Friday, October 23, 2009


Apple got it first. I don't know how but here ya go my friends. This is what you've been keeping me alive for. This one's for all of you who have been so good to me over the years.

Thank you!
From Jenna Orkin:

Iran to Open Int'l Oil Bourse
Latin America Adopts New Currency: Sucre
British Nuclear Expert Dies in Fall from UN Building

[P]rofessor at the University of Basel, Peter Bernholz... studied instances of hyperinflation. He believes that you get hyperinflation any time the government spends 166% or more of what it receives in revenues. This should set off alarm bells. The US budget is now about 170% of tax receipts.

America’s soul is lost: market collapse inevitable
How Wall Street Will Kill the Recovery
Death of the 'Soul of Capitalism'
Fed Sponsored Feedback Loops and the Fed Uncertainty Principle Revisited
Bernanke Guilty of Coercion and Market Manipulation
Bernanke gone berserk! Bank reserves explode! (from Rice Farmer)
Gazprom Takes Look at US Shale Gas Producer
Bailout's hidden costs (from Rice Farmer)
Paper seeks marijuana reviewer
Fed Owns Deserted Oklahoma City Mall
Victims of foreclosures check into shelters
98% of banks exempt from new oversight rules
Bair Admits FDIC in the Red Until 2012
King World News: Interview With Hugo Salinas Price on Gold and Fiat Currencies
Earnings Disaster At GE; Profit Drops 45%;
State Revenue Drops Most Since 1963
Financial Armageddon in Alabama Proving Parable for Local U.S. Governments Held Over a Barrel
Coal's Environmental Damage Costs U.S. $62 Billion Per Year, Study Finds
Energy, Wealth and Economics
Comments on Scientific American's "Squeezing More Oil from the Ground"
US gives Shell green light for offshore oil drilling in the Arctic
Oil prices hit high but crisis looms
World oil prices have hit their highest point, but a major report has warned of an imminent supply crisis
Held by the Taliban
...Other accusations were paranoid and delusional. Seven years after 9/11, they continued to insist that the attacks were hatched by American and Israeli intelligence agencies to create a pretext for the United States to enslave the Muslim world.

Comment: You mean they're not shielding Osama, their hero for his assault on the Great Satan? - JO
C.I.A. Is Still Cagey About Oswald Mystery
Prison for man in scam at toxic ground zero tower

One in four households will be pushed into fuel poverty this year fear campaigners
One million homes in Britain are empty
Germans Unhappy with Alternative Swine Flu Vaccine for Politicians
Damage control is the name of the game in Berlin on Monday as politicians rush to deny that they are receiving a better, safer swine flu vaccine than ordinary Germans.

Climate change could cause more problems than two World Wars
Lizards and tortoises hampering California's solar energy efforts
Baffin Island Reveals Dramatic Scale of Climate Change
As part of a 21,000-year cycle, the Arctic has been receiving progressively less summertime energy from the Sun for the past 8,000 years because of a well-established "wobble" in the Earth's solar rotation – the Earth is now 0.6 million miles further from the Sun during an Arctic summer solstice than it was in 1BC. This decline will not reverse for another 4,000 years, but changes to the climate of Baffin Island show that the cooling it should have caused has gone into reverse in the past few decades.
Radioactive Waste: German Company Sent Nuclear Material for Open- Air Storage in Siberia How Will Farmers Feed the World in the Future?
Scientists: 'Double food output to stop starvation'

Gold at $2,000 Becomes Inflation-Adjusted Target for Bulls Eyeing '80 High
The sentiments of weird goldbugs now front and center on Bloomberg. - JO

Carnegie Hall Stagehands Make $530,000

As a child, I once sang in a chorus there. We didn't get paid. I still remember the words of the refrain:

Boom boom boom
Goes my heart.
Boom boom boom boom boom.

The lyricist didn't get paid either. - JO


Lenny said...

How did YOU like being jewed?
(so delete this, jo. I'm relaxing with my favorite beverages as I peruse all my bookmarked blogs about the country being looted and asset stripped.) Ruppert is the best and always will be!

Brian Miller said...

Great to see a trailer, I loved the editing and music. Can't wait to purchase this film as it should be a great piece of art and science together (film & your own personal search). Thank you for dedicating your life to the truth. My hope is that you find the inner peace you deserve after such a long commitment of the truth. I know it is not easy for anyone especially someone as public as you.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

gamedog said...

Thanks to Businessman, Agape, eyeballs, and those others who joined in the AGW debate, I won't go on, cept to supply the odd link to show the other side of the headlines on the main blog.

Re: Baffin Island Reveals Dramatic Scale of Climate Change.


"Figure 2 is a temperature history of the lake as derived by the authors themselves. We’ve added the horizontal red line which shows the authors’ determination of current lake water temperatures, as well as the two red circles which encompass periods during the past 200,000 years in which the lake’s water temperature was higher than current. The most recent one stretched from about 6,000 years ago to 10,000 years ago. The existence of this extended warm period during the early Holocene in this region is supported by other paleo-studies (e.g. Miller et al., 2005), so this result is nothing new."

Does that provide some perspective? I recommend reading both articles in their entirety and drawing your own conclusions :)

Businessman: I have no vested interest either (besides not wanting 3% of GDP wasted on yoghurt knitting type Co2 capture when it could be used to offset energy declines) for sure my interest also lies only in the truth.

Trailer for the film looked great Mike, almost worth the hour n half it took me to get quicktime working in order to see it! I hope the donation helps, it might not have been much, but I split my weeks income 50:50, seemed the least I could do in recognition of your work over the years, many thanks for your insight, it has helped us prepare for coLLapse.

Paul: I like Georges site, been reading it daily (as kind of coffee table viewing) for a couple of years, this year was the first time I subscribed. The web-bot project is interesting, fascinating even, but I still take it with a pinch of salt (unless the predictions for this weekend materialize!)

gamedog said...

Well well, look what turned up on Amazon UK!

only £9.29, bargain!

Jenna Orkin said...

brian, pleeeeeeeeeease don't send in the same comment ten times

OregonSurvivor said...


There is a typo in the heading for this post! ("Collaspe")

Thanks for all you do.

Xavexgoem said...

I love how Apple trailers categorizes the genre as "Documentary, Horror"

That's new :-)

robmac58 said...

Call this post a dispatch from the class war.
Today I went to the auto junkyard to get a windshield wiper motor for my Subaru jalopy. Normally this would not be a problem.
However, this is my first time there since the Cash for Clunkers program.
I was astonished to see so many large luxury cars. There were Cadillac, Lexus, BMW, Mercedes,Jaguar and lots of other "atypical" inventory. I even saw a Maserati!(I have photos).The "clunkers" were easily identifiable by their engines being spray painted pink. I hadn't made the connection but it appears that the C4C program was a boon to the well off folks who drive those types of cars. To add insult to injury, the yard was much more sparse in the types of cars that people who frequent junkyards come to part out.
As i looked around I saw a lot of working class people struggling to keep their cars running who are going to pay for the C4C program which benefitted people who would never set foot in a junkyard.
And no, they didn't have my part.

Michiel said...

Just wanted to point out it is on youtube too.

Easier than .mov trailers IMHO.

Also, it is scoring 9.6 on IMDB ( but it hasn't any reviews yet. So anyone who has seen it might post a nice review?

The trailer blew my mind! Mike is so great at talking that it is hard to believe it is someone being his-self, instead of an actor.

I have a independent'esque movie theatre nearby in Europe; would it be good for you if I asked them to bring this movie over here?

Bye all

Jenna Orkin said...

from x:

Hello Jenna,

I have been trying to post on Mike's blog for a while now, but for some reason, I am unable to. Can you post my message for today until I figure out what's up?:

I think this whole flu thing is a false flag. People are sick, but how many are actually dying as compared to a regular flu outbreak? The mainstream press never mentions where all these deaths are and conveniently forgets to mention the squalene, mercury-containing thimerserol and genetically engineered live virus ingredients in the shots. How many Americans are aware that Baxter patented 6 strains of h1n1 2 years before it appeared in this country or are aware of the shipments laced with live avian virus apprehended in eastern Europe? If the average citizen knew what was actually IN the shots there would be much more outcry about them. It is encouraging that NY put a halt to the mandatory jabs for healthcare workers, but it seems like the program just proceeds on according to plan. In my opinion this story trumps the collapse of the dollar, peak oil, climate change, who's on first, etc. Once we reach martial law and UN troops on every corner nothing much else is going to matter. Write your representatives today demanding an investigation and stop to these deadly vaccinations before they begin.

gamedog said...

In praise of scepticism

"In a light-hearted essay, Clive James takes a look at Montaigne, golf-ball crisps and our attitude towards climate change sceptics."

Rational said...

Thanks you so much for everything, Mike! You and your true friends and helpers have helped to shape my views, and my actions. I started buying precious metals because of you. I got interested in Peak Oil because of you. You are mesmerizing and are a prophet - not because you can interact with some spirit world, but because you are one of the only people honest enough and hardworking enough to dig up the evidence. Once you see the evidence, the conclusion is clear. People will ask what power you had that let you see it coming. Maybe it's just that you didn't just sit back and watch TV and let the world fall to pieces. You looked to see how the world really worked, and tried to alert others, most of whom will be trapped in their dreamworld until booted out by necessity.

You have helped me so much. You have not only given me knowledge, but have helped add to my way of thinking. Your influence will follow me my whole life.

I can't wait to pay to see CoLLapse! I couldn't believe when I saw it! I hopped up! The prophet is back! It's like having Charles Darwin coming back to life - the (nearly) lone voice in a sea of delusion. So ahead of his time. And you, too.

Again, thanks for everything! I'm so excited! (I'm sure I already know everything contained in the movie, but I'd love to hear it all again!)


OregonSurvivor said...

@ Gamedog, great link on scepticism. But doesn't this mean that all of the chips are contaminated by the inclusion of these miniature petroleum carcinogen units in the big vat with the spuds? Glad I swore off the chips!

Victoria Hokulani said...

Folks are going to talking about this film for a long, long time. I have a feeling this one is going to be very BIG!

Paul said...


“I like Georges site, .... but I still take it with a pinch of salt (unless the predictions for this weekend materialize!)” Couldn’t agree more. Using my ‘risk management’ approach it scores low on probability but high on potential impact - so worth keeping an eye on! It’ll be interesting (probably not the appropriate word for a potential disaster - but you know what I mean) to see if anything materialises. Tonight’s the night - allegedly.

“In praise of sceptisicm” I enjoyed reading this - Clive James is always good value. And well balanced too. The main thing I took away from this article is the difference between being a sceptic and being a denialist. Long live scepticism!