Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ebert on CoLLapse

Roger Ebert's Review of CoLLapse


OregonSurvivor said...

May be old news for some, but well worth your time. Exponential Growth

RanD said...

Dear Roger Ebert:

Thankyou very much for your good and proper words of Michael C. Ruppert's good & proper work concerning peak oil and CoLLapse. Both you & Michael have done immeasurable good to help inform us of these things.



koolkarma817 said...

MCR, Is there any place online I can pay to see the movie? I have no idea when it's coming to Denver

Unrepentantcowboy said...


I don't think I've ever seen Ebert deliver a stronger endorsement for a documentary film.


Now if I can just figure out how to watch the thing.

ProGo said...

Collapse starts a one week run at the AFI Silver Theater in D.C.
Show times are here:

I'm dragging my friend to see it & hope to meet 'the man' on Saturday night. Anyone else in the greater D.C. area, go see it.

Much love

LeoBro said...

Congratulations, Mike! That is a milestone. That is one of the best reviews of CoLLapse that I've seen yet. And Ebert is one of the best reviewers out there, very well respected.


pstajk said...

Kick out the jams, yeah EBERT!!

PeakedOut said...

I took a friend to see the Friday showing in San Francisco. Small theater, but sold out. Met Mike and he seems so happy. I could not be happier for him. The movie is powerful. After the movie my friend immediately went to the lobby to buy Mike's book. (I really like the new cover and title)
Having followed Mike and FTW since early 2002, I found the movie frustrating at times as it did not delve deeply into any one subject and I really wanted to whisper in my friends ear about all the underlying stuff not covered. With great effort, I kept my mouth shut and just watched silently. The personal side the movie shows of Mike was truly touching. After the film, I found myself wanting to walk up and give him a big hug. I settled for a handshake, thank you, and a picture with the burgeoning new rock star. Of course the beaming smile and hearty laughter coming from Mike made me realize how this movie has helped set him free. He has been a good parent to us all here on this blog. He taught us well. We understand what's going on and can teach others when they are ready to hear the message and see the map. Like a good parent, Mike can now let us go out on our own. Stand on our own two feet. For a long time, I saw Mike as part savior, part mentor. Friday, I got to see him a man. Someone I'd be honored to call my friend.
If Mike is even remotely close to you for a showing, GO!

Lastly, a few words just for Mike.

Friday night, there was much I wanted to say and thank you for and found myself without the words to do so. Mostly, I want to thank you for teaching us. Not lecturing to us or trying to be a messiah, or trying to get rich scaring the hell out of us. You've always taught us not only what you learned and knew, but how to interpret events so we can do it ourselves. You always under charged for your newsletter too!! You've taught us well enough that in time we could continue without you. Happily, we haven't had to. There is no greater gift than the gift of learning. You have been most generous with us. I hope life rewards you for your sacrifices. Thank you.

dalex said...

The Ebert review is spectacular; congrats!

Maybe Mike and Vitagraph are way ahead of me on this, but I would hope that SOME kind of publicity or advertising is being arranged for the D.C. events. A radio appearance (NPR?) should be easy enough, and could markedly increase attendance.

gamedog said...

Agape, not chasing, think pointer! And only pointing at the game...for sufficient time to read this bumber sticker, will the hydrogen vehicle you are Aping after keep up for sufficient time for you to read it?(pdf link)

Jacob said...

Congrats on a very positive review - and now please tell me where I can watch this thing online.

Raymond said...

here, here, pakedout.

James said...

Mike Ruppert, I have been studying about PEASK OIL since the summer of 2007 when I first came across the issue. I want to Thank You so very much for your relentless efforts and your truly great contributions on this very important matter. I have tried to educate my friends about Peak Oil- they think I am a "nut case". They have no idea of the magnitude of the shit storm headed this way. Would you please make "COLLAPSE" available as a downloadable online purchase ?

James said...

Mike, Please make "COLLAPSE" available as an online downloadable purchase.

agape wins said...


I had a Neighbor who kept "Pointers", he got angry if you as much as said hi to his "DOGS", they suffered for 50 weeks for 2 wk.'s.of Hunting!!
I can't visualize you caged up, under fed, and ignored!

From Elbert's review;

"He recites facts I knew, vaguely. Many things are made from oil. Everything plastic. Paint. There are eight gallons of oil in every auto tire. Oil supplies the energy to convert itself into those byproducts. No oil, no plastic, no tires, no gas to run cars, no machines to build them. No coal mines, except those operated by men and horses".

