yes, Mike. You've been my teacher for the past three years. I've read your book through twice and I continue to read in it religiously. I'm very glad to read your comments on the current world situation. I take what you say very seriously. Thanks for sharing your knowledge of the truth with us.

robmac58 said...

Helping me? Hell yes Mike you are indeed helping me! I look at this site every day for a dose of cool fresh air to clear my head. I am surrounded by so many decent folks who are utterly wedded to the old paradigm. Completely locked into denial as their world unravels around them. Sometimes I wonder if I'm nuts. Then I read you folks and think "This really how it is"
Thank you and keep it comin'

Zachary Stowasser said...

Keep it up Mike, this is some sick and twisted group therapy.

I visit and see the updates to see how the world is burning and how fast.

but I encourage others to 'be the change they wish to see in the world' by creating the foundations of sustainability in your communities. I myself am inspired by permaculture and designing sustainable human habitats. starting first by learning how best to do that in my community. no easy task. but little by little, piece by piece, step by step - I get closer. and the closer I get to the truth, the less fear I have, and the less fear I have, the more love I have and the future is bright with warm, white lite.

enjoy this amazing journey through the evolution of consciousness. we all chose to be here at this time. if we die, we still live on through the other side. so do not fear of death. live each day excited about the opportunities we have right now. the old paradigm is falling apart, we have a chance to create an abundant and beautiful future for humanity, where we are part of nature, working with her in harmony and bliss.

in_the_light said...

I love this blog. I find it to be extremely helpful in my life. For the very reason that Jenna points out: I feel it gives me a ground beneath my feet. And that, in these times, is so important.

Let me say this with a preface: I don't agree with Robert Hersch. I do understand what he is saying, though.

I like to look at things from a healing perspective. And here is what I see: I see a major spiritual shift for humanity, as we all do here, and as even Mr. Hersch himself sees. This shift will bring humanity closer to its healing. Humanity is going through a critical time in evolution as only the well adapted aspects of us will survive. The vast majority of humanity is not ready for the increased amounts of light (consciousness) that is now coming down to earth. For a long time the Healers of humanity (meaning those bringing light {again, read consciousness, the distribution of information} to help heal and evolve us all) have consciously chosen to hold back much of the information that has reached the masses. That isn't happening right now. And it shouldn't be happening. Mr. Hersch is advocating an old way. And frankly, a dangerous way. Why? Because the the process has already begun, and as pointed out earlier, this gives you somehting to stand on and something to stand on is really valuable right now.

As Mike has pointed out, a fast collapse is very important to our future. And the more light we let forth to the masses, the quicker the healing process can be, as light is the only true source of healing.

I know this isn't a spiritually focussed blog, but I think most of us can see the spiritual connections to what is happening in our time.


ChrisRobin said...

Mike, don't for a second doubt that you're helping. You are, immensely. I read Rubicon, it was the single most important book I've ever read (let THAT rattle around in your head!) You've personally sacrificed more than any of us can imagine, and believe me, we're grateful. Please stick around to help us continue to decipher the map -- together -- even as this country begins to disintegrate around us.

mrs p said...

1st hope you're away from the smoke and safe.

When you write from the heart it's beautiful! Ahh yes...a nutritous stew! Both of you have done so much you're not aware of and are still helping many. NYC for one.

I come here everyday but don't post if I have nothing concrete. But yes you are most certainly helping all of us to understand this money stuff that's so manipulated and complicated.

Living here in So.California in a city of mostly cluelessness I have the same huge anxieties as everyone else. Hearing what you think...helps those anxieities.

I loved what you said re the spiritual, your personal experiences, etc. That should clear the air. People forget we're actually in 3 wars not 2.

The big 3 have held us back for decades, been a dead weight so let Big Oil rescue the lost cause money pit but not us. Tuff Love. I think most Americans would cheer if the rescue business stopped. The recipe must be changed.

