Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Adn way down at the bottom it says that Morgan Stanley is vulnerable and likely to ask for the same thing.



Now that I have your attention... After Citigroup collapsed and was bailed out in a stupid and futile effort, the end has become visible. I watched and read the pundits all day. They were beyond headscratching. They were stupefied. They couldn't find words except "socialism"... (or perhaps national socialism), and "incomprehensible"or "ridiculous". They had seen the writing on the wall in capital letters with Citigroup's "bailout". More of you might be paying attention now because I called Citi's demise quite a while ago. And for that reason I have delayed in writing about what I saw coming next. I needed for you to see this.

I, and all of us who contribute to this work, do so because we know --and we have seen -- that the more who listen, the more who learn, the more are helped. The more who can read the "map"... the more will survive. We aren't charging for this and I ask is that you buy my old book and soon, my new one... frequently.

"U.S. Pledges Top $7.7 Trillion to Ease Frozen Credit" -- Bloomberg

The United State government has already committed a total that surpasses TARP by a factor of ten. Citigroup got $326 billion in commitments today but their exposure is many, many times that. How can the government do that? Here it is... in one simple sentence: "Federal Reserve lending last week was 1,900 times the weekly average for the three years before the crisis." This from the Bloomberg story Jenna just found.

It's over. Money has no meaning without energy. The economy is finished. The money supply has been tripled or quadrupled or more...out of thin air since last summer. That's what bubbles do as they burst. It all must collapse now and everyone who understands a $700 trillion derivatives bubble understands that what happened today was that the elites, being the scorpions that they are, could do nothing else. (Someone else please tell the story of the scorpion and the turtle.) They have committed to ride the collapse all the way down. The United States government has committed to bailouts of financial institutions until everything shuts down or there is no more money to"create". That's what happens when paradigms end. Dinosaurs didn't know they were going extinct. They ruled the earth. They could not comprehend "climate change". They could not adapt, nor could they act like anything except dinosaurs. A few had skills or special "deviant" traits and they "evolved" and survived. But as the dinosaur paradigm ended, openings -- vacuums -- were created in a completely new ecosystem. And nature abhors a vacuum.

What are we in now except an economic "climate change"? We, those on this blog and in the Peak/Sustainability movement, are the deviants!

I cannot see everything. But here's how I see the end of the U.S.economy. What is trickling from Wall Street to Main Street will arrive in full force by March or April. And around that time, perhaps next summer, the thing that started the collapse will return to deliver the coup de grace: oil prices. By that time a return to $100 or higher oil will bring back $3.00 gasoline and no one will be able to afford it. This was always, all about Peak Oil. The dinosaurs of our age know it and they assumed they could manage it. That's what our map has always said, the one that has enabled us to make so many accurate predictions for so many years. J. P. Morgan is the next domino in line and it is one of the deepest players in government intrigue and especially PROMIS software and P-Tech. (Sorry newcomers. I don't have time to slow down right now. Pls read the book or go to FTW.) Morgan is also one of the biggest gold manipulators. As it weakens, its ability to suppress the price of gold along with its allies will weaken. Bravo GATA!

I wrote in September that gold might reach $2,000 within six months. People laughed as prices fell into the low $700s. Six months from September takes us to next March. In the Citigroup bailout the smart money saw the same chosen end game that I see and gold shot back to $850 rising more than $50 just today. Now add a $300 street premium over $850 an ounce and we're at $1,150... The real breakout hasn't even happened yet because this collapse is only just beginning. And that's something else I saw over and over on CNBC and CNN today. " The worst is yet to come". "Darker days ahead". That's what the slugs at the bottom of the screen said. -- All of this BECAUSE of and AFTER the Citigroup "bailout".

I would say that by the end of next summer, as the corn comes in, this nation will be sensing that it is in the grips of something ten times worse than the Great Depression... Shock and Awe. By then you can forget about ethanol. People will be screaming for food. Perhaps Monsanto and Archer Daniels Midland will start to receive some long overdue karmic payback.

