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Sept. 6, 2009 – The From The Wilderness Legal Defense Fund has been established as of today. Many of you have written wanting to send money from overseas or via PayPal. That is now set up for you and should be fairly easy. It will take until approximately Thursday or Friday of this week for the PayPal account to go active.

Following are PayPal and routing information for domestic and international wire transfers.

PayPal – Donations intended for the From The Wilderness legal defense fund can be made by donating to

International Wire Transfers – Please use the following routing numbers for donations from outside the U.S. Your bank should be able to provide conversion rates.

Account Name: From The Wilderness Legal Defense Fund
Bank: Wells Fargo
Routing Numbers: 121000248 – 3496610480

On PayPal transfers please note whether you intend for your donation to be used for my living expenses or for the defense fund. Otherwise we will assume you intend the money to be used for the defense fund.

It was named the FTW Legal Defense Fund because From The Wilderness is and has been the only named respondent in the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries case we are appealing. Accounting for this fund will be maintained in accordance with all applicable state and federal laws and I have retained the services of an auditor.

Thank you for all your help. We desperately need $4,000 to obtain transcripts within the next two weeks. For any additional information or questions, please email

I can’t thank you enough. There will be more good news on CoLLapse and “A Presidential Energy Policy” very soon. Stay with me the last mile. We’re almost home.

From Jenna Orkin:

Google's hoppin' this morning with alerts on dumping the dollar.

Why meltdown risk now is greater than in 2007
Is There Really a Global 'Cabal' Aiming to Dump the Dollar?
Oil states deny plans to dump the dollar
As in, "Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated." Or just a tad too soon but equally inevitable.
United Nations wants new global reserve currency
Stocks and Gold Gain as Investors Shun the Dollar
From none other than the New York Times. The elephant in the livingroom stirs.
The Demise of the Dollar
Many Lost Jobs in US Will Never Return
IMF Policies Deepened Financial Crisis
World Bank could run out of money 'within 12 months' (from Rice Farmer)
Why There Will Be No Recovery and Markets Will Trend Lower (from Rice Farmer)
Huge Downward Jobs Revisions Coming
Kennedy: Nation could turn violent over health care debate (from Rice Farmer)
BLS Owner's Equivalent Rent Numbers From Twilight Zone
Report on Bailouts Says Treasury Misled Public
Greenspan Squirms
We have a huge fiscal hole out there which is best measured by the fact that Medicare benefits are only 50% funded going all the way out. What that implies is a very significant issuance of Treasury securities to meet the ever-growing and very indeterminately large federal deficit. You cannot continue to increase the federal debt. … Remember, over the generations, we have been very careful to keep the total level of debt well below the borrowing capacity of our economy so far as federal issuance is concerned. That cushion is now being tested, and I’m getting a little concerned and I don’t want to find out where the upper levels are.…
Fannie, Freddie Caught In Morton's Fork
Jeff Rubin warns of imminent rise in oil prices to triple digits (from Rice Farmer)
"Rubin also claimed that oil prices, and not sub-prime mortgages, caused the current global recession."
Goldman owed $1 billion if CIT goes bankrupt
Banks' rainy day levy
New York Bridges Falling Down (from Rice Farmer)
UK Military Protocol for Security Operations, Including Counter-Intelligence
U.S. court term has major gun rights, business cases

Quote of the day:
More and more people get something from government. Fewer and fewer are net taxpayers. This is the basic formula that bankrupts democracies...

According to a pair of researchers from the University of Michigan, a depression does more for longevity than diet or exercise. Life expectancy during the worst years of the Great Depression increased from 57.1 years in 1929 to 63.3 years in 1933, says the report by Jose A. Tapia Granados and Ana Diez Roux. It didn't matter whether you were a man or a woman, black or white. And it didn't matter if you were in the US during the Great Depression or in Spain, Japan or Sweden during their economic downturns. The results were the same.

Is It All Over Between Britain and Europe?
UK Military Protocol for Security Operations, Including Counter-Intelligence
Banks could have to shed 10% of customers
The European Commission wants RBS to sacrifice small business customers and Lloyds to cut its share of personal accounts.
German Car Sales Plummet in September
Al-Qaida Warnings: Threat of Terror Escalates in Germany

Ahmedinejad Revealed to Have Jewish Past
Teach Gaza Children About Holocaust, UN Tells Hamas
Pakistan readies for new assault on Bin Laden lair
Obama's fury over Gen Stanley McChrystal speech
Demise of Aral Sea Seen Sparking Military Conflicts in Central Asia (from Rice Farmer)

Two meter sea level rise unstoppable: experts
Arctic Ocean acid 'will dissolve shells of sea creatures within 10 years'
Who eats Arctic lobster anyway?
Russian Ecologists Say All Fish Dead In South Aral Sea (from Rice Farmer)
Film Blames Bayer for Plight of Bees
Stress is pushing the koala to extinction
A virus brought on by loss of habitat is wiping out an Australian icon.
Cyprus unveils mammoth wind farm
14 Year Old Schoolgirl Dies After Cervical Cancer Jab
No, It Was a Simultaneous Heart Attack. Or Something
"This is the sort of thing we would look for – a severe allergic reaction or more likely a coincidence because children do unfortunately have cardiac conditions at this age which can present out of the blue," he told the BBC. He added that it was a "concern" that the reaction of parents might be to stop their daughters having the voluntary jab.

