Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I swear that I wrote my post "Comments on Comments" and sent it to Jenna -- with the parts about India and Kashmir (or Kashimir) -- a full 14 hours before today's attacks. I do not not understand how I am able to see things like this before they happen and the only credit I take is that I have studied hard, asked to be of service, and remained as open to inspiration as I can be. I just watched former CIA-DDI, Johnny McLaughlin on CNN stating clearly that there was likely an Al Qaeda influence seeking to inflame tensions between India and Pakistan over Kashmir. What little we know of the logistics of the attacks is pretty consistent with that. These are serious developments and, given our experience with asymmetric warfare over the last five years, they make sense. We (the U.S.) are trying to separate Al Qaeda from the Taliban, we have telegraphed increased military activity in Afghanistan. What's the asymmetric answer? Start trouble on another border. Pakistan is being forced to decide whether it is a middle eastern country or a western country. Pakistan's crisis is a little more immediate than India's but both are within eyeball range. A significant part of our world future will be shaped by what emerges. Ultimately both countries will find themselves separated from the west because of energy. I have long predicted that one day Mexico will forced to choose to be a Latin American country rather than a North American country as the Pangea of globalism separates and spreads apart.

In other words, what McLaughlin said made immediate sense whereas the initial explanations for 9-11 never did. Instead of viewing these attacks as an attack on American interests (surely a strong component of the overall motive) view them instead as the initial stages of a conflict for who will control that geographic region as power vacuums increase in number and size. Mumbai is a city of 19 million people. It is locked down. Both Pakistan and India are nuclear powers. I'd bet that Islamabad will strongly condemn the attacks in very short order. If they do not, then we all might start holding our collective breath. The rest of the world is already moving to exploit an American power vacuum. Time and initial advantage are of the essence. The Empire is collapsing. There is blood in the water: bright red, fresh American blood.

ON A POSITIVE NOTE -- What amazingly wonderful comments to my last post. Praise to all but especially to Jackie, Bob Paulsen, and D'Napoli. But Sonofafarmer, my friend; I am absolutely delighted to see your input and hope that you will share your thoughts with us frequently. You are our eyes and ears on what is probably the most important front. I just can't thank you enough for sticking your head up and providing such valuable and intelligent.

I'm going back to watch more from India. -- What happened to my rest, someone asked?... As usual, God had other plans. Just call me Charlie Brown these last couple of months. "Snoopy" is right beside me in the psychiatrist's chair.

Happy Turkey

-- MCR

P.S. -- What major banking giant has massive outsourced operations in Mumai. Clue: It's CEO Vikram Pandit happens to be Indian. I see another five hundred billion or so on the line almost immediately.

From the "Life Copies Mike" department: the slug from the email in which Mike sent his article predicting trouble in India/Pakistan. You may see for yourselves that he did indeed write it hours prior to the attacks in Mumbai:

Date: 11/26/2008 3:22:59 AM Eastern Standard Time

Of course something had to happen over Thanksgiving. The activist can never blink. It's precisely when our minds are elsewhere - on the secret ingredient for stuffing - that the enemy pounces.

Thanksgiving, 2001 or 2, FEMA closed their services for Lower Manhattan residents. Over Christmas, 2002, the EPA closed its hotline for a cleanup.

In the heart of August, 2003, when everyone was at the beach not reading the newspaper, the EPA Inspector General's Report was released revealing evidence that lies were told compromising the lives or health of thousands, for the express purpose of reopening Wall Street ASAP.

The purpose of the timing was to minimize the exposure of an embarrassing event. By contrast the attacks in India seek maximum exposure. But the lesson remains: Someone needs to be on active duty at all times.

Meanwhile, I watch the various squabbles unfold on the blog and am constantly reminded that the left is notorious for self-destructing. The powerful keep their eye fixed on the goal. It is close enough that they can smell it so they focus like a dog in chase.

The left have no such prize within grasp so they claw at each other.

Not that I think we're in danger of that but there are shades of it in the annoyances that people voice. We get caught up in the moment, the fleeting insults. And this being the internet and most of us being, for all practical purposes, anonymous, we feel free to vent. A few hours later, the sun comes out again.

It harks back to a line someone once said about academia: The reason the fighting is so fierce is that the stakes are so low.



Eugene Warren said...

nice fore-vision! the "event" has materialized. thanks for this campfire in the wilderness...

F.Kamilov said...