Ignorant people have been tossing the word revolution around like a used Hustler Magazine on this blog. (Sorry Larry Flynt. You were good to me and you saved the First Amendment. I was your "Hustler" interview of the month twice.) Revolutions start when the people rise up. Revolutions start when people are hungry. They start when a tipping point is reached and it seems they are all being reached at once, doesn't it? Energy, money, climate, food, fresh water; take your pick. Seven years ago I and Catherine Austin Fitts were screaming our lungs out about $2.1 trillion that went "missing" from the Pentagon in one year. No one listened. No one cared. People are starting to listen now because they have become the pig end of a ham and eggs breakfast. But the prep work isn't done yet. The people aren't ready. Quite frankly, however, Messrs Bush, Cheney and Paulson are doing a very good job of firing folks up...

Always remember that revolutions can take many different forms and that only the worst are bloody.

The dinosaurs are going to leave bigger and bigger openings in the months ahead. The shape of the next paradigm will be determined by the organisms that fill those spaces in the new ecosystem. I am working to see that it is us "deviants"; that we have a seat at the new table. We will be able to at least partially solve the problems of Power Down and sustainability that they cannot, the problems they cannot even fully comprehend. That was the recent great pain of Robert Hirsch. This is now a race to save as much and the best of human civilization as possible. Thank you M. King Hubbert. Thank you Colin Campbell. Thank you Matt Simmons. Thank you Jay Hanson. Thank you Al Bartlett. Thank you Richard Duncan. Thank you Richard Heinberg and Julian Darley. Thank you Matt Savinar and Mark Robinowitz. Thank you Barry Silverthorn. Thank you Robert Hirsch. Thank you all.

The question is, with so many openings, who will exploit them? What philosophies will fill the vacuums in the new economic ecosystem? The terms capitalism, socialism, communism etc are archaic now. They describe nothing that is emerging, or will exist, in our world and the sooner we dump the terms, the freer we will be to create something that actually works. I'm totally with Jefferson here. Throw it all out, get a blank piece of paper and start over... with the needs and informed will of the people leading the way. (I know, there's a lot of things that need to be worked on in that last sentence).

The question is not Cui bono? anymore. Cui bono assumes a stable and continuous operating paradigm. It takes no account of chaos and our oh-so-obvious human weaknesses. Cui bono has become a fear-based question that doesn't have the ability to explain much. Cui bono needs for someone to be in charge and in control because Cui bono's greatest fear is that no one is really in control at all.

We... what we write on this blog, and on many other good blogs and websites, are the new Federalist Papers.

And if I didn't know better I would think that someone was deliberately engineering a fast crash... and that Hank Paulson was the point man for it. In this case, understanding why is the booby prize. Just take it because that's what we must have to allow our children to reach and survive the next two or three decades. That is our mission.

I am really tired. I may take a few days off. You guys run with this for a while. You've been doing great. When I come back I'll learn from you as I always do.



The scorpion needed to cross the river so he asked the turtle for a ride.

"What do you think I am, crazy?" the turtle said. "You're a scorpion. You'll kill me."

"What do you think I am, crazy?" the scorpion answered. "I'm not going to kill my only means of transportation across the river."

The turtle saw the wisdom of that and with the scorpion on his back, started swimming.

Half way across, the scorpion stung him.

"What are you, crazy?" said the turtle.

"Couldn't help it," said the scorpion. "I'm a scorpion. It is my nature."

I saw that $7.7 trillion article last night, noted the "1900 times previous weekly average" tidbit, shot it off to Mike and other trench buddies and waited for the "Holy Shit!"s to echo back from the opposite coast.

Of course, so far no one but Bloomberg acknowledges the existence of this behind-the-scenes aspect of the 'economic crisis' for which the President elect is going to have to find a 'solution.' But then, it is only Bloomberg that is suing to disclose the terms of the federal bank loans.

Remember when, in a moment of honesty, Bush said he spoke to the American people as though they were ten years old? (He was unusually well cast for the role, too.)

It worked for far too long. For in fact, most of us are. Certainly with respect to economics. The environment, too. All those hard subjects. Leave it to the Experts, the suits.

For all our vaunted 'independence' and rugged self-reliance - those qualities which supposedly made this country what it is (what tense shall I use? "will have been?") - we have become some of the most spoiled, helpless, insecure people in the world. We rely on the literal armor of our army as well as of our corporations to cling to the superiority to which we feel entitled.

The only thing you can say on our behalf is that this infantilism is a condition to which the rest of the world aspires.

