Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Cradle of Democracy in Anarchy

Mike Ruppert will be appearing in the D.C. area this weekend for three Q&A sessions directly following screenings of CoLLapse. Q&A showtimes are 9:15pm on Friday, Dec. 11 and 5:00 and 9:15 on Saturday, Dec. 12 at the AFI Silver Theater and Cultural Center, 8633 Colesville Road, Silver Spring, MD 20910.

From Jenna Orkin:

Anarchy in Athens
Athens rocked by violent protests
Greek Debt Poses a Danger to Common Currency
Insider selling to buying ratio is at 82:1
Sean O'Grady: UK economy to drop out of world's top 10

The Future of Energy
"The energy challenge eclipses any other facing the world today."
Iraq oil claims may be too high
Six million bpd as opposed to ten.
Was Volatility in the Price of Oil a Cause of the 2008 Financial Crisis?
Kremlin Wins Indian Nuclear Deal
Iran Says Saudis Handed Missing Scientist to US

Climate Change/Science/Environment
Was Russian secret service behind leak of climate-change emails?
NYT: Millions in U.S. drink dirty water
Will Big Business Save the Earth?
Green efforts being touted by no less than Jared Diamond.
Denmark's green credentials obscure some unpleasant facts (from Rice Farmer)
UN Halts Funds to China Wind Farms (from Vantage Point)
Greenhouse gas cuts just 'token gestures'
Copenhagen won't prevent disaster, warns top scientist.
'Mass green tokenism'
Biofuels are likely to lead the way when leaders meet in Copenhagen.
Urban Greenhouses Aim to Help Cities Combat Climate Change
Copenhagen told decade is world's warmest
Climategate reveals 'the most influential tree in the world'
Starving Polar Bears Turn to Cannibalism
How Europe's Discarded Computers Are Poisoning Africa's Kids
Attack of the killer tomatoes
Botanists at Kew discover the plant is carnivorous, with ability to trap insects
Waste = Food
Video on Cradle to cradle design concept.
H1N1 may be mildest pandemic on record

Why the next banking crisis could be even worse (from Rice Farmer)
Patriot Act Renewal Moving Forward (from Vantage Point)
GM China Sales Pass US For First Time in History (from Vantage Point)
Poll: 8 in 10 now support an audit of the Federal Reserve System

US Intelligence raises spectre of upcoming civil unrest in United Kingdom (from Rice Farmer)
Public sector 'must cut one million jobs'
Elusive and fragile recovery threatened by soaring deficit
Bank of England sees sharp rise in demand for £50 notes
Chief cashier says upturn is due to the public losing faith in banks.
Don't Halt Our Bayonets Or We'll Use Banknotes as Weaponry (from Vantage Point)
Record level of British population is foreign-born
Are Germans Allowed to Criticize Israel?

Sprint manager: ‘Half’ of all police surveillance includes text messaging (from Rice Farmer)
A new report questions "suicides" at Guantanamo (from Vantage Point)
Doctors Demand Inquest Into Death of Dr. David Kelly (from Vantage Point)
Are U.S. tax dollars funding Afghan corruption?
Jesse Ventura Video on HAARP

N. Korea
New penal code specifies death penalty for stealing rice (from Rice Farmer)

Evidence of Mass Cannibalism Uncovered in Germany
Herxheim’s remains date from a period when Europe is thought to have been plunged into upheaval, violence and decline following 500 years in which Neolithic farmers first settled the region. Professor Chris Scarre, a neolithic expert at the University of Durham, said after learning of the study that the Herxheim site could represent useful evidence of a society in turmoil but cautioned that cannibalism can be hard to prove because other factors, such as funerary rites, can leave similar marks on bones.


businessman said...

GE Capital sees $7 billion in commercial real estate losses in 2009

pstajk said...
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pagun said...

RE: Polar Bear cannibalism, I remember in pre history class that our ancestors learned about what to eat from bears, like for medicine, back in the days when we had clans and tribal life. So I guess that means maybe the yuppies will soon be eating each other. I always liked that "republicans eat their young" bumpersticker. Although Mike R. likes to point out how he saw the shit hitting the fan before everyone else, there were many hardcore dreadlocks hippies who saw babylon fall and were already rebuilding tribal life back when Mike was still swinging the baton for LAPD. Nobody gives the straight dope better than Mike R.- don't get me wrong.

agape wins said...

