Monday, December 21, 2009

Long Live the Gulfo; Leaked UN Document

From Jenna Orkin:

CoLLapse "Movie on Demand"

Quote of the day:
"The triumph of human kind is a very recent development. Ten thousand years ago we were just another animal trying to make a go of it on planet earth. Humans - and all their livestock - were barely 1% of the vertebrate biomass on the planet. Now, they are 98% of it."Hmmm...1 to 98. What a spectacular success story. A 5,000% increase. Hey wait a minute...that's a bubble! Yes, dear reader, humans are a sell."

Oil Rich Gulf States to Drop the Dollar
Gulf petro-powers to launch currency in latest threat to dollar
“The Gulf monetary union pact has come into effect”
Safe haven Treasurys get tricky
Secret fears that deal can't stop climate disaster
Leaked UN document claims the current proposals will ‘put at risk the very viability of our civilisation on Earth’.
The Next Leg of the Crisis: Unavoidable Catastrophe (from Rice Farmer)
Crushing debt: Trillions Of Troubles Ahead (from Rice Farmer)
"Total debt is 557% of GDP."
China Faces Crash ScenarioIncludes video of Ordos, a city built on real estate speculation and boasting the highest per capita income in China. Perhaps that's because no one lives there. - JO
Why governments will be forced to cut back next year (from Rice Farmer)
"By the end of 2009, global sovereign debt will hit almost $50 trillion."
Obama says without health care changes U.S. 'will go bankrupt'
Now he can say he warned us.
Six Reasons Why Earth Won't Cope for Long (from Vantage Point)
Robert Newman: It's capitalism or a habitable planet - you can't ...
Could Tax Break To Citigroup (NYSE:C) Set The Stage For The Collapse Of Capitalism? (from Rice Farmer)
Howard Dean: I will not vigorously support Obama re-election
Fannie, Citi Suspend Foreclosures for Holiday Season
Citigroup's `Dark Cloud' Lingers After Share Sale: Chart of the Day
Senate approves $636 billion military spending bill US House approves $155 billion jobs bill The US government is now supporting 80% of the mortgage market
'Shadow' Inventory of U.S. Homes Climbs as Foreclosures Loom
Obama's "Cash for Caulkers" Yet Another Clunk Idea
Morgan Stanley Surrenders Five San Francisco Office Towers Bought at Peak
Unions, Graft, Stunning Incompetence Make San Francisco "Worst-Run Big City in the US"

Up to 56000 more contractors likely for Afghanistan
U.S. to simulate Iran missile attack
Iranian soldiers take control of Iraq oil well
'Iranian Cyber Army' Hacks Twitter
CIA works with Palestinian agents
US agency co-operates with Palestinian counterparts who allegedly torture Hamas members in West Bank.
Trail of Afghanistan's drug money exposed (from Rice Farmer)
Military Could Use iPhones to Track Friends, Enemies in War Not Just Drones: Militants Can Snoop on Most U.S. Warplanes Venezuela: Chavez says U.S. plans attack (from Rice Farmer)
Google Talks Transparency, But Hides Surveillance Stats

Climate Change/Energy/Science
Copenhagen climate summit: `most important paper in the world` is a glorified UN press release Merkel Speaks Out over Summit: 'We Experienced a Self-Confident China'
U.S. Media Tarnishes Message of Copenhagen Climate Change Protest (from Vantage Point)
The Real Reason Behind The Copenhagen Walk-Out (from Vantage point)
Obama Is Snubbed by Wen at Climate Summit as U.S.-China Tensions Escalate
Biden tells Obama that 40 million US homes will have smart meters...
Shell to sell £3bn oil fields
Natural gas is the real winner from Copenhagen
Can nuclear solve the global water crisis?
Swine Flu May Mean First Year Without a Killer Seasonal Strain in 40 Years
Cocaine Laced With Cattle-Worming Drug Linked to Typically Rare Disorder
Not So Private Property?: Clean Water Restoration Act Raises Fears ...
Disappearance of Reindeer Herd Blamed on Freak Storms
The world will be destroyed by a Black Swan and the few bewildered souls who remain will say to each other, "Who could have guessed?" - JO
Urban beekeeping set to become legal in New York City
Autism Jumps 57% in Just 4 Years (from Rice Farmer)

