Thursday, December 31, 2009


At times like these it' important to speak sparingly. This is no more a time to waste words than it is to waste energy. It's not possible to answer all the "fan" mail and reqeusts for time that come my way since "Collapse" was released. But some do get through and some attract my attention. I just had this exchange with a young European who was moved by the film and by our map. They had gone past "Collapse and dug a little deeper.

Hi Michael - i'm watching your video "the truth and lies of 9-11." it's fascinating but disgusting. i'm wondering how we can find joy and go on without feeling bitterness and resentment. all the foundational things i formerly believed in are crashing. i just don't know what to think/believe anymore ... and that's got me worried more than anything else. how did you fight as long as you did and how have you maintained both your life and your sanity?

Michael C. Ruppert -- Dec. 31st at 10:34 AM

You put one foot in front of the other and learn how to put the biggest questions on a shelf. You keep asking smaller questions. Sometimes you learn how to stand still and do nothing at all. Sometimes you just stand still and hurt. -- You cry. You make jokes. You make mistakes. You break down. You forgive yourself. You dust off and you keep walking. You take time out to play and try to remember that there is something divine out there smarter than you that works in unseen ways. You come to understand that rest is a weapon and that knowing by the intellect is only a small part of knowing. -- The process can be very traumatic. But what it teaches more than anything else is patience and endurance. Sometimes you lose your sanity only to later discover that it can come back with a deeper awareness that wasn't possible until you lost it. -- Most of all you do simple, selfless, and direct acts of love and nurturing for others along the way. You learn to accept them when offered to you.You surrender to whatever it is that awakened you and gave you the balls to start asking the big questions in the first place.

And you hope.

Ready or not, here comes 2010.



RanD said...

The profit motive, Capitalism, and human kind; with attribution to the work of Michael C. Ruppert and his offspring: the FTW family - #24

One of the most effective instrumentations of human kinds' socio-psycho-developmental process has been the pervasion of the numerical profit concept -- which is the life-blood of Capitalism (both organizationalized and individualized) -- throughout our species' otherwise relatively naive, unacceptably simple, substandard/sub-potential human experience. Had this crucial pervasion not come about, we would never have mentally-physically found our way to the moon, recognized the values of both simplicity & complexity, globally exposed ourselves to each other as equal members of the single human kind species that we ultimately are, or developed any of the technologies prerequisite to ourselves coming together to bark in each other's faces honestly and intelligently and thereby (but, for only those of us that will, however) methodically learn how to appreciate & love each other as some of us are finally beginning to do. Etc. etc. etc.

There is of course an overview which sees all the way to the root and entirely beyond all of that said above and between us: THIS is where we mere human instrumentations are at and where ALL such physicalized mental-SPIRITUAL instrumentations as ourselves will soon be. As for those individuals who cannot -- entirely because they choose not to be -- here in this place being spoken of -- will soon enough, but not before then -- no longer exist; no differently than the concept of numerical profit as something useful to human kinds' developmental process will soon no longer exist.

As for any suffering? Ha! That which no longer exists will no longer suffer, no differently than that which has acceptably ripened upon the Tree of Life will no longer suffer. You know, just more of that same plain-old-fashioned RanD twaddling that RanD stuff.

Rice Farmer said...

May 2010 smile kindly on MCR and all the map followers!

As the greatest Ponzi scheme of all time unravels before our eyes, we must remember that, despite all the suffering, pain, and death that will ensue, this also presents us with an unparalleled opportunity to save lives and to build something better out of the wreckage. Now is the time to act. There are already broken pieces lying at our feet, and many more to come. We can reshape and recombine these to create something better. Good luck to all!

dalex said...

Jenna: Just FYI, I've had two (innocuously-worded) responses fail to appear in the last week, after the "Awaiting moderator approval" message. They weren't especially important, or I'd re-submit them. At any rate, I've heard the system has been unreliable at times; this is just another indication that the problems haven't been fixed...

MAH said...

