Friday, October 30, 2009


In a previous posting I gave out the address collapse@bluemarkfilms and my post was misleading. CoLLapse will be shown only in theaters for now. No private screenings in homes or for groups are possible.

Please, if you are a theater-owner or represent a large enough group to get a theater to show the film for public box-office attendance, or are a member of the press then it's appropriate to contact Bluemark. DVDs are not being mailed out anywhere. They're under lock and key and nobody's going to get one sent to them. Mine stays under lock and key at all times. Sorry for any confusion.

And please, everyone understand that I have no influence or ability to ask for special favors. This is Bluemark's film. And since we're shooting for wider theatrical releases that precludes any other kind of screening until theatrical is closed. That's the way movies work.

Thanks everybody!



Dave Crossland said...

What happens in February 2011?

OregonSurvivor said...

What the... How did the film get screened in Hood River? And why didn't I know about it, would have been there for sure. Is this a pirate copy or something? No such screening on the CoLLapseMovie website. Of course I am pleased to hear how well received it was - but a bit miffed to have missed it. Echo the question what is significant about Feb 2011?

Mike said...

I'll be at the Angelika with bells on.

Lashay said...

Oscars maybe?

I was considering seeing it in Denver when it comes out here in December.

agape wins said...

"the attacks of September l were intended to cover-up the clearing of $240 billion dollars in securities covertly created in September 1991 to fund a covert economic war against the Soviet Union, during which ‘unknown’ western investors bought up much of the Soviet industry, with a focus on oil and gas."

"I believe that this is possibly one of the largest cover-ups in US and/or world history - and it certainly deserves to be widely read and distributed instead of being lost to obscurity."

Two Quotes from part 1, below. The link; "Collateral Damage" by E. P Heidner, part I and II.,does not work!!

I grew up in an area with a diverse ethnic mix, in war time; there were still "News Stands" set up at/on the Curb, papers & magazines were not sold in stores.
There were "Paperboys" who "Hawked" papers on the street, & wherever else allowed (there were also "Cigarette Girls" who "Worked" the nightclubs & restaurants), the newsstands had sides which folded open to display papers/mag's., & other items. They were mostly un lit/heated, & subject to the whims of the weather.
There were many Ethnic newspapers until late in 1941, but soon after Pearl, they all changed to an English format, German disappeared in the 40's!

Because there were many who spoke "broken" English, & I enjoyed "older" people, I "acquired" a taste for hearing other viewpoints, & forms of expression. After the War, when "Art" films came out, I found them a refreshing change from "American" fluff (never found a "kinship" with English film)!

This could be why RanD, along with others are "Awake".

I don't read much fiction now, except if translated, or written by a "Native" of another nationality, I recently finished "I Do Not Come To You By Chance" by Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani,
a native Nigerian. Some enjoyable, enlightening, expression of thought. That said I will start with the fictional "Right Of Thirst", by Frank Huyler. All quotes are from his book.

The story is set in a place "much like Pakistan", the book is not of interest to me, except for what the the Author, an American Doctor, say about the story.
He says in the early 90's, while a Medical Student, he spent several months trekking through the "Remote Mountain Wilderness" of Northern Pakistan.
He talks about a Kagil "Conflict" which killed several thousand Soldiers, "where International Diplomacy played a major role in preventing escalation", "The event only received scant
coverage, & remains largely obscure in the west today.". He gives the genesis of the novel to "A single Image", that of a young girl who's foot had been crushed, "not only because it revealed so much about life in the tribal villages of northern Pakistan,--but also because it revealed a great deal about me and my friends as well. We might have insisted, offered to pay the family to take the girl to the hospital---the list goes on. And yet we didn't and felt little, if any, guilt because we were in a different world, and the usual rules did not apply---ether to
them, or us." The context indicated she would die; so much for saving one life or an entire Culture! It's all just "Collateral Damage"!
Quoting Astronaut John Young. "Anyone who sits on top of the largest Hydrogen-Oxygen fueled system in the world, knowing they're going to light the bottom, and doesn't get a little
worried, does not fully understand the situation."

Last night I saw "Capitalism, A Love affair", a good build up to "CoLLapse"; as is the information from Mr. Heider, are you "A little Worried"---Amae.

A peon said...

Congrats on the new music Mike.Can't wait to hear it.I've watched the trailer to CoLLapse at least half a dozen times now,just to slake my thirst for the entire feature when it becomes available.