Anthrax alert as heroin addict dies in Glasgow
Lenders face £1trn funding shortfall, says Bank report
Professor: NATO may cease to exist within next two decades
End of the Euro Experiment? (from Rice Farmer)
Target-Date "Lifestyle" Retirement Funds Take Huge Risks In Junk Bonds
Banks block £1bn fund for small business
UK property black hole
Cancer patients 'can't afford to keep warm'
UK Banks Bid Long Good-bye to Checks Jobcentre staff assaults rise in recession
British law firm offers divorce vouchers for Christmas gifts
Scotland's Biggest Airline is Placed in Voluntary Administration
Goldman Sachs threatens Spanish move
Eh Tu Germany? Finance Minister Says "No Alternative But To Borrow"
Greece default risk surges
Russia's 'economic shock therapist' dies aged 53
“Despite his relatively young age, Mr Gaidar's death is not being treated as suspicious. An aide said he died of a blood clot in the early hours of the morning as he worked on a new book. Mr Gaidar was, however, involved in a bizarre incident three years ago. The day after the former KGB spy Alexander Litvinenko was killed by polonium poisoning in London, Mr Gaidar was apparently struck down with similar symptoms during a trip to Ireland. He collapsed after giving a speech, and witnesses reported he had blood coming from his nose and was vomiting blood. He was later flown back to Moscow. At the time, family members said they suspected he had been poisoned, but no light was ever shed on the case.”
'Sizzling' Shanghai Home Prices Defy Sales Tax as Bubble Concern Increases
U.S. may block China-backed mine development near Navy site
Ship with 83 crew sinks off coast of Lebanon
The dark side of Dubai
Dubai finds small is beautiful


Rude Dog said...

Hello all, I came across this article and almost fell out of my chair laughing at how the MSM totally ignores the issue of "peak gas" and continues to misslead the masses...

+ Gas could be the calvary in global warming fight


pstajk said...

Conservation International

I still get excited when I see deer in my backyard everyday.

OregonSurvivor said...
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Jenna Orkin said...


pls send me the url privately

i'll pass it on to those concerned and see what's up


Jenna Orkin said...

oregonsurvivor said in part:

Holy Smokes! This is going to take all week (reading the latest batch of links). Thanks to all involved for the leads.

eeyores enigma said...

well worth listening to and sharing far and wide.

Jenna Orkin said...

A peon has left a new comment on your post "Long Live the Gulfo; Leaked UN Document":

Wow.Never thought I'd see a "prisonplanet" link on this blog...

jenna orkin responds: a peon, thx for sending the link but i can't find it

eeyores enigma said...

oops! forgot link

please share

Paul said...

Pentagon's Role in Global Catastrophe


By every measure, the Pentagon is the largest institutional user of petroleum products and energy in general. Yet the Pentagon has a blanket exemption in all international climate agreements. The Pentagon wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; its secret operations in Pakistan; its equipment on more than 1,000 U.S. bases around the world; its 6,000 facilities in the U.S.; all NATO operations; its aircraft carriers, jet aircraft, weapons testing, training and sales will not be counted against U.S. greenhouse gas limits or included in any count.


Even according to rankings in the 2006 CIA World Factbook, only 35 countries (out of 210 in the world) consume more oil per day than the Pentagon. The U.S. military officially uses 320,000 barrels of oil a day. However, this total does not include fuel consumed by contractors or fuel consumed in leased and privatized facilities. Nor does it include the enormous energy and resources used to produce and maintain their death-dealing equipment or the bombs, grenades or missiles they fire.


Besides emitting carbon dioxide, U.S. military operations release other highly toxic and radioactive materials into the air, water and soil.


Putting aside any arguments about CO2’s contribution to global warming - this article had me “gobsmacked” (sorry, UK terminology). What an enormous energy sink and polluter our military institutions are (and I include the UK and Europe military in that). And how do they benefit humanity? If energy and money are siamese twins, I guess energy and military power are at least identical twins (if I am not pushing the simile too far?).

Thank you so much Jenna et al for continuing to publish these ever increasing lists documenting the coLLapse. As I go about my life and so much *seems* normal, coming back to this blog gives me a shot of reality. So thank you.

(and good to be back gamedog)


businessman said...

Jenna...Thanks for also posting some articles for us describing people's skepticism on global warming.

Howlin_Dog said...

CIA connection to Mumbai??? This news-cast is interesting. Part of what really is making this all strange is there are lots of good info coming out of RT and of course much of it is anti-us. Most of it seems reliable. Putin seems to know how to play the psychops game, and our idiots seem to know how to provide the ammunition to him.