I refer you to the following:

What is your take on this map of truncated Pakistan in the context of the current situation? It was first published by a US Army Major in July 2006, but it appears that it is coming up for action now. Below is the story from the above URL, verbatim:

New South Asia map drawn by Americans show Pak a truncated territory
Uzbekistan News.Net
Sunday 23rd November, 2008 (ANI)

Islamabad, Nov 23 : A redrawn map of South Asia, first circulated as a theoretical exercise in some American neoconservative circles, shows Pakistan truncated, reduced to an elongated sliver of land with the big bulk of India to the east, and an enlarged Afghanistan to the west.

It is learnt to have sent jitters down the spine of the Pakistani elites. It has fueled a belief among Pakistanis, including members of the armed forces, that what the US really wants is the breakup of Pakistan, the only Muslim country with nuclear arms, said an article in the New York Times.

"One of the biggest fears of the Pakistani military planners is the collaboration between India and Afghanistan to destroy Pakistan. Some people feel the United States is colluding in this," the paper quoted a senior Pakistani government official as saying.

Pakistan is a collection of just four provinces, which often seem to have little in common. Virtually every one of its borders, drawn almost arbitrarily in the last gasps of the British Empire, is disputed with its neighbours, not least Pakistan's bitter and much larger rival, India.

These facts and the insecurities that flow from them inform many of Pakistan's disagreements with the US, including differences over the need to rein in militancy in the form of Al Qaeda and the Taliban.

Pakistan's army and intelligence agencies have long fought a proxy war with India by sponsoring militant groups to terrorize the Indian-administered part of the territory. After the 9/11 attacks, Pakistan reined in those militants for a time, but this year the militants have renewed their incursions. Talks between the sides made some progress in recent years but have petered out.

Pakistanis warn that the US should not appear too eager to mediate. First, they caution, India has always regarded Kashmir as a bilateral question. India, they note, also faces a general election early next year, an inappropriate moment to push such an explosive issue.

Second, some Pakistanis are concerned about the reliability of the US as a fair mediator. "Given the United States' record on the Palestinian issue, where the Palestinians had to move 10 times backwards and the Israelis moved the goal posts, the same could happen here," said Zubair Khan, a former commerce minister who has watched Kashmir closely.

Khan added that it was discouraging to see that the US ignored the importance of the huge nonviolent protests by Muslims in Kashmir against Indian rule this summer. "Anywhere else, and they would have been hailed as an Orange Revolution," he said, referring to the wave of protests that led to a change in the Ukrainian government in 2004.

Such distrust has been exacerbated by what Pakistanis see as the Bush administration's tilt toward India. Exhibit A for the Pakistanis is India's nuclear deal with the US, which allows India to engage in nuclear trade even though it never joined the global Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty.

Pakistan, with its recent history of spreading nuclear technology, received no comparable bargain. The nuclear deal was devised in Washington to position India as a strategic counterbalance to China. That is how it is seen in Pakistan, too, but with no enthusiasm. "The US has changed the whole nuclear order by this deal, and in doing so is containing China, the only friend Pakistan has in the region," said Talat Masood, a retired Pakistani Army general.

Further, Pakistan is upset about the advances India is making in Afghanistan, with no checks from the US, Masood said. India has recently made big investments in Afghanistan, where Pakistan has been competing for influence.

These include a road to the Iranian border that will eventually give India access to the Iranian port of Chabahar, circumventing Pakistan. Besides, India has also offered training for Afghanistan's military, given assistance for a new Parliament building in Kabul and has re-opened consulates along the border with Pakistan.

trevbus said...

Clinton had Waco. Bush had 9/11. Both occurred in the first year of their first term. Both were govt orchestrated media sensations which served to strengthen the authority of the President and the Feds - and also served to bloody the hands of the new administration - as they required ongoing assistance with the cover-up and so were more pliable.

Mike, why wouldn't Obama have a similar baptism of blood and fire?

Super said...

"I do not not understand how I am able to see things like this before they happen"

30 October: Explosions kill at least 64 in north-eastern Assam
30 September: Blasts in western India kill at least seven
27 September: Bomb blasts kills one in Delhi
13 September: Five bomb blasts kill 18 in Delhi
26 July: At least 22 small bombs kill 49 in Ahmedabad
25 July: Seven bombs go off in Bangalore killing two people
13 May: Seven bomb hit markets and crowded streets in Jaipur killing 63


Anonymous said...

