Thursday, October 22, 2009

Interview with NORML

My interview with NORML will be on the Friday edition of NORML's podcast, which people will be able to hear at After it posts on Friday at 6pm Pacific, that is. This keeps the interview on NORML's site over the entire weekend and usually gets the most downloads of the week.

Russ Belville
NORML Outreach Coordinator
Host - NORML SHOW LIVE - - Sat. 9p ET / 6p PT
Host - NORML Daily Audio Stash - - Mon.-Fri. 9p ET / 6p PT -



Spindles said...

Greetings from Portland!

I hate to be the bearer of more bad news, but I'd like to direct your guys attention to this bit of BS our local puff http:

// weekly has in this weeks edition:
I encourage all to call :
Main Desk:
phone: 503 243-2122 fax: 503 243-1115

or write to: Willamette Week
2220 NW Quimby, Portland, OR 97210

and let them know they're chicken S*it, morons!

sunrnr said...

Too bad I don't have enough money to provide MCR with legal means to sue them for liable and defamation of character ....



MCR said...

Spindles, you know what... I am just freaking tired of having all this bullshit and all these lies thrown at me. Damnit, I wrote a much-needed book and I helped to make a truly fantastic movie. I have paid way too many dues. And I'm tired of just sitting back.

So everybody, please, have at it. Tell the Wilamette Weekly where to stick it and please think of me while you're doing it.


Andy Edwards said...

Those Willamette Week motherfuckers are the biggest goddamn sellouts on the west coast. Absolute fucking trash that gets slurped up by the sheeple because it seems edgy in comparison to the bygone bullshit of the Oregonian.

Whatever, I left a comment but fuck em they probably won't post it, venomous as it was.

They couldn't even get their facts right about where Ruppert's from. When was the last fucking time that he was an "Oregon Writer?"

Fucking never. Just a convenient excuse to take another jab. Assholes I tell you and I'm a native Portlander.