GameDog; No, I only read the review. I was on "Stand down" throughout the Cuban incident, our "Bird" was circling Leningrad most of the time.
The Flight Crew was in high altitude gear, & wearing side arms at the Debriefing, they were Haggard, & didn't talk much.
Someone hung a bed sheet banner, "Kennedy is a Dictator" on our barracks, because of the "War like" restrictions. All "off base" Airmen were "confined"
on Base, we used "Issue" sleeping bags on the flight line, and ate "K Rations", Some were dated 1944, the Cigarettes went poof, & the Chocolate had turned white. That was when Kennedy set up the "RED phone" with Moscow.
He & Khrushchev talked daily, I noticed a different/more positive tone(my reaction), about/from Kennedy! How can the opinion of an E 1, mean anything?
Just more meaningless History.

What?? " Slipping back and forth from displaying your beautiful genius to displaying linguistic garble". & "Agape Wins does not always perceive and correspondingly write like RanD does. Agape Wins' writing "does not alway coherently connect" linguistically/logically (which defines "garble")."!!!

I do not have to defend how I write, any more than an Abstract Artist, or a Singer, nor even RanD should!
No two of us are alike, I can not wear a Watch, wind up or battery, they all stop! I developed from a self Parented 4 yr. old in a tent with Orange crate furniture into a successful business man; in spite of my "handicap", however you want to define it.

Apples & Bananas, the second post was to generate Thought, not an acknowledgment of thoughts expressed, I can not decide for you/do not have to agree with you. we each of us has to live in our skin; there is no crib sheet for Life.
There is no ambiguity; except that that we create/assign to God. Like time, we create/live/are constrained/Freed by what we think!

My post was a unit, if you did not hear the program you can not possibly form a question I can respond to.
Your own posts range from clear/cut with a sharp knife, to those which require deep thought also.
I have never stated my position on Ambiguity; Dependency, yes, we are all Inner-related even to/including the remotest Galaxy!

How/why; you explain that million $ question, listen/think to the program, then ask how I think it fits/does not, anything.
Your are a great thinker. I know "The Biology of Belief"; thanks.

About Insanity-Not mine/My presumption, but YOUR opinion! The person we purchased the store from 19 yrs. ago was open & frank
about the "End" as they saw it; for a year we had people say they had stopped shopping with "that Crazy person"; there has always
been a propensity for "Labeling" on this blog.
IMperfection is another something Humans invented to cover something We/they can not comprehend, what "Law" in the Universe covers

Dog story;,2933,332036,00.html

The dogs were "allowed" by the locals as a "Early Warning System" to the approach of strangers.

>From the Readers Digest story; "He was the leader of the pack, he was constantly fighting for dominance among the Pack."
"The dog was stabbed with a Screwdriver." WHY,think!?
The Dog tracked the Man over 70 miles, Why/purpose; who was more intelligent/benefited the most, must I frame the questions
for you?

F.Kamilov & I had an exchange about Dogs sometime back, has anyone recognized a connection/warning, about/to, the change coming, reminiscent to our own Native Americans, positive/negative. If I drew you a picture you would see abstract garble!

more later, Amae.

edmund said...

Ebert gave Collapse four stars.

The grandmaster of movie reviewers has spoken.

F.Kamilov said...

About a record proportion of Britain's population being foreign born as per the headline Jenna has given, well British extremes continue to surprise me. I myself have English blood in my veins. First of all, indiscriminate immigration policies and political correctness at one end, and shaven headed thugs from the dregs of society both compete and predominate in equal measure. For 400 years, this little island off the coast of Europe innovated and led the world; among its notable legacies is the production of its estranged giant "child", the colossal USA. Yet even though its imperial time is now long over, "perfidious Albion" still behaves as if it were still on right on top. That can only have negative results for it in times to come. Very dark and negative. From a wide range of enemies. Nobody can remain king-pin forever or combat others single-handedly, and certainly not the punkish types one now finds; Victorians still had swagger, or should I say, a "stiffness" in their gait. Also intriguing is the "density" there of CCTV cameras - they're all over the place, on street corners, in parks, parking lots, and not only in shops. Even in the countryside. And I speak not of the present, but of the mid-1990s when I was in London myself. Those were the days when, fresh and exuberant after the demise of the USSR, the balloon of Anglo-American globalism had triumphantly taken off to rule the world "forever", and Osama Bin laden and the Taliban were still very much within the ranks of "good guys", with the Taliban being periodically hosted at the UNOCAL HQs in Houston TX. How times change...