Amen, brother......the blood is certainly in the water. I also made a similar comment to a friend just yesterday, although not about India or Pakistan, I'm not quite as in tune as you are. I said to watch for countries like Russia and China to move some chess pieces closer to checkmate. For example, we have forgotten about both ports of the Panama Canal being under Chinese control, whats to stop them from choking off any oil shipments? Also, there are several Chinese owned military bases on both coasts here that were purchased in the mid 90's during all of the base closings. There was a map available of all the bases ( about 10 or 12 ) on the web somewhere, maybe The Power Hour site. They may be a little too conspiratorial for some people but if you weed through the nuttiness there is some good info on there. Russia, on the other hand, should scare the shit out of everyone who is paying attention. No matter what anyone believes, one truth is constant with Putin and that country...they want to see us destroyed, gone, annihilated, choose a word. They have a deep seated hatred for us as the lone "Superpower" since the "end" of the cold war. People say "They are dirt poor, can't even feed their people, the country is a third world country and economy,they have no money and are on the verge of collapse themselves...." Why are their people starving, unemployed, bad economy, no infrastructure and the government unwilling to take the right steps to correct this? Because the focus has been pouring all money and resources into their military and solidifying bonds with other major players on the world scene, waiting for this day now unfolding before our eyes. Better add a few extra rolls of asswipe to your survival bug-out-kit, theres gonna be a lot of people shitting themselves as this flies apart.

Anonymous said...

I can hear Brzezinski: "Don't send more troops to Pakistan - that's foolish. We'll send India to Pakistan.

Bomb Mumbai, and then our analysts will go on FOX News and CNN and explain why this has ISI written all over it."

Right now, the Indians have been granted carte blanche to respond against Pakistan. Their response will depend on how they perceive future events to unfold between the US and a Sino/Russian alliance.

Clearly we've reached a new crossing point. Whatever India chooses to do in response will indicate where their loyalties will reside. If I were India, I'd beef up security and stay put. Holding move. No response against Pakistan.

We all know how this game works. These attacks are clearly directed towards involving Pakistan and India in direct confrontation. The key to victory for both countries is to not take the bait.

Peter J. Nickitas said...

Speaking of Citigroup and its Indian connections:

Is Citi's report a case of MOTO (Navy acronym for "Master Of The Obvious"), or intelligence signifying?

Maybe the Mumbai attacks are the igniters for a sharp rise in gold.

Winter said...

Shorebreak-- I've been thinking exactly the same thing all night. :)

NB Patton said...

That was awesome, I was kinda thinking the same thing but didn't want to be rude. I think the people who did this and their agenda may be different though. Who knows, maybe they are one and the same and this is just designed to be the one to get things rolling.

I totally agree.

Now can anybody help me out here? Regarding the link below, click on "photos" and then go to 16 of 16. Am I seeing things or are those Mumbai policemen armed with Lee Enfield #4 Mk1 WWII era bolt action rifles?

Glad to see some people still realize an old bolt gun is A LOT better than nothing when you're on a restrictive budget.

People should be allowed to defend themselves! I guarantee if India's gun laws weren't so restrictive the attack wouldn't even have happened, and if it did they wouldn't have gotten far.

"That rifle on the wall of the labourer's cottage or working class flat is the symbol of democracy. It is our job to see that it stays there."
-George Orwell

"I would never invade the United States, there would be a gun behind every blade of grass."
-Isoroku Yamamoto

KimB said...

I think this latest article from John Michael Greer, "The Archdruid Report - Looking for Roong Thisdara," is pertinent to our collective crisis:

sunrnr said...

Are prophecies predictions of the future or just possibilities where the outcome is determined by chance? Did Nostradamus predict the mess we're in now? Has the Anti-Christ risen in the East as predicted by the scriptures? Could it be Putin as put forth in this article?

It would seem with the recent events that occurred today in India and the excellent analysis presented in the comments above that indeed we could be headed into the final days. Fire out of the East, nuclear armed missles?

But, in the grand scheme of things does it all really matter? Have we all lost our perspective?

Try this, go find a nice quiet place. Sit or lay back and just watch and listen. Try not being apart from it all, but a part of it all. That rock you see by the pond, does it care what follies humans are up to? No, it'll still be there tomorrow. How about those clouds, do they care? What about the trees, do they care. No. The mountains? Creeks? Valleys? That ant crawling across your foot? No, the don't give a damn about failing economies, starving humans, bankruptcies, dollars, yen, or rupies. Why should we?

The sun will come up tomorrow regardless of what happens today. It may be shining through a cloud of nuclear fallout or be above the clouds of a nuclear winter, but it will be there .... shining.

We really are only a very small and very insignificant part of the whole. None-the-less we are a part of it. Everybody and everything around us is part of it. We cannot be apart from it, only a part of it.

