Sunday, November 23, 2008

Citigroup Failure Imminent
The above article was sent with a comment which is partially reproduced below:

Martin Weiss knows what [Mike has] already told us. He adds a few gruesome details on the nature and extent of the impending demise.

This leaves JPMorganChase as the last behemoth standing. GATA has fingered JPMorganChase (JMPC) as the biggest gold manipulation culprit. How well-connected is JPMC in comparison to any other bank? Does it connections into the CIA and the other intelligence organs go that much deeper than Citigroup and other banks? Deeper than AIG/C.V. Starr? How much does its Rothschild pedigree continue to benefit JPMC?

Which bank has more links to Cargill? I watch Cargill here because... it has so much influence over the food industry that few people really understand.


Drew said...

So it looks like the government is going to attempt some sort of bailout of Citi. Is this an attempt that has any sort of chance of working? Or is this just throwing money down a massive hole?

martypantsROK said...

Not anymore. They've just been bailed out.

gbwilli said...


What's going on? $20 billion is a lot of tax-payer money. Who benefits?

sunrnr said...

Feds announce a huge bailout for Citigroup? What's up with this? I thought Paulson was handing over the feedbag to Obama's up coming administration?


Mikael said...

Or they will just go on

printing "new" money..

Over and over again..

Larouche is right when he says

that the monetary system is


tim said...

In 1963, Kennedy signed Executive Order 11110, abolishing the power of the Fed from charging us interest on our own money. Does anyone have more detailed information on this?

businessman said...

With the new bailout announced for Citigroup today how far can the government keep going with these bailouts? Can they just keep doing them until inflation starts getting out of control? Will the people keep allowing the bailouts to happen until their own lifestyles start getting hammered more?

NB Patton said...

"NEW YORK (Reuters) - The U.S. government moved to bail out Citigroup Inc, agreeing to shoulder most potential losses from $306 billion of its toxic assets and inject $20 billion of new capital, its biggest effort yet to prevent a big bank from failing."

So much for imminent collapse.

Gettin rrrrreaaal tired of watching the "in your face rape" of America.