I shall leave you with this interesting headline about the latest in Pakistan:


P.S: It is mostly in London's exclusive banks and plush suburban properties where Zardari and his late great wife Benazir Bhutto confidently parked their looted wealth and gains.

Sharon in Mississippi said...

Rocky Mountain Power dealing with strain from Winter storm

The grid is getting shaky in the intermountain west because of higher demand prompted by frigid and stormy weather.

RanD said...


Thankyou very much for your excellent 8:54 AM post on FTW's December 06, 2009 "Honey, I Shrunk the Dollar..." comments page -- and particularly for its uncommonly wise & open-minded last sentence, which goes: "In my experience, new truth that overwhelms and outweighs my current set of beliefs is always a step forward as opposed to stagnation or stepping back." From R & D's perspective, such a stance reflects a fundamental component of reality's evolutionary continuum, which selects the best and makes it part of the future -- not merely of this current Universe, but -- of existence itself.

Thus from the wisdom you've shown us above, we are moved to expand your statement to include all human kind, as follows: "Yielding to new truth that overwhelms and outweighs one's current beliefs is always a step forward as opposed to stagnation or stepping back."

Again, thankyou.

agape wins said...

GameDog (intended cap.),

All of this, several things patched together, may not make one post- like RanD, sorry.

You are wasting a lot of energy "Chasing Cars", Deception is everywhere, there are hundreds of Scientists who believe in Creation, that you never hear about, if you wear an "R" you had better toe the line. Any "Pier Group" review WILL be colored by the "Sponsor", we all have one, it is what our foundation belief is, mine is "Trust No one", I have been deceived, lied to, & tricked, even by MY Friends. Even when
found out they come back with another lie. Our "Civil War"-"Between the states", WAS over "States Rights"! The States ruled, the "Federal" took a back seat, & had to accept what each "Sovereign State" dictated, that had to change; an inferior should never Dictate to a Superior,
call it "Unification"! Cities become States, become Nations, now TPTB have decided EVERYONE must "Unify" as ONE.
Willingly or unwillingly. Read between the lines, of the Riots, boycotts, the inhuman suffering, which continued for years after the fighting ended, Wyoming is still fighting the "States Rights War of Independence" , and still being beaten down for that resistance, placing us last or almost so in everything measured except for that stubborn Independence! Pick your Poison, but do not be surprised in 10 yrs.(if we have that long),
to find you were used. Everyone makes their case as strong as possible, That is why I try NOT to make a case, you must decide/think, or pass it
off as Garble.

This is what I have decided!
There is Global warming! You have to stand way back-The MOON? Does anyone recall the 50/60's, Leaded Gasoline, the Brown Cloud, ( I could not see the Rockies from 15 miles east), people Dieing from the pollution? The Arab Oil cutback/55 mph limit did more than any Controls passed, warming went down, but crept up, Locally, as more driving was done at a higher speed. Then guess what? Gas went over the top, people cut back on everything, Parked/junked
their guzzlers, as they did once before, with the result of the struggling economy "tanking" World wide! Predict for me what will happen when the driving force
of our overpopulation starts going away? There will be a rebound, where will your 13" wheel, 4 wheel drive go in 15 " of light,unpacking, dry SNOW, Think
Horse & wagon, Bet on it!

Now, say what You as a ONE WORLDER with a predetermined plan of conquest do? You know there will/must be a Dieoff, the Tax revenue is already drying up, how do you fund your "Venture", already started, calm the restless Sheeple, who are becoming restless/suspicious, keep them distracted, & employed?
None of this to assist them (the Sheeple) through the pain, and agony of the "Reduction", but to isolate yourself as much as possible, & insure YOU/your loved(?) ones still enjoy "The Good Life".
You/WE will pay the Tax; India & China are suffering our "Brown Cloud", and it's Illness now; They (TPTB),will give you one of two choices.
China's Dam, or Iran's Bloody Riots, I know there is a third way, but it could/will be different for each of us!