Interview with Egon Von Greyerz on Hyperinflation and Gold
Gold Manipulation Smoking Gun?
Barrick Buying Back Most of Its Gold Hedges
Will the US Govt Confiscate Gold?

Video Footage of Anne Frank

Were it not for one's knowledge of what the next frames might have shown, if the camera had continued to record Anne's life, this fleeting footage would be entirely forgettable. It takes its significance from its place in history rather than for its content.

Thus readers lap up details of transient figures' brief encounters with Princess Diana or Bill Clinton. ("She asked me about myself! She wasn't uppity at all!" which only goes to enhance the transcendant Princess' aura of saintliness) Or, for that matter, of the personal lives of any celebrity of the moment.

The Anne Frank video impresses with its ordinariness both of the scene and of the child herself, excited about the wedding procession in the street. What a quick child she is. Like virtually every other child one has known. The banality of that enthusiasm seems to be the essence of life itself. - JO


Paul said...

Mike, after all you've been saying over the years, why on Earth are you using Wells Fargo for your legal defense fund, rather than a local, community credit union?

Paul said...

(a different Paul!)

The lying game: how we are prepared for another war of aggression


Obama’s “showdown” with Iran has another agenda. On both sides of the Atlantic the media have been tasked with preparing the public for endless war. The US/Nato commander General Stanley McChrystal says 500,000 troops will be required in Afghanistan over five years, according to America’s NBC. The goal is control of the “strategic prize” of the gas and oilfields of the Caspian Sea, central Asia, the Gulf and Iran – in other words, Eurasia. But the war is opposed by 69 per cent of the British public, 57 per cent of the US public and almost every other human being. Convincing “us” that Iran is the new demon will not be easy. McChrystal’s spurious claim that Iran “is reportedly training fighters for certain Taliban groups” is as desperate as Brown’s pathetic echo of “a line in the sand”.


I have a lot of respect for the work of John Pilger

Thank you Jenna for all the hard work and excellent posts. Well done Mike for getting the defense fund up and running...


Paul said...

BBC - Warning over global oil 'decline'


There is a "significant risk" that global production of conventional oil could "peak" and decline by 2020, a report has warned.
The UK Energy Research Council study says there is a consensus that the era of cheap oil is at an end.
But it warns that most governments, including the UK's, exhibit little concern about oil depletion.

Despite the evidence, the report notes with some surprise that the UK government rarely mentions the issue in official publications.


Not at all news to us here, but notable in that it appeared as a headline on the BBC News site

Brendan Carmody said...

Collapse in California, guardian World news headlines,
"Will California become America's first failed state?"

Michiel said...


I agree that when the BBC puts something up like that, the idea alone has gone 'legit'.

Last week's article in the Guardian about the dumping of the Dollar was also very remarkable. I've seen it copied by a lot of the not-so-established media.

The news you describe is getting serious attention now. A similar story is brought by, which does Dutch Investors pep talk basicly.

In this story the CEO of Shell is saying that production will fall short when we 'get-out' of the recession.

He says this is because investments have dropped 20%, and that this is the root cause (haha).

I would think that they have made enough of a profit to sustain themselves?

RanD said...

Paul... Sorry to see you've not yet received any response to your pertinent question re 'Wells Fargo' vs 'a local, community credit union'. Kinda points to more than any of us expected or wanted to hear, doesn't it.

businessman said...

Let me see if I understand this correctly...Obama is President for less than nine months, he accomplishes nothing in terms of ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and he doesn't even close the prison in Guantanamo Bay.

And for all of this he's awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

MCR said...

OK, here's your answer on Wells Fargo.

Local banks, small banks and regional banks are failing rapidly and the stories we've seen on this blog show that FDIC knows many more are coming.

I already have accounts at Wells Fargo which I opened in 2008. I did that because evene as I knew Citigroup and opther big banks were going down I knew Wells wouldn't because Buffett bought in.

Collapse is so far underway at the moment that the older solutions of switching to local banks is not as applicable as it was. Small and local now equates, in my opinion, to "greater risk of failure. That's entirely consistent with one the best esay I ever wrote called "Globalcorp".

In addition because I had active accounts at Wells the paperwork to open the LDF account was much less time consuming. I need a bank that's going to be there. And Wells will be one of the last banks standing. For how long, who knows?

Things have changed greatly in the six years since I first started advocating local banking. If I were writing now I would advise finding financial institutions that are least-likely to fail because our time window on collapse is so much shorter.


RanD said...

"...banality...the essence of life itself." (?) Only the thoughtless would argue with that. Which brings to mind:

Where's the pick up by anyone on unrepentantcowboy's uncommonly moral commentary? No wonder it is that the planet's human condition is in a state of collapse spelled with LLs.

Time's here to clean up ALL the bullshit, guys.

businessman said...

Regarding the article "Kennedy: Nation Could Turn Violent Over Health Care Debate", it's so ridiculous that the threat of violence is coming from people who think the U.S. Government is doing too much to reform healthcare, when the truth is that the proposed healthcare program completely leaves the people who need healthcare reform out in the cold.

Why were these same angry people more OK with all the bankers and financial institutions getting bailed out?

Regarding the "BLS Owner's Equivalent Rent Numbers from Twilight Zone" article, local governments have been removing both the cost of food and energy from the calculation of rising prices within the Consumer Price Index. And if food and energy don't belong in the calculation of these indices, then nothing belongs in there.

Sean Niem said...

Urgent lawsuit filed against FDA to halt swine flu vaccines; claims FDA violated federal law: