Thursday, December 17, 2009

NKorea Plane Carrying Arms Seized; 22 Million Missing Bush Emails; Time's Person of the Year; Goat Flu

From Jenna Orkin:

N Korean plane carrying arms seized
Secret document exposes Iran’s nuclear trigger
Report: Islamic terror rising as al-Qaida fades
Netanyahu must decide whether to strike
U.S. Power Slipping, Analysts Warn
Defense Last In WH Science Goals (2009 archive)
The Obama administration’s guid­ance for the 2011 sci­ence bud­get makes clear that basic research spend­ing will stay flat in most areas or decline, includ­ing at the Pentagon. Money will first go to research that can “drive eco­nomic recov­ery, job cre­ation, and eco­nomic growth,” says the guid­ance...
US Cyber Defenses Full of Holes (2009 archive)
Bank firewalls cracked by cyberhackers
Criminals said to drain $40m from bank accounts in 2009
DHS To Announce Cyber Merger (2009 archive)
US Wants to Expand Drone Strikes Into Major Pakistani City (from Rice Farmer)
Veteran U.S. Senator: War in Afghanistan another Vietnam
Military (Belatedly, Hesitantly) Going Green in Afghanistan
Afghanistan, as we all know by now, is a logistics nightmare: After factoring in all the costs of delivery, it can cost as much as $300 to $400 per gallon to deliver fuel to the battlefield. And when the military consumes 22 gallons of fuel, per soldier, per day, those costs rapidly add up. US train Yemen army to battle al-Qaeda 'reserve'
Terrorist recruiters leverage the Web
Men turn tables on regime by donning headscarves and dresses

Gulf petro-powers to launch currency in latest threat to dollar hegemony
Australia’s opposition raises specter of US debt default
Moody’s warns of 'social unrest’ over sovereign debt
Prince Charles warns climate change will drive starvation and terrorism
Dept. of Irreconcilable Differences
Senate passes $1.1 trillion spending bill
Fannie Freddie May Need Another $400 Billion Taxpayer Assistance
US House Approves $155 Billion Jobs Bill
99% of Americans against raising the debt ceiling
Easy money could have a high price
Greenspan: Fed should worry about inflation
Now he tells us.
Indian Gangs Grow, Bringing Fear and Violence to Reservation (from Vantage Point)
Abu Dhabi to Sue Citigroup for $4 Billion
Sheila Bair Begs For More Bank Failures
Worst of Bank Failures Isn't Over Yet: FDIC's Bair (from Rice Farmer)
Good news, Bad News
1. Banks are repaying their TARP loans good news: Last night Wells Fargo joined Citigroup Inc. in pledging to repay in full their loans from the Troubled Asset Relief Program. Stocks rallied to fresh 14-month highs on the news. Or......

as bad news: Those same institutions are unloading mortgage backed securities and other toxic assets - almost dollar-for-dollar - onto the Fed's balance sheet at an increasing rate. Now they can hammer the government (ahem, taxpayer) for more wiggle room AND unshackle their highflying CEOs from those pesky salary cap provisions included in the TARP.
Obama’s hypocrisy meter is off the charts
U.S. grapples with child hunger ‘epidemic’
Poor turned away from free cancer screenings
Cities Shut Off Streetlamps to Save Money; Indianapolis Threatens $2500 Fines for Challenging Traffic Tickets
Pennsylvania Teachers' Plan Will Blow Up In 2012
Yield Curve Steepest Since 1980; Hard Times Ahead in 2010
San Francisco Discovers "Limitless Pot of Gold" in Stimulus Funds
Bernanke is Time's Person of the Year
Millions of missing Bush White House e-mails found
Fastest Food Inflation Since Riots Means Milk Costs Rising 39% (from Rice Farmer)
"Global production of rice, the staple for more than half the world, has lagged behind demand in four of the past eight years."
U.S. to rely less on oil for energy by 2035: government
Don't set the bar too high now.
Obama One Year In - by Vantage Point

Europe/Russia/Central Asia
Hundreds of bosses flee UK over 50% tax
The Bank of England's balance sheet
Greece admits it is riddled with corruption
Greece Defies Europe as EMU Crisis Becomes Deadly Serious
EU, IMF Revolt: Greece, Ireland, Latvia May Lead the Way (from Rice Farmer)
S&P revises Spain’s debt rating to negative from stable
Goat flu in Netherlands sickens over 2,000 humans, kills six
EU Presses Russia Over Georgia
Moscow Will Fund Bulgarian Power Plant
Central Bank to Buy Gold From Gokhran
Uzbekistan Accused of Pre-Election Crackdown
China Opens Pipeline to Turkmenistan
China races to spend £180bn
Saudi Arabia running out of sand? Too much used in building projects, exports curtailed (from Rice Farmer)

Climate Change/Energy
Hopes of global emissions deal at Copenhagen begin to fade
Climate change talks halted after walkout
Approximately 130 developing nations including China and India walked out of the U.N. climate talks in Copenhagen Monday.
Europe Turns Up the Heat on the USA
Gore shows how to make green from being green
The unstoppable move towards eco-friendly policies will make people rich
Cleaning Up Energy Will Cost $10 Trillion: IEA Chief (from Rice Farmer)
How Effective Are Renewables, Really?
Germany's experience.
Canada as villain
Why Canada's tar sands are causing it a headache in Copenhagen.
Corporate Canada in surprise role
Cap-and-Trade Carbon Credit Extortion Scam In Full Swing
EPA demands attorneys remove video critical of cap-and-trade
Laurie Williams and Allan Zabel are EPA attorneys who have taken up advocating against cap-and-trade on behalf of rebated carbon taxes, most recently in a Washington Post op-ed. They also posted a video to YouTube making many of the same arguments at somewhat greater length. Now the EPA has instructed them to take the video down.
Cap'n Transit's posts about the Transition movement and urbanism
Ocean acidification 'could leave one billion hungry'
Iraq set to be second in oil league table
Huge deals as groups scramble for resources
Danger for oil
Oil executives sped into Iraq's Oil Ministry in armored convoys, flanked by muscled guards and men in dark suits in a mark that times are changing in Iraq.

Japan: Lithium in Water Found to Reduce Suicide
CDC Recalls 800,000 Doses of H1N1 Vaccine
Woods 'linked' to FBI drug doctor
Is Horse Estrogen For Women A Good Idea?


businessman said...

Regarding the article on the overall power of the U.S. now slipping worldwide, it's become so clear to me over the years that the power of our U.S. military is primarily used to control as much of the world as possible for a relatively small, elite group of insiders. These people then plunder, rape, and pillage these parts of the world after our military has gained control of it for them, and the media sells it all to us as being necessary for the defense of our nation.

The greatest short book that I know of describing all of this is "War is a Racket" by U.S. Major General Smedley D. Butler. Butler was the most decorated soldier in our history when he was still on active duty. But he recognized that all he was doing in war was creating more fertile ground for the interests of Wall Street to move into and take control of.

"War is a Racket" is now available to read for free online, and from its very opening sentences it got me completely hooked on reading all of it. It's very rare to find someone of such high military accomplishment talking so bluntly about what he recognizes were the real underlying reasons behind all of the wars he had fought in for the USA.

Click Here for War is a Racket

Peter said...
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agape wins said...


The link to the Chernobyl article;

What do you,any of you think the future is for this "Hunter", & the thousands of others like him?
Under the Health Care bill, near future, and long term prospect?

F.Kamilov, I have another post started which is still being worked-BUT!
Your 2:04am post, NO, I placed no blame on the Soviet powers, I suspect 3 Mile Island was a "Test",
as were several Space "Accidents"! Do you think the AfPak, Iraq, or the Chinese started the Bird Flu or are responsible for what is coming down? We killed 750,000 Japanese to show Stalin that we had a workable Bomb and would use it,
this after forcing them into the war. We "Raped" the "West" killing off the rightful owners, our Flag/hands have always been
Bloody, Stalin was as ruthless as Hitler, or for that matter, good old King David- But that was then, this is NOW!

Note Businessman's 12:04pm post, who is echoing who- as I write!!

>From Your 5:52PM post.
"rules, laws, protocols etc strongly infers that unconstrained free will is not intrinsically desirable or even reasonable…”
&, "but tradition stands for established truths of the universe and humankind within it,"; and then, "burdened with accretions
of cultural baggage that have distorted their meaning"

I have no idea why this was written along with the "Nappy" incident at the service, held "in the open", I hope this is what you needed,
Explanation, not Criticism! We are Defining Ethos, I think.