Hi Mike;
I don't know if this will reach you...but Just wanted to let you know on this New Years eve how much I appreciate all that you have done and how much your work has meant to me.
By the way...I am the one with the very first autographed copy of your book CONFRONTING COLLAPSE that was available at the screening of Collapse at the Lumiere theatre in San Francisco on December 4th.
Your work has really inspired my work since 2003. I decided about 10 years ago to change careers (at 35)and become a local foods activist/organic farmer. I am now working as the Garden Manager for John Jeavons (Author of: HOW TO GROW MORE VEGETABLES)on the Ecology Action Research Mini Farm in Willits, CA. I knew way back when I started on MY path that soil restoration would be one of the great challenges and opportunities of the coming years. John Jeavons has known that for 40 years, and it is quite incredible what has been done and taught here. I have gone through a similar process to what you describe in your New Years Eve letter, albeit less intense but similar, and I think it is a process everyone will have to go through over the coming months/years. The Greeks had a word for it: Metanoia which means change of mind, but change of mind on a much deeper level than intellectual. I think you know what I mean...All the best to you in this new year. If you are ever in this area, I would like to invite you to the Ecology Action Reseach Farm for a personal tour and lunch too. Just ask for Mark if you call or e-mail Ecology Action.

Hotspringswizard said...

So Patton says I'm a FTW Zombie? That explains why I've been feelin kinda weird lately :-)

Happy New Year fellow Doomster Zombies :-)

RanD said...
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pstajk said...


I can't believe you posted a comment to this web site, small freaking world. The only reason I learned about "How To Grow More Vegetables" was from reading a poster's comments here one day.

I'm psyched for January 29. Jeavons is giving a one day seminar at Rutgers University, and I'm all signed up.

I have about a million questions to ask that day. I can't wait.

Do you know of any good blogs or web sites that deal with organic gardening?

I did find Paul Wheaton's:

gamedog said...

Great Message Mike, I've bookmarked it, something tells me I'll want to refer many people to those words in the very near future!

Ready or... knot (in the pit of my stomach!)

RanD said...

RanD said...
China's Property Bubble May Foreshadow a U.S.-Style Slump in Real Estate ? Oh my goodness, who'd've ever thunk that where endeth up the leaders perhaps endeth up the followers, too!? That's crazy!


RanD should probably also have pointed out (above... in service to the slow-to-see-for-themselves) that numericalized profit-motivated Capitalism's ability to exist is predicated on an imperative that there be unexploited resources to transform into items for consumption. And: Whenever the process of Capitalistically transforming & consuming those resource targets has reached its inevitable, environmentally limited, finite potential(s) (such as we're now clearly seeing occur across the globe), what then, if (as already suggested by others) not merely implement our love affair with numericalized profit-oriented Capitalism toward resource targets without inherently finite limitations?

Do such inexhaustible targets exist? If so, then what are they? What sort of economic design system would be required to collaboratively implement ourselves to the objective of providing our common needs in service to ensuring a state of common good? What obstacle(s) thwart(s) such (an) objective(s)? Do we just apathetically label sensible ideas absurd because they've never been sensibly attempted? How much longer do we want to delude ourselves believing it's possible to continue indefinitely living in the worn out old box we were born into way back on Day One? What keeps us from thinking beyond where we've been living for all those umpteen years!?

Put those thinking caps back on, guys & gals... having left a year that's just died in order to land in today's freshly born new one -- with an incalculable number of new years ever out in front of us -- merely once again says there's enough fresh thinking and doing out in front of us to keep us busy forever. Let's get to it!

Happy New Year 2010; Happy Forever!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Rupert,
Your work has convinced me to start my own garden. It may be a small start, but I know it will bring delightful results. So, thank you. I greatly appreciate your work, and I hope you stay healthy and keep on giving your smiles. Thanks again.

From Olympia, Washington

Unrepentantcowboy said...

Thanks for good advice Mike. CoLLapse is set to show in Austin, Tx on the 10th and the 11th.

I'm looking forward to seeing it.

don Henry Ford jr.

Unknown said...

Just wanted to thank Michael for his wise words about maintaining ones wits when confronted with a clear picture of what is really going on in this insane world we live in. I've sworn off fiction. The truth is so much more interesting. You can't make this stuff up! Just started Crossing the Rubicon which is impossible to put down. My best friend was murdered on 9/11 in tower one working to clear the building from his office on the 88th floor. He saved many lives that day, including his wifes. As manager of construction for the port authority, I'm puzzled by his supposed unawareness of the explosives that had to be installed during the summer months while the elevator upgrades were going on. I've been sick to my stomach and out of my mind since and reading Michael gives me new strength and resolve to stick around to help uncover the truth.