The internet is alive with talk about every frikken thing under the sun...much of it worthless drivvel and divisive crapola.

I highly value your opinion. Please stay connected, we need you and we're still learning as we wade through this giant tsunami. I can hardly wait for your next book!
Until then I have my Rubicon close by for reference! love & light, mrsp

High Priest of Green said...


Thanks for everything.

Oh, and don't forget about peak asphalt...

saoirse said...

Yes! Thank you so much for all your knowledge, your words and your sacrifices Mike!
It's true that so many around me have no idea about what's happening, and I seem to be losing the drive to try and explain. Sometimes it's true- I start to think 'Am I crazy?!'. How can so many people think with eyes wide shut about what's going on around them?! I read and read and plan as best as I can...yes, have a place in the deep countryside of France- we all have to hold up somewhere, and keep the doors open for other like-minded souls...
So thank you again Mike...and to everyone here!

kiki said...

When I posted I’d realized I needed to spend some time quieting my inner self and adapting my mind and emotions, I thought I was addressing a need to ‘ready’ myself. True, but not in the way I thought. Imagine my surprise when I found, instead, a grieving already in process and gave myself to understanding it. Grieving for my country on its deathbed, as I’ve known it; grieving for those who are unawakened for whatever reason; grieving for my children and the hardship they will face through more years than I have left to live. All of it; yes the anger too. I realized looking back over the time since I originally discovered ‘fromthewilderness’, the stages of grief I have already passed through, where I am now and what I have left to do. If I can get well into stage 7 before TSHTF the more able I’ll be when it does.

Grieving is something we all have to do alone, in large part, but there is comfort in sharing the experience with others that grieve too. That is a comfort I share with all who visit this place you have provided, Mike and Jenna, for all of us who grieve, to do so with you. Thank you all for being who you are ! The rest I see as the ticking of the clock to ‘0’ hour with updates used to prepare; important, but not as important to me, at this point, as the fellowship with everyone who grieves with me and generously shares what they find, see, think and feel. Mike, your passion is ‘freeing’, your insight remarkable, your humanity an inspiration. Jenna, I can really only ‘sense’ you; you are larger in spirit than you allow to be seen – a beautiful soul, methinks 

I still find internet interface with people fascinating; how is it possible to care so much about people you’ve never met ? In my minds eye, I’ve given you all faces !

clark r. said...

Hi Mike,

Recent writings? To me they are all recent - like tonite recent. I just saw a vid presentation you did in Portland 2 hrs ago, directing the audience to go to, I went.

Thank you sir. I saw you in American Drug War when it came out, I wish I knew of FTW then.

I plan to go back through all your archives here and at FTW. I'm really digging the comments here.

I'm a friend of Bill W's too. The people in the program represent a special breed of sheep. They all think I'm a tinfoil hatter. Their heads are deep in the sand. Like the guy in the flood that the HP sent rescue boats and helicopters to, only to question St Peter why he wasn't saved... My sponsor is on board with knowledge of the .gov criminals but refuses to prep. I've told him I'll try to get oranges to him at the FEMA camp. Kidding, the guy saved my life.

Anyhow, I have my preps in place, I just need to find some others that are like minded. Specifically, someplace where I can work with others toward a sustainable off grid community. I am smart, a hard worker and can help with security.

If anyone here is on Maui maybe we could meet. 99.9999% will be culled here, if you are reading Mike's blog, your chances are much better than most.

Hope to have some meetings at TEOTWAWKI...


Clark R.

Mark said...

Peak oil? How about deforestation, erosion, a seedless hybrid world, a USA that is less than 2% local. Everything consumed comes from far away. I wish I was able to get everyone who is aware, rally them to an assigned land and install permaculture food forestry and a few new green technologies for a power park demonstration site. If 400 people had 100 grand, thats 400 million. Those founding fathers would be able to bring in thousands into the eco village. The power of community is what MCR seeks, does he know it? Who wants to get the ball rolling?