Look at WWII, Viet Nam, closer still, Iraq, & now Afpak; We (the Life Loving Freedom Giving ones), had to Carpet Bomb Germany, Japan, Nam, & now the quiet ones are making a big impression over there. F.Kamilov is sure about a N war, I think it is too late, too costly,AND TOO Dangerous to/for TPTB.
We are both right and wrong; but that is Quantum theory (NOT Mechanics). Do they have the nerve/money, to venture there, Or, the Power to prevent A Rouge

THE MATING of the Galaxy's, is it IMperfection, or perfection we see?
A "TrainWreck", Breathtaking!

RanD said...

Dear Agape Wins,

Thankyou very much for your both welcomed & challenging posts. Openness, honesty, and clarity we (R & D) find are key to producing good communication; we also trust your above 12:20 AM post to accurately reflect your personal relationship to those principles, no differently than your relationship with those principles are reflected in all of your posts. With the above in mind, I ask you to then, for instance, explain your purpose for accusing RanD of opining that you are "insane", when it is exclusively you who right out stated, "Now you know how insane I am", whereas RanD is the one who emphatically responded, "'re not the least bit insane".


Yes, we indeed agree & accept that God caused all of us to have and variously display our differences. Consequently we find it not at all unusual to see others routinely displaying their differences from us as routinely as you and we display our differences from each other.


Last we read Mr. Obama is receiving his Nobel Peace Prize while sending more adequately-willing-to-kill-to-make-it-right troops to Afghanistan. Obviously it's ignorance, not insanity, that is both word for and cause of such things; and the cure for them belongs ultimately to the individual, as always; which is why R & D are here saying so.


Hotspringswizard said...

RanD, Perhaps a " God " has nothing to do with the nature of our differances. It may be that we have no more will than water does.

We ebb and flow, run here and there, rise and fall, with infinite interconnections deciding our course, and dis-agreements are just part of the myriad waterways of experiential movement.

We have our manner of being, as surely as water has its own tendencies, and both carry on in accordance with their nature/essence, because choice is not, and has never been, part of the cosmic design :-)

OregonSurvivor said...

I'm just imagining what a rouge detonation would look

Paul said...

re F Kamilov “Yet even though its imperial time is now long over, "perfidious Albion" still behaves as if it were still on right on top. ..... Also intriguing is the "density" there of CCTV cameras - they're all over the place, on street corners, in parks, parking lots, and not only in shops. Even in the countryside. And I speak not of the present, but of the mid-1990s when I was in London myself.”

The UK is not yet a police state. But it is definitely heading that way - and the rate of decent is increasing.

My brother has lived abroad all his adult life - in HK, Singapore (not known for its liberal ways) and Australia. He visited us for the first time in five years this summer. I asked him what changes he noticed in the UK. He was very definite - the number of petty rules and regulations we have to follow - “You can’t even put your luggage down at a railway station without getting a warning!”

I am a hobby photographer; the newspapers and photo magazines are full of stories about (innocent) photographers being questioned, told to stop taking pictures in public places, having equipment confiscated and even being held at the police station for further questioning. All in the name of “fighting terrorism”!

But this story really takes the biscuit. My wife teaches music at our local school. She has been a teacher for 30 years and has had all the police checks. I occasionally help out carrying sound equipment etc. I am just waiting for us to be told that we must have further police checks and pay to be registered on the national database.

Now parents face criminal checks just to enter their children’s school


F.Kamilov said...

Agape: Nice to address you again. The nuclear war which you said I speak of won't be one huge classic "MAD" type exchange of the old Cold War doctrine - it will be more like several limited uses, involving low output/"tactical" weapons in isolated places where circumstances force their use. However, I wouldn't preclude a massive continent-wide use somewhere between international contenders if someone gets the upper hand suddenly, and decides to "go for it". Even then, the resulting destruction would be more or less "mutually assured", and "TPTB" (or the new TPTBs/new order that takes over from its wrecked-out old foes) might just see this as a convenient means towards the population reduction item that is very high upon the agenda of just about any TPTB contender.