Sunday, October 25, 2009


To date 30 people from around the US and five countries have donated more than $16,000 to FTW's Legal Defense Fund. Thank you so much! We'd like to keep building that chest so that we can fight the brutally unfair Oregon case all the way to the state Supreme Court and beyond, if necessary. But here's the rub. Even as CoLlapse is becoming something of a media sensation I don't have enough for the November rent. I do not expect any personal income for two to three months at least. I'm working on the appeal, talking to prospective publishers for "A Presidential Energy Policy", serving the film, and working hard on a new CD for our band New White Trash. I am still very much on a tightrope. So if any of you would like to get me the last few inches across the finish line I can use it and it will benefit all of us.

I have been contacted by three major publishing houses and hope to have something to report soon. But Variance is demanding that I repay my $3,000 advance before they'll release the book. They know I don't have it and that's the gun they're holding to the book's head. It's what's in the book that we need people to see most and I know in my heart now that it will have a real life, with a real publisher.

You can donate for my personal use by sending checks to Mike Ruppert, c/o Rubiconworks,10736 Jefferson Bl. PMB 618, Culver City, CA 90232 or by using the PayPal option on this page. If you use Paypal please specify that's it's for me. If you want more information on how to donate please email Legally and ethically I can't touch a peny of the Defense Fund money for anything personal... It reminds me of some guy who once said, "Until you change the way money works, you change nothing."



RanD said...


Every one of you out there that supports MCR's message getting out to the world know that Ruthie & David support his message being heard 100%! After it gets out there - where it damn sure needs to be! -RanD will deal with the differences between where MCR and RanD are coming from, which are a piddling - if nonetheless paramount - mere 3 to 5 percent of the 100% that is MCR's perspective. We, ourselves, would immediately write Mike a check for every single dime he needs to keep him and his message alive - and distributed to the masses as completely as possible! - but we are not the more-'money'-than-we-can-spare sort of money people. We live on literally less income than 1/2 the official USA poverty level, so it hinges on you guys that have the luxury of being able to buy gold to help Mike get his absolutely crucial work done.

We Love You All!


OregonSurvivor said...

Very exciting developments for the book and the movie! Hang in there MCR. I'm working on a contribution, as I hope others are too. Meanwhile, this may be old news to some but it was new to me, and well worth your time IMO: CRASH COURSE

Rice Farmer said...

As we move along the cusp of collapse, certainly now is the time to help MCR get the message out. If each person who really cares sacrifices a few cappuccinos, we can do it. Considering the great sacrifices that MCR has made over the years, it's the least we can do.

agape wins said...

Sorry Mike we are also "short", but
will send a little overnight.
As RanD said our differences are minor,
Dito for Climate whatever, Gamedog.

Here is the other dream, out of context!

Another dream started with a foggy trip, we needed gas so we exited the down an exit ramp into a gas station and fueled up, we had some
mail to send so my wife checked the phone book for the post office
location, but the page had been removed. We drove toward the town & past a factory set back from the road. Fog obscured the sign, but there was a old locomotive beside the driveway. when we got into town there was a stoplight, we turned left at the light, & after about 4 blocks
found a brand new post office on the right. they were paving the parking lot so we had to park in a paint store lot just before the post office, & my wife walked around the front in the wet grass to get in. After we left the post office we returned to the stop light and turned left toward the small downtown, after 4 or 5 blocks we turned left onto a side
street. at the end of the 2 block St. was a tea shop, "The Jade Teapot" on the left. we went in and had something to eat. An odd feature was a circular staircase which went upstairs. As we left the fog had cleared and the dream ended.

About 10 years ago my wife and I drove east to Wisconsin,as we have done before, and twice since. We got up one morning,needing breakfast, gas, & some registered mail to send, it was a clear sunny day but as we approached the next town it became foggy beside the roadway. As we exited to the right, downhill into the fog, I was reliving the dream! The gas station was across the street, to the right of the entrance ramp, while fueling the car my wife checked the phone book, she
returned with the information of the missing page, I was getting that familiar feeling. When I paid for the Gas I asked the young lady where the Post office was, she replied that they were building a new one and she was not sure of the address. We turned right, or south upon leaving
the station. A short distance, possibly a mile, on the left was a
building maybe 100 to 150 yards back from the road. If there was a sign it was obscured by two larger (3 ton) white service trucks with Cherry pickers mounted, there were several men (not over 6) removing, or
installing a short section of Railroad Track, with no train cars in sight. About 2 more miles we came to the small town, & about 3 blocks there was a stoplight, my wife suggested we turn right & find a place for breakfast & directions, I said we should go left, because of a line of oncoming traffic, we went right. After 4 blocks we were running out of town & turned around, 3 blocks after the stoplight we came to the paint store & the new Post office, we parked at the paint store as traffic was congested past the Post office. My wife walked around and sent the package after a short wait, upon returning she said they were painting the lines in the new parking lot! As we could see there was little
activity past the post office we returned to the stoplight, & went
South/left, after 6 blocks we were in farmland again! We turned around and on a hunch I turned right after 3 blocks; ever since the Post office my daJvu had been getting stronger; after 4 blocks the street ended in a park. I pulled into a gravel lot just past the last building on the left, & commented that "it was gone" because I was looking for the sign.
My wife said she had seen an open sign in the window, and it was
possibly a cafe. We went inside and I knew I had been there before--I was in shock!


Sebastian Ronin said...

Here's why I haven't been around very much for the last several months. It all culminated on Saturday night: the verbatim speech for the Leadership of the Green Party of Nova Scotia. It is my understanding that a vid should be up on YouTube some time to-day, stay tuned. Results will be announced on October 31st.

DAINTY said...

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PS: I found your blog from watching the trailer on apple, then going to the movie site, then to links. Good stuff and keep up the good fight:)

Peddler on the Hoof said...

as soon as i'm paid....

Peddler on the Hoof said...

i never drink sbux...just short at the mo.