Tuesday, December 22, 2009

North Korea Threatens to Fire, Obama Orders Strike on Yemen Terrorists; China's Oil Demand Surges 18.7% in November

From Jenna Orkin:

North Korea Threatens to Fire Into Disputed Waters
Obama Ordered U.S. Military Cruise Missile Strike on Yemen Terrorists (from Rice Farmer)
Guantanamo Detainees Moved to Afghanistan, Somalia & Yemen
Castro: Obama seeking to topple Cuban communism
Colombia rejects Chavez charge over spy drones
Pakistan in crisis as 'creeping coup' unfolds (from Rice Farmer)
Newsweek: Con artist behind al-Qaida scare?
"[T]he [CIA] showed him the door five years ago after its scientists, working with counterparts in French intelligence, concluded that Montgomery's claims about hidden Al-Jazeera messages could not be substantiated. But Roston says other agencies continued to bite, with the Pentagon signing a contract with Montgomery as recently as January 2009."
Did America keep mum on 26/11? (from Rice Farmer)
White House picks new cyber czar
Russia Is Torn Over Push for Use of Cyrillic Web Domains
There'll be nowhere to run from the new world government

Iran MP says Iraq owes Tehran $1 trillion dollars

For stocks, the worst decade ever
Eurozone rift widens
World's Most Dangerous Government Bonds
Beware the Taxpayer Bailout of Underfunded Teamsters Pension Funds
3.6% of Prime Mortgages Delinquent 60 Days or Longer
Fictional Reserve Lending And The Myth Of Excess Reserves
Crushing Burden of Debt
Seven Banks Fail, 140 YTD total, Sheila Bair "prepared to handle an ever-larger number of bank failures next year"
Pennsylvania's "Nightmare Solution" for Gov't Layoffs Guaranteed To Backfire
The end of the carry trade?
What’s the main catalyst for Treasury selloff?
Banks with political ties got bailouts, study shows
U.S. pay czar allows incentives for key AIG employee
Pot-Laced Tour Bus Becomes Property of FDIC as U.S. Banks Go Up In Smoke
Pot shops could ease California's woes
Bernanke TIPS Give Way to Inflation as Deflation-Adjusted Yields Diminish
Economists: We don't need more stimulus
For Feds, More Get Six Figure Salaries
Defense Department civilian employees earning $150,000 or more increased from 1,868 in December 2007 to 10,100 in June 2009, the most recent figure available."When the recession started, the Transportation Department had only one person earning a salary of $170,000 or more. Eighteen months later, 1,690 employees had salaries above $170,000."
As California crumbles, so do other states (from Rice Farmer)
Cereal ... It's What's For Dinner (from Rice Farmer)

Platts Report: China's Oil Demand Surges 18.7% in November

Certified data show that Venezuela's oil production decreased in November
Has peak theory reached its tipping point?
Failure in Copenhagen: Gunning Full Throttle into the Greenhouse
'Subject to Shortcomings'? Nation's Nuke Labs

Gold Not Going Up In Price, Money Losing Value
Gold Not a Bubble, Silver a Better Buy: Rogers

Oh, CRE: Holiday parody of the song O Christmas Tree
Excruciatingly clever lyrics.


Rude Dog said...

Here is another article link to file under "Engery/Environment":

A study says man's best friend is worse on the environment than gas-guzzling automobiles. WTF? Seriouly? A bigger environmental threat than SUVs?

"Polluting pets: the devastating impact of man's best friend"

BTW, this quote from the article may not be funny, but reading it was...

"If pussy is scoffing 'Fancy Feast' -- or some other food made from choice cuts of meat -- then the relative impact is likely to be high,"

Jeff said...

The situation is picking up speed,really scary indeed but you were right once again Mike for saying Iran will not be attacked,it seems like a line has been drawn there.Hopefully.

businessman said...

I was watching a documentary on recent U.S. history a few days ago, and in it former U.S. Secretary of State James Baker said something very similar to the following:

"When I was Secretary of State I was the fifth consecutive Secretary to maintain the policy of 'We will go to war at anytime in the Middle East to protect their oil for the West.'"

It's always nice to feel reassured that the war in Iraq has always been about saving us from weapons of mass destruction.

agape wins said...

I started this way back on 12,01,09, it's now 12,23,09. I'll reply to the latest by F.K., Rude Dog, & Businessman at the end.

Does anyone else feel/sense I have disagreed with F.Kamilov?
Should I stop trying to stimulate thought, generating acceptance/cooperation, good will?
The change that F.Kamilov, and RanD are looking for. It's my opinion we all here are working toward that end.
"quantum mechanics, A system of mechanics that was developed from quantum theory and is used to explain the properties of atoms and molecules."

The following is taken from Thirty Years that Shook Physics by George Gamow:
"At our first meeting we started talking physics although de Broglie did not speak any English and my French was rather poor. But somehow I managed to convey to him what I wanted to say and to understand his comments. A year later I was in the audience in London when de Broglie delivered a brilliant lecture in perfect English. Then I understood another of his principles: When foreigners come to France, they must speak French."
"Undergraduate Pauli moderated an Einstein lecture. After Einstein's response to a question Pauli summarized with, "What Einstein says is not so stupid!"
When distinguished physicist Paul Ehrenfest told Pauli that he liked Pauli's publications better than he liked Pauli, Pauli replied, "That's odd, I feel the exact opposite about you!"

"During a question and answer period after a lecture Dirac gave at the University of Toronto, an audience member raised his hand and said, "Professor Dirac, I do not understand how you derived the formula on the top left side of the blackboard."
"That is not a question," snapped Dirac, "it is a statement. Next question, please."

The above quotes are from;


I agree 100% with what you say, I've said it before: America/USA/The Great Whore, is at fault, appears to be in control. Our only difference is in who is actually in control, The PTB the String pullers are
Universalistic, they have their own allegiance; what you see is just a paper doll, when America goes down they will just move on. Laughing at us fools, with our phony freedom, our idealism which has bled us of our Youth, our life blood! I have never defended Us or our actions, the USA is Head Bully, & has
always been. I know men who fought for Germany, Russia, Spain, Japan, & China, I never sighted a gun at any of them.
Some who did would spit on them, but I have found a Kinship/Commonality, with/between/among us, I am positive there are
some who would spit (rightfully so), on ME! Those I know left "Home" for the reasons i/I dislike my "Fatherland", some like
Omeed, for more dire reasons, & can/will never return!


agape wins said...

12,23,09, more.

Now to the latest; Businessman, "Climate Change"/"Warming"/"NOT", Is a Distraction, both sides of the same issue/coin!!
Can you/we change the weather on the Moon, NO, but while we were there, we took "Earth" with us.
If we lived like all Native/Primitive People do, we would have NO Affect on the Local "warming/Cooling", BUT We as a
People, Can't/WILL NOT live that way--without a GUN to our head! Those holding the Gun won't ether.
There will be another ICE age, if we had the Energy we would go underground or melt the Ice around us-BUT that Can't happen; the end of OUR/WESTERN lifestyle Has to/will end! When you remove your finger from the hole in the Dyke,
the rush to the ice age will look like the downside of the "Peak" curve, where will you be without the protections devised, &
Manufactured By OIL/GAS/COAL? The Third/Second World, has nothing to give up To "Change"; WHO/WHEN will?
It will cost more, in the end, than the "TAX",--or even "Servitude"--prepare to avoid being in the "DIE OFF" !

SignalFire, We have been over the Zeitgeist issue several times, it's a mixed bag Fact/fiction, pictures/sounds flashed, with
little time to reflect on value/content/connection; Mike and others stay on issue, & make a convincing Argument; You are comparing
Religion with Spirituality; an Ice burg to a Lifeboat! I have Z bookmarked, my latest visit was still not convincing, thanks.

Rude Dog, You beat me to the Dog Link;


F.K., is Rightly laughing, A native Dog tale follows in another post.
The more you write the more I agree, you have to understand how I write what I do, my reason for my "Expression"/or lack of clarity.
I love diversity, enjoy how you write, did you look up Omeed? Did you listen to the Coast To Coast show?
You have to understand my concept of TIME/Space. As you said:

"But "that" may have been "then" for you - there are still many things here that are just like what they were then, and will continue being so - until something is done about them!"!!

100 o/o, I couldn't have said it better, also like "King Harod" (when was that?)!!

F.Kamilov said...

Things are sizzling in Pakistan. This is a “wide spectrum” selection of current headlines from Pakistan’s main English newspaper, characteristically a sugary supporter of whichever corrupt Pakistani politician is in power at the time – and also a toady of the Western globalist agenda. But if it now shows panic in its reports, op eds and editorials, then that means things aren’t going as usual with Pakistan’s phony democracy – which incidentally, they aren’t. These headlines are indicative of the terminal malaise now besetting the Anglo-American global neocolonialist machine and its important components, such as Pakistan – which condition readers of this blog otherwise know of as “The Collapse”:

CIA Propaganda Radio “Liberty” Predicts Coup in Pakistan


For those who believe in the wholesome virtues of democracy, see what kind of “democracy” actually flourishes in Pakistani social culture. From the pens of not-so-savoury Pakistani “celebrities” themselves:

Going Rogue


Battle Corruption Now


Avoiding the Brink


President Zardari Steals All Foreign Gifts


And here are mentioned editorially Peak Oil and the Iraq war, plus the coming water catastrophe in the Indian subcontinent, with its teeming and impoverished billions:



The Impending Water Disaster in Pakistan


For those who have eyes to see...!

F.Kamilov said...


There appears to be no conflict with me - here either. Earlier I had meant that the roots of the imperialist establishment go deep into its society, and pulling them out would also disrupt a lot of harmless/good things too...

I'm glad you know so much about the quantum aspect of things. I was taken in by it since I was a child.

In one of your earlier posts, you described the rural setting where you live. Sounds nice. I often feel like having a getaway in such a place - lost for a good few days in some simple (yet practical) dwelling in the misdst of splendid natural wilderness. (But this is not the type of harsh, trying "wilderness" as found in the original FTW name!)

gamedog said...

Police expect Mumbai-style terror attack on City of London

"In a briefing in the City of London 12 days ago, a senior detective from SO15, the Metropolitan police counter-terrorism command, said: “Mumbai is coming to London.” ....
...a terrorist cell may be preparing an attack on London early next year."

They sound pretty confident we're all safe until after xmas shopping!


pstajk said...

I had never heard about this Celente guy until a few posts ago; he scares the shit out of me.

Fox and CNN probably have him on because he's been right all the time, but more importantly because he serves as the pre-game show before Obama is forced to go on public television and admit what is currently happening to the nation.

I wonder how soon that broadcast will arrive? 2010? Later? Once rioting begins? Does Obama even know he'll soon have to make this sort of speech to the US?

BDRhodes said...

Has anyone noticed what's at the top of HuffingtonPost.com right now -- "Move Your Money Out of BIg Banks and Into Community Banks"

Mike & co have been pleading this one for years! Wahoo!

More at http://moveyourmoney.info

evision said...