One of the most gratifying jobs I have these days is teaching foreign students. They come from every conceivable country including North Vietnam, all the "stans" and countries in Africa from which I'd never met anyone.

The other day I asked a woman from Moldova what the population of her country was.

"Four million," she said. "But half of them are here."

They want the seat at the table which they think we still have. What a surprise when I tell them that the grandmothers they left behind, with their knowledge of berry cultivation, may in fact be the new gurus.

But the pundits are still talking the old talk. Job creation. Economic stimulus.

It will take a while longer to wean the American people off their expectations. Time is measured by change. As long as the status quo is tolerable, there will be no incentive towards a paradigm shift in thinking. When TSHTF, evolution will speed up markedly.

The layabout will wake up to the realization which had been lingering in his semi-consciousness his whole life: "The party's over."

For haven't we always known this day would come? Isn't it encoded in our DNA? Long before you ever heard of Peak Oil, didn't you every so often think, "Gee, I'm glad I'm alive here, now, with penicillin, plumbing, food from everywhere in the world?"

Beneath that observation lurks the question: "What am I without all that?"

I, for one, do not look forward to learning the answer. On the other hand, there's solace in facing reality.



Peter J. Nickitas said...

Mike and Jenna,

Here is one new story from Bloomberg on "Obama bonds."


The story must be parsed carefully. It draws unappealing analogies to a previous action by Pres. Carter that the author labeled a failure. Either Bloomberg is opening debate on solutions to include an unusual solution, or this is a warning to Obama to hew closely to the neoliberal paradigm.

I am starting another book on the nature of money, "The Two Faces of Money". The books complements Ellen Brown's ("The Web of Debt") historical discussion with specific details on Lincoln's Greenback policies and William Jennings Bryan's warnings from 1896 - 1900 on "the money trust". Brown is better, however, on the discussion of JFK's U.S. Notes and Executive Order 11110.

The next project, which I will undertake, is examination of the American Monetary Act of 2008 with the analytical and historical perspectives that this blog, FTW, CTR (Crossing the Rubicon),"The Web of Debt," and "The Two Faces of Money" provide. I see this discussion as the basis of an educational and organization effort, based on the effect that the Canadian cartoon "Money and Debt" had on intelligent people I know who have no background in economics.

Here's my addition to the comparison of force vs. power. Force = mass x acceleration. Energy = force x distance. Power = Energy per unit time, or force x distance divided by time. Distance divided by time = velocity. I see the force of TPTB unable to move people through the usual distances TPTB are accustomed, in the wake of the post-Peak Oil financial implosion. Whether people act quickly enough, that is, whether people act with sufficient velocity, will determine humankind's future.

I keep betting on "yes", as an act of faith, regardless of hope, because charity (or lovingkindness) is its own reward, and because a little light has always dispelled great darkness.

cjan said...

Dear Mike,

I have been following you for years and watching what you have to say. I have learned to respect your views on alot of issues... except one! Your views on God. If one takes what is happening in light of what Daniel and Revelation says in the bible; you come up with the missing element that seems to be void here. There is a book intitled "The Great Controversy". You can read it online at this Link-

When one understands all that is happening from this view point, then one begins to have the AHH-HMM attitude. I encourage you to atleast take a few... and check what this book has to say.The last 10 chapters are very pertinent to our time right now. The missing link will then become prominent. It's where we are headed and as a christian I say: Praise God, He is soon to come and take us home!! I know that you don't claim to be a religious man, but I pray that you will atleast give this a chance....

From one who has watched your insites and wanted to share the "Missing Link",
J. Ogden

sunrnr said...


I keep forgetting to thank you for your brave and continued efforts.

Keep on keeping on!


Anonymous said...

"And if I didn't know better I would think that someone was deliberately engineering a fast crash... and that Hank Paulson was the point man for it. In this case, understanding why is the booby prize."

As I've been saying...

But that's neither here nor their in terms of reality. Reality is that we're facing collapse, regardless of it's origin.

My wife and I have embarked upon an interesting journey as we work to prepare ourselves and our family. We're building the foundation for a sustainable community bartering system that excludes the need for currencies. We've included local farms, nearby businesses, and as many community members and households that we can attract. And there are zero dependencies on internet or technology to keep it going.