Think Horses, Oxen, Camels, Dogs, & other Humans; motorized transport in your dreams, get used to walking! Crops will be to eat!

RanD, Insanity, what I write/What you read; My birthday is 7,22-- enough said.

Why would wildlife, including Bears "Invade" Peopleville? Do you think they slept next to a Tepee, or Wigwam?

The Daily Temp. in Casper was in the 40's until last Sat., we got a total of 10" of snow and on Wed. the temp. fell to -11 dig. f., -26c., yesterday (Thur) the high was +6, with a wind chill of-40f., around midnight it was 22f, and the Snow was melting in town, because of the ground Temp., outside of town the ground is frozen!
There are planters on 2 blocks of Center St., & the plants are still alive, some in bloom! HOW?
The 10" of snow insulated the plants from the wind/air temp., plus the ground temp is still above freezing on the 11th.
of Dec.! Congestion of people, thanks to Energy.

Something I was just handed "The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.' by H. L. Mencken"
Some people would point toward MCR & Us, except we do not have "Imaginary Hobgoblins", and our aim is "Leading", The Remnant into the future.

Define Art.?

Here is some info for RanD, vary wordy, whatever, it takes thought as do some of RanD's lengthy posts.

"achieving standards requires knowing the child, knowing the content,
and knowing when and how to use multiple approaches to help children
achieve academic goals and pursue their dreams for their futures."

"it's more important for children to 'construct' their own knowledge
than to learn something from a teacher."

Now for what I see as "bigoted Science", why focus on one group, what makes "White" so special? Nothing!! Separation, not unity.

"a mere 8 percent included "reasoning," while just 9 percent included clarification of what the child should be doing instead.

(Incidentally, the overall success rate with these strategies was almost 75 percent.)"

"inviting more complex thought and language development" as they do so,"

If you do not want to think; sort the grain from the "Culls"/"Garble";
Choose what fits/works where you live-Sorry, thinking is all we will have when OIL is gone. Recall the Bible's Tower of Babel? Maybe a little Amae would have worked, Agape You All.

There are at least 3 types of posts; to relay information/truth/fiction, to generate thought/creativity, and to deceive/brainwash.
Most of what I post is to foster Creativity, which is something most of us avoid-it is vary hard work, which is why the mass media is loaded with Pap. they call it entertainment, I say distraction.

businessman said...

Geez, Mike, what a great review of your movie "Collapse" by Roger Ebert! You might want to frame that one and keep it around for a long time.

You might also want to have the Webmaster for the movie's Web site link to it from the page that shows the critics' reviews of the movie.

For those people living outside of the United States, Roger Ebert is considered by many to be the premiere movie critic in the USA.

Guy Fawkes said...

Still no "coLLapse" on Comcast at last check this afternoon ... Yet another reason Comcast is the worst cable system in the industrialized world.

Jon said...

It's not available on Cox right now either. Pretty disappointed.

gamedog said...

Agape, thanks for your real time observation showing the effects of Urban Heat Island. The BIG question is how that effects the measured global temp chronology, AGW proponents say "The current state of the science is that the effect on the global temperature record is small to negligible."

Would the local effect you experienced be similar to cloud cover (high water vapour) or an increase in the fraction of atmospheric C02 from 0.035% to 0.04%

Seems sensible not to site weather stations in urban settings, unless your grant depends on AGW of course, then you get to pick and choose, often without having to declare the original data!

What are your thoughts?

F.Kamilov said...

Speaking about the "Cradle of Democracy" as Jenna has titled this section of the blog, it seems that hostile regimes or revolutions are not the only crisis situations in which the USA considers direct involvement or military interventions. This is apparent from this Pakistani newspaper article:

"Climate for Coup"

It stands to reason that the Americans would want to "micromanage" the outcome of any event that is detrimental to their or their subordinate flunkies' security interests, whether it is natural or man-made. But it also shows that The Land of the Free ain't not goin' to bow out easily from no situation either - in direct contravention to the sage advice proffered in this regard by the likes of Mr. Michael Ruppert. Ah well then....they're gonna have to face the consequences.... Nasty nasty ones. Nothing goes without 'em. 'Nuff said.

RanD said...

