Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Notices of Release of CoLLapse

FilmBuff and Vitagraph Films To Release Chris Smith's Documentary ...By The Critic Chris Smith's critically acclaimed and incendiary documentary COLLAPSE will reach audiences a record two months after debuting without a distributor at the 2009 Toronto Intern ational Film Festival (TIFF). A unique deal with FilmBuff News Blog -
QuickShots FIND/Sloan grant; Denver to fete Holbrook; 'Collapse ...Chris Smith's 2009 Toronto doc “Collapse” will come to audiences in a deal between FilmBuff and Vitagraph Films. Vitagraph will handle the film's theatrical release and FilmBuff will launch the film on VOD simultaneously to its ...indieWIRE News -
Chris Smith's “Collapse” Coming Soon (indieWIRE) I Film Channel


Patrick said...

Quite possibly relevant is Thomas' Greco's book, "The End of Money and the Future of Civilization."

For an excellent review:
Global Research :: Book Review by Richard C. Cook

pstajk said...

Hey guys,

When might tickets be available for the West Coast showings and what will be the best way to purchase them?


- Pete

agape wins said...

I am FARRR out of the loop! 10,14,09

BEST NEWS, since Crossing The Rubicon!!

The Appeal of the judgment may be a loser, even if you win!!

The book "The Predictioneer's game" on p. 88 calls Litigation " The War of Attrition" with 2 purposes.
1. Money buys preparation to improve the the prospects of victory, &
2. To signal the other side they are up against DEEP pockets.
In other words; WE can and will out spend you, in money & TIME!

In Your/our case, Time matters, the dieing powers will go down, but they have more to loose than you do, they will use every last dollar delay to stall the inevitable !
Why get caught up/consumed in their GAME?
Go to the library , read Ch. 6; they will Bleed you into winning a hollow Victory!!
How does money work? If we could agree we would already have a fix!

BOX'S , stacked upon box's, stop it!! We need to pull togather, not snip at one another about things which could/would be seen as a personal outlook & be ignored/overlooked and sometimes be chuckled over---including mine!?!

The old writings about Money are actually about possessions, or correctly THINGS!
Nothing to do with the ability to do "things", Why travelers of old took everything with them was
because Money as we use it did not exist, they had to barter/trade; we will return to that regardless of the form "value" takes.
We all should have something of VALUE put aside, no mater how you spell it, GET OUT OF DEBIT, the controllers of MONEY can/will distort, & change the rules-
whenever, don't ever trust them
to save US.

To James,

There WILL ALWAYS be SOMEONE to take what you have/owe, even if it is breaking your leg, or taking your son. Greed is an all consuming emotion, even when business per se is gone, money as we know it is worthless; property (which includes people), has value!

Coast to Coast AM radio, on 10,03, 09 had Les Leopold on, he was asked if there were Americans
working for the over throw of the Dollar & our way of life.
Les' reply was that he had never met anyone who wanted to destroy our system, when asked about
those who dealt negatively in the Dollar he replied that they were in the business of making money,
that they would do anything that would turn a profit, without considering the long term outcome.
When asked if they thought this was moral, his reply was, they "possibly" reasoned that it wasn't Illegal, & if they declined someone else would act, and thereby make the profit!
I have tried to repeat what was said truthfully, he may have been more sarcastic/or not.




I enjoy your point of view, I hope you see my comments as informative not a denial of your point of view.

Your 8:12 post past.
Somewhat broken up, to save space, sorry

" And as far as your comment on my "East/West" classification of human nature is concerned,"---
"Even their feelings are different,"--" to show how "alike" we all are...".

My reply; I, along with everyone else is just a step away from that "Caveman" that struggles in
Afghanistan, or anywhere that starvation is at your doorstep, many studies have been done which
prove how rapidly we return to the "Beast", and how BRUTAL we can become.
The "dissimilarity" you detect is a sham, just the mask we wear to survive on this stage which is
only pretty. comfortable props, the danger springs upon you unexpectedly, & Kills as surely

More later, Amae.

RanD said...

.... "Quite possibly relevant...?! Ha! Ain't 'Patrick' suddenly playing the funny fellow!

Greco's book "The End of Money and the Future of Civilization" is here right on time! No differently than MCR's Rubicon was and now his video CoLLapse is here right on time!

Lovin' it....

Sebastian Ronin said...

agape wins, re "I, along with everyone else is just a step away from that 'Caveman' that struggles in Afghanistan, or anywhere that starvation is at your doorstep."

The veneer of "civilization" is as thin as the paper it is written upon. Unless the crisis/coLLapse is all consuming, it will merely be business-as-usual towards a technocratic fascism. The literary theme of "man against nature" will always pit the former as the loser.

I have discovered (actually have known for some time) that the political effort to encourage folks to remove their blinders re coLLapse is the historical equivalent of convincing them that the earth is no longer the center of the universe. We are Copernicans of sorts.

I shudder when I think of how many cyber and Facebook "revolutionaries" still think that the sun revolves around the earth. Events always take some time to catch up to paradigm breakthroughs. We still speak in terms of the sun having risen this morning. How we label the world is how we conduct ourselves in it.

gamedog said...

International investigation into £1bn carbon tax dodge

"A scam that uses carbon trading to avoid paying tax is being investigated in countries across Europe, including the UK.

Criminal gangs are believed to have used the European Emissions Trading Scheme as a tax evasion tool, to the tune of £1bn. "

I hope we can get to see coLLapse in the UK.

F.Kamilov said...


I wish that the simplistic idealism that marks people like you was real. The world would be a different place. We wouldn't need to labour along agonisingly, the way we are doing. In many ways I agree with your contentions too - but from the other way around: it is evil that has many similarities, whether it is the variety found in the Afghan cave or the New York boardroom. And look how all those former smug partners in evil - the AfPak Islamic "Mujahideen" and the great USA "Globalcorp" (as Mike names it) are now paying for their evil alliance of the recent past... They are cutting eachother to pieces, except that the world too is getting caught in the crossfire. But the Afghan players, to me, still seem many steps ahead of their Anglo-Western adversaries as far as cunning is concerned. You have to be here, and a "native", in order to appreciate that truth...

F.Kamilov said...

As an afterthought to what I said earlier, to Agape, I may add that as far as “varieties of evil” are concerned – the crude Afghan caveman can have the New York boardroom variety for breakfast. They can even have the likes of the Nazis for dinner… Why do I, a “native”, say this and not pull the wool over readily credulous eyes instead? Because I do not like pulling the wool over people’s eyes, as that action is behind the facilitation of 90% of the world’s deliberate misunderstandings and troubles. Many of my immigrant compatriots engage in just this, suited as it is to the carefree and careless “postmodern” liberalist disposition engendered in the West by a century of cheap and readily available energy. What I say doesn’t correspond the slithery and slimy political etiquette of the present; I am rather old fashioned, and it would do the world good to speak the plain truth a bit, instead of clothing it in slimy vanilla-flavoured “douche” idealism to make it suitable and nice smelling for acceptance by the the “sheeple” that now populate prosperous Western countries. Their wisdom has literally been inundated by their soon to crash energy-flooded culture.