The cool thing (and frightening at the same time) is that less than 12 months ago, an attempt to do the same thing with the general public would have fallen flat. Today, everyone is interested.

Also, I was at the grocery store over the weekend and I saw more than one family stocking up on canned goods. Entire shopping carts filled with 24-packs of vegetables. I asked one guy if he was having a big Thanksgiving dinner. He said no - it's just nice to have "extra" when you need it. He had about 6 months "extra" for a family of 4.

We have the tools and the knowledge, folks. Build now. If TSHTF overnight (e.g. food shelves go empty over one weekend), even if it's only in your community or region, it'll be too late to organize competent and secure sustainable networks.

And if nothing bad happens, guess what? You've found a cash-free method to meet your most basic needs.

Plan for the worst, hope for the best. We're doing it at our house. I hope everyone else will be doing the same.

Also...I guess you can consider me a deviant among deviants. I maintain my position that peak is no different than pointing at the collapse of WTC7 and proclaiming fire. It's the carefully orchestrated justification to convince those who survive that our condition is the result of poor planning. It's not. It's the result of criminal murder and genocidal eugenics policies of the corporatists who want to scale us back to a population of 2 billion.

Don't ever forget that. When the same folks in power BEFORE collapse are also in power AFTER collapse, remember one thing: We are experiencing a planned decline. Understanding the chain of command before and after will make it all too clear.

Jenna Orkin said...

thank you sunmr. u 2.

Peter J. Nickitas said...

Here is a link to "The Two Faces of Money":


Readers on this site should also check Ellen H. Brown's "The Web of Debt Blog".

The authors of both books concur in support of the American Monetary Act and repeal of the 1913 Federal Reserve Act and the 1864 National Banking Act.

Ruiz said...

What kind of revolution? is indeed the question.

I don't want to emphasise my differences regarding Obama in this. I just hope you're right about the "openings", because the only other option is heavily-armed anarchist societies on a national scale.

One thing we can easily do is ask ourselves: Who would be president-elect today if Obama had never been born? I'm guessing someone very similar. Read into that what you will.

This is every bit Enron on a macro scale. Even for those that saw it coming, the overreaching, savage and suicidal nature of the death throes are simply breathtaking. Does anybody doubt that "their" ultimate goal is tyranny? Assuming this, does Obama represent any kind of rupture at all within the system?

It's actually irrelevant anyway! You can't stage any kind of revolution if much of the population is looking down the barrel of starvation and homelessness. I keep on remembering Orlov's comparison of collapse-readiness in the US compared to the USSR. It's f'ing frightening.

trobador said...

Thanks Shorebreak, your blog gave me the idea of sharing this one with you:

Small Is Beautiful: Economics As If People Mattered was First published during the 1973 energy crisis and emergence of globalization.

For local currencies: http://smallisbeautiful.org/local_currencies.html

Unknown said...

I don’t see a revolution happening here to oust tptb out or for any kind of paradigm shift to a new socioeconomic system. The people have been too dumbed-down by the media to do anything but stay in an orderly line for the slaughterhouse. And the people don’t have any experience at starting a revolution.

They say that change mostly comes when the pain of doing nothing is worse than the pain of doing something. There is also the “hope syndrome” where a little hope keeps the status quo in motion. TPTB meter out bits of hope like “the bottom is right around the corner” or “we are saving the banks to protect your funds,” and such. This helps to ease the pain of doing nothing. In the mean time, the smart predators who saw an opportunity to engorge themselves on the countries assets are looting the treasury. After the predators leave, the vultures and rats will glean the bones dry. A day may come but not soon, when enough people will rise up and say, “I’ve had it and I’m not going to take it anymore.” But that day could be a long, long way off.

v said...

Dear Mike,

I've been a fan of your work since I read FTW a few years ago. I consider this book "the bible" regarding peak oil etc.
I really hope your new book will comes out soon, looking forward to it.

Your prediction ads to what can/will happen next year makes the hairs in my back rise. I do not live in the USA but in Europe, and things are getting out of control here as well. Recession, bail outs, unemployment, etc..

Many people have NO IDEA of what's to come. They are all living their lives with their jobs and families and think I'm crazy when I talk to them about the FED, 9/11, peak oil etc. They DON'T want to hear the truth and it frustrates the hell out of me.