"Free will" & "God" - #21

Hotspringswizard, Much of what you suggest re "choice" & (free) "will" we're inclined to affirm; in fact our formally recorded stance on the idea of human kind having genuine/absolute "free will" is that free will has so far never been historically observed as more than a mere "hypothetical postulate" or as examples of anti-social behavior. Moreover, the fact that no successful human social structures are known to exist or have ever existed long enough to leave any records without self-constraining rules, laws, protocols etc strongly infers that unconstrained free will is not intrinsically desirable or even reasonable -- and, when coupled to knowing what humans are capable of doing and have done, we'd say this inclines to prove that genuine/absolute free will is, at least heretofore, unacceptable.


As for what 'a "God"' or "God" might have to do with any of this free will and choice(s) business of course depends entirely on one's definition of "God". In our instance (as RanD) we neither know nor yield to any kind, brand, or flavor of anthropomorphic god or God or GOD whatsoever. However, we also have no problem whatsoever readily yielding to the idea -- which we consider represents a self-evincing fact -- that there is a Source of every single thing that exists; which Source we reduce to being existence, itself; and that is our GOD; the logical alternative to which is absolutely nothing at all exists.


Why have any type of god or God or GOD in one's mind or life? RanD's answer is that complete knowledge of the nature of existence is logically incapable of being received unless one willingly opens up to receive such knowledge; and the exercise of free will is key to doing so.


Vampiric Aphid said...

Well deserved review!! Just watched it last night on Cox. And I had trouble finding it on Cox because it's buried under "Hit Movies" and "Indie Films" for those having trouble locating it.

OregonSurvivor said...

"Production could decline by 7%..."

Why Russia's Oil Fields Will Soon Be Crawling With Westerners"

rabbit hunter said...

Mike- what a pleasure to hear you answer questions last night after the screening in DC. You and all the others are incredible for the work you have done to get peak oil to the forefront.

I mentioned my professor from UNH who had been discussing the sustainability issue in great detail in the early years of this decade, I think we can all find some direction from his thoughts that the answer to sustainability comes from spirituality. We need to live for the things that transcend our time.

We are ready for the baton mcr.

Jeff said...

I understand completely RanD,The exersise of free will is what every animal on this planet does without fear,except for humans,because of belief systems purposely projected upon us for control.Jefferson has the best quote for that,"Ignorance is preferable to error,and he is less remote from the truth who believes nothing than he who believes what is wrong"
Evolution is the key,it is not a theory as they would like us to believe,we all derive from the same one organism therefore we are one with every thing living and what was once living.the connection to this organism,life force,God or whatever you may call it is what is blocked by tbtb through all of the plutonic mysticisms that surround us,the only real power is how many can you make believe them.
Freedom of the mind is what our founders gave to us,and free will,all of what we once were and stood for is gone,the only mysicism wrongly embeded in peoples minds now is that we are still the land of the free.
The imperial minds will destroy themselves at a very high cost to all,and the law of nature and mans free will,which can be a horrible thing,will be restored.
At least that's my low budget opinion.

RanD said...

Agape Wins, Ruthie & I have studied in depth -- first separately and then together -- your 5:48 PM post. It will take me some time to write you and the rest of our FTW family a correspondingly in depth, yet as concise as possible, response. And, we thank you for your fine piece of writing. Sincerely, RanD

signalfire said...

Dear Michael,

I would like to echo what 'peaked out' said. I saw you at the show last week in Portland and it was wonderful to see you looking so hale and happy. There is so much I want to thank you for, and talk about in depth, but a hand shake and smile had to do. I'm the lady that said she had read Rubicon 3 times and indeed I have. Like you, but in a far less dramatic way, I have had a need to make sense of the world, not as we are told it is, but as it really is. You have indeed been the roadmap, the guide and the lamppost. It was after you that I named my online screen presence, signalfire; for that is what you are and what I hope all of us can be.

Congratulations on this wonderful review and on your newfound fame, may you finally be at peace with what you have accomplished. And, again, please look into, as I implore all your followers. There may indeed be a better way and the new maps and Guides are stepping up to take their rightful place.

'If you don't change the way money works, you change nothing...' as you and Catherine have said over and over again. The hope in Zeitgeist is for a complete world changeover to a resource based economy and the elimination of money, scarcity and debt. Obviously a tall order but if you do the research and agree, Michael you could do much to spread the word and contribute. Many namaste's to you. We do not know each other but I consider you a wise old friend.


F.Kamilov said...

RanD said: “Moreover, the fact that no successful human social structures are known to exist or have ever existed long enough to leave any records without self-constraining rules, laws, protocols etc strongly infers that unconstrained free will is not intrinsically desirable or even reasonable…”

That is right, and this stands for lesser issues as well. Traditions never perish; there are epochs of innovation in which the importance of tradition may not be so emphasised, but tradition stands for established truths of the universe and humankind within it, and is thus sterling and noble. At the core of all human traditions howsoever they may be burdened with accretions of cultural baggage that have distorted their meaning – the distilled essense of all human thought, observations and legacy is, to the wise – One, and always the same.

Be that as it may – I was in Canada once, and a lady friend of mine happened to take me to her local church’s activities on a Sunday. We attended the congregation of ordinary working people, in which a young man with oddly dyed hair wearing shorts, with a goatee and “earrings” in his eyebrows (piercings?) officiated as “pastor”, and delivered his homily while dancing, in a sing song style, through a microphone in his hand, on a high stage. Funny, I thought, but then every place has its own uniqueness… This was truly “pop-culture”.

Then we went to attend another gathering elsewhere of members of the same congregation. This was out in the open. It was a sunny summer’s day, and twenty or so people sat in a ring outdoors. There was a young mother with a baby in her lap. It soiled its nappy, and she proceeded to undo it right there and clean it up as though nothing had happened… Although no one said anything out of politeness, we were all visibly gassed, and after we left my friend was at pains to assure me that “this isn’t the way things are done in Canada, but…” This is one instance in which simple time-honoured values may have gone astray because of a multiplicity of new liberal attitudes, but which need just simple touching up tobe back on track.

MRC said...

I have the exact same sentiments as PeakedOut in his earlier post. I, too, was at the Lumiere in S.F., and it was great to finally meet the best teacher I ever had. I've been following FTW since '03, and Mike's work changed everything for me. I got a great picture shaking hands with him, in which we caught him letting out a hearty laugh as I thanked him for his advice on gold. It's on my facebook.
The film was beautiful. The best part was Mike's "epiphany" with the funny edit.
Thanks again for everything, Mike. We have our work cut out for us.

Crista said...

i loved the movie. it only proved my thoughts correct. i recommend everyone see it, great production, michael's words flow out without hesitation or fear of rebuttal- because there is none.

michael ruppert, please contact me at my email address. i would like to speak to you about an opportunity.

lycheemilk@GMAIL . com

Sean Niem said...

World Health Organisation ‘Mr Swine Flu’ Under Investigation for Gross Conflict of Interest:

ProGo said...

For what was a busy Saturday night in the D.C.-area, the p.m. showing at the AFI Silver Theater was pretty damn good. Almost everyone stuck around for the Q & A afterword and apart from one impolite 'schmuck' still in the denial phase, the audience was into it.

I've read Rubicon front-to-back but I still found this movie quite stirring. Good soundtrack, good production, good editing and for a moment I could've sworn that the guy who played the starring role wasn't really acting...

I got a picture with Mike and my copy of Rubicon signed. But having Mike shake my hand is something which I'll treasure forever and perhaps beyond that too.

Keep the long hair Mike, you look sharp.

Much love,

tinam462 said...

Charter on Demand claims to have your movie but when I look for it on my TV it is not there! Is there anyway to watch/pay for it oline?

The review is awesome and I have no doubt that this documentary will be one of the most important videos of our time. Thanks again, and I hope to see it someday.

David said...

I've had On Demand with my cable TV service for years but have never paid to "rent" a program, but I'll definitely pay $3.99 to watch "Collapse," which Ebert's review brought to my attention. I was also unaware you were doing a blog, but glad you're still at it, particularly in compiling all the news article links. Also, I agree with the person above who asks that the film be made downloadable online, if financially and legally feasible, of course.

Hotspringswizard said...

RanD, regarding this thought you wrote, " free will has so far never been historically observed as more than a mere "hypothetical postulate", ", people who hold as truth the idea that we have free will are representatives of the most pervasive common " belief system " held by humanity as a whole. I see it as the " king of the hill " of all the worlds " religions ". The evidence appears to suggest ( to me ) the idea of free will as being a grand illusion we cannot decipher/recongnize because of its magnificent complexity. So its an incredibly intricate puzzle I cannot ultimately answer, because how can one grasp with definity the depths of seemingly infinite realms ( universe, macro-micro ). For myself, I don't think of things in absolutes, just as my observations of the journey I am on, and if the path " I think I choose " is merely and illusion, its a supremely perfect one of which its ultimate reason for being will always be full of enigmatic mystery :-)

Thanks for your thoughts RanD :-)

Lawrence said...

Any way to get the movie onto Direct TV, which also has a pay per view channel?

RanD said...

OregonSurvivor: That's an absolutely excellent article (Why Russia's Oil Fields Will Soon Be Crawling With Westerners") you linked us to. Thankyou!


rabbit hunter: We also thank you very much for pointing us toward John Carroll and his article and book on "Sustainability & Spirituality".

Other than in a very few respects, Carroll's perspective on sustainability & spirituality produces near exactly the same as does Ruthie's and mine; and it's always a pleasure to find others seeing & knowing such subject matter as this the near exact same as do we. Again, thankyou!

wxdude714 said...

I attended the Saturday Night viewing at AFI. I'm about 30 years younger than Mike and it was an amazing pyschological session to see that the same tactics used against Mike early in his career were used against me for successfully revealing and making accurate weather forecasts around the US Government's Black Op project for weather modification.
After the movie I took the opportunity to reflect on my personal life over the past 8 years. It's given me insight into how I've matured as an individual.
I wonder if Mike would be interested in a Jose Canseco type deal. I give him like $700 as a gift and get to spend a weekend or two weekdays with him. I think there's a lot I can learn in 50 hours for the next 50 years of my life.

Thanks Mike,

Paul Harris

eyeballs said...

Thank you, Sean Niem, for an interesting flu article that presented food for thought, yet nonetheless bears some deeper scrutiny.

Your marketoracle article by F. William Engdahl makes a startling accusation. Unfortunately, much of the backup is in German and Dutch, so I won’t be able to follow it out. However, Engdahl, it should be noted, is a firm believer in abiotic oil, and earnestly claims
Peak Oil is a hoax

It seems Engdahl’s life work has been to prove that the government and its corporate masters are lying to us. He might as well prove that alcohol is intoxicating in large amounts, or that the ocean is salty. This general tendency of his work does not mean that his individual claims are therefore invalid, but when his abiotic oil theory is considered, the flu allegations seem to pale in value.

While the allegation of WHO funding being derived from interested companies bears some investigation, the article itself did not demonstrate that Dr. Flu actually made a huge personal fortune on the swine flu scare, or on previous scares. Supporters might point out that producers of anti-flu drugs would have to be consulted fairly intimately in any concerted effort to control an outbreak. They might note that a man with Dr. Osterhaus’ credentials need not whore out in order to have a satisfying career and a good income. They might adopt a “better safe than sorry” approach, excusing past “scares” as necessary precautions because some day a real pandemic will strike (the kind with mass deaths, unlike this relative wimp), and that the whole edifice of precaution and preparedness would then be indispensible.

I, personally, tend to agree with Engdahl that huge pharma interests are cooperating with population-control agendas among the global elite, in order to scare yet more of our wealth and civil liberties into the maw of corporate goverment. But further research, perhaps by more reliable analysts, is needed to prove that this is how the scam is being worked. After all, the problem may be much more pervasive than a single Dr. Flu pulling the wool over our eyes. A thorough look at the policy-shaping role of pharma, the massive food and farm interests and titanic insurance companies might reveal that everything from prenatal care and school lunches, to seed propagation and foreign aid, is basically used to tighten control on the consciousness and personal freedom of people around the world.

David said...

Hey, just a quick note to say I saw "Collapse" the other day. I have been following these issues over the last few years, so it wasn't exactly new to me, but it was a powerful presentation and an urgent reminder to continue at the "localization" efforts my family is already working on.

I think the film raises all sorts of questions. One I would have liked to see addressed more fully (and, in fact, one could dedicate an entire film to the topic) was the political implications, and the implications, too, for class, since class division is a defining feature of our social and economic lives. But anyway, I appreciate the film, and thank those involved. If only it could be seen by as many people who will sit through three hours of "Avatar" this month. And a final word to Bill: I will not presume to think I have any authority to tell you that you need to get back in the game and do more reporting, but suffice to say, if you do, you can count me among your readers.

Now I just have to buy the book ...

David said...

Addendum: Good grief! I mean MIKE, not Bill. Sorry about that!

Anonymous said...

There's a movement to radically change California government, by getting rid of career politicians and chopping their salaries in half. A group known as Citizens for California Reform wants to make the California legislature a part time time job, just like it was until 1966.