I am a member of the common People, with some Native American Blood, my Grand Parents belonged to a Church which held/still do "Camp Meetings". In the American wilderness, as everywhere in the past, Life was dangerous, if you "wondered away" you could be Killed/Eaten" by any number of "Wild Creatures". Here, Wolves, Alligators, Or Snakes; elsewhere, name your poison.
In the book "The Mountain People", about the "Ik" people in Africa, One story tells of a child who wonders away & is eaten by a Lion.

Tradition/Protocols/Cultural Baggage/Class differences, are universal, & hard to shed.
As a child I asked my mother why the only mothers we saw Breast feeding their baby, were of a "lower class" (Updated wording);
Her reply was, that they had, in the past, had no place for privacy, had to do everything in plain view, even to Deification , & giving Birth!

In the settlement of our west, Men on the wagon Trains would use the far side of a Horse, while the Woman had to go off in groups for
Privacy, & Protection! No TP, think Leaves, Grass, & Twigs. The Future could be the Past, Think

Again many fine posts, including, but not restricted to; OregonSurvivor, gamedog, v, SanyuSays (welcome aboard, fine Blog), Sebastian,
Steven, Kamilov, & eyeballs.

I noticed "Rouge" after it was posted, then decided to play it out, for a reaction, now I wonder if it was constructive, I enjoyed gamedog's response-RIGHT ON.
Amae. So proud of you all.

agape wins said...

RanD, Your 10:42am post was on target, no one needs/had better absorb everything they come in contact with; any/every thing in huge amounts is toxic!
Keep Thinking/writing.

businessman said...

Australian Government to Begin Censoring the Internet

RanD said...

Agape wins, Thankyou for being you. Amae; Namaste; Ciao.

RanD said...

(Oops...: "Agape wins, Thankyou for being you. Amae; Namaste; Ciao." ...that is :)!)

(Sorry, Jenna, just couldn't resist:)

Türk. said...

Paul said...

Predictions for the next decade from Dmitry Orlov


Around this time of year, some brave souls venture to put their reputations at risk by attempting to predict what the next year will bring. Some do so with uncanny accuracy, others — not so much. Being a serious author who hardly ever makes jokes, I generally sit out this annual bout of frivolity, but, noting that a new decade is about to burst upon us, I thought it reasonably safe to paint a picture of how I see the next decade.


In an effort to plug up ever larger holes in their budgets, states will raise taxes, driving ever more economic activity underground. In particular, state liquor tax revenues will drop for the first time in many decades as more and more Americans find that they can no longer afford beer and switch to cheap and plentiful Afghan heroin and other illegal but very affordable drugs. Marijuana smoke will edge out car exhaust as America's most prevalent smell.


Military families will be invited to donate food, uniforms, clean underwear and toiletries for their loved ones overseas. American weaponry will flood the black market, driving down prices. Some servicemen will decide that returning to the US is a bad idea in any case, and go native, marrying local women and adopting local religions, customs and garb.


Dmitry is insightful and entertaining as always.


OregonSurvivor said...

Disinfo, misinfo, limited hang out? Now comes Jesse Ventura's show Conspiracy Theories. On 9/11, he follows the trail of the flight recorders and concludes the official story is BS. On HAARP, he finds the installation to be a super weapon for weather modification. On Climategate, he finds support for AGW denial and the suppression of truth about climate change.

Please help me to interpret the significance of TPTB allowing/facilitating this to air on cable TV (direcTV)?

businessman said...

I've seen those episodes of Jesse Ventura's new program. He stirs things up and leaves people considering that we're not being told the entire truth. But he doesn't really go any deeper than that...naming names and describing in detail how it's all being done from behind the scenes. So I think he's not really upsetting The Powers That Be that much because he's not really doing anything that will indict them.

Hef Lee said...

TPTB dont care anymore. They know whats going to happen. They know collapse is eminent, which means that the knowledge of 9/11 or super weapons or whatever, soon won't matter anymore. If information was their enemy we wouldn't be here. Their enemies are the people who wish to inform the public about the future, not the past or present. If everyone knew about the resource crises we are facing, then the PTB would have something threatening their agenda.

Anonymous said...

