Sunday, December 06, 2009

"Honey, I Shrunk the Dollar;" UK Ceased To Be Sovereign State; US Must Plan for Nuke Wars

From Jenna Orkin:

UK Ceased To Be a Sovereign State
Rogers: It's Time to Dump the Flawed Dollar
US Must Plan for Nuke Wars
China Declares Space War Inevitable

Senator Bunning’s statement on the re-nomination of Bernanke
Darling cedes final say on bank bailouts to Europe
UK's 'fiscal responsibility' can be over-ridden, text of European Union deal reveals...
Europe's Biggest Banks Grow Even Bigger, `Sowing the Seeds' of Next Crisis
Rationale behind shorting Treasurys
Traders Freaking Out Over Rumors That Japan May Dump $100 Billion In US Treasuries (from Rice Farmer)
Obama's Sell-out to Wall Street Creates "Permanent Bailout"
"Honey, I Shrunk the Dollar" - Ben Bernanke
Case-Shiller Still Predicts Massive 45% Fall From Today’s Values (from Rice Farmer)
Head of Blackwater Outed as Participant in CIA Assassination Program
Max Kaiser on Dubai and Peak Credit
Senators threaten Fed with audit
It's not just Ron Paul anymore.
Mishkin Calls Paul's Proposal to Audit Fed Policy `Incredibly Dangerous'
Ron Paul: Every Man For Himself
Fed to Conduct Small Scale Tri-Party Reverse Repos (from Vantage point)
U.S. housing market meltdown not over yet: Zandi
"Crisis" is most googled word Political Google - The Caucus Blog The search numbers, which Google has collected since 2001, ... In 2009 “crisis” and “cash for clunkers” were the words most searched...
24 States Borrow Money To Pay Unemployment Benefits (from Rice Farmer)
Newsweek: Americans face lean workplace for years
14 reasons Obama's love of Wall Street will trigger the Great Depression 2 (from Rice Farmer)Dubai assets could be 'untouchable'
Lawyers warn bondholders over complicated legal structure in UAE
Wells Fargo Closing 122 California Branches: L.A. Times Link
Unemployment rises in almost half of metro areas (from Rice Farmer)
California to Use Deflation in Assessing Property Taxes
Paulson May Have Made $44 Million in Five Weeks From Stake in Detour Gold
Goldman Sees `Rather Strong' World Growth in 2010-11 as Credit Crisis Ends
Goldman Execs Taking Heat, Packing Heat
Goldman execs carrying protection in case their optimistic forecasts are wrong.
Bribery in WTC Case

Sign of the Times:

£850bn: official cost of the bank bailout
Britain’s ancient bridges are now past their use-by date (from Rice Farmer)
Mandelson attacks Murdoch empire
Business secretary accuses News Corporation of imperilling the traditions of British broadcasting
Bankers' 150pc pay rise (UK)
$1.5 trillion funding gap (Western Europe)

War/Middle East/Russia/Asia
Israel Edges Closer to Iran Strike
Iran ‘expects Russian missiles within 2 months’ (from Rice Farmer)
Iran to enrich uranium to higher level: Ahmadinejad
Iran whistleblower died from poisoned salad
North Korea Revalues Its Currency
North Koreans dare to protest as devaluation wipes out savings
Putin confides to the nation: I want to be President again
Poll: Obama's approval on Afghanistan plummets to 35 percent
Obama’s Financiers Okay Extra $60 Billion for Pentagon
Mullen: Only a few US troops will leave Afghanistan in 2011
Meet the Commanded-in-Chief (from Vantage Point)
President Joins Lyndon Johnson in Escalating an Unpopular War He Inherited
Rothschild appointed to help sell Dubai World assets (from Vantage Point)
Dubai’s collapse puts the jobs of 250,000 Filipino workers at risk (from Rice Farmer)
Dubai’s Bubble Has Officially Burst (from Rice Farmer who comments:)
This article is from December 2008, one year ago. Alert people saw it coming; this was certainly no "black swan" event!
India’s GDP roars ahead
Ants could inspire military strategies

Negative public opinion seen as warning signal for terrorism
Open Source Intel Use Soars
India Bans Mobile Phones Without IDs (from Rice Farmer)
James Douglass: JFK And The Unspeakable - Why He Died And Why It Matters
Stasi Spy Revelations Rock German State
Peru's 'human fat killers' were invented in cover up
Drug cartels exploiting gang connections within U.S. military (from Rice Farmer)
NYPD Officer Accused of Helping Drug Gang

Melting ice sheets threaten defences
Sea levels could rise by as much as 1.4 metres (4.6 feet) by 2100 – more than twice previous estimates – according to new studies showing that one of the Antarctic's massive ice sheets is more vulnerable to melting than previously thought.
Michael McCarthy: Will history see this as a turning point for climate change?
Will history see anything if there's no one around to read it? - JO
Smart Grid Poses Privacy Risks
Propane Shortage Reaching Critical Levels
7 ways microbes may solve our energy woes
Martian colony [of Bacteria] in Britain
Relax. It was a long time ago.
Nine eco-towns given go-ahead
Can Saharan Solar Power Save Europe?
Prince Charles urges government to protect homeopathic medicine
Paul Stamets on 6 ways mushrooms can save the world (from Vantage point)
Smart Meters Could Allow Energy Companies to Cap Use
Radioactive Leak Was Deliberate, Says India (from Rice Farmer)
An Overview of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Control Policies in Various Countries
Wettest November on record
California: Record Low Water Delivery Is Projected
New York eyes offshore wind farms on Great Lakes
Wind farms fall prey to demands of the golden eagle
Snake chokes on its own tail
The Moon
Humanity needs more than one home because, with all our eggs in one basket, we are at risk of low-probability but high-consequence catastrophes like asteroid strikes, nuclear war or bioterrorism.

There, doesn't it make you feel better to know we have a Plan B? - JO

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Gold and...
Uganda Set to Make Homosexuality Punishable by Death
The Day the Dollar Died - By "John Galt"
Will gold keep you safe?
China to lift gold reserves
Interview with James Turk on Gold
Gold goes parabolic again and again and again


agape wins said...

Quote: The US coup d’etat was about corporate control. A shadow government was taking over. As evidence to that fact Douglass unearthed the words of Washington Daily News reporter Richard Starnes alarming article on the CIA’s “unrestrained thirst for power” in Vietnam. Starnes had cited a “very high American official” in Saigon who “likened the CIA’s growth to a malignancy, and added he was not sure even the White House could control it any longer.” More;

"Oswald was moved to Dallas where a Quaker woman by the name of Ruth Hyde Paine became his host. When I read this I nearly fell out of my chair.

I knew Ruth Hyde Paine, or at least I thought I did" AND;

"It is my belief that since the JFK assassination the secret government, the CIA and the MIC, have been running the show. They have not allowed anyone to become president, from either party, that was not under their control." Unquote From:

by Bruce Gagnon, Found here:

Read the review if not the book!

gamedog said...

Agape, have you read the book? I wonder if there is any mention of Executive Order No. 11110 that returned to the U.S. government the power to issue currency, without going through the Federal Reserve.

I wonder how any author could be outing the "MIC" without mention of it.

Jenna: Thanks for another linkfest, with all this collapse going on, it's a wonder anything is still standing up!

F.Kamilov said...

Indeed, nuclear wars are going to be part of the not too distant future - maybe even 5-10 years on. But I can't really see what preparations can be made for such contingencies, that can be classed as such in civilian terms. The only preparations I see are those involving protection of military assets, potentials and capabilities.

Peter said...

Daily Reckoning:

80% Odds of Stock Market Crash Within The Next Year

Full article:

Reckless Myopia


Russia seems to be in a strong yet dicy position, no?

While the U.S. wages economic war on the dollar, Russia agrees to aid Iran with a much more modern missile defense system, so Iran can defend itself from a possible air strike on its nuclear facilities against Israel.


I also always questioned the United States' vulnerability to a nuclear attack. Are our ports (San Pedro / New York) really that vulnerable? I would hope not.

robmac58 said...

I had the opportunity to see CoLLapse at the Shattuck Cinema in Berkeley last Saturday. It was a pleasure to greet Mike personally. I am also pleased to report that all of the friends that I invited to view this film showed up and reported back favorably about it afterward. One (a big film buff) reported her amazement at the fact that the theater was nearly full.
Personally, I almost never watch movies. Maybe 2-3 per year.
I will say, if you see one movie in a year, make sure that it is this one. Tell your friends. RM

pstajk said...

Another good one (tripped over it in the comments section at

Jim had a pretty good post this Monday as well.

Ask Henry ...

Reminds me of Bryzinski (sp?), where's he been these days btw

OregonSurvivor said...

Uh oh...

Drug Cartels Abandon Dollar

agape wins said...

This is the link to the program, I am still looking for the orig post.
How does this connect with my last post, climate change, the missing
puzzle pieces, the future, and my next post!
Listen to the program, & dare to think for yourself, there is no Crib sheet for Life!
Trust nothing YOU, yourself can not trust.

