Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Green New Deal Makes Sense But Unlikely


Barry said...

APMEX.COM has gold at about $90 over spot.

PNW free thinker said...

Ahh, it would be a beautiful change
toward true growth in our humanity as a planet...
It has inspired me to verse:

A new green direction,
a stasis of the exponential economic growth model
that has been merrily churning down the tracks
toward mutually assured destruction
of one sort
or another...

We've been traveling on this train so long
that none alive today can claim to remember
a time before it's laborious chugging…
thick black smoke belching forth...

So long that none of us can remember
just what the name and destination
of this train was, or if there was even a sign
back when our ancestors got on...

They just got on...
awed by the opulent, polished
ever improving interiors of it's lovely cars...
continually graced with new, and amazing
comforts and conveniences.

Protecting us from the cold night
with their insulated walls...

keeping us from hunger
with their opulent buffets
ever more delightful
as the food came in new varieties
from ever more distant fields...

But that luxurious train car,
with all of its grand appointments

was also

keeping us from getting our feet dirty,

or getting soaked in the rain,

or truly knowing and loving the land we passed over...

as we traveled toward our eventual,
though unknowable

Now, with the help
of our train's masterful engineers,
the economic growth express
has crested the pass
and is gaining speed...


those who are conscious
know they must leap off
if they are to be saved

But how do we jump off a train
hurtling so fast?

It's sure to hurt...
we might even die...

But we must.

And we shall...

and some of us will land on the rocks
and be dashed...

or in the water
and drown...

but some of us will land
on the softer flesh
of our sweet mother earth...

And we will hurt greatly...
but we will get up
and we will go on

and we will feed and heal the mother
and thusly, her children.

tim said...

This does make sense, but will never work if we continue the same growth policies, as you all have said. People have implemented these things since the 70's. We still use 30 billion barrels of oil a year. The general culture seems to forget that manufacturing solar panels and the batteries that support them is very toxic and energy-consuming, along with every other conventional alternative energy we've heard of, as you all know. Unfortunately, population reduction is the only real solution. It would be much better if we gradually reduced the population by free will instead of war, disease, famine, etc, but are we mature enough? Is this what the crash is really being engineered for?

Anonymous said...

Tim, you're connecting the right dots. Keep connecting and you'll understand why they want to reduce our population. You may even learn why they want you to believe that it's a good thing. If you're really good, you might even find out how they nurtured you into this line of thinking.

Good luck.

Also - along the road to discovery you'll find a lot of dead end paths. Websites that seem to spew gibberish and fanatical ravings. Ignore the ravings and review the evidence presented. Then, over time, establish your own conclusions.

FTW admin said...

alpenglowfoods wrote:


( I posted this yesterday ) knowing that some of the links were
counterproductive, I failed to include my Blog name of: agape wins
agape wins
New message!!
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I had posted something improper, & having no copy of
what I posted, just let it slide.
After others complained, I composed on my notepad,
which I saved, & then copied to the Blog.
The blog sometimes will not accept my password, if
I exit back to windows, and start over, it works!
When I click preview, I sometimes get a notice that the
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After I click on publish, & receive the post review notice
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In the future, I will track, & copy, where possible, exactly
what happens. It's possible others are having this
happen also!

I know you must be receiving more, some meaningless
E's since your address is public, sorry!

Claude Hiler.

FTW admin said...

some people have complained that your comments have not been posted.

blogger shows hundred of comments that have 'yet to be moderated.'

that's bcs i never got them.

a certain amount of the 'censorship' people worry about is being executed by software.

businessman said...

In follow-up to Jenna's comment about her not receiving some of our posts...it happens sometimes. I'll occasionally submit a post that shows on the Blog that it's been submitted and is awaiting moderator approval, but it doesn't get posted. So sometimes we can think our post has been received by Jenna, when in fact she never got it.

tim said...

I didn't realize that software was filtering things, I just thought you were protecting Mike. pnw free thinker: "the life and times of Nikola Tesla" is an excellent book about him. (I think that's correct, I got it from the library over 3 years ago, and the title is from memory)Shorebreak: I understand what you are saying, but Mother Nature demands balance, and Her laws cannot be manipulated by crooked lawyers and politicians. "They" are not nuturing my thinking.

in_the_light said...

Yep. A green economy is the only way to proceed with growth.

Two links:
The first to an article about what is happening to places built on tourism, a totally unstable form of growth. Living in Hawaii, this is particularly interesting to me as we are facing some unprecedented troubles (who isn't) in our local economy built on tourism.


Second: A link to Lester Brown's webpage. This man has written extensively on the connection between economy and environment and has even written out a plan for a new economy based on green jobs. You can read all his books for free. That right ALL OF THEM. Do so, but then support him and buy some of them so that he can continue his work.


click books link at right and then table of contents for each book you wish to view in PDF format.


Anonymous said...

The DOW is down to 75552 today... the chaos ensues...

I am all for a green aproach to life but the elite are using the fabricated idea that carbon causes global warming to try and force a global carbon tax down our throat. All the while deregualting coal usage and allowing them to burn the nastiest coal they can find.

They don't care about the environment. They use it as a way to enslave us with more illegal taxes.