Keep up the good work with your writing and stay safe and healty!!!

Peter J. Nickitas said...

Whence shall come the money for the rescue of automakers and corporate welfare for financiers?

Sanders Research's Carlton Meyers has one idea below:


Bonnie said...

Has anyone read the book "Uncertain Times" by Nassim N. Taleb?

In it he talks of black swans. A black swan refers to an event outside the realm of expectations because nothing in our past can convincingly point to its possibility. One of Talebs favorite illustrations of a basic black swan event is a turkey that is fed every 1000 days. Everything in the turkey's experience points to the certainty it will be fed on day 1001. Instead it's neck is wrung.

The basic assertion is that humans in general are like the turkey. We extrapolate from the past to the future without a second thought. Well I'm thinking the dinosaurs of the past grew feathers and have turned into black swans and we are being dive bombed.

At any rate, Taleb says more black swans means a less predictable future but the world of tomorrow will be less risky but much more uncertain.

This disconnect between probabalistic risk and non-probabalistic uncertainty makes us very uncomfortable. More uncertainty means we should expect the unexpected, build resilience and be prepared.

Which,to me, means both spiritually and on a material basis. If enough people with solutions come together, IMO, there is no need for violent action.

Roark said...

Hey Mike,

I have been a follower of yours and FTW since 2003 when I was attending anti-war protests and marching against the war, before March, '03.

Prior to then, I'd been questioning the official story of 9/11/01, after visiting one of Alex Jone's websites.

A bright, young woman gave a powerful speech at one of the anti-war rallies and when I went up to her to congratulate her one what I told her was an impressive speech, she asked me if I knew about FTW and if I had heard of you.

Up until then, I hadn't, but I quickly found myself subscribing to fromthewilderness.com and buying your amazing 'Crossing the Rubicon' book, which I then purchased for my parents.

It has been a rollercoaster ride already and I know things are just beginning to unfold.

We can only hope for and look to the good (some/any) that will surely come as well.

All my best,

p.s. To the person that 'disagrees' with MCR about God, I say:

Stop preaching.

Also, since you brought it up:

Did you know that 'amen' is a word that traces back to the Egyptian God of Sun? You might want to watch a movie for free at: http://www.zeitgeist.com

I realize one's religion is a personal thing but when people start pushing their faith on others, that's when some of us PUSH BACK! :)

RanD said...

Indeed, 'tis time to begin unfolding the map...and elevating one's overview.

Right now there's much to be gained and naught to be lost by all good-soldiers-that-be disillusioning themselves of any viewpoint that would suggest such things as "the 'game' has changed", or that anyone or anything's going to be "bailed out", or that the USA will continue existing as a viable entity even one day beyond longer than it needs to.

Be assured, what the human species has been part and parcel of for the past umpteen you-count-'em number of years has never been suitably identified as being a mere 'game', one so nobly structured as might be able to forever disabuse the foolish of the nonsense they would-if-they-could eternally promulgate and propagate. But, what HAS been going on IS a process - actually a Universal Process - one whose ultimate objective has been to bring all human beings that will into a general, species-wide understanding of - and thereby correspondingly expanded and enhanced interaction with - the Universe of which we and everything else have all (at least up to this point in time) been integral component-actualizers.

Oh?...so then just tell it straight out; exactly what is it that this...uh...Process has been doing all these essentially innumerable years toward getting us to understand regarding what our...uh...Universe...uh...wants us to understand?


Some might say that sounds like religion, but, in fact, words like these are merely sufficient experience translated into pure and simple realization. Little other than exactly the same sort of thing that most of the folks on this great blog are inclined to do.

Let's all just keep on keeping on, especially to show just how much we appreciate ourselves...and particularly MCR & JO. Doing so will get us a whole long ways into getting where we want and need to be.


Anne said...

You don't respect MCR's views on God???

Then IMHO you respect nothing. I won't go on about freedom of religion, too obvious.

Here are a few quotes perhaps you can ponder....

"Religion is for people who fear Hell. Spirituality is for those who have been there."

An eloquent, and profound statement from MCR.

"The person who believes he has
found the only path up the mountain, isn't even on the mountain."