I'll get it for you said...

I am trying to find out where i can see Collapse. I don't have cable, and its not going to show in my city.
I have been searching for a way to see this movie for 3 weeks now and i am getting frustrated.

IF i have to wait much longer, i am going to do the wrong thing, and wait till i can download it for free. I really want to support Mike though.....

gamedog said...

This is important:

"People who say that “Climategate was only about scientists behaving badly, but the data is OK” are wrong. At least one part of the data is bad, too. The Smoking Gun for that statement is at Darwin Zero."

toner deeski said...

i loved mike's 100th monkey reference in Collapse, but I think he got it wrong. i don't believe there is any tie to atomic testing at bikini atoll. just a potentially farcical myth about mental telepathy in monkeys.
anyone else know anything about this?

i did like Mike's use of the myth though, as the majority of humans are followers, and the best leaders do lead by example. and it only takes a few good leaders....

eyeballs said...

RE: Obama Joins Johnson in Escalating Unpopular War He Inherited

Sun-tzu, Chapter 2 is particularly instructive (about the devastating consequences of prolonged war).

However, Sun-tzu assumes that the ruler and the country are one organism. In the United States today you have a head that is not working for the body. Or a tapeworm, as C.A. Fitts has it. The "elite" is feeding off the masses. Marx of course emphasized this, but in his day the head needed to keep the body alive in order to carry on.

I fear that this "elite" is planning to carry on without us.

Michael Sloan said...


From the GHCN site ( their data sources:

"Because numerous institutions operate weather stations and because no single repository archives all of the data for all stations, five acquisition strategies were employed to maximize the available pool of data: contacting data centers, exploiting personal contacts, tapping related projects, conducting literature searches, and distributing miscellaneous requests. As a result, GHCN-Monthly contains data from dozens of diverse sources. Table 1 lists the sources for temperature:"

the table can be viewed here:

there are 25 data sources under the umbrella of the GHCN, so again, for this conspiracy to make sense, all 25 data sources have to be adjusting their numbers? I am assuming scientists have access to any of these data-sets?

The article focuses on Australia, but for the argument against manmade global warming to be wrong, doesn't that mean the other 24 areas also have to be cover-ups?

I return to my two issues with the skeptics:

1) the vastness of the conspiracy seems unlikely to sustain itself (we are talking about scientists, people who are all about the details).

2) If the entire peer-review system is corrupt, and manmade global warming requires such a system to be proved or disproved, any argument one way or the other is overstepping its authority.

How am I to know the data used in this article is valid, that the author is not fudging the numbers? We NEED the peer-review system to tell us so, to interpret data beyond our limited education pertaining to the subject.

This is the equivalent of an argument that says all reason is corrupt, and I will prove it to you rationally.

the peer-review system IS the evidence, without it, its a bunch of rhetoric, to and fro.

Anonymous said...

Recently I'm fascinated with how the corporate controlled media is doing everything in its corrupt power to mitigate the damage created by climategate. And even better than climategate, someone in Copenhagen revealed plans that place the World Bank and the WTO in charge of climate policy. I read through the suggested agreement that was put out by the UN in November, recommending an economic council that supersedes governments under the terms of a treaty. It places global finance in charge of global economics, as they've been striving for since attempting the League of Nations. It was the leaked document that revealed that the council would operate under global finance rather than under the UN.

I wonder how many people are paying close enough attention to see what is happening? Most people who read or post on this blog have enough sense to question just about ANY global agenda that is pushed by mainstream propaganda, but I can't help but wonder how many are still under the spell of man-made climate change. Judging by my co-workers, the spell has been broken, but my office is 80% engineers and scientists who analyze data for fun in their spare time. What about folks who agree with the best sales pitch rather than observing and interpolating the data?

Only time will tell. I keep telling people to keep their fingers crossed and trust that humanity will make the right decisions.

One of the funniest (and sad and insane at the same time) things I witness is when folks will criticize our current government as corrupt, fascist, corporatist, or whatever else, but who then go on to cheer the same corrupt, fascist, corporatist leaders who work to pull economic power away from the people (end even away from elected government) and place it under the authority of a non-elected body of finance globalists who will then dole out production and profit as they see fit.

If that's not the definition of insanity, I don't know what is.

The war on humankind includes:

- the war on terror;
- the UN and Agenda 21;
- man-made climate change;
- the economic crisis;
- finance globalist control of governments;
- and domination of our media.