So what if TPTB gain control of everything of all the money, the power? What good will do them? They're only here for a very short time as we all are. After that what then? Will we have the same worries when we go to wherever the soul or life energy goes?

Some religions say their members are only here as a test before going on to their own private kingdoms (if you happen to be male). Others think that only 244,000 choosen ones get to ascend. The remainder will just be dead in the ground. Others think the soul goes nowhere, just gets recycled. Does it really matter?

Is the prize simply to be right? Is our purpose here to gain knowledge? To learn to think? To share what we find? I certainly don't have any answers, only more questions.

You know what? No matter what happens or where we're headed, I'm just very thankful to be here experiencing it. I don't know why I'm here, but I'm thankful for the opportunity. I'm also thankful of you all making the effort to share your knowledge. Remember knowledge is power - keep sharing it!

Remember there is always an alternative and a choice. We just have to learn to be open to the possibilities and make informed decisions.

By the way, those are old WWII Enfields. Not much of a match in firepower against an AK-47, but I'm not one for the spray and pray method. I'm for the single shot to the head ... from any distance.


David said...

sunrnr, I wouldn't look very far for the antichrist. "He's" already here, in fact. Its a whole country and population, not a man. Look around you, in your neighbourhood, for you live in his land, Prophetic Babylon the Great - the US of A. Or to paraphrase that wily old mullah Khomeini "the Great Satan". More at:

Nik said...

Just a quick note to wish all a Happy Thanksgiving.

Even amid all the turmoil both global as well as on the home front, I hope you all can find at least something to be thankful for, that will bring you at least a modicum if not more of peace.

I know in my life that sometimes I just have to sit, be still, and focus, and it will come, that bit of peace amid the chaos, at times that is all I get.

However (for me) it is something, and as long as I have something I can build it into something else.

makzimu said...

Curious witness statements... havn't seen them elsewhere yet.

"foreign looking, fair skinned" men, as Mr Mishra remembers them, simply carried on killing."

"They did not look Indian, they looked foreign. One of them, I thought, had blonde hair. The other had a punkish hairstyle. They were neatly dressed,"

source -

Dmitri said...

dear FTW Admin,

please post this link in your next update.
It's a 13-part documentary called "Zeitgeist" ("Spirit of Time" in German). Despite the German name it was fillemd in English. I believe a lot of your readers will find it interesting. The film has a pretty good take on the problems, but a somewhat utopic take on solutions, but it's still interesting

Rice Farmer said...

Peak oil: Japan

Today I did a lecture on peak oil for another citizens group. The last time I did this, I just ended up with a room full of slack jaws. This time was different. This audience was quick to understand the implications, and in fact when I got around to talking about creating communities, they started jumping in with their own ideas. Instead of despair, they seemed ready to take up the challenge. It was two hours well spent because I empowered a group of people. And I was asked to give the same talk to yet another group...

redheadkingpin1 said...

I predict that soon, it will rain in Seattle.

Do I win something?

Come on Mike. Predicting violence in India?

Anonymous said...


Does it matter? Of course it matters! We are created in the maker’s image. All who accept Christ have everlasting life.

Listening to rocks and clouds will do nothing for you... they are inanimate objects.

Why should we car? What does it matter? I think every question hinges on whether we are eternal beings or not. If there is nothing after this… Then what is the point? Why fight? Why struggle? To what greater good do you work towards? I there is no God then there is no eternal life. If there is no God life then life is a random accident. If life is a random accident… Then everything is meaningless…. Thus you are meaningless. If life is meaningless there is no right or wrong and no one here can even complain about what others do to you. By what are you judging their actions? A non-existent moral code? By the “no God” crowds own logic there is nothing a person can do to you that is evil… It is all relative and thus meaningless. You death would be meaningless. Without God there is no hope, no reason, and no purpose.

sunrnr said...


I was just posing questions to kick off some critical thinking. I can't disagree with you at all in your analysis.

I'm not sure I agree about the inanimate object statement. I believe everything has been created and contains that creation energy. I believe everything is connected to everything else, living or not. I believe everything cares and matters, maybe not in ways we understand.

Bottom line though is I believe things will go on regardless of what we're worried about this instant or how things will ultimately turn out.

As Mike and others are saying in their posts and comments, the death spiral is gaining strength. Not good, not good at all.

redheadkingpin1 said...

ok. my intro comment wsa snarky...let me say, thank you MCR, for what you do and who you are. I cherish Rubicon, and cite it frequently in my efforts to reach out to people. your work has opened doors of understanding for me I would never have found on my own. so thanks. i just thought i was being funny.