"If we don't believe in freedom of expression for those we despise, we don't believe in it at all."

"I may not believe in the words that you say, but I shall defend to the death your right to say them."

I do not believe in your version of God, but I profoundly respect your right to believe as you choose.

Tim said...

A mere coincidence that the 'dinosaurs' have made their fortunes on 'fossil fuels' left behind by their forerunners? Truly the underworld...

Tim said...

A mere coincidence that the 'dinosaurs' have made their fortunes off 'fossil' fuels left behind by their forerunners. God himself could not have chosen better symbolism; oh yeah, the woman in scarlet riding on a dragon, etc.

Peter J. Nickitas said...

Any comments on this link?


Could a television show like "Jericho" represent an effort to accustom Americans to a disunited union?

I remember Orwell's three-cornered struggle between Oceania, Eurasia, and Eastasia. This tracks Mackinder's 19th century geopolitical battle map and the worldview of Trilateralists like Zbigniew Brzezinski. The imposition of a world currency regime with three principal currencies, and the Yuan as a fourth major currency, is not inconsistent with this prediction. See the following link:


Physical gold and silver make continuing sense in response to these projections. Senior gold mining stocks may also work, but discerning the guests at the table from the main courses (i.e., the mining companies being readied for acquisition)takes delicate judgment.

Local currencies, local responses to Peak Oil, unequivocal courage, and mutual faith and reliance in the face of long odds are key to a sane and decent voyage through these "interesting times," in my opinion.

Andrew_The_Fox said...

I'm kind of tired of hearing from the religious people about how God is misrepresented in all of this.

I wish God actually did exist, maybe he could sort this mess out.

Unknown said...

This may be a little off topic, but does anyone know of a vegetarian outdoor guide?

I'm not planning on going "underground" or in the woods for the coming collapse; I just think knowledge of the outdoors is essential for anyone concerned with actually surviving afterward. And there are plenty of guides out there, but none as far as I can tell that are tailor-made for a vegetarian/vegan diet.

I remember a few regular guides on the old FTW site years ago...would any of those be helpful?

Thanks guys!

P.S. Has anyone seen the new Zeitgeist and find it a bit more trustworthy than the original?

Tim said...

In response to cjan, Mike clearly illustrated the difference spirituality and religion in a previous blog and a rather clear understanding of both. A book to check out, The Power of Now by Eckart Tolle if you want to get a spiritual perspective on your religion, regardless of which one you belong to. It may come in handy if the 'rapture' doesn't happen. Let's pray it does...

ProGo said...

I'm also happy to hear the news that Bob Gates is safely stuck in the revolving door of personell apointees.

I voted for the man, but what does it honestly say about Barack in that one of the last icons of the Iran Contra crew, a man who was in position to know EVERYthing that was happening, is going to be serving in his administration? News is reporting service of up to a year, but 1 day is too much.

I'm not sure that it even matters at this point. But regardless, I'd like to head Mike's take on that 'non-appointment'.

Jenna Orkin said...

thank you roark but i must reiterate that neither this blog nor ftw endorses alex jones or zeitgeist

Van said...

Remember some day to tell your kids,

"I was there. The day they doubled the National Debt, and gave away $7T as if it were monopoloy money.

The day that later sparked once-and-for-all the new Weimer Republic style hyperinflation.

And we started counting the days til the currency tanked, til the economy tanked, til the trucks slowed and the gas and food rations ran thin.

And they told us "It was those bankers! It was that evil Federal Reserve!" And the sheeple all nodded their heads, pretending they understood and in fact had known all along.

And the IMF told us "We'll feed you, and turn your power back on, and get your jobs paying again, and your govt services handing-out again."

And we said "Yes, please, we'll do anything just save us!"

And they promised us a gold-backed new currency. And they promised us new financial intra-national regulations to protect us. They promised us a "fast track" to restoration of production and manufacturing and cheap consumer products and affordable food.

And the IMF introduced the Amero, and formed the North American Union, and implemented standard IMF post-crash "austerity measures", and bought all our debt and established new monthly payments and interest rates "that we could afford".

And all at once, from the living and working on down through countless future generations not even yet born, the handcuffs went "click".

The masses dont get the govt they want - they get the govt they deserve.

I just wish they would stop dragging us down with them. But who is John Galt.