Anonymous said...


I used to watch the streaming RT stream every day, opened it in Windows Media Player at

It can't find the stream the last month or so, do you know where I can find a similar live stream, or is it only broken for me?

I agree that RT is full of interesting stories that aren't covered in western media.

Raymond said...

Another friend of Goldman Sachs doing nicely for himself

"An American hedge fund manager is set to collect a $US2.5 billion ($A2.8 billion) pay package for the year after staking huge bets that global banks would recover in 2009."

F.Kamilov said...

I am sorry to be back after so long, but just after my last reply to Eyeballs, I went down with a bout of chest infection/broncho-pneumonia/flu (I hope it isn't the latest swine variety, which is doing the rounds here where I live). I am still weak and dizzy, but had in mind one important thing to tell Eyeballs which I left out, and which he included in his latest response to me. I felt well enough to do that today, so here goes.

Eyeballs, yes I have spent sufficiently long on the North American continent on the whole (in BC in Canada, and Chicago IL, and then over at the other end in Boston Massachusetts, in the US) to know what your society is like and understand its workings and the people's attitudes. In fact, I was there on responsible diplomatic assignments, albeit junior ones. I was assigned to make studies for my superiors of the kind I now "regale" you with! It is with the urgency I obtained from the insights and comparisons which I derived then, that I now write to address you Americans on this message board. (And yes, I also had to run away from a bunch of Mormon guys who were hell bent on converting me!)

People who live in America unwittingly tend to think that the rest of the world functions like them...that the rest also watch Jerry Seinfeld in the manner that they do, eat Jell-O, and munch peanut butter and jam sandwiches at their favourite major league baseball matches... Perhaps that illusion is engendered because America is a nation that is one huge continent unto itself - a world in its own right. Now I know how diverse your society is, and have acknowledged that some of your characteristics will be the basis of the future global humanity I and many others see coming. But America was only a prototype; and now, a failed one at that. But the modern future has to be cultivated and ENFORCED in order to be wrought. It won't, nay - can't, come of its own volition; many bad strains and inferior cultural matrices and practices will need the blow of the Stalinist sledgehammer to fix things to get to there. I am sorry, but that is an unfortunate characteristic of human reality, just as concrete can't be puffed away, but has to be bashed to pieces by the relevant hammering... The American Empire as you say, cannot last long, but its reach into its people and social bedrock is now so far down, that with its going, a lot of the harmless stuff of your society sticking to its roots will also be rent asunder with it wittingly or not - just as chemotherapy "unwittingly" kills a lot of good cells in addition to the malignant ones. Due to that, it may be difficult to guarantee the physical future of your society, but that isn't to say that its good characteristics won't take root elsewhere...they are in people like me. You are correct in quoting the recent (unsuccessful) Copenhagen congress as saying that the age of heroism is over, and that of cooperation has begun. Not so fast! There are still many millions out there in the tribal Middle East and feudal Central Asia who are crying for a hero to come! They have to be transformed and corrected. How? By coming decently and putting your ideas before them American style - to have your throat slit in return? That is why many charge the US with unwittingly destabilising the world: by not knowing its diseases and suggesting cocksure remedies which will further fuel it. By supporting the idea of a transitory benevolent dictatorship in such parts, I don't mean to sound nasty or unsocial; but the road to hell is paved with many "good simplistic notions" of the type that simply float on top of the bitter reality.

1_Crazy_Canuck said...

Mint's missing gold now accounted for

Gold content underestimated in refinement byproduct

(snip)..."But three independent security and accounting reviews found that $8 million worth was simply miscounted, while more than $3 million worth was sold off as slag — at a fraction of its worth. Another $1.6 million worth was found in buildings and machinery in the mint."

(snip)....This led to a 14-month investigation to hunt down the missing precious metal. Several outside groups, including Microsoft and the RCMP, were brought in to check over the mint's security, computer systems and accounting processes, according to a report released by the mint. The RCMP concluded the gold had not been stolen.

All you need to do is look at who was "investigating" to see why they came up with the conclusion they did.

Sad state of affairs.

F.Kamilov said...

Agape- while I'm at it:

AGREED! Your comments on Stalin...

But "that" may have been "then" for you - there are still many things here that are just like what they were then, and will continue being so - until something is done about them!

Damodara Das said...

Can anyone send to me the email ID of Mr. Ruppert?

My email ID is:

Damodara Das.