All of the above (and there is more) working together are designed to:

- eliminate resistant governments and cultures;
- establish a homogenous global approach to management of all human activities (aka global sustainable development - championed by the Bush Administration);
- integrate economic control under a global authority that supersedes elected (or other) national governments;
- Justify the creation of an international finance system and global oversight of national economies;
- and spin/modify the associated news and the opinions/desires of the people who will be dominated by the emerging global system.

If we understand how the globalist elites are manipulating us, we can work together to counter their lies. One of their tools is misdirection. That is when they take a subset of true information, but then distort it just enough to steer you into a different direction.

For example, last week Kieth Olbermannn of MSNBC was accusing FOX News of initiating climategate. That's just enough info for much of his audience who trust him to say "OK - climategate is BS. Let's support a global treaty". Other efforts are more elaborate, and are designed to draw the more dedicated researchers in the wrong direction.

As another example, some will reveal only half of the lists that I presented above and claim that the activities of megalomaniacs are resource related acts of desperation. They'll blame the resulting impact on humanity as a matter of simple selfishness rather than as the all-encompassing global plan that is truly present.

Keep up your faith. Keep your eyes open and your ears to the ground. For everything that you think you believe, there is another story. Do not be afraid to explore it. In my experience, new truth that overwhelms and outweighs my current set of beliefs is always a step forward as opposed to stagnation or stepping back.b

Michael Sloan said...

also here is an apparently thorough list of data sources pertaining to the Climate Science, with a subcategory of raw data sources (which includes more than GHCN):

On the surface, the data seems accessible, I would assume independent scientists around the world would have the opportunity to analyze each in relation to the next freely. It would seem not to be a question of access to data.

gamedog said...

Michael Sloan: The Australia data is a perfect example of what they do with the raw data, the graphs in the analysis I linked to all use the raw GHCN data (as linked)and show no increase. But the IPCC uses the “adjusted” data which shows marked increase - can you see the dilemma?

Surprise surprise, the raw data shows a flatline trend, no increase in temps, the adjusted data graphed by the ipcc shows impossible temps rises in clear steps, the data has been adjusted to show increasing temps. Would a slightly inclining graph of constantly rising CO2 produce a stepped graph of temps IF indeed C02 were responsible for the (non)warming?

And that was Just Australia (one place where raw data is available).

The problem for the global temps chronology is there are no actual measurements going back 1000 years, so they use proxies, tree rings, ancient lake sediments, ice cores etc. Lots of this "raw" proxy data is NOT AVAILABLE, this is the data mixed up in climategate, the data they claim to have deleted in the 80's, making it very difficult to out their ruse.

The peer review process is corrupt when a the IPCC club of scientists peer review their own work while rejecting any papers that counter their warming theories.

You should avoid to get the full picture, that site was set up by, and as a clearing house for IPCC AGW proponents and used as a propaganda tool as evidenced in the leaked emails. Any descenting posts are deleted, which is censorship. There are tons of references in the leaked emails to, and discussions with, the people who run RC about how to spin various errors and studies and whether or not to release certain studies there ... etc. is as tainted by the email leaks as much as CRU & IPCC.

here's an example by a scientist when questioned about conspiracy in the field..."Paul Vaughan:
Personal anecdote:
Last spring when I was shopping around for a new source of funding, after having my funding slashed to zero 15 days after going public with a finding about natural climate variations, I kept running into funding application instructions of the following variety:

Successful candidates will:
1) Demonstrate AGW.
2) Demonstrate the catastrophic consequences of AGW.
3) Explore policy implications stemming from 1 & 2.

Follow the money — perhaps a conspiracy is unnecessary where a carrot will suffice.


Just read the hockey stick shenanigans surrounding the Yamal series, this is clear evidence IMO.

Besides that, I can only show you some signposts, you'll have to walk the long walk yourself matey.

Michael Sloan said...

This youtube video does a good job expressing some of my skepticism of the skeptics regarding Climategate.

gamedog said...

We've already covered the emails Michael, and said there was no smoking gun. However, the data file leaked in the same "hacked" package has put a crack in the fraud.

Read climteaudit, or WUWT for the full story. I've been following the debate in real time for years, there is ALOT of ground to cover IMO, but worth it if you want to fully understand the fraud.

If you have been reading at the links I posted, and still remain 100% convinced the IPCC crowd are above suspicion, we will just have to agree to disagree, because I fail to see why a video about the email section of the leaked data, which fails to address ANY of the data and code insights I have been posting about should be sufficient "evidence" to be sceptical about the sceptics, hell I've even said the emails are not a smoking gun and pointed you at coverage of the data files.