NB Patton said...

I'm getting really tired of your, passive aggressive behavior towards the people on this blog. One moment you are very lovey dovey and the next moment you call some of us "Ignorant" or "clueless" because we say something that didn't stroke you the right way. Bad form sir!

Perhaps someone is misinformed, perhaps they are flat out wrong about something, but do they deserve to be swept into a grouping of "Ignorant people"? And if so, who made you the judge, jury and executioner?

If you really do want to "learn from us" I for one suggest you practice a bit more patience, tolerance, and fellowship with your readership. Instead of alienating entire groups with unnecessary insults, just give us guidance with your wisdom.

I find myself hesitating to write or ask about certain things because of your lash outs I have witnessed. Nobody likes being on the receiving end of them and we are ALL learning and growing here, cut us some slack.

We may have our disagreements, but that doesn't make one of us "Ignorant" or "clueless", and how much less educational and fun would this blog be if it were filled with nothing but sycophants that had their noses firmly embedded in yours and Jenna's collective asshole, telling you how much they adored you with every other post?

Hell I learn so much from day to day that the disagreements we have one day could be gone the next!

Please accept the fact that I wrote this, instead of just ceasing participation, as proof of the value I place on this blog and your work.

I am tired as all heck too. Enjoy your days off and Happy last Turkey day as we know it. ;)

Rice Farmer said...

A few random thoughts.

First, never forget the American sense of entitlement. When the revolution happens (will it be televised?), many Americans are going to jump on board because they think it's all about protecting their entitlement to the profligate use of energy and resources. A big question is how soon they realize that the revolution is actually about protecting a different kind of entitlement. And that's where we come in: educate those around you.

Then there is the question of when the US government defaults on its debt. Well, maybe it won't actually issue an official notice, but who would realistically think that such colossal debt could be paid off? Surely the US will have no choice but to just turn its back on that debt. That will be the culmination of the "dump" phase.

Finally, we are in some really deep doo-doo, but whatever you do, don't panic. Not only does it prevent rational and clear thought, it's a highly contagious disease. Consider your individual situation carefully, study the options, make well-thought-out decisions, and act deliberately.

Andrew_The_Fox said...

"The peak oil and demand myth is peddled by the establishment-run fake left activist groups, OPEC and globalist arms such as the IMF"
-- Alex Jones

OK, so that is why the FTW and Rubicon people obviously have no support for Alex Jones, and rightfully so, that statement is absolutely ludicrous. But I do have to ask why no support of Zeitgeist? And if it's based on disliking the first Zeitgeist movie, I have to say the Zeitgeist addendum is much better.

It goes into detail about changing society into living in Permaculture, using sustainable energy etc., etc. Specifically going into detail about the "Venus Project" which is also very cool.

Mike, I'm a big supporter of everyone here, as well as the main FTW crew, and I have gotta recommend even if you saw the first Zeitgeist and didn't like it, the second one is of completely different focus, and in my opinion very informative, and well done.

I'm sure it wont tell you anything you don't already understand but it's a captivating movie.

Anonymous said...

May I ask why my post is undesirable?

Jenna Orkin said...

i don't remember the name and therefore don't associate it with a particular post

Anonymous said...

Last attempt:

"And if I didn't know better I would think that someone was deliberately engineering a fast crash... and that Hank Paulson was the point man for it. In this case, understanding why is the booby prize."

Indeed, this collapse is as accidental as the collapse of WTC 7. Lehmanʼs bankruptcy pulled the trigger. The question is: Why wasnʼt Lehman “saved”, given the fact that anybody else got a bailout? – Because it had been designed to go broke for a long time. GWBʼs cousin joined Lehman in 2006 as global head of its Investment Management Division and his brother and fellow electoral fraudster Jeb became advisor to Lehmanʼs private equity business in the following year. The goal was to extend the financial mess at full tilt to the Empire´s provincials, especially to Europe. Look at the timeline and you will realize that this was orchestrated in alignment with the Georgian War. Both gambits served the same purpose, namely to force the Anglo-Saxon variant of the corporate globalists policy upon NATO member states and the European Union. Iceland, I assume, was targeted to make an example, but principally with regard to oil drilling concessions, which especially British companies are intent on. Now that Iceland is bankrupt it has to bow to the conditions of the IMF and the prospective creditor nations. Among these countries we find the UK pursuing a carrot-and-stick policy. In conclusion nobody should be surprised to watch BP drilling first in the region.