All these problems are overwelming to a certain degree.You become standing and watching the world tear itself down.Theres so many people who dont realize whats happening, and for those who do, there is nothing to do than to sit and prepare, and go on with our lives...Its fucking hard, ill be honest.

Jeff said...

You know it's really sad to see you can get more truth from Iran than you can in the good old USA

RanD said...

josh, We fully empathize with where you're at, which is actually a very good as well as hard place to be. You might put time and research into determining "why" the world we're in is going to pieces as it is. If you do your research well you should begin seeing that this world's coming down was inevitable, necessary, and is something to be grateful for. It's ultimately a matter of reorienting, elevating, and refining one's perspective. Sincerely.

pstajk said...


Your honesty breaks my heart because its how I feel as well; I think it's how many of us on the sidelines feel. I left the girl that I love (and the pug) back in CA because I knew all i was doing out there was spinning my wheels, or was I? I've been asking myself while feeling tremendous regret for my actions (read: running away), was it worth it to come home? Now that I'm back home, ready to garden the shit out of my backyard this coming spring, I ask myself would I rather be a lonely gardener feeling as though he's DOING something positive during this situation, or should have I prolonged the perfect world of weather, relationship, and love while denying that anything with this culture was wrong. It is so sad man and it is so fucking hard.

I miss her, and I miss the dog. But what can you do? I just contacted the same breeder for one of Bentley's brothers. What else can you do? I can't just sit with my hands by my side; I need them in the soil, the soil next to my home.

OregonSurvivor said...

Businessman, Josh, Hef Lee, thanks for your responses. The conclusions suggested by your input provide little reassurance, yet there is some comfort in knowing that certain others are witnessing the same dream.

LeoBro said...

Mike, I saw Collapse last night, and your Q&A afterward. I didn't get a chance to shake your hand at the end, so I want to congratulate you here.

You did a great job in the film! I so appreciated how fully present you were. Where you were analytical, you were precise and clear, sharp as a diamond. When you were angry, you let it show. When you felt grief, you weren't afraid to cry.

I was also impressed with the great direction and editing by Chris Smith. He could have made a very different movie with the footage you gave him. But he represented you, true to both your message and who you are as a man. Even his "devil's advocate" questions strengthened your case, because he let you answer them and left it at that.

Most of all, it was a delight to see you looking so well and so happy in the theater.

I have many heroes who have taught me things that made me who I am today. Of all of them, you are the one who has been the most fearless in telling the uncomfortable truths. You say in the movie, "How could I not?"

I admire you for that, and thank you.

Looking forward to more music!

PeakedOut said...


RanD is right. I can tell you that having seen the truth of our situation back in 2002, it has only given me more time to prepare physically. The emotional aspect has not gotten much better. Many liken this awakening to the process of grieving, with denial, anger, acceptance etc etc. There is some truth in that too. But when you loose a loved one, they are gone. There is a start and an end. With the collapse, there is a start, but no visible end. So it feels more like having a loved one that is sick and dying but has not passed. With each passing day they get worse, and you try to do more to deal with it. At the same time, you must be vigilant not to become victim to the same disease.

Emotionally, this process is very draining. It is vitally important to take care of your self and do the best you can to love the ones dearest to you. You must also keep living!! No one will live forever, to spend too much time worrying and preparing might just waste the last good years of your life.

It may sound and feel contrary, but your task is to prepare yourself physically and emotionally for the collapse, and at the same time, make the best of everyday that passes.

I am no expert in this. I won't even claim to be doing it well. One of the best tools in my mental workshops came from Tony Robbins. It is somewhat simple, but has proven to be one of the most potent weapons against self destruction for me. I'll try to express it below.

Monitor your internal dialogue and listen to the questions you ask yourself. The questions can liberate you, or imprison you. Depending on how you ask the question. You must learn to “rephrase” your internal dialogue. It is not hard, it just takes practice. Some examples...

Bad: Why can't I convince more of my loved ones that the collapse is coming?
Good: How can I help my loved ones grow their awareness of collapse and have fun doing it?

The bad question will set your mind to finding fault with you and your methods. Your mind will continue to find reasons for YOUR failure even though you have not failed.

The good question will inspire new ways to reach those you care about. Perhaps taking them to see Collapse the movie, but make it a double feature and see something light too?

Make a game of trying to find things in your house that are either NOT made from oil or NOT made in China as a way to expose our utter dependance on others.