Rice Farmer said...

The automakers should be allowed to fail. Trying to save these dinosaurs with bailouts is just throwing good money after bad.

However, two things should be done in addition to allowing them to fail.

First, we can't just hand tens of thousands of people pink slips and forget about them. They can't become self-sufficient, and they have families to support. They must be provided with gainful employment.

Second, the automakers' assets should be turned to better use. Other commenters have made some suggestions. Tokyo University researchers recently unveiled a light train that runs on the roller coaster principle (powered uphill, uses gravity and momentum downhill). It is three times as efficient as a bus, twice as efficient as conventional rail. And much cheaper to build. Of course it is not fast, but that is the reality of the new slow age. I'm not promoting this in particular, just showing that all those autoworkers, and the automakers' assets, could be put to work on such projects.

What's likely, however, is that billions will be spent in a futile effort to prop up the automakers, and the whole thing will end in disaster.

FlannelFactory said...

" it helping you too?"

Yes! Big-hearted solidarity and co-operation are humanity's greatest strengths.

AR said...

I had just finished reading this article at Alternet, then came over here to catch up: Are Human Beings Hard-Wired to Ignore the Threat of Catastrophic Climate Change?

Well worth reading for insight into why people 'don't get it'.

I think TPTB and their minions don't want the masses to really get it because they wouldn't be able to control the backlash other than with their robocops, which wouldn't last long, when the robocops decide to go home to look after their own families. TPTB have no desire to mitigate CO2 because to do so would belie capitalism and their claim to power. They have no plan because they can't control a non-growth model. I'm sure I'm only parroting stuff I read here and elsewhere.
And yes, I seek solace here, to be among 'my own'. I agree with green2go.
We've been growing ~85% of our own food for the past ten years, never even having heard of peak oil when we decided to adopt this lifestyle. Thanks to Mike and others on the web we've eliminated all debt, and since spring spent much of our savings on further separating ourselves from 'the grid' as far as basic necessities.

Steve said...

It does help to read your thoughts Mike. I have so many facts in my mind it becomes difficult when I try to recall where some are from!

One thing that I find so often in my reading of books, articles and blogs, is the denial I see. I have read many mainstream discussions about 9/11 and so many go on about the "miraculous" pieces of luck that made the attack succeed, and how it seemed to benefit the Bush Administrations plans, without acknowledging that somehow, in someway, they (Bush/Cheney, CIA, etc) might just be complicit. (Even if they don't buy the whole "conspiracy" story, they could acknowledge that all these coincidences, these pieces of good luck that allowed the attacks to take place, defy common sense.)

I realize that there are more important things going on now, but it puts in perspective the actions that are going on now, such as the looting of the treasury, etc.

As to the bail-outs for the Big-3; One fact I remember from my college business class was the "business" life cycle. Automakers are in the "death" cycle. We are in such denial (as a society) that this is the case. We think it is a short term, temporary phase. Same for airlines. It makes no sense to bail out these it would have made no sense to bail-out the horse and buggy industry in 1905.

Chris XVX said...

After 9/11 when I read that John Ashcroft stopped flying commercial before 9/11 and that there were multiple warnings from other nations I began my journey in search of the truth. Luckily I heard MCR on Gary Null and everything he said just made sense. I quickly subscribed to copvcia/fromthewilderness. I bought the dvd's/cds and of course Rubicon...

I gave 3 copies of Rubicon to 3 different friends. Number of friends who read more than the first chapter-0. I'm at a point in my life where I can only help those who want to be helped. Every problem has a solution-you can't have one without the other. Of course with Peak Oil there's no magic silver bullet, we need silver buckshot. I check out this blog every day I go online and greatly appreciate MCR/JO and all of the readers comments-I loved your post Van...

As far as daily living goes, I live as if peak oil existed or not-in the moment. Why live in fear of what's going to happen? The future's not guarenteed anyway. Love what you do-do what you love. I'd suggest reading the following books:
The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle
Living in the moment, the prescription for the soul by Gary Null
Destiny of Souls and/or Journey of Souls by Michael Newton.