Not sure how much validity can be lent(no pun intended)to what this article claims,but I thought it might be of interest(again,no pun intended).

Meltdown 101:What to know if your bank fails

eyeballs said...

Kunstler, recently:

"I look around at my fellow baby-boomer ex-hippie, ex-political radical age-cohorts and I see a sad-ass claque of passive, played-out, defeated dreamers too depressed to form a coherent thought about what's really going on... lost in sentimental fantasies about "world peace," or free heart-transplants-for-everybody as they, the boomers themselves, lurch toward the graveyard."

This, in an essay called Self-Jiving Nation. I couldn't agree more. These are people who, in the sixties, walked with MLK and put their bodies on the line against "the war". In the seventies, we joined hands against nuclear power and started growing organic vegetables and "mexican tomatoes".

After Reagan and Geo. H.W. Bush grabbed the helm, the call was to "work within the system" and the new yuppies took their pay from advertising firms and legal offices and wrote checks to Greenpeace and Save the Whales. They bought suburban houses bigger but shoddier than those of their parents and got fat on barbeques in the backyard. Now, when they're slothful and broken, there are TWO WARS, a terminal economy, and the "elite" they worked for have conived to strip the value out of their pensions and savings and homes ... and you hear nary a peep.

My suggestion about "waking up the masses" is: let 'em sleep. Keep the young awake, if possible, and educate them. Pass on what is important to sighted Americans in their teens and twenties. With luck, they can do something with our heritage, as the vast bulk of my generation groans and gropes for the channel changer, strung out on lager and meds.

businessman said...

This whole situation around MCR's court case presents some interesting potential scenarios. The people who really run things don't want his movie "Collapse" to become a major hit and enlighten people on the reality of our future. And if the movie doesn't become a major hit, then they probably won't have the information about his court case openly discussed in the mainstream doing this could create even more buzz and excitement, and get even more people interested in seeing the movie.

But if the movie does become a big hit, the judgment from his court case will most likely be discussed openly within the mainstream media, with the underlying attitude being "since we've now discredited the messenger, we've now discredited the entire movie".

MCR said...

Dave -- Februrary 2011 is the Oscars.


A peon said...

I recently noticed in the last blog posting conatining links to articles,one submited ("from Vantage Point"),which rang a bell.The same Vantage Point?

How Your Gas Money Funds Terrorism-James Woolsey(Senior Advisor for VantagePoint Venture Partners)

RanD said...

Special gratitude extended to:

Patrick; for your 7:15 PM "Look Out Below" FTW front page commenter's post to Jenna re '"Collateral Damage" by E. P Heidner, part I and II' - which, interestingly, does not work; and...

Agape Wins; for picking up on the information which Patrick wanted to share with us by successfully linking the FTW family/team to William Cormier's OEN ('s article on exactly what Patrick wanted us to familiarize ourselves with.


This is some dynamite work that's being brought into focus here at MCR's FTW blogspot, guys; we're in fact very much in the process of bringing "Satan's" inner sanctum fully into view --- for eyes that want to see and ears that want to hear, only, of course.

GOD is blessing us all.

businessman said...

MCR...I'm assuming you guys know what you need to do for your film to qualify for "best documentary" in the exact year you want it to. I know that the timing of when movies are first shown in public and/or in the theaters has something to do with this. As an example, the major movies that are released in theaters by December 31st will qualify for the upcoming Academy Awards just a few months later in 2010. So I'm assuming you guys are implementing a strategy to have your movie qualify for the 2011 Academy Awards, even though it will first be seen in theaters in 2009.

Having your movie qualify for the "best documentary" category in 2011 instead of in 2010 could be a complete stroke of absolute genius. By the time 2011 gets here it will be so much more apparent how prophetic your movie has been, and I'm sure a great many more Academy members will be inspired to vote for your movie because of this.

sunrnr said...

MCR - If not done already, I'd suggest doing everything possible to get "coLLapse" screened at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah.

There are many influential people who attend this event started by Robert Redford. They and the rest of the world need to see, hear and understand your message.


pip said...

If have no idea how I could contact you, so I just try this way.
I have seen a video version of a presentation of yours (Mike Ruppert) quite some time ago (most likely as little legal as of acceptable technical quality :-) ) and am looking for a good quality video now.
I think it was called 'Truth and Lies of 9/11' and sadly, especially the sound, was of really bad quality.
Is there a DVD, a download, a streaming website or anything like that where it can be found?
I'ld be thankful for any comment.