If you can catch and stop yourself from asking WHY questions, this will help a lot!! When you find a why question kicking the shit out of you, replace it with a HOW question.

Last example.
20+ years ago, I was out of shape and lonely. I was full of why questions. Here is a sample of some internal dialogue.

Q:Why am I fat?
A: Your lazy. You lack will power. Your a bitter unfriendly person. ETC ETC ETC.

I switched to a HOW question.

Q: How can I loose weight and have fun doing it?
A: Start riding your bike. Learn to kayak, go dancing, learn to cook healthy, ETC ETC ETC.

Once I changed my question, I never lacked for ways to stay fit. Facing collapse has not been as easy, but I'm making progress everyday. Sometimes the HOW questions are really tough. Right now, I'm working on the toughest one of all.

How do I learn to accept that many that I love will not be able to come to grips with collapse? How do I let them go their own way?

Changing WHY to HOW can be a powerful tool. I hope this rings true for some of you. If not, ask yourself why.........? :-)

RanD said...

josh, The verb "growing" (or "expanding") should also have been included with "...reorienting, elevating, and refining one's perspective" in order to properly understand "...why the world we're in is going to pieces as it is."

Also, if this seems a bit much, do not feel intimidated or discouraged. The human brain is purposely evolved to assimilate general (if not necessarily absolute) knowledge of the nature of existence and our human species' part in that ultimate paradigm. It's but a matter of realizing this is so and accepting the fact that time and effort is required to understand literally everything necessary to experience an excellent life within any paradigm no matter how hopeless or awful it might seem to one's neophytic or uninitiated mind. Again: Sincerely.

gamedog said...

Insightful link there Businessman. The book crosses the "t's" and dots the "i's" of my own personal thesis, providing a historical reference for my military experience in the RN. I wonder if I had been given a copy, in 1983 before I signed up, weather it would have had the same impact. Some things, I think, one has to see with their own eyes, which is part of the reason the "great game" continues.

British Army to get new uniforms – turned down by the US and made in China - Cui bono?

Josh, your words reflect some of my own feelings, and served to open an emotional 'can of worms' for me. After MCR woke me up in '02 I sold our business and moved to a remote doomstead in 04' Mrs. Gamedog doesn't want to know what is coming, but is happy to let me lead the way. I have stopped trying to "educate" our wider family, one can feel like the weirdest person in the room for only so long! My father has been living with us for a year now, immobile with terminal MND/ALS, since he spends his days watching TV he has developed a distinct MSM mindset, refusing to see/look at what we all here see. Sometimes I think I'm getting through to him, other times not so much, I have to tone it down, facing ones own imminent demise is hard enough without realising the hardships ones prodigy may be facing, the thought that some people will always be worse off than ourselves doesn't help any, except that maybe those people are getting off lightly considering what is to come. We are say 70% prepared for coLLapse, and it is still fucking overwhelming! This blog helps heaps.

I can't help comparing MCR to Matthias (omega man) prior to Armageddon, tho I think our "Family" will handle coLLapse much better for our collective preparations. There is "Time enough at last" (twilight zone).

Paul, good to see you posting again.

Much love to all.

T.C. said...

Not sure if you ever saw/posted this:

Key oil figures were distorted by US pressure, says whistleblower

The world is much closer to running out of oil than official estimates admit, according to a whistleblower at the International Energy Agency who claims it has been deliberately underplaying a looming shortage for fear of triggering panic buying.

The senior official claims the US has played an influential role in encouraging the watchdog to underplay the rate of decline from existing oil fields while overplaying the chances of finding new reserves.

...A second senior IEA source, who has now left but was also unwilling to give his name, said a key rule at the organisation was that it was "imperative not to anger the Americans" but the fact was that there was not as much oil in the world as had been admitted. "We have [already] entered the 'peak oil' zone. I think that the situation is really bad," he added. (MORE)

Paul said...


excellent post buddy - thank you....


toner deeski said...

Paul, thanks for the Orlov post. For me, it's really about his last sentence. The casual observer in here might think we're all doom and gloom, but that perspective is rooted in denial. There is no better time to be alive than right now. I think about the wierd world that i grew up in (the 70s) and all that's happened since, and I can't help but be excited about playing a role a creating something completely brand new. Like Mike said in Collapse, we're about to experience an era of the most profound advances in human thinking EVER.
But that first requires acknowledging the elephant in the room...

businessman said...