And if you're feeling disempowered take some steps changing the way money works:
•Get out of the stock market
•Get rid of your credit cards
•Buy gold and/or silver
•Keep your money in a local/community bank
•Buy local and organic food wherever possible
•Support local business and not big box stores
•Grow as much as your own food as possible
•Generate your own power if possible: solar, micro- wind and micro-water
•Become a vegetarian or vegan, exercise, de-stress, think positive. An investment in your health is the best investment you can make...

And I'm sure there's alot more that can be added...

Zachary Stowasser said...

Mark - about food forests and getting land, I'm from the central coast of california currently. I have a few friends with money looking to get land and create sustainable human habitat using permaculture design, lets keep in contact. my email is zach (at) and my blog with permaculture videos and other sustainability info is

businessman said...


Your continued writing means a ton to me. Otherwise I'm trying to synthesize stories from many different sources, thinking I understand what's really going on, but wondering if I'm still missing something at the same time, too.

It's really awesome to have you back in action, so thank you for re-engaging and writing to us again.

I hope you're also considering having one or more teleseminars, too, so we can hear you live and cover a lot of information in an hour or so.

brell said...

Let GM fail. But also let Bush/Obama start putting up trade tarrifs and not letting cheap asian goods destroy our industrial power. World powers are industrial powers. We are losing that...we have mostly lost it.

Mike, check out:


MCR said...

Wow! Thank you all so much. It's good to have real family. And yes, Jenna Orkin is nothing less than an angel or a saint.

SPECIAL TO NIK -- How could I ever forget you, you hard-headed lovable, s.o.b.? Please send your email to Jenna in a regular post. She'll forward it on to me off-list and let you know how to reach me directly. Your message bridged two worlds that I could never seem to connect. That's why I had to move on because I was being drug ass-backwards into my destiny and couldn't take those folk with me. There was more closure in what you wrote than you can imagine.

I love all of you! And we actually care about each other.

Pass it on!

Jaikyro said...

I've been following your work for the past 4 years, from Rubicon and being a ftw-subscriber to reading this blog on a daily basis, and yes, I find it very helpful - if not vital.

My deepest gratitude to you and Jenna.

marketTrader2 said...

Regarding the Citi puts and this goes in line with the blog post about hanky panky markets that move up or down to bring options "in the money". There is a theory that a stock will move back toward an area that kills the value out of the majority of Calls and Puts before expiration. This is called "Max Pain" and a target price can be calculated. I recently made a very profitable 3 day trade on Citi puts, but have cashed out of them, because next Friday will be expiration day for options and Citi has yet to make the move back toward the target price.
If Citi does not make a move toward the target price, then that means the selling is too overwhelming to be able to sacrifice money to move it up and make the most saving the options. This is how Lehman went down, when the options people bought went "in the money puts" and they stayed in the money. Lehman went bankrupt on options expire week.
Type C into the calculator below and you can see the target price area needed to kill most option's value. An attempt at that move is needed at a minimum or else this company has less than a week or two at surviving.

KimB said...

Love your comments, spot on. Did I ever leave a link to this page of mine? Can't remember now, but here it is anyway:

. . . however, life intervened with a few personal blows after I put that together, but I'm now ready to contact my local press. Might ask the local journalists round to my place for food, coffee, DVD's and a chat with a couple of experts I know (this week). Also, as the blog has strayed (happily), into the realms of personal spirituality, I thought this very powerful poem about The Morrigan, an ancient Irish/Celtic Goddess, might be of interest, and very pertinent to the absolutely primal forces we face:

The Morrigan

By the Water, By the Fire
Red with blood and feather black
Comes the queen of life and Death
The Morrigan, The Callieach
By the Fire, By the Water
Beauty bright and bloody red
Shrieks the raven's mournful daughter
'Oh my love is dead, is dead'
By the Water, By the Fire
The Mother stands astride the ford
And all the power of man's desire
Shall through her come to save the world
By the Fire, By the Water
All shall know and all shall dream
Of Madness, Love and True Desire
Ridden by the Faery Queen
By the Water, By the Fire
Valley's formde in passing tread
Great the Lady, World in mAking
Leaving mountains in her stead
By the Fire, By the Water
The Phantom Queen doth lift the veil
And walks astride the son and daughter
Ere their steps should falter, fail
By the Water, By the Fire
Strong the curse and weak the foe
A fear that tears the heart usunder
The Broken Man, A Fear Doth Know
By the Fire, By the Water
Veiled far from mortal sight
Enchantress weaving warp and weft
Magick webs of dark and light
By the Water, By the Fire
Horned Cow and Raven black
Shrieking call the bloody Queen
Morrigan! Mother! Callieach!

Author anonymous

Further, as "The Morrigan" is very much one of the "Dark" Goddesses, I also think this piece is relevant:

Bonnie said...

Dear Mike

I have just recently discovered your blog. Two days ago actually via Carolyn Baker's site. I must admit I have not read all your writings, but after reading this blog and the comments from other members here, I would say yes already you have helped me.

I don't feel quite so alone anymore. Most of my friends and even, sometimes, my husband think I am a little wacko when I talk about collapse and the need for a more spiritual direction for the human species.

I am looking forward to reading more and when I can to add what I can.


Winter said...

Yes, Mike, your posts help. Please, never stop. I know it's not always easy to be standing at the head of the crowd, light blazing, but some people are just gifted with the intelligence, insight and experience that makes them the best for the job.

Thanks so much for being our guiding light.

NB Patton said...

Alright you point and click activists, time to saddle up! ;)
Here is a great opportunity to "BE the ham!"

I received this in part from an email sent by and my local Ron Paul meetup group.

On November 22, 2008,
There will be rallies at every Federal Reserve Bank and office in the country. Activists will demand an end to private banker control over the nation's money supply and the return to a hard, commodity backed monetary system. Their slogan is simple and direct: "End the Fed! Sound Money for America!"

End the Fed! supports the passage of Representative Ron Paul's legislation which would repeal the Federal Reserve Act, H.R. 2755.

Rallies will be held in the following 39 cities:

Boston, Philadelphia, New York City, Buffalo, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Richmond, Baltimore, Charlotte, Atlanta, Birmingham, Jacksonville, Miami, Nashville, New Orleans, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Little Rock, Louisville, Memphis, Minneapolis, Helena, Kansas City, Denver, Oklahoma City, Omaha, Dallas, El Paso, Houston, San Antonio, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Portland, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Washington, D.C.

The closest one for me is San Francisco, but I have to work on that day so I can't make it.
I'm going to see if I can organize a rally of my own here in Sacramento. Go show your support! Believe me it is extremely emotionally healing and empowering to stand with a crowd of awakened citizens shouting with extreme prejudice, END THE FED!

If you are in or near Sacramento and want to be involved, shoot me an email!


Rob said...

Your quote "Jesus Christ was a prophet and a real-life demonstration of what can be unleashed of the God which lives in all men, women and children -- in everything. That is what Jesus taught. He taught how to find and release a kingdom that was within, all of us, in the here and now."
Just one question, what was the ONE thing Jesus most preached and was known for?
That He was THE Son of God and the ONLY way to heaven was thru HIM.
So He was either the real thing, or a lunatic. There was no gray area there...

FTW admin said...

nik, my email is

FTW admin said...

nik, my email is

agape wins said...

To Rob, & others wishing
Enlightenment, do not trust what you have been taught! Read the 4 Gospels for yourself, with an OPEN
MIND, get past the theology of the
Church which needs members committed to the FAITH! After you have thought it over, you tell us, was he committed(more so than the Pig),& what was his major teaching?

If Mike has invested so much in
His/Our Quest, do you think he would neglect researching The Spirit?

pagun said...

Regarding Jesus, I defer to the authority of John Marco Allegro, the Oxford man who was appointed head of the team of scholars analyzing the Dead Sea Scrolls after their discovery in a cave at Qumran in 1947. He was known as the worlds foremost authority on Aramaic, and he wrote, in The Sacred Mushroom And The Cross that "Jesus" was a slang word for mushrooms. His personification as the Christ (teacher of righteousness, AKA the head priest of the Essene commune) showed both the short path and the long path to God. That is, you could eat the sacrament and see God, or you could study and pray real hard for 20 years and see God as a high priest. He points out the historical Jewish Revolt Against Rome that lasted 100 years, and that the historical person known as Jesus was actually a composite of the 3 main head priests of Qumran during this period.
The word Zealot is related to "mushroom frenzy" and Mohammed is known to have partied down with some of the early Christians before they switched the sacrament to a cardboard wafer. A couple of other interesting points about Mohammed are that he came straight out of a matriarchal civilization, and the black stone at Mecca was originally worshipped because it represented the pubic mound of the Goddess. Al Lat, one of the names of the triple Goddess, was corrupted into Allah. What a mess!
Oh yeah AMEN- the rams headed god of Thebes.

soprano13 said...

Hi Mike-

It's a strange type of depression that your writings evoke in me- but I'd still say it's helping.

Some days it's hard to function in a normal way, moving through life in a mass of people that have no idea what's coming. It makes me want to scream.

But we've struck a balance, my husband and I, and we've agreed to talk about our preparations in a practical way, as simply something we have to do. We laugh that our former liberal selves would be appalled at the things we've agreed to do (buying guns, for instance), and we keep sane most of the time. He's still hoping I'm wrong, and that's OK.

In a strange way, I'm looking forward to what's ahead. My life definitely fell under the "quiet desperation" category before I began reading about peak oil. Perhaps a return to Walden Pond is what's needed for American society to find its purpose. Like you said, keep the human element, right?

Cheers, guv!

Don said...

Keep writing.

Don Henry Ford Jr.

stargazergirl said...

trobador said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
stargazergirl said...

more trouble for citigroup

trobador said...

Hi Mike,

To answer your question, your input does help, as it reinforces our will for action.

That being said, I have been reading your posts for the last few weeks, and I noticed that you were mostly writing on the fact that you've predicted all of this economic turmoil, that you were right, etc.

While your posts are confirming that you knew already about all of this "economic non sense", I believe that your posts should be more focussed on the solutions and the various ways on how to cope with the situation.

An other point, I believe that keeping faith is essential, but if you really think that the election of Obama, will make a difference, then you are delusioning yourself.

Do you really think, that after 2 elections stolen by Bush, an arranged 911, and most of all a military complex earning billions of dollars a year as a results of Irak invasion-occupation, that the neocons will let go the cake without retaliation?

Nop, they are preparing themselves for the last coup. It will be the last one. And as a result, people will end up in a survival mode, where they will, out of chaos, supplicate their governments to put in place a new system.

This new system will not emerge as a result of a peak oil but a peak debt, where the dynamic of money creation through debt reached its limit.

So, what will be next? In light of the economic and social upheaval, they will step up to the activation of available means of mass control. This time not through debt but through the control of the means of exchange, this time not money but biometric technologies to have total control of entry and exit of cash. That will be the most effective mean to have full control of people behavior, ideas, etc.

So what's the solutions, what should be our responses? We need to get back to square 1. Putting in place intelligent means of exchange of services between people. AND IT HAS TO BE DONE NOW.

We are putting in place in Canada and elsewhere, some convivial ways of mapping people needs and offers so that, for people that are not willing to accept the new biometric mode of control, they can exchange among themselves and get back to simpler ways of living.

I wish all of you inspiration, courage and good thoughts, because in this time of history, we now have the scientifical proof that above all, everything happens in relation to our thoughts.

PS: An other point, within the next few months, many suspects (in due right), a hyper attack on Internet where people will not have access to their emails. If its the case, will our network and communications modes strong enough to deal with the absence of internet?

Andrew_The_Fox said...

Just put up a bunch of links on my own blog. Citi is up to 50,000 on the job cut. GM is looking real grim..

businessman said...

When things get to the point where growing our own food will be necessary, I have to believe there will be those who are hungry who will steal food from the land of those who are growing it in order for the hungry to survive. How can this be handled on a round-the-clock basis by those who are growing the food?

Zachary Stowasser said...

business man - on stealing food. plant as much as you can.. everywhere. if you notice people stealing food, help them grow their own or put them to work under your guidance or others. we still have time to plant fruit trees, nut trees, berry bushes, vines.. etc everywhere. these are perennial. put the seed in the ground, give it water and compost. thats it. come back to harvest fruit. if the earth is designed to capture water (berms / basins / swales) then its possible no irrigation is needed if ground is covered in a deep mulch. check out permaculture . info on my blog -

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ taught that He is the only way. To say that "God is in all of us" is panthiestic and will be the mode of the NWO towards the one world religion.

Do not be decieved my friends. Jesus will return and it will be a simple answer. Did you accept Him or not.

Mike, I like your hard work on the Rubicon but I differ greatly with you on this. Just look at the prophecies Jesus fullfiled and the probablitiy he could have done so. the chances were astronomical. Look at the final prophecy that many said would never happen. The one world money, government, and religion... and it is hapening before our eyes. Do not be decieved.

Anonymous said...

Businessman - you have few choices available when someone comes after your food:

Share and be prepared to shoot.

Unless you've been taken in by the totalitarian gun control advocates. In that case, you have allowed yourself only one choice: Pray.

Trobador - I agree with you regarding economy and regarding shutdown of the internet.

With regards to Peak Oil, Peak won't be the reason for collapse. It's simply the excuse so that folks in power can point to it and say "We're helpless to help you". The real reason for collapse is the orchestrated economic meltdown which is designed to bring America to it's knees.

Why orchestrated?

So that the uneducated will beg for the empire's pre-planned solution - a stable global financial order. Under control of the internationalists who control the Redemopublicratican Party.

As for the internet - I agree that it'll be taken down when the timing is right. It's the only command/control Information system that the citizens have against our usurped government. When the internet is taken down, do not follow the orders of any federal agency.

We know what the Bush Administration has already done. And we know that the Obama Administration has already warned that it will be asking people to trust them and do things that they don't want to do when the "generated crisis" occurs.

Keep your head up and your eyes open. The ruling elite is now implementing its global finance order and they need to bring Americans to our knees to get us to concede to their solutions. Don't be one of those who looks to government for help when we know their agenda includes our destruction.

Raymond said...


If I hadnt come across FTW back in 2001, I'd still be pushing buttons at the corporate desk job, paying the mortgage and soaking a beer stained business shirt every saturday morning. Reading your articles, seeing the DVD etc, for the first time everything made sense - the map you prepared made sense - I got it. And now, living in the bush in Australia, with a small organic veg business, no money, but a happy, aware family surrounded by likeminded permaculture friends all working on our own solutions.

I know you lost alot in the process, Mike but please know I'm grateful what I've gained. And I have you, Catherine Austin Fitts and David Holmgren to thank. I hope one day I'll get a chance to do so in person.


whistlingGrizzlyBear said...

I would love to see Mike & Jenna set up a phpBB-style discussion forum, so that people can easily add links & images to their postings. Done right, it makes it easier to communicate.

It also allows people to quote each other, which we already do when we refer to each other's posts in our new posts.

As far as security/trolls, you just need some iron-willed moderators, which should not be too hard to find. You could even have a "Crossing the Rubicon" test before people can register, to weed out some of the 9-11 ninnies. is one example of the phpBB forum software I'm talking about.