May 18, 2006: Bush Cousin Heads to Lehman – Lehman Brothers has nabbed George H. Walker, the CEO of Goldman Sachs Hedge Fund Strategies, to be the global head of its $188 billion Investment Management Division

August 30, 2007: Lehman hires Jeb Bush as private equity advisor

December 18, 2007: Iceland to Offer Offshore Exploration Licenses in January 2009

June 3, 2008: Lehman (LEH): Another Financial CEO In Trouble (C)(MER)(WB)

August 20, 2008: Iceland to Offer Offshore Oil and Gas Licenses

August 21, 2008: Still bleeding – Fannie, Freddie and Lehman ensure August is anything but quiet

September 9, 2008: Iceland Set to Open Up Dreki Area for Exploration Bids in January 2009

September 12, 2008: Europe’s Problem

September 15, 2008: Wall Street on red alert – Lehman says it will file for bankruptcy

September 15, 2008: Lehman Brothers bankruptcy, US crisis hits European stocks

September 16, 2008: Lehman Brothers collapse sends shockwave round world

September 16, 2008: What is Jeb Bush's role in the Lehman Brothers meltdown?

September 16, 2008: Georgia moves closer to NATO

October 7, 2008: Fuld By Lehman: Bush's Family Connection

October 9, 2008: Iceland is all but officially bankrupt

October 24, 2008: Icelandic anger at UK terror move – Thousands of Icelanders are sending a message to Gordon Brown that they are not terrorists after the UK used terror laws to freeze their assets

October 24, 2008: Iceland set for $2.1bn IMF help

November 20, 2008: UK lends Iceland £2.2bn as IMF approves £6.8 billion rescue package to help stabilise country's banking crisis

November 24, 2008: A near-riot and parliament besieged: Iceland boiling mad at credit crunch

November 25, 2008: U.S. starts diplomatic offensive on NATO membership for Georgia and Ukraine

sunrnr said...

I saw a story on Fox News about oil reserves in the North Dakota area being larger than those in Saudi Arabia?!

A quick search uncovered the following links which claim 2 - 4 billion barrels of easily accessible oil lies within the Bakken Formation in Williston Basin, an area already known for it's natural gas reserves.


Of course many jumped on this with the "drill baby, drill" mantra. Just to keep things in perspective, check this link out about the definition of "oil reserves".

Oil and water are unlimited!!! Oh, the same was thought about the herds of buffalo and passenger pidgeons. Seems it didn't take long to reduce herds and flocks of millions to a few surviving individuals in the case of the buffalo and total extinction in the case of the passenger pidgeon.


Roark said...

FTW Admin:

You'll note I wasn't glorifying Alex Jones or Zeitgeist, only making a reference.

This is supposed to be about free speech and so we don't need any more 'this call may be monitored' BS.

Alex Jones is far from perfect.
But he went out on a limb, questioning the official story of 9/11/01, before many did. So in this respect he has done the world a service. Does he go overboard? Yes. Does he seem to have sold out when it comes to Peak Oil and global warming? Perhaps. Peak Oil has strong arguments on both sides. It would make sense to me that Big Oil would want people to think there was a scarcity. After all, what better way would there be to 'rationalize' higher and higher prices!? Supply and demand, baby.. yeah! :)

As far as Zeitgeist Movie goes, I feel it's worth watching. So I provide the correct link here:

*I* recommend it! And *I* approve this message.

Now instead of talking about religion and God and debating Peak Oil, can we please get back to the real topics at hand, ie survival!?

Thanks! :)

sunrnr said...

Oops, fogot the link about oil reserves.



redheadkingpin1 said...


Here's a vegetarian outdoor guide:

The Tibetan Book of the Dead.

You'll need ti if you think survivalism is compatible with your delicate sensibilities.

Donna Rose said...

Hi Mike, I've been following you for a while now. Read your book and many articles from FTW, watched many videos of your speeches. I have always been very impressed with your ability to see things for what they are.

To cut to the chase, according to your last post your in Culver... I'm in Venice.... so we are close.

How can I help..?

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