Some great posts in here, everyone! I really feel like people have been opening-up much more about themselves in their responses in this particular thread. My business is down, my 6 year-old daughter is having a ton of difficulty adjusting to the new pressures she's feeling in the first grade, and my sister, who I'm the conservator for, almost died.

In response to people feeling frustrated around others not believing them when they tell them what will be coming, there's only so much we can do here, and then we need to just let go of it. There will be plenty of opportunities to begin helping people when everything really starts hitting the fan, and we need to make sure to not go into the "I told you so" mode when that time finally gets here.

Most of us have heard the expression, "Nothing changes until you change how money works." But in my opinion an even more relevant statement in this day and age is, "Nothing changes until people understand how the media works." Because if the masses understood that the media is really just a total and complete lie, then they'd know to question everything they're hearing from it, and look for the truth in many of the same places that we ourselves have found it.

Unfortunately for us, the mantra of the average person on the street is still, "If what you're telling me was really true, I'd definitely be hearing about it on TV."

OregonSurvivor said...

Celente predicts that 2010 will be a "Year Of Explosions": CelenteVideo

How reassuring. The golden rule will still apply.

Jonny said...

Long time reader first time commenter here from Down Under.

I was astounded to read this article from an Australian newspaper last night:
Warning of US 'Armageddon'

An Aussie politician that may have some comprehension of the problem of too much debt.

Hotspringswizard said...

Great comments Peaked Out :-) I concur with Businessman in seeing and appreciating the increased postings of peoples deeper feelings in this round of comments. Lots of things to consider with this looming societal decline and the sharing of ideas about it all is something I think has definite value.

Regarding trying to tell those around us about whats coming, I find that some of my relatives or friends clearly see in some sense a degree of validity in what I try to convey to them about the grim developments, but they just don't want to talk about it because I think it scares them too much and brings them alot of bad feelings ( understandably ).

It ends up being something they seek to mentally avoid, and I see them purposely in cases avoid conversation with me because they know I'll get on the subjects of the many negative things, converging catstropes that are ( seemingly ) imminent for our future.

Lately, especially with my mom and others, I still discuss this stuff with them but in smaller doses. This way I can keep the lines of communication open, where she/they are still getting what I wish to share, just at a slower pace.

But then again, there is only so much time for this kind of thing. I do my best to keep up with the developments of all the changes hopefully to use this information to help those that will listen, and to help me and my family also in making important decisions as to how we plan to realistically cope and adjust to the new realities as they emerge.

I know that through the information I've learned from people like Mike Ruppert, as well as from many other sources that I already have made numerous important changes in the structure of my own life. I think its very important that people realize they need to make real concrete changes in their lives, to what extent they can for their particular situtation.

Each will have their own abilities to accomplish more or less in preparing for the great challenges that lie before us. What comes more easy to some will be hard for others, but its important to keep trying, keep moving forward, even if its only small steps that you can manage.

There are so many beautiful, intelligent, thoughtful and caring people in this world that will be trying to make things work, make thing better, and the amazing qualities of the good in humanity is what keeps inspiring me to try and strive on into our precarious future. The negative in human nature and all its ill deeds will always be there, but as much as we can, be a part of the good, and work with those of the same mind.

Happy Holidays :-)

signalfire said...


I'm the woman who encouraged you to learn about Zeitgeist the movement in Portland. I watched the original Zeitgeist movie again this weekend and you are in it, several times over; there are clips of your lectures in it.. It gets better, the originator of Zeitgeist, Peter Joseph, has as the opening to his current radio talk ( go to the bottom of the page for the radio show, 12/09)
your trailer for Collapse, and encourages everyone to see it.

I implore you to look into this and if you agree with his views on a new resource based economy, to throw your support his way. The original Zeitgeist movie is now probably at 50+ million views; your supporters worldwide could easily double that.

Thank you so much again for everything.

businessman said...

OregonSurvivor...Thanks for the link to the Gerald Celente interview. He's had a good track record for predicting trends and I subscribe to his Trends Journal newsletter.

At a little after 9:30 in the interview you forwarded to us, he says, "We believe the stock market is going to be as worthless as the dollar bill."

Anonymous said...

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