But, it's not 'safe' to talk about 9-11 at

I use for a non-political website. It was $30 for the first year, normally $110 a year.

Anyway, I think you have a critical mass of posters. If I may, I think Rice Farmer would make a great moderator.

I think the permissions can be set up so that posts can be reviewed before they 'go live'. Of course, once you get a certain amount of traffic, that becomes laborious.

NB Patton said...

Regarding an internet shutdown:
I hadn't given it much thought before, the thought is rather unnerving.
Maybe us FTW bloggers should agree on a shortwave frequency or two, to have some form of independent communication during/after TSHTF?

.....You all have at least a shortwave receiver, right?

Might want to get some power generation items to provide the electricity too.

So what say you on the freq?

Conchscooter said...

No,the God stuff doesn't help. It lets the loonies out of the closet and that's where i step off in search of reasoned thought. It's been an interesting ride for many years, but I'm not joining the hallelujah chorus waiting for Amageddon. Good luck in the upcoming shit storm.

Rice Farmer said...

Anyway, I think you have a critical mass of posters. If I may, I think Rice Farmer would make a great moderator.

Thank you, but I respectfully defer to Jenna. :-)

trobador said...

Well said whistlingGrizzlyBear... MCR that would be the time to do it. Just ask for volunteers. You will be uplifted as a result of this initiative.

Again, with a key objective in mind: favoring the strenthening of the network and exchanges of solutions, capacities, etc.

Peace on all of you.

Al Czervik said...

Keep kicking butt, Mike, it's great to see you back doing your thing. I should say that I am highly conflicted about the Big 3 bailout issue since I live in S.E. Michigan. A handful of my friends work for the various tiers of suppliers. They are dead men walking. Most of this state is going to look like Flint pretty soon. At the same time, I don't see how a few billion to keep the machine running a few more months helps in the long run. Maybe ripping the band-aid off quickly is the way to go. It just pisses me off that companies which actually produce something (harmful as those autos may be) can't get help, while the financial parasites suck up taxpayer money and don't even have to account for it.

redrosebeader said...

Mike, YES, it is helping me in more ways than I can say. There are very few people I can converse with at work about all of this, so I read your blog and the comments on my breaks. Then I go home and hug my dog (I've taught him to hug me back), we go on a walk; I come back and read, go to bed and on weekends, I do what I can to prepare for the future. Now I feel my life has purpose and meaning; I am doing all I can to help myself and others. I would feel lost in the wilderness alone without ya'll.
So yes, youre writings as they are are definitely helping!

Raging Lefty said...

Yes, Mike! It helps. As I tour this "World of Deceit", I have your MAP but I sure appreciate my Tour Guide (MCR) showing me the highlights and the subtle points of interest. Thanks, Mike.

stu said...


Ben a follower for about six years now... In fact, I bought the Rubicon when everything went to hell in Oregon and you were on the way to Venezuela... Didn't know whether I'd get it or not with everything that was happening at the time, but sure enough, it showed up and don't think I've ever read a better piece of work! It just sickens me that the MSM won't cover this, but I guess we've all come to expect absolutely nothing from them anyway.

I check the blog morning, noon, and night, and was thrilled to see you emerege from the wilderness again a few months ago. I can't tell you how much it helps... I know I've learned alot, but it still helps to have a distiguished professor to lead us to the things we might still be missing. The blog is the only thing comforting me at this time... to read the insight of those who KNOW and wonder why the rest of AMERICA is so stupid...

I work in the auto industry and live in the midwest. Lost my job in early October... imagine that... I for one can tell all of you who are lucky enough to still be working that there are no jobs to speak of.. I try to stay optimistic, but who can in these times...

Its time to let the dinosaurs die and get on with the investment we need to start rebuilding this country piece by piece....

Again, Mike, thanks so much for what you do and I